The Latest: Woman Arrested After Sending Poison To Trump. Here’s What We Know.

(Tea Party 247) – One of the best-kept secrets of the Trump era is just how vehemently people hate him.

More than one person has been charged with either threatening or straight-up trying to kill the president of the United States.

And why?

Because the mainstream media–the complicit mainstream media–has been treating the sitting President of the United States like he is literally Hitler through the whole of his tenure.

Why don’t we talk about this more? Why don’t we call them out for stoking the flames of hate, and then blaming him for how divided our nation is?

It is insanity.

A woman has been arrested after allegedly sending an envelope containing the poison ricin to the White House.

They found the culprit at the New York-Canada border on Sunday, where she was detained.

She has yet to be identified.

The allegedly aspiring terrorist was taken into custody by Customs and Border Protection near Buffalo, New York, and is expected to face federal charges, according to Just the News.

The Associated Press reported on the arrest based on information they received from law enforcement sources.

Just the News explains:

The letter, which was intercepted last week before reaching the White House, appeared to originate in Canada, according to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. It was stopped at a government facility that screens mail addresses to the White House.

In 2018, a Navy veteran was arrested for sending envelopes containing a ricin-related substance to President Trump and members of his administration. And in 2014, a man in Mississippi received a 25-year prison sentence for sending ricin-dusted letters to President Obama and members of his administration. In both instances, the letters were intercepted and no one was hurt.


  1. Was she a 70-something year old, clutching an empty vodka bottle, babbling incoherently about being robbed of winning an election, don’t-you-know-who-I-am-type person ????

  2. Leave it to the MSM to encourage, incite, and instigate all these impressionable but otherwise brain-dead yahoos to do something beyond their mental capacities to comprehend! When and IF someone is charged with the attempted assassination of the President or ANY OTHER federal officials for that matter, the media source should be indicted for accessory after the fact. Should the perp be convicted, the media source should have their license to broadcast or publish permanently REVOKED and the media outlet SHUT DOWN and put out of business! Do his a few times and eventually wiser heads will prevail!

  3. The reason that Joe Biden has the Dem party nomination is that most Democrats did not like any of the multitude of other candidates. Now the reason the news media supports Biden is that they hate Trump.
    If Biden is elected, I wonder who will be in charge?

  4. Dem Party supporters are just that way, loot, burn, assault, poison anyone they disagree with. When you Reject GOD, He allows to fall victim to your very own strong self delusions, like members of the Democrat Party currently face!

  5. The world has gone nuts. The liberals have Allowed the nuttiest of people take over. Time to get tough with these screwballs Throw a rock at anyone including the police and you can be shot. Everyone has right to defend their life and property. Steal my bike and I can shoot you with no questions asked. It won’t take long to run them all back into the sewers they came out of. If you proclaim your hate for this country get out or be shoved out. We have had enough. And clean out all the schools of anti American and commie so called educators. See if Russia or China will take them

  6. Thank God the letter never was delivered to our great President
    Pray daily for our President and Vice President
    God Bless America
    One nation under God
    May the United States of America now and forever remain a nation UNDER GOD
    Pray fellow Americans for our God believing Country
    Vote for a country that will never walk away from GOD!

  7. The radical left is SO filled with HATE, that they are capable of doing almost anything , including trying to kill our President !

  8. I personally believe that much much more people love President Trump than those who “hate him”. Brain wash is working only in those who never able to thinking on their own. Multi million of us are praying for Him Christians, Jews Muslims
    As well. There are some “out of order” people do not represent the great majority

  9. Send this lunatic to prison… give her the death penalty
    I do not understand the extreme hate for our president. Is the man perfect, no, but NO one is perfect… NOT ONE president we’ve had in the white house is perfect… Trump has made promises to the American people and he’s worked hard to keep those promises, unlike the other presidents who have promised things and never did them… The democRATS have continued to attack this president from day one with their EVIL VICIOUS lies filled with EXTREME hate..inciting violence against him and the republican party… the ONLY ones dividing this country and tearing it apart are the democRATS with their hateful lies… People need to wake up and STOP listening to these democRATS…. Policies matter and the policies of the democRATS are NOT good for our country…. DemocRAT party is the party of lies and hate…

  10. A woman has been arrested after allegedly sending an envelope containing the poison ricin to the White House.

    Had to come from a Anti-American Socialist Democrats, they will murder anyone that disagrees with with their socialism CRAP.

    Hell they want socialism give it to them by sending their butts out of America to a damn socialistic country, on a one-way trip.


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