The Bizarre New Conspiracy Theory Being Used To Slander Tulsi Gabbard

(Tea Party 247) – Tulsi Gabbard poses a huge threat to the Democratic establishment.

You can tell this purely by the fact that the mainstream media isn’t fawning over her.

It’s not exactly like she’s a far-right, small-government libertarian, she’s not.

She’s all about big government and she regularly pontificates about Medicare for all, climate change, and social justice.

What she is, however, is most decidedly not an establishment candidate, and not only that, she’s actually relatively sensible and intelligent.

For a Democrat, anyway.

She stands for a lot of issues that reach across the aisle, and any Trump supporter would find they have a lot in common with the congresswoman, who has voted in line with Trump’s position when it comes to things like fighting the opioid epidemic, supporting our veterans (Gabbard is herself an Iraq war vet), and holding Big Pharma accountable.

What Trump voters will probably like the most about Gabbard, however, is the smack-down she just issued to Senator Kamala Harris on the debate stage on Wednesday night, which was quite a sight to behold.

I don’t know which was better, Gabbard’s cool and collected delivery of all of Harris’ sins as the Attorney General of California, or the look on Harris’ face as she tried and failed to hide how much Gabbard got under her skin.

Either way, it was beautiful.

Hilariously, this has resulted in the perpetuation of a bizarre new conspiracy theory about Gabbard.

People are now saying she was hired by the Russians to take down Harris.

Here’s the deal, as Prison Planet reports:

Despite all the other candidates trending on Twitter last night, and despite her being the most searched candidate on Google, Gabbard did not trend on Twitter.

However, she was responsible for the hashtag #KamalaHarrisDestroyed – which started trending this morning.

This led an army of Russian collusion conspiracy theorists to ludicrously assert that Gabbard had been hired by the Kremlin to take down Harris.

“Have you heard the news? Tulsi was hired by Russia to take down Kamala and help Trump,” tweeted Peter D’Ambrosca with a sampling of the insanity.

Take, for example, this one outrageous tweet:

This person apparently takes themselves seriously, too.

Or this:

These same people would likely dismiss the piles of evidence of Hillary Clinton’s pay-for-play backdoor deals or the way she manhandled her hard drives as “conspiracy theories.”

But they don’t even need a shred of evidence to attribute Gabbard’s political prowess to “bots.”

Kamala Harris scares Trump?

More like Tulsi Gabbard scares Democrats.


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