The Disturbing Plans Communist China Has For Pro-Freedom Protesters In Hong Kong

(Tea Party 247) – The communist Chinese government absolutely hates the pro-liberty, people’s movement in Hong Kong, where Western values are valued and Hong Kongers understand their true value and their rights.

The Hong Kong movement threatens everything that PRC stands for, and they’re showing the whole world just how oppressive their Eastern overlords are and what it takes to break their back: a people with a sense of liberation.

Under the watchful eye of the West, China has been hesitant to slam down in the manner we all know they’d really like to, but they may soon be getting bolder.

According to Reuters, in the last month, Chinese military personnel in Hong Kong has doubled to 12,000, with many of the reinforcements arriving in late August.

The movements of the troops were originally claimed to simply be a routine “rotation,” but were really an arrival of thousands of extra soldiers and anti-riot forces.

Now, China has “assembled its largest-ever active force of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops and other anti-riot personnel and equipment in Hong Kong,” according to the report.

How ironically named that army is.

According to Alexander Neill, a security analyst based in Singapore at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the build-up doesn’t bode well for the protest movement.

“They do seem to have an active contingency plan to deal with something like a total breakdown in order by the Hong Kong police,” said Neill. “I would think it would take something like that or some other worst-case scenario for them to deploy. But they are clearly more ready than before, and are leaving nothing to chance.”

More violent riots are expected in Hong Kong to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the founding of Communist China.

The main demand from protesters is the withdrawal of an extradition bill, which was met, but they have now vowed to battle until five more demands are satisfied, as Summit News notes.


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