The Menu Change The Pope Just Made To Accommodate Muslims

(Tea Party 247) – I wouldn’t expect to go into a mosque and have them prepare me a feast full of juicy pork, so why on earth is the Pope making sure that feasts he serves to Muslims are halal-friendly?

For World Day for the Poor this week, Pope Francis made sure that any followers of Islam among the 1,500 mostly poor people he treated to lunch would not find any pork on the menu.

This past Sunday was the third annual celebration of the World Day of the Poor, a Catholic commemoration established by the very leftist Pope Francis in November of 2016 to celebrate the end of the Jubilee Year of Mercy.

The World Day of the Poor is a “a day to help communities and each of the baptized to reflect on how poverty is at the very heart of the Gospel and that, as long as Lazarus lies at the door of our homes, there can be no justice or social peace,” Francis said when the feast was established.

Breitbart reports:

The pope held the Sunday banquet for 1,500 guests inside the Paul VI Hall in the Vatican, offering a meal that intentionally eschewed pork out of respect for any Muslims present, according to reports. Instead, chunks of chicken with mushroom cream were served along with potatoes.

The gesture echoed a similar move this past October by the archbishop of Bologna, Matteo Maria Zuppi, who commissioned a pork-free version of Bologna’s iconic tortellini pasta for the feast of the city’s patron, San Petronio, so that Muslims would feel welcome.

Archbishop Zuppi, now a cardinal, dubbed the modified pasta “welcome tortellini” but many locals decried the alteration as “culinary blasphemy.”

“The poor are valuable in the eyes of God because they do not speak the language of the self: they do not support themselves on their own, by their own strength; they need someone to take them by the hand,” Francis said during his homily at Mass. “The poor remind us how we should live the Gospel: like beggars reaching out to God.”

“The presence of the poor makes us breathe the fresh air of the Gospel, where the poor in spirit are blessed,” he added. “Instead of feeling annoyed when they knock on our doors, let us welcome their cry for help as a summons to go out of ourselves, to welcome them with God’s own loving gaze.”

“How beautiful it would be if the poor could occupy in our hearts the place they have in the heart of God! Standing with the poor, serving the poor, we see things as Jesus does; we see what remains and what passes away,” he said.

While it is true that Jesus calls on His followers to care for the poor and the selfless love we should extend to all of God’s creatures is a godly calling, one can’t help but note the connotations in his speech.

The Pope is an open SJW pontiff, attracting criticism from many members of his own flock in the Catholic church for his denouncement of capitalism and his promotion of the climate agenda.

Just a few days prior, as we reported, Francis hinted at making sins against the environment a sin, and adding to the Catholic church’s beatitudes accordingly.


  1. How did this man ever become Pope. The Vatican contains gays, paedophiles and now a socialist at their head. The Church has certainly lost its way and it is so sad to see the decline of what is the very backbone of Western Society – Christianity. It is not for the Church to radically change laws regarding marriage, child bearing etc. Jesus Christ laid down those laws.

  2. This is the worst pope ever, I’m glad I am a recovering catholic! I assume now he will not be traveling the world with his entourage in fuel guzzling jets but getting around on mules, all electric to the Vatican removed and use candle light.

  3. Jorge Mario Bergoglio is an apostate, a heretic, a persistent one at that, and therefore can not actually be “Pope”. He is a disgrace to all Christianity and should be followed by no one.

  4. I am a cradle Catholic and see an awful lot of contradictions against the Catholic faith in this papacy. Sorry Pope but give a someone a fish and they will eat for a day, teach them to fish and they will eat for a lifetime. A free meal might make you feel generous but it does nothing to change a person’s life. How about selling off church treasure, art and the Vatican bank and using the money to open schools, vocation colleges, sites of higher education for the poor, farms that are able to support themselves and feed those in need who are physically or mentally unable to care for themselves.
    Again teach “the poor” in order to support themselves and for those physically or mentally unable to care for themselves provide institutions for them to live in a Christian loving community. A free meal just doesn’t cut it!

    • The art of the Church requires restorers, conservators, et. al. craftsmen who earn their living preserving great treasurers. Would you get rid of the art and destroy their living, their vocation? The education system of the church has always been open to the poor. You contradict yourself.

  5. I’m not catholic so I don’t pay much attention to the going ons within that religion. I can say that what i’ve seen from this pope scares me. It’s obvious to me, he’s following the ideas of the new world order. He’s been bending the rules of the Catholic Church which has been followed for Centuries. To accommodate the evil that is slowly spreading across the world.

  6. What’s next for this Socialist Pope. He just keeps destroying the Catholic Church.
    Archbishop Zuppi, now a cardinal, dubbed the modified pasta “welcome tortellini” but many locals decried the alteration as “culinary blasphem. Now dropping down to
    other locals.

