The Bizarre Thing MasterCard Is Letting Trans People Do With Their Cards

(Tea Party 247) – In today’s America, ‘equality’ seems to be the number one priority. Ironically, corporate America has made it clear they don’t value everyone’s business equally. If you happen to be white, heterosexual, and “cisgender,” you really just don’t matter. Actually, big corporations are going above and beyond “equality” and rolling out the red carpet for anyone identifying as LGBT; with transgender individuals holding the golden ticket to special privileges and treatment.

Mastercard is out to show just how radically inclusive they can be with a new initiative that will allow cardholders to put their “true name” on their credit card instead of their actual, legal name. If an individual claims their “dead name” (legal name) does not match their appearance and their “true” self, they will soon be able to have a credit card with whatever made-up, fictitious name they so desire.

This is not the Twilight Zone, this is reality, folks.

Mastercard says on their website:

Overall, nearly one-third (32%)* of individuals who have shown IDs with a name or gender that did not match their presentation reported negative experiences, such as being harassed, denied services, and/or attacked. As such, many transgender individuals choose to forego the cost, complexity and anxiety associated with official name and gender changes. Until now, this discrimination has carried through to their cards and payment mechanisms.

“The security of many is being compromised for the feelings of a few. This perfectly illustrates the current state of our society.” (Activist Mommy) It’s completely irresponsible for a major financial institution to be taking security and identification so lightly, all to appease a tiny fraction of the population who suffer from the mental disorder, gender dysphoria.

Do sufferers of multiple personality disorders get to have multiple credit cards with each one bearing a different name based on whatever personality they are currently experiencing? No. That’d be illogical and insane. Yet here we are, companies bending over backwards to accommodate people who need mental health treatment.

Mastercard describes the upcoming process on their website, saying it will be “sensitive and private” and “free of personal questions.” In other words, if you are John Smith but feel more like Jane Doe, all you need to do is call up Mastercard and tell them and without any questions or prying into trivial “personal” information, like your identity, your wish will be granted. What could go wrong?

Who has time for those kinds of boring, minor details when you can be winning in the “inclusivity” game? Just look at this touching video Mastercard made to drive home just how accepting and sensitive they are:

“It puts me in a place where I feel like I’m in danger,” said one individual in the video of using a card with their legal name on it. Mastercard is here to save the day! Never again will anyone ever be forced to dangerously use a credit card with their legal name on it. (Activist Mommy)

Mastercard has yet to describe how they intend to combat the inevitable fraud that will come along with this enlightened initiative. Nor do they care. What matters is helping people who deny their true identity to more fully live that delusion by affirming their “truth” in the form of a made-up false name on their credit card. Is anyone able to follow this absurdity clearly? Mastercard is essentially telling their customers, “We don’t care about you or your financial safety unless, of course, you’re not really you.” (Activist Mommy)

Complete madness.


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