The NWO Wants To Sterilize Your Daughters As Part Of Globalist Goal Of Population Control

(Tea Party 247) – The powers that be are pushing the world towards a new world order (NWO) that will be dominated by synthetics and technology. One of the main goals of the global oligarchs has always been population control.

Population control has been an obvious priority given the push for the legalization of and complete removal of restrictions on abortion. The best way to limit the number of people on the earth is to encourage them to kill the unborn. It has been working like a charm as abortion is the number one leading cause of death in the world.

There are other efforts being made on the population control front and the most troubling comes in the form of vaccines. It is becoming increasingly difficult for parents to opt their children out of government mandated vaccines. Why would anyone want to opt out of something that is supposed to protect them? Well, for one, vaccines are not backed by studies to prove safety or effectiveness. If anything, there is more evidence to the contrary.

First of all, have you ever looked at the vaccine inserts? They don’t give these out at the doctor’s office. It requires parents to do a little due diligence online and find the actual medical insert for each vaccine. With the vaccine insert you can see the ingredients of each shot which include things like monkey brains, cow blood, formaldehyde, mercury, and a myriad of other toxic substances that no parent would ever dream of giving their children. These vaccines are being injected directly into the bloodstream. When you consider what’s in them that’s a scary prospect.

Then you have the “side effects” of each vaccine. Each insert lists the possible irreversible effects the toxic brew could have on your child. These include autism, asthma, diabetes, brain inflammation, Guillain-Barre syndrome, arthritis, and many, many more. There is a whole system set up called the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) which is co-operated by the CDC and FDA. Not only does this prove these organizations know vaccines are not safe but they anticipate people to be injured by them. They don’t know the full scope of negative effects yet because, as mentioned earlier, there are no studies. We are the study. Our children are the lab rats.

Once a child is permanently injured from a vaccine their life is forever changed. Their life and their parent’s lives are never the same again. Big Pharma doesn’t care about safety, they only care about money.

This brings us to the terrifying Gardasil vaccine. A report on explains that there are the people on each extreme end of the argument; the pro-vaxers and the anti-vaxers. Then there are the folks in the middle. This is their commentary on the Gardasil vaccine which we think is pretty spot on:

“Middle group folks, however, can be expected to start asking questions when there’s a major, coordinated and high pressure effort to vaccinate young girls against a relatively low risk disease with a multi-faceted etiology that only affects adults and that can be effectively risk mitigated or treated using other approaches.  And you’ll really raise eyebrows among such folks if you promote the vaccine as “totally safe and effective” without the backing of rigorous and ethical science and through the use of chicanery.  And if middle group folks happen to know about the globalist agenda and their obsession with fertility control the focus on young girls and the scant knowledge regarding the vaccines long term impact on fertility will raise eyebrows even more.”

The Gardasil vaccine is responsible for destroying countless girl’s lives by vaccine injuries. Read more about that here and here. These is one seriously dangerous vaccine. The CDC, FDA, and Big Pharma know that it’s dangerous and yet they continue to push it on young girls around the world. Why would that be? Perhaps because sterilization of the masses is on the agenda for the NWO.

Is it really that unreasonable for the CDC to require Big Pharma to produce studies that actually prove their vaccines are in fact safe before forcing them on the masses? Apparently. Be aware of the dangers of vaccines and the ultimate goal of the major business conglomerates that are working to form a world in which humans don’t really matter all that much.


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