The Incredibly Low Standards For “Treating” Gender-Confused Children

(Tea Party 247) – It’s pretty astounding how quickly the medical community has changed from treating gender dysphoria like the mental illness that it is to coaching parents to “confirm” their child’s “gender identity” and spend their lives on synthetic hormones and getting irreversible gender “reassignment” surgery.

We truly live in a brave new world.

Now, the standards are apparently so low for “treating” such a serious mental illness, that doctors are happy to provide consultations via Skype or FaceTime.

The Blaze reports:

The directors of the Gender Identity Development Service — a London-based clinic that helps children as young as three years old change gender — want to be able to use Skype and FaceTime to “allow doctors to diagnose and prescribe treatment for patients hundreds or thousands of miles away,” according to the Daily Mail.

The clinic, which is run by the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS), is considering the move to ‘telemedical’ appointments in an effort to keep up with the “more than 400 percent” increase in demand for sex-change services since 2014. If approved, the plan would allow doctors to diagnose and prescribe treatment, including hormone-blocking drugs, over the phone.

The Daily Mail reported that critics question the plausibility of accurately evaluating a child’s “suitability for treatment” over the phone. But on Wednesday’s “Dear America,” Graham Allen argued that the bigger issue is whether young children should be considered for such radical treatment at all.

“You have to be at least 16, with parental consent to get a tattoo,” Graham pointed out. “But at three years old, you can frickin’ decide which gender you want to be? Are you kidding me?”

The Activist Mommy rants:

Now we have medical “professionals” giving the stamp of approval to parents seeking to comply with their children’s outrageous demands to become the opposite gender. If your child wakes up one morning and declares they are now a pony, do you rush them to the veterinarian to undergo species reassignment procedures?


That would be quite literally insane.

The child transgender movement has become so widely accepted that the medical community is blatantly denying scientific and medical facts in order to comply with the increasing demands for dangerous procedures for children. Doctors are breaking their Hippocratic oaths and forfeiting integrity in order to be socially progressive and accepted by the minority LGBT community. Meanwhile, parents are willing to sacrifice their children on the altar of “social inclusion” over being labeled a “bigot.”

Children do not have the mental maturity to decide what to eat for dinner but we are supposed to trust them to decide that they want to be the opposite gender? There is absolutely zero logic in this and instead of going the way of banning this kind of child abuse, we are seeing efforts to make it easier and more accessible.

Seriously! When did things get so damn crazy?

What will the repercussions be? What will become of all these children who are being treated like rats in a lab?

It’s both tragic and infuriating and until we’re all willing to stand up and fight back against this insanity, children will continue to be harmed.


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