The Chilling Legal Fate of A French Intellectual Who Called Mass Immigration An “Invasion”

(TP247) – Renaud Camus, a French intellectual, has been given a 2-month suspended prison sentence for saying that mass immigration into Europe is akin to an “invasion,” the very feelings of no doubt many Europeans and Americans alike.

Camus can only spare himself the prison sentence by paying 1,800 euros to two so-called “anti-racist” organizations, SOS Racisme and the LICRA, which stands for, translated, the International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism, according to Summit News.

The Le Grand Remplacement (The Great Replacement) author was changed with the chilling thought crime of “public incitement to hate or violence on the basis of origin, ethnicity, nationality, race or religion.”

His convictions originates from a November 2017 speech he gave to the National Council of European Resistance during which he had declared, “Immigration has become an invasion.”

“The irreversible colonization is demographic colonization, by the replacement of the population,” he said, before continuing, “The ethnic substitution, the great replacement, is the most important event in the history of our nation since it has existed; as with other people, if the story continues, it will not be that of France.”

Camus also called for a “national consensus of resistance” to oppose Islamization in “the struggle for the salvation of our common civilization, Celtic, Slavic, Germanic, Greek-Latin, Judeo-Christian.”

He sounds like a patriot, but the European fascists zeroed in on comments he made about Europeans being replaced.

Camus said that mass immigration “is the substitution, the tendency to substitute everything with its emulator, normalized, standardized, interchangeable: The original with its copy, the authentic with its imitation, the true with the false, the mothers with surrogate mothers, the culture with free time and entertainment.”

Summit News notes:

France suffers Islamic terror attacks on such a routine basis that it’s barely even an important news story anymore. Many of those terrorists are radicalized by mosques that escape any police scrutiny, but Camus must be punished for his crime of opinion.

And there you have it. Free speech is now a crime in France.

Now, don’t kid yourself.

This isn’t happening safe and far away in France. This is happening right here at home


  1. The Muslims , The French Government , and all those who have a radical agenda will reap what they sew and fall victim to there own circumstances

  2. common sense is too high for a leftist. it frightens them to face reality while they live in their unicorn and fairy utopian world.

    • We need too tear down the walls around their little castles and let the illegal immigrants take up residency in their front and backyards ,create tent cities .Then watch them object too the bull shit.

  3. I call them an invasion too on every social media I go on. muzzies don’t care about adapting to our ways when they get here. Simply live off the American teat. They have a timeline for world dominance-2035 the same as China that will be interesting. The ones coming in our Southern border, no different, well slightly they are ignorant of what is expected of them. At Ellis Island a REAL entry port 20% were sent home. Why? Too sickly, America is not in the business of healing the world. A sort of merit could they take care of themselves-have jobs? One grandfather worked as a milkman, the other delivered newspapers. Not terribly lucrative, but it paid the bills.

  4. Mexico already voted in a Communist. The steps he is quietly taking is putting a great danger on our Southern border. What will we do when the hoard at the border are Mexicans actually fleeing their government (-soon to be dictator)? He was voted in as a result of decades of socialist brainwashing in all the government schools and universities. Watch our schools and especially the SATs over the last 30 years.

  5. Mass immigration IS an invasion. Wake up people. God told Daniel that the world would NEVER be unified. Meaning, all this talk of a one world government will NEVER happen. We don’t have borders to let everyone in. God didn’t allow it back in Bible times and it’s not allowed by God now. There has always been a process by which outsiders were allowed in and that is the way it is supposed to work. To do otherwise is going contrary to God and will only bring troubles and woe. Wake up. The world is destroying itself with these ridiculous policies. It has nothing to do with racism. You cannot force people together and expect them to get along. It’s just not possible.

  6. With this prosecution Macron leads the nation to it’s national and cultural suicide.
    When will they prosecute native born French citizens for speaking french without an Arabic accent???