  7. Why I Didn’t Respect The Catholic Church. Other than being soft on pedophile priests raping altar boys, the “forgiveness clause” goes like this: don’t sin, but if you do, come to Confession, confess to the priest, say three Hail Mary’s, the priest will forgive you, he will instruct you to sin no more, and don’t forget to put your money offering in the tithe plate on your way out, but if you do sin again, repeat process. Sinners love this religion. It reminds me of why Muslims love Islam so much, I.e., follow the Quran, kill and rape infidels, subjugate women, kill homosexuals but have sex with pre-pubescent boys, and practice jihad so you can go to Paradise where you get 72 virgins to sexually abuse for eternity. All you have to do is learn the Quran and stick your nose on the ground 5 times a day. Hmmmm. Both are brainwashing.

  8. Most of this Pope’s ideas are too far “Out There For Me”, including this one about accommodating Muslims ! When do you EVER hear, about Muslims changing ANYTHING, to accommodate Christians, or Jews ? The answer is NEVER, because THEY DON”T care about accommodating any other Religion ! The Pope was WRONG, in changing the menu for those people !

  9. Just goes to show you just how stupid and ignorant the Pope is. Being a catholic i wonder just how many muslims would attend and eat a meal with the Pope. None I would imagine. So why would he make a statement to the world to show just how ignorant that he really is.

    • Your faith calls him the “Vicar of Christ” this is so offensive to me and the one true to God. I quit the faith as soon as I knew right from wrong. Educate yourself and you will see the poop is poop and not the same thing as the Christ.

  10. If the Pope believes he is trying to be a good Pope to Moslems, wait until this old man sees what is coming, it is already ACCURING.

    • Jews are perfect example of history, have not learned anything, the more deaths, the more dumb they become.

  11. Nothing wrong with Muslims, Jews and Christians eating together, but with all due respect make the Muslims go through a metal detector, and and be inspected for suicide vests. Just to be safe Pope! If not, be sure to sit next to the Muslims.

  12. Dead terrorists are NOT in paradise. They kill women and children – AGAINST the Koran!! Apparently they do not read the Koran!!!
    Their dead are now screaming in pain in Hell, and this will last for ETERNITY!!! Hahahahaha

    • You haven’t read the Quarn, at least not the one I have. The highest honor is jihad. Every terrorist sites the same reason for terrorism. THEIR FAITH COMMANDS IT. Educate yourself.

  13. Why wasn’t this change made years ago to accommodate Jews who do not eat pork. Why because the church is and has been for centuries ANTI-SEMITIC. Now the church is afraid that the muslims will try to bring it down so the are making adjustments. Pope Francis go create another saint(idol) for your worshipers to bow down to and continue on idol worshiping ways

  14. Nothing surprises me about this man any longer. Being a lifelong Roman Catholic, he is the first one who I can’t accept as the head of my Church. What else does one expect of a professed Socialist ( don’t forget he’s a Jesuit )? He recently didn’t even deny when he was quoted as saying “Jesus was only a man and not both God and man while in earth”. How blasphemous !

    • Yet you stay with the child molesters? You are going to be very disappointed when you hear, ” Go from me, I know you naught.”

  15. It is a very stupid claim. May be the Pope cared about the Jewish poor? How on the Earth you may invite people for a meal not caring about what they are not able to eat?

  16. I can’t believe the Pope has drunk the left wing Kool Aide.. But he has always been provocative and seems to take a mild stance on punishing those in the Church accused of pedophilia! Don’t know what to think…

  17. he is the anti Christ and he is not my pope, all the pope’s that have on on before him our turning in their graves over all the changes he has made to the religion

  18. The Pope is the false prophet. First he was and still is the black Pope who was telling the other popes what to do he is the Jesuit general, he took power back in the early 60 to make the catholic church change little by little, then when he became Pope he had the power to change what he wanted. Now the catholic church is the Harlet church of revaluation . Get ready because the true church will soon be gone .

    • Dorothy I totally agree with what you posted except for asking the church to sell off art treasures etc. these are inspirational on a huge level, and as another commentator mentioned the maintenance and care, etc provide many livelihoods often handed down in families as craftsmen. The Church HAS been involved with schools, hospitals etc. that being said I’d love to see them manage to do more

  19. I wouldn’t go out of my way to feed bacon to a Muslim, but I wouldn’t make a special accommodations either. Tell this Pope (If you want to call him that) to quit PANDERING to Muslims and guide the flock as per the Word Of God.

    • Linda remember one of the quotes Nostrodomus said Beware of false prophets and he is a false prophet. The religion is doomed with this fool in charge.

  20. If they have had pork all along they should have had pork stay on the menu, as a Muslim he is trying too get in your home to kill you because you aren’t Muslim! Thank God I’m not Muslim or Catholic religion,Amen.

    • To the Muslims, saying “Merry Christmas” to them is like a curse. The pope should make up his mind about what church he is the leader of–either the Catholic Church or Islam.

  21. Part of being a Catholic is following traditions passed down from generations who followed the word of God. Changing a menu doesn’t bother me, we accommodate those in need according to their limits. I don’t agree with the Pope raising himself to a higher plain, equal to God and thinking it’s his right to assign what a sin is.

