The Chilling “Assassination” Attempts On NYPD Officers Expose The Horrors Of Dem-Run Cities

(Tea Party 247) – Two members of the New York City Police Department were shot over the weekend in a series of what are being described as assassination attempts.

The gunman who was suspected for being behind both incidents first fired on two officers who had been sitting in a parked vehicle and then stormed Bronx police station.

The man who opened fire on the 41st Precinct police station was later identified as 45-year-old Robert Williams.

“He immediately pulls out a gun and fires multiple rounds towards the desk area,” NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea said during a press conference, as reported by the New York Post. “He then walks into an area beside that desk and fires several rounds.”

Williams surrendered after throwing himself on the floor when he’d run out of ammunition.

Lt. Jose Gautreaux was shot in the arm.

“I will point out that this coward immediately lay down, but only after he ran out of bullets,” Shea explained.

“This is not a liquor store robbery interrupted. This was a premeditated assassination attempt. It is only by the grace of God … that we are not talking about police officers murdered inside a New York City police precinct,” Shea continued.

The evening before, a man, believed to be Williams, fired on a police van which was parked on a Bronx street, according to CNN.

Shea said that the suspect first approached the van, which at the time had its emergency lights flashing, to ask a question.

After the officers replied, the suspect then opened fire on the vehicle, Shea explained.

He said that the officer who had been sitting in the driver’s seat shouted “gun!” when the suspect brandished his weapon, but neither of the officers returned fire.

The driver was struck in the neck, near his chin, but was able to drive out of range of the gunman so that his partner could take over control of the vehicle.

The gunman, at this point, fled.

“I just want to say his partner as well as him were heroic about how they handled the situation, and his partner, as far as getting him into the hospital in short order,” Shea said, according to the New York Post. “It was a phenomenal job, keeping their cool.”

Williams was paroled in 2017 but had a court date coming up on a new charge. Shea did not, however, offer any more details into current charges against Williams.

Shea quite rightly pointed out that this shooting came after high-profile anti-police demonstrations in New York City.

This also comes after months of open animosity towards police officers. Last summer, a series of videos went viral depicting citizens pouring water or throwing objects at police officers.

“Just remember these things are not unrelated,” Shea said.

“We have people marching in New York City last week and I condemned it and I condemn it right here again today — using profanities against the Police Department. Everyone should be speaking out against this, and you have to be careful about the words you use, whether it’s on social media or on written papers or speaking, because words matter and words affect people’s behavior.”

Meanwhile, New York City has unrolled bail reform initiatives which are putting criminals right back on the streets.

How can the Democrats expect police officers to be safe when they openly embrace anti-police sentiment and laws that empower criminals and tie the hands of our officers of the peace?

These people are sick.


  1. Back in the 70’s Newport, VA was getting tired of hearing all the bad from the Navy getting into at the bars to the point they wanted the base to move. The Navy told the community how much they needed Navy pay to stay in business. So the Navy pay everyone in just $2 bills an then 2 weeks later asked if the business could do with out them! Almost every one said they would be out of business if it was not for the $2 bills in their drawers! They saw the good far out weighed the action of the bad. Same with the Police yes there are some bad apples, but the work of the good far out weighs the bad of a few of them. Just imagine what it would be like if there was no police to come by at all!

  2. I used to deliver fish and other meats in NYC. In the late 80’s going in you didn’t stop at any stop lights or signs, because it was to dangerous. Then mayor Giuliani a Republican introduced programs that cleaned up the streets Then while waiting to deliver I was able to relax and gets some sleep. Now it is back in control of a democrat and criminal activity is increasing. It is not the cops fault. Having been in law enforcement (a patrolman) you find you are never called until a situation has deteriorated to the point the people there can’t control it. Things are always at their worse. That is when the cops are called. Other times, I worked accidents as well, cops are called to accident scenes only to see mangled up bodies, dying or dead people, body parts and must determine who was the perpetrator or victim.At the same time the cop has to ( as directed by the different government agencies) enforce the laws that are supposed to be designed to prevent these type of accidents.Law enforcement is heavily restricted by regulations and the police are required to enforce the laws pasted by the government. The public blames police because that is who they see and the public fells to realize the police didn’t make the law. It is not an easy job.

  3. Want the hell is the world coming to. The Police are out there doing their job. Some dumb ass . Is going around Shooting them.

  4. Just retired from the Chicago P.D after 36 years. It’s getting to be the same way here with our social justice warrior state’s attorney (Kim Foxx). We have had savage murders committed on video and she refuses to charge the case because there are no witnesses. Gangs of black teens are hitting high end stores on Michigan Avenue stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise because she has publicly stated that she will not prosecute “shoplifters”. I pray that Trump wins again and Soros dies soon.

  5. This problem occured once before in the late 70s and changed as police departments began hiring returning Vietnam combat veterans. Men who had been under fire in combat that were not afraid to do police work.
    Rough men,ready to do extreem violence to those who would do harm to our loved ones.
    This has to change again. KAGA 2020

  6. Bad officers can be weeded out. Every officer in NYC should be wearing an active body camera. Footage of these should be reviewed daily for agressive behavior, inappropriate language and/or racist remarks. Those that violate a set policy, the first time, should be placed on desk duty for a week. A second time would warrant a longer reprimand and require an internal review. A third violation should result in the firing of that officer. Any time, while on duty, that a camera is removed or disabled should mandate an automatic review. This type of policy, in and of itself, should signicantly help to boost the morale in the ranks, give the public a vehicle to build trust for the NYPD and ultimately have a greater widespread effect.

