The Item Costco Just Sold Out Of Online Tells You Just How Bad Fears Of Coronavirus In The United States Are Getting

(Tea Party 247) – Without a doubt, the biggest news story happening right now is that of the coronavirus. This deadly virus has been wreaking havoc all over China, particularly in the city of Wuhan where the outbreak of the illness initially started.

China has practically been on complete and total lockdown ever since the sickness started spreading, attempting to contain the virus and hopefully prevent it from going global. The coronavirus has killed thousands of people so far and left many others deathly ill, so it’s no wonder so many drastic measures are being taken to get this infection under control.

Folks here in the United States are also becoming quite fearful of the disease hitting our shores, especially since a case was recently discovered in California.

How bad are things getting?

Well, Costco just sold out of long-term storable food kits online.

Here’s more from Infowars:

Visitors to the “Emergency [Food] Kits & Supplies” section of their website are currently greeted with a message saying, “We’re sorry, no products were found.”

When I visited their site on Tuesday, only two products were listed, one of which was a large bin of macaroni and cheese. The site gave an error when I tried to open the page and said it was sold out. On Wednesday, the page was down altogether.

A Twitter user shared a screenshot of their page on Monday highlighting how they sold out of their $4,999 pallets:

I visited a local Costco warehouse to stock up on Wednesday morning and didn’t see any emergency food kits, though there was plenty of 12-25 lbs bags of rice.

Only one rice variety out of 5 or so was low on stock. The shelves were mostly full. I only saw one older Asian woman wearing a face mask (they’re sold out everywhere).

People are truly freaking out over this virus, and to be honest, the fear isn’t exactly unwarranted. With the death toll of the virus rising higher and higher, it’s easy to understand why people are trying to make sure they are prepared should a full blown pandemic sweep across the United States and access to basic necessities somehow becomes limited.

Now, to give a little bit of context to all of this, it’s important to remember that the flu virus actually kills way more people on a yearly basis than the coronavirus has during this outbreak. A lot more. And we have flu season every single year.

However, being prepared for the worst while hoping for the best is always a winning strategy. Having emergency food to eat is never a bad idea because you just never know when a disaster will strike that will leave you without access to local grocery stores and other resources we tend to take for granted.

The Mormon Church, which asks all their followers to always have an emergency food supply that will last their families 90 days, has a handy guide on their website for the best foods to buy or avoid, with a focus on long-term storage.

The Organic Prepper also has a useful guide.

The Spanish flu, which is believed to have been a bird flu as opposed to a possible bat coronavirus, lasted two years.

It’s probably a wise decision to at least stock up on the basics you normally eat to get ahead of the crowd.

The best way to protect yourself from the virus itself is to eat healthy, exercise, get plenty of rest, and of course, wash your hands religiously. Basic hygenic practices can do a lot to reduce the risk not only of catching coronavirus, but any flu or cold out there lurking around looking to ruin your day.

Remember, being prepared is a good thing, so if you have the means to do so, get a plan together and make sure you’re stocked up on the resources you and your family need in case of an emergency situation.

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  1. Stop listening to the fake news media they are trying to get political points. Less people are dying from this than die every year from the common flu. fearmongers are trying to whip up a panic for their own ends. Go to web sites that will tell you the truth.

  2. This thing is being sensationalized for political benefit. Typical of leftist tactics, fearmonger and create chaos. I won’t be playing. The infection rate and death toll says more about the countries healthcare system then it does the danger of this Cold Virus. Think back about the many other dangerous diseases, viruses and infectious bugs we have had over the years. This year alone, the flu has infected over 32,000,000 and taken over 18,000 lives. Is everyone hiding in their houses from the flu bug?

  3. Some of you people believe that the world is going to hell in a hand basket very soon and the Coronaviris may be the cause of it all. The bottom line is WE DO NOT KNOW! The Bible states that we will not know the day or hour. It is best for all people, Christians and Jews to be prepared and follow God/Lord/Jesus.
    God speed,
    Gary G. Cramer, Tmc


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