    • Gods word doesn’t change. The same yesterday, today, tomorrow. Are you following God’s word or the traditions of man? Your menu = death.

  22. The Catholic Church is very wealthy and full of pedophiles. Let the Pope lead the life he preaches, poor and in the heart of God. The Muslims see him as an infidel!

    • That’s very poor judgment on your part. Because there are some who are guilty doesn’t give you the right to assume that the Catholic Church is “full of pedophiles”. If one person in your family becomes a murderer would that make you one too? Please tell me though, what charitable organization has done more for those in need than the Catholic Church? Since you are able to miraculously count the sins of those that you’ve never met, I’m sure that your crystal ball can grant you to also share the number of their good deeds. So please wise one, cite the numbers you have about how much the “wealthy” church has donated to the poor over their years of existence. Your judgment is like a man who has one eye. You have no balance of justice to see the good just like a man with one eye has no depth perception.

  23. So you are feeding the poor and downtrodden!! But don’t wanna offend those that are Muslim by serving certain food?!! You gotta be kidding! Put it in front of them and tell them they can eat it, go elsewhere for food, or starve! I’m so glad that I’ve got the brains to never become a Catholic! Who would want a copy Pope as a leader of any religion?! And never would become a nutcase Muslim!

    • How Christian of you – re: “Put it in front of them and tell them they can eat it, go elsewhere for food, or starve”

  24. As a lifelong Roman Catholic, I only listen to our Holy Father on Faith and Morals, that is what the Petrine Office teaches Period!!! Not on whether the Sun sets in a different direction or a Weather Report! Our last Pope was intellectual as the one before, guess this Pope is trying to be pastoral.

  25. I can see having an alternate for them but to change the entire meal is ridiculous. I’m a Seventh Day Adventist and we don’t eat pork either. The senior center provides an alternate upon request. That is what the pope should have done instead of cutting the pork out of the menu.

  26. Maasei Satan hizliach! Let them see the folly of their ways. While in “Ani Ma’amin” we say “Zot haTorah lo t’hei muchlefet, they turn their “rules and dogma” any-which way, wherever the wind blows. Today “right”, tomorrow “left”.

  27. Nice to know that “inclusivity” excludes vegans and vegetarians, the only people who actually respect the sacredness of all life and eat the way all life was supposed to eat in the Garden.
    But, hey, if humanity as a whole refuse to recreate heaven on earth for themselves, at least we’ve managed to create a hell in earth for the animals.
    I wonder what Jesus would have to say about the industrial farms and slaughterhouses that the flesh the pope serves to the faithful, comes from?

    • You should actually read the scripture before you butcher it. Man was given dominian for a reason. I’m pretty sure you kill plants when you eat them.

  28. In the old days we had fish on Fridays because we could not eat any meat. Now we don’t eat pork to make another religion like us?

    • The catholic church was lost long time ago with CHRISTMAS and EASTER farce. It was change to accomodate non believers which is SIN in itself. Pooping bunnies with eggs is hysterical. God never changed the SABBOTH and CHRIST rose after sun set saturday not on SUNDAY MORNING.

  29. It was the gesture of a good host. When most of us host a dinner we are usually considerate of the dietary needs of our guests. Just common sense.

  30. I honestly don’t mind, so long as kosher laws for any hungry Jews are also being accommodated. But I don’t know…chicken with mushroom cream sauce sounds like meat being mixed with dairy, so I’m thinking NOT KOSHER? Hmmm …

    • Hens do not suckle their young; therefore, there is no possibility of “seething the kid in its mother’s milk,” which is the origin of the prohibition. Chicken, therefore, can be mixed with eggs as well as with milk.

  31. Age 70″here. Been Catholic all my longer a follower in last few years as Jesus has taught me to think sensibly for myself using His guidance! Since when do we start adding special,interests to the list of sins? We should take care of,the earth just as we do our own body..But adding new sins is just preposterous! Thank you, I choose to use my moral brain God gave me without fear of threats from the pope

    • Martin Luther never wanted to start a new religion named for him! He wanted to reform the Roman Catholic Church and and he was excommunicated ! I was baptized RC bec if my mother; my father came from a Lutheran family. I never heard any hatred from either “ side” , I tend to think more like Lutheran ! Reformed catholic ? Catholic but not Roman ?

  32. This pope is so full of shit in his thinking that he is destroying the catholic religion in bed with the devil himself.He needs to go now.

  33. Sorry, but this one is off base. It would not have been necessary or appropriate to modify a particular iconic recipe to delete a normally critical ingredient, as was done in Bologna, but it is a reasonable goodwill gesture to have chosen a menu to be something that does not have pork in it. Normally alternative meals are made available for Jews and Muslims, but it is hard for me to knock making sure that no one had to deal with logistics of that at a meal for 1,500 persons. A better question is whether and when the Pope will realize that little or no good can come of his outreach to a religious community that is dominated by individuals and leaders who believe that there is no legitimate place in the world for followers of other religions.

  34. I may agree with some of what he says, but he needs to tread lightly when it comes to the hoax called “climate change”, formerly “global warming”.


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