The One Person Who Connects Obamagate To Sham Impeachment…This Is Huge

(Tea Party 247) – There’s a reason the swamp needs to be drained.

How many married (and adulterous) couples have been linked to the crooked Obamagate scandal?

Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Bruce and Nellie Ohr.

And now, Sarah and Jamin Raskin (pictured above).

Rep. Jamin Raskin played a key role in the unconstitutional and corrupt Schiff impeachment presentation to the Senate.

And his wife, Sarah, unmasked General Michael Flynn.

Redstate reported:

We all wondered why the names of so many Obama Treasury Department officials appeared on the list of those who requested unmaskings of Gen. Michael Flynn’s telephone calls. The requests all came on December 14, 2016 and were made by then-Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew (Lew made a second request on January 12, 2017), then-Acting Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Arthur “Danny” McGlynn, then-Acting Assistant Deputy Secretary Mike Neufeld, then-Deputy Secretary Sarah Raskin, then-Under Secretary Nathan Sheets and then Acting Under Secretary Adam Szubin.

Sarah Raskin is married to Jamin Raskin (D-MD) who was one of the House impeachment managers.

What’s more, she was appointed by Obama as Governor of the Federal Reserve Board, then as Deputy Secretary of the Treasury.

It was from there that she unmasked General Flynn.

If you’re asking what business the Deputy Secretary of the Treasury has unmasking an incoming national security adviser, she doesn’t. No business at all.

But it does show how corrupt she was.

As The Gateway Pundit reports:

Raskin isn’t the only individual whose wife is a member of the Deep State. Rod Rosenstei’s wife, Lisa Barsoomian, represented Bill Clinton in a case in the 1990’s. This alone should have been enough for Rosenstein to be unqualified for any role related to the Clintons, Obama or their cronies. But he set up the corrupt Mueller investigation in an effort to have President Trump removed from office.

We know that the wife of VP Pence’s former Chief of Staff Joshua Pitcock, was working for Peter Strzok in the FBI. We know that Peter Strzok’s wife was furious when she discovered that Strzok was having an affair with Lisa Page and that she threatened to blow it all up. We also know Strzok’s wife, Meliisa Hodgman, was a Hillary supporter who wiped her Facebook page clean when Strzok was suddenly reportedly removed from the Mueller gang. Bruce Ohr from the DOJ had wife Nellie, who was involved in the Steele dossier and worked for Fusion GPS.

Who in DC is not connected to crooked politicians or corrupt Deep State actors?



  1. The players exposed in this report comprise but a twig in Cesspool DC’s huge, HUUUUGE tree of corruption. For these TRAITORS’ endless ever-escalating TREASON they all need beheaded in the DC Mall on global TV and internet streams. PNN (Propaganda ‘news’ Networks) must broadcast the beheadings with their usual hysterical, alarmist FAKE news blathering. And immediately thereafter they must also be beheaded.

    Then, attack and kill all the other twigs and branches. They are Pure Evil. They need put out of We, Their Victims’, misery.

  2. Sad to say it but this is the end of the USA. If Biden and the libs take over I see us getting deeper and deeper in Debt and the possibility of Civil War.

  3. If such as these are not executed, there is little hope for the survival of our Constitutional republic without a real (un)civil domestic war. Those who have sworn an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies foreign and domestic must be prepared to live up to that oath.

  4. When are they going to be held accountable?
    Someone has to pay for these crimes of treason, sedition, violations of civil rights against our people, country and Constitution!.
    Someone has to go to jail!

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  6. I’m so sick of the democrats! They can do anything they want and never held accountable!! God help us if Donald Trump doesn’t get elected this year!! Pelosi, Hillary, Maxine Waters, Schiff, Schumer, Obama, Biden and Nader just to mention a few should all be in jail!!! Where’s the justice!!!

    • Justice is with the Republicans. Justice doesn’t apply to Democrats. Everything rolls off like water on a duck’s back. Why Democrats don’t realize what a tangled web they weave, I don’t know. Sorry, yes I do. They are very, very good at untangling that web. So Sad.

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  9. Sounds like a LOT of OBAMA operatives need to go to FEDERAL Prison, staring at the TOP . . . Obama and ALL his CRONIES. Is there enough ROOM in the Federal Prisons for them ALL?!? One Wary Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  10. Everyone knows it is obamas corruption and his willing wingmen that did all of this,so why does barr and lyndsey Say this destroyer of our fbi and every part of the justice department that he touched with his brilliance can’t be touched?Above the law bullshit!

    • How,Barr and Graham says you can’t touch the very trash that they themselves know did this.Shamfull.

    • It seems that everyone is crooked in some way that causes them to rant without backbone for action. All show and no go. We need to elect more like Trump with the attitude and guts to get things done. Sure he has faults, however his accomplishments are amazing considering the overwhelming opposition from the Left including those in his own party. The pursuit of Freedom is not for sissies.

  11. Bring back the German justice, actually the democraps taught the Germans to do it it involves some type of chamber sound familiar it’s a great deterant for the ignorant shit bag democraps and to ass’em out.

  12. Can all these corrupt traitors be lumped together and pitched into Gitmo for 5 years? People should look up or google TREASON before the commit to breaking the law. We the People are tired of the corruption which will continue until they are punished for their poor choices…

  13. It seems that US Representative Jamin Raskin wanted some information on General Michael Flynn, but didn’t have the authority to get it, so he had his wife Sarah Raskin do the “unmasking” for him, as she then passed the “unmasking” information on to her husband. She had no need for the “unmasking” information in doing her job, but her husband certainly needed, in the hope that it would help his work in impeaching President Trump.