  7. Looks like a duck? Quakes like a duck? Swims like a duck? Then, for God’s sake is a duck!
    Poor Camus, he only described what he saw… Probably he never knew, or had a lapse in memory that Galileo Galilei almost was burned to the stake for saying that Earth is moving – “E pur si move”- the iconic remark he made at the end of trial carried by a flat Earth believers. Giordano Bruno wasn’t so lucky when he said the Earth circles the Sun, and not viceversa. He ended up in smoke! Literally. ( wonder how much that contributed to ” global warming ” peddled by imbecile iconic Greta! She should be worried that global warming started by burning real scientist and geniuses at stake ) So is not exactly the first time the right ones are punished for the wrong reasons, or for speaking the truth. HINT! RULERS ALWAYS HATE OR ARE AFRAID OF THE TRUTH!!!…

  8. Hey, I’ve been saying the illegals crossing our SW borders are an INVASION, for years.

    Come and get me, you goons.

    Fair warning: Wear your body armor, I WON’T GO QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT.

    You Leftist Bastards.


  10. Americans had better wake up, because “Hate Speech” is what those who are in power want to define it as, whether it really is, or is just a political opinion that doesn’t agree with those in power. That is what the French author was prosecuted for, a political opinion of what is happening to his country, and all of Europe, which in fact is actually true and correct. Punishment for telling the truth that everyone already knows, so everyone is punished for vocally exposing the truth that everyone already knows.

    • In my book, “Hate Speech” is damned near every word that comes out of a Dimmercrat mouth, most particularly the so called leadership.

      Those basturds all need Red Devils Lye poured down their throats. Mere soap won’t cut it.

  11. Sounds like the French. They lie down and let all invaders walk all over them just look at their actions during both World Wars. This man spoke the TRUTH and like usual the French punish the one telling them the TRUTH.

    • Not French! French politicians! French people are more than feed up with what’s going on. Otherwise you wouldn’t see tires burning in Paris on intersections, high speed railroads blocked with piles of dead cows, chicken or manure, or Gerard Depardieu renouncing his French citizenship!

    • “but they kept their delicious creamy sauces”
      quote, Christina Applegate’s character, ‘Married with Children”

  12. This is now the tool that the communist or hiding behind racism, to overwhelm and take over a country and it’s the people’s fault for not killing these people off who are doing the bidding of the Communist Party those in government who are whores of the money who are trying to overthrow the people hiding behind racism when they are nothing but murderers and killers.

  13. Here we have communism. We have this up and coming 20-50 year old who support it. There steps towards this and the issues we have here in the U.S. are the stepping stones towards another world war. People will start asking for our help and we, being the country we are, will send our young men and women to die for freedom for others which essentially will help us. Better start believing and praying.

    • I’m afraid before we will have another World war, we will have another Civil war here at home. The left is pushing for it!

  14. It’s true, it’s true, the Muslim invaders in Europe are hoping to dominate Europe in the Muslim Religion. They need to keep their religion in the Middle East where it belongs.

    • Islam doesn’t belong anywhere on this Planet! Is based on hatred and violence! Initially was invented by Muhammad, who was a pretty known bandit at the dawn of 7th century in what we call today Middle East. He was robbing caravans without a second thought. He killed indiscriminately, and he actually married a 12 years old girl because he did like how she smelled. Sure, that wasn’t the last, that’s where the concept of “Harem” comes out!
      Well, when even his trusted men started questioning his behavior and misdeeds, he should move fast. And, Hell he did! He pretended some entity called “Allah” contacted him and just like The Ten Commandments, all his criminal acts become acts of “Allah”! Didn’t took long for Koran to show up, and millions of people to fall for the scam, because is about the formication of man and how can legalize that, not how about making a woman your equal, even if her spirit may be more advanced than yours!
      So, as I said! Islam is not a religion – is a cover up! The fact it did originate in Middle East doesn’t mean it belongs there – actually belongs nowhere!

  15. Only a complete fool cannot see the agenda of the diabolical muslim people. Islam is not a true religion. It is a farce that can only survive by threatning violence to those who are smart enough to reject it.

  16. Europe and AMERICA MUST WAKE UP!!! The Invaders are INVADERS. Most are Islamics , who want their sick Shari law imposed and to take over the invaded country as their victim. Does no one remember how the term BARBARIC came to be? Does no one remember WHY the United States , in it’s infancy, was forced to create a NAVY? We are one election away from either continued civilization as we know it, or be destroyed by the NWO and over-ran with head chopping Moslims. VOTE for TRUMP and all conservative, God Loving , American patriots this coming November. It is no longer a political issue….it is now a Life and death struggle.