    • Run that one buy me again because I missed the logic. Coward fires on two cops in a vehicle. Then rushes a police station and lays down when out of ammo and you harp on body camera to prove cops didn’t provoke. I was born and raised in Queens. Went in the military to get the hell out of that lunatic asylum. The inmates are running the asylum with Mayor Bill DiBozo in charge. Close the tunnels, take down the bridges and use the cops to keep anyone placed there from escaping. You won’t have to worry about police brutality then

    • I agree. And ALL the body camera video that shows the scum that are catered to by the democratic party should be available for public viewing on a daily basis. Let the liberals see exactly what they have created. If the normal citizen sees what a cop sees on a daily basis, there would be a huge change in the attitudes of the liberals….. No, probably not. They’ll find some way to excuse the behavior of these savages who WILL NOT live under Rosseau’s “Social Contract”.

    • good idea call it a jobs bill to review the body cams of 25000 officers would require a equal number of reviewers to review judge and write a report 0on each officers actions


  8. Simple answer: every law abiding citizen should move out of these crime/drug ridden cesspools. Build retaining walls around these “cultural, intellectual” meccas and declare them NO FLY ZONES.

  9. The NYC voters may need to IMPEACH the NYC mayor on charges of DERILICTION of DUTY. He’s not doing his job and someone ELSE needs to REPLACE him like a REPUBLICAN (NOT a RINO) – someone who cares for his police force. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  10. DeBlasio has no problem with this. As he’s repeatedly explained to his son, every cop is a hate-filled racist.
    Great call, New York.

  11. I’m retired NYPD Sgt. and when I completed my rookie training I was assigned to the 41st which at that time was in a different location several blocks away. There was a movie made starring Paul Newman which was entitled: “Fort Apache the Bronx” and it depicted the tough area of the South Bronx. (We usually led the city in homicides) The name Fort Apache came after an event which took place a few blocks away. There was a street party and all was well until one gang member fired a gun at a rival and the bullet struck a little girl. Someone started a rumor that it was a police Officer who fired the shot. A mob of people stormed the station house but fortunately the windows had bars on them and we had big solid doors. Eventually the truth came out and peace was restored but from that time on “Fort Apache” became our title.

    • Mr. Mick, thank you for bravely patrolling the streets of the Bronx. I was a teacher in the Memphis City Schools for 7 years and every year students would spread lies about us teachers and vulnerable students. We were blessed to survive. I know at least two teachers who died while still teaching at schools where I served. I got assaulted at least once a year. I pray my Lord Jesus Christ and His blessed Mother , Mary ever virgin will one day reward our bravery in heaven.

    • Hey Mick, then you must remember back in the 70’s when the NYPD was under siege by the BLA and the assassinations of P.O.s Laurie, Foster, Jones and Piagentini. Then a few years later P.O. Scarangella. My husband worked in the “6” ” 0″ in Coney and every one was on high alert. This is now beginning to feel the same way. Cops once again being told not to wear any identifiable NYPD uniforms and gear when off duty.

  12. May God bless the men and women in law enforcement and deliver them from harm. May terror be dealt with by lethal force and may God protect the Jews and Christians worldwide. One day the left will be in power and inherit their lies and just reward while the saved will be raptured! If you are truly saved align yourselves with The Word of God = Jesus Christ is The Word. Look up Christians for your redemption is near. America will be lost, a land of thugs and thieves, demonic spirit filled people everywhere. Please don’t be a lukewarm believer!! REPENT and receive JESUS CHRIST as Lord and Savior

  13. These mask wearing POS are COWARDS and they need to be arrested and photographed and the photos of them posted on social media so all their friends and family know what they are, and police should start the stop and frisk again as this worked very well. If you’re not a criminal you won’t need to worry and these criminal POS shoot at police just shoot back, eliminate these scum criminals bring law and order back to the streets of NYC.

    • The boys in masks wearing black are supporters of communism/Sanders. These kids have no idea what their lives would be like if we were to become a socialistic country. They need to educate theirselves with the past history and present (China, Russia and Venezuela). Sanders and Warner and the squad are like a cult filling their heads with idealistic ideas. Wait when they see how it really is. God bless the police and those who try to live in a safe and just world. I do believe that the end time is coming too. Too much dissension. Obama was the anti-Christ who started all this off. Think about the timing of everything. The racism and control.

  14. And this all happened in AOC’s Congressional District right? Pretty logical parallels to the garbage that she “preaches!” And for his contributions, DeBlasio should be hauled out into Times Square at high noon and publicly hung!

  15. Funny these scumbags are the first to call the police when someone picks on them and the first to commit such acts. Do we have dirty cops? Hell yes we do but we also have good police officers out there. And yes there is a difference in the two and we see it everyday. But i find it humorous that the people who want our guns are surrounded by armed guards at all times why don’t they take away their own protection first.


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