  14. Unfortunately nothing will happen and no probe will take place. The liberal left is very strong and have the so called free press in the democratic socialist party. The press does the ground work with making up a narrative to drive a fake news story as they carry the water bucket for the left. We have little or no change of any meaningful investigation and as already noticed the democratic socialists and their water boys in the press are pushing this aside as a Trump diversion. It is very sad how one party controls all and it will get worse as illegals stream in on the desire of the left to make them voters and forever change how the hard working citizens who have constitutional voting rights be pushed aside as more taxes are taken from them to give to the left’s failed social programs to prop up a group they can control for votes. Very sad that many will eventually leave America for a better way of survival.

  15. WHEN? are Americans going to wake up, we have the most corrupt government on the planet !
    Mainly due to the STUPID people that keep electing UN-AMERICAN “Demo-RATs” !
    These Bastards elected a NON Citizen Obama, Who stole his reelection with voter fraud. Then they wanted to elect a “MURDERESS” with over 80 kills to her name. NOW they want to elect a SENILE/PETIFILER/ INCOMPETENT Crook. HAVE they lost their minds?

  16. Yeah, Lindsey Graham; Open that can of worms. Set them FREE. Treason must be dealt with or the perpetrators will continue to try to sabotage America so they can sell us out to whomever is the highest bidder. The worms seem to prefer abortions, especially “late term;” there are more body parts to sell that way. I suggest that We The People allow the court system to sanction a few “late term” abortions on the treasonous worms. I’m trying not to cuss.

    • Why are they still walking around free why aren’t they in prison when are you going to do something

  17. Drain the swamp! no more talk, just get it done. Plus, get rid of the judge that refused to dismiss General Flynn case but wanted to receive outside docs. What are we? this is America with a good and strong Constitution, let’s get back to that and govern correctly. Graham has been talking since 2016 of how he is going to do this and do that, he does nothing just talks. You know who doesn’t just talk, but gets it done? That’s right, our President.
    America wake up or there will be nothing left of our great country.

  18. As a general comment, it’s amazing just how many DC couples’ income are totally dependent on the largess of the taxpayers. They will do anything to remain employed.

  19. Let me connect the dots for you. The Deep State is not just a bunch of Obama bureaucrat holdovers, as many in the media would have us suppose, nor is it the Shadow Government, Administrative Government, Permanent Government, Continuity of Government, or Senior Executive Service, although some overlapping occurs. The DS Is really no less than a secret coup government, centered in the FBI and CIA, established via the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963.

    I know this will be hard for some to believe. If you’ve any doubt, just research the activities and whereabouts of George H. W. Bush on Nov. 22, 1963, and follow the leads from there. Look up Operations Mockingbird, Zapata, Northwoods and Mongoose.

    With the help of its Mafia allies, the CIA carried out the assassination, at the behest of Lyndon B. Johnson, J. Edgar Hoover and Allen Dulles, who then leveraged the White House, FBI, and Warren Commission to cover up the conspiracy. LBJ had little choice but to reward to both the FBI and CIA the impunity with which they’ve operated ever since, simply by invoking “national security.” They operate much like Iran’s Council of Guardians as an unelected, unaccountable, self-styled fourth branch of government, neutralizing threats like Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy, backing its own uni-party candidates like GHW Bush and Barack Obama, and manipulating the American people and world events through its Mockingbird media and false flag operations, like the Tonkin Gulf Incident, the attack on USS LIBERTY, and 9/11.

    It tried to negate the last election and wants to decide the next, but it is running out of influence, principally due to the clumsiness of its machinations and the rise of the alternative media. It is deep-seated treason that must be extirpated root and branch.

    • That’s sounding about like a strong Possible scenario of events. But, I feel Obama doesn’t fit in your scheme of things. He just was an unqualified joker 🃏 who was clueless and wanted so badly to play his game and drastically change our system and way of life. At least TRUMP wants to do the best he can to improve life for the MAJORITY!

  20. I’m not, but I’ve left the government. And I doubt I’ll ever be going back until some people deservedly hang!

  21. The Obama administration has been the most corrupt administration in the US history. The smooth talker fooled everybody! He knew exactly what he was doing!

  22. Now seriously even the AG has said that Obama did nothing wrong so where is the Obamagate and any sensible person knows when the majority of Republican Senators said they knew Trump was guilty of everthing charged in the impeachmant, but they were not going to remove Trump from office, now that does not appear to be much of a sham except the verdict by the Senate.

    • The AG did NOT say that Obama did nothing wrong, only that the investigation which bears his name has so far not uncovered enough evidence to indict him! The President was NOT GUILTY of the bogus charges stated in the House impeachment farce, and that was the reason he was acquitted in the Senate! Finally, you come across like a Deep State “water carrier” and “garden tender” who may well have to be investigated as well!

    • The corrupt supporting the corrupt. Corruption runs deep through all parties and every aspect of our government, both Federal & State. Trump has guts and the Establishment doesn’t like it. We’re inundated with, “All show & no go!”.

    • you have been listening to what is going on with you head up your anus… that is why you have such a schitty and incorrect understanding of what REALLY has taken place..

  23. The Deep State is indeed corrupt, adulterous, and very deep! They who are discovered should be UNMASKED and jailed! Certainly this has been going on prior to Obama, however he used these corrupt politicians more than anyone previously. Oh, let’s not forget the extremely corrupt news media who had assisted,led,fed, and propped up this group of criminals all the way. Without their help and support most of this treason would not happen.


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