The Evidence Is Now Piling Up: Yet Another Huge Indication Of Suspected Pennsylvania Election Fraud

(Tea Party 247) – As you’re likely already aware, there were a number of concerning abnormalities discovered amid the election 2020 data that don’t seem to be diminishing any time soon.

There have been reports of analysis conducted in several of the six key swing states that were rather suspiciously given to Biden and challenged firmly by the Trump campaign, independent groups and individuals, and the RNC.

The Gateway Pundit has done much of this digging, and they are among the few who have continued to report this vital insight into the 2020 election.

Just after the election, they explained this week, they discovered a pattern among the results of Pennsylvania’s race which seemed to them to be impossible, and led to now-President Joe Biden winning the state by a nearly 2 to 1 ratio.

“This was the beginning of a series of reports on patterns found in the 2020 results that were basically impossible. All the patterns ended in Joe Biden’s favor and none of them would be expected to occur in the natural world. They were not random,” TGP explains.

“In Pennsylvania, we determined that in nearly every county, the percentage of absentee ballot votes was directly related to the percentage of election day voter results. When President Trump won a county by 60% (80 to 20%), his absentee ballot performance would be 40% less than that with Biden winning by 60% to 40%. When President Trump won on Election night by 20% (60 to 40%), Biden’s absentee ballot performance would equal 80% to Trump’s 20%. In almost every county, President Trump’s performance in absentee ballots was 40% less than his performance on Election Day,” they continued.

TGP notes that it was also reported that in the state, more ballots were cast than there were total people who voted in the state.

Now, they report that an IT Internet and data expert, JJ Gee, has revealed to them several suspicious data points in the Pennsylvania results which line up with what they reported back on November 13th, just ten days after the election.

“On Election Night, in 29 of 67 counties, the leader margins were similar to the margins in 2016 were when the counting stopped (Statewide 79% reported). 27 of those 29 counties are the only ones that showed 100% reported and two other counties were close to being 100%,” they explain.

The 28 counties which remained did not match the margins from 2016 and showed votes outstanding, when the final votes were added to the counties, all 67 of them had a leader margin that was similar to that of 2016.

When the counting stopped at 79% reporting, Trump was leading in 60 out of 67 counties. The counites of Bucks, Chester, Lehigh, and Monroe, appeared ready to flip red after Hillary won those counties in 2016.

The votes that would go on to be added after this point were 1,338,803, 71% for Biden: 980,425 and 29% for Trump: 358,378. (see graphic below).

TGP debunks the idea that this could be chalked up to the “blue suburbs” that had remained.

The final 1,338,803 votes counted gave Biden 13 counties, 2 of which he supposedly flipped blue—Erie and Northampton.

This will make you see red: in Bucks county, meanwhile, 17,344 votes were added for Biden between November 6 and 20th.

Guess how many votes Biden won by?


What are the odds?

We’ve got to be able to examine this data more closely before it is too late.

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  1. Most of the Dems don’t know the election was stolen. They all believe everything they hear on the media because all the media is consistent on their denials. When any of the media mentioned Trump complaining about the election they ALWAYS said it was an ALLEGED steal, just like they all have fallen for the socialism scam. Do you remember ever seeing the manner the election was stolen on CNN, CBS, etc.?

  2. WE WILL!! We CANNOT allow them to STEAL our freedoms. I LOVE this country. I have the greatest respect for our Constitution, our Flag, our National Anthem, and OUR HISTORY. We all KNOW that the election was stolen away, like a ” thief in the night,” as it were. What are WE going to do about it? We are more than 45 MILLION strong. We are intelligent people. Would it be impossible to poll on a state by state basis, to find the truth? Maybe that sounds like a ridiculous idea. I KNOW that people are sick of this dragging on, but something has to be done. I, for one, do not want to sit ideally by, while OUR COUNTRY IS BEING STOLLEN FROM US. Is it even possible to do what I have proposed? I don’t know. Each state has voter rolls. It would certainly answer a lot of questions. WE ARE 45 MILLION STRONG. TOGETHER WE CAN DO ANYTHING. I HAVE FAITH IN REPUBLICANS, AND DEMOCRATS, to want to know the TRUTH. GOD BLESS US, AND THE COUNTRY THAT WE LOVE.

  3. biden proves once again he is a no good lying cheating son of a bitch. If he isn’t taken out he will ruin our country. I wonder his wife would suck my dick ?

  4. Okay…we ALL know the election was stolen. Even the democrats know, but, of course, won’t admit it. Irrefutable proof is extant. Now, what can be done?
    If we roll over on this, we will never win another election again.


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