    • Sad to say Robert,the younger generations here in America like in Europe has been brainwashed and have NO clue of reality..My old country is completely destroyed by Muslims that STUPID voters allowed the government to open the borders to this invasion.Pay attention to Democrats here,they want the same destruction of America

  17. Big reminder about how great our country is isn’t it. Very few countries actually have free speech any more, that includes England, France, or any EU nation. Even our neighbors to the north, Canada don’t have true free speech. But not to worry, our know it all snowflakes on our college campuses are working very hard to fix that. They will have the 1st Ammendment repealed shortly.

  18. We need to remind the COMMUNISTS (which is ILLEGAL as per the U.S. Constitution) that the 1st Amendment ASSURES guaranteed FREE SPEECH right in the U.S., LIKE it or NOT. WE WILL not be a SOCIALIST country! Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  19. These commies will keep pushing, And when Americans Patriots have been pushed to the max. All hell will break loose. And they won’t be throwing stones. I would not want to be on the receiving end of 1Million angry Patriots.

  20. Just keep on voting radical progressive Demoncrats into office, like AOC, and the Big Brother police will take you to a reeducation camp for wrong thoughts and statements.

  21. Illegals is have more rights. We will be the minority. Our freedom of speech has been taken away. If illegals said something about legal citizens then it’s ok and they don’t have to pay a fine. The same thing is happening in Sweden. It’s also starting to happen in th USA. We need to stop it now.

  22. Has not Trump said worse, he (Trump is entitled to an opinion so shoud this man be, i dont see him calling for violence) is not having a peaceful opinion the reason to have elections.
    One thing though why are these guys wearing ice logos or was this guy arrested in USA?

  23. No, they want to take your head first then everything you thought owned because your government gave it to them and took all your rights away to defend yourself your family and your possessions.
    But if you are a born again child of God in a short while Christ is returning to receive his children called the rapture and then the Muslims will take over and there will be a one-world religion of Antichrist here and you do not want to be hear or miss the rapture it’s bad now be will 100’s worse when the Antichrist leader is exposed.
    I say take this world just give me Jesus!

  24. Time for every non-muslim across the globe to read “The Islamic AntiChrist”, by Joel Richardson. I’m sure this book is banned in many countries especially ALL Muslim majority countries. A must read for all American citizens, even the moderate minded muslims. Save the USA before it is taken over like Sweden France, England, Germany, Ukraine, Indonesia, and other smaller nations especially in Africa.

    • Not sure if they have Ukraine, do they?
      Even if there were other sh*8hole in the former USSR that WERE muslim…chechnya, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Turkmen, a lot of Georgia maybe..

  25. Ah, Coming to America. And, no, not the movie. Or, like most lazy Americans you can just wait until all YOUR rights are gone. Continue voting for Democrats.

  26. The way you turn a great country into a third world crap-hole is to bring in third world people. Thank God in America, we still have the Second Amendment. These globalist’s are straight out of the pits of hell and their daddy is Satan and their end will be the Lake of Fire.

    • They flooded in over our open border that the democrats wanted to keep open but Trump is in the process of closing it up . Who supplyed the busses that drove them away after they came across, throwing rocks at our border guards ? TRUMP 2020 !

  27. It’s the scheme of the Globalist Elites, if Trump gets defeated it’s going to happen here. Even with him they’re still pushing it. We The People MUST stop this or NOBODY WILL!

  28. Shame on the government of France. They are the ones that should be criticized for their actions. The French people need to have their voices heard.

  29. You are right David. The radical Islamic factions are pushing for a world wide Jihad and now it appears they are moving their forces in place through mass migration just like we did with our military in the middle east and Afghanistan.It is for cleaning the world of non believers and preparing for the prophesied return of the Mahdi.

  30. The only time Muslims achieve peace in a foreign country, is when that country is fully inhabited by Muslims. And the world will be at peace only when there are either no more Muslims, or no others BUT Muslims.


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