The Biden-Big Tech Operatives The Media Doesn’t Want You To Know About

(Tea Party 247) – Over the last four years we have seen a gradual progression of bias on the internet. From social media platforms banning and silencing conservatives to Google outright suppressing stories and conservative or alternative news sites, it has gradually gone from bad to much, much worse.

At the onset of the coronavirus “pandemic” Big Tech seemed to use this as the catapult to go from pretty biased to in-your-face, undeniable, fervent bias that has resulted in censorship on a scale America has never seen.

The Big Tech social media giants, Twitter and Facebook, have completely outed themselves as left-wing operatives with the zealous banning of a New York Post story that exposed an email between Hunter Biden and an official from Burisma indicating that Joe Biden had met with the official.

While Twitter CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey appeared to have made a slight effort to acknowledge the reaction to the New York Post story was over-the-top, the New York Post remains locked out of their account still. All for the crime of making Joe Biden look bad.

How liberal Americans fail to see how they are being controlled by Big Tech via propaganda and censorship truly boggles the mind.

As if things didn’t look bad enough, now Biden is hiring Big Tech loyalists to join his transition team. Should Joe Biden win, remember this story as it is detailing the beginning of a massive state-run propaganda machine akin to the ones in China and North Korea. Liberals have already shown they are more than happy to be spoon-fed propaganda, after all, fact-checking may result in them learning the truth and being forced to change their minds.

Just days after Joe Biden’s campaign sent a letter to Facebook strongly urging the company to censor President Trump’s posts, top Facebook executive Jessica Hertz left the social media company to take a job with Biden’s transition team. How did we get to a place in America where a presidential candidate can lobby an information sharing website to censor the posts of the sitting US President?

Now, an executive for that company has joined forces with said presidential candidate. It’s all almost too much to believe and it actually gets worse.

When Twitter began its suppression of the New York Post story it was just days after the company’s director of public policy, Carlos Monje, left his post to take a position with the Biden transition team.

Neither of these moves should really be all that surprising, however, given the fact that both Hertz and Monje have a history of working for Democrats. As Fox News points out, Hertz was principal deputy counsel in the Office of the Vice President from 2012 to 2014 while Monje worked on the Obama White House’s Domestic Policy Council.

Comically, Hertz will be in charge of the enforcement of the Biden campaign’s ethics plan and related matters.

“As the Vice President’s former deputy counsel with experience advising high-level federal agency officials, Jess is exactly the kind of thoughtful and principled decision-maker who can ensure the Vice President’s high standards are upheld during the transition,” a campaign spokesperson told the New York Post.

The Biden campaign could have likely saved a great deal of money on payroll hiring a monkey to do that job considering the fact that Joe Biden’s “high standards” are lower than sea-level.

Joe Biden’s hiring of Big Tech professionals is riddled with hypocrisy as is most everything Joe Biden says or does. He has spoken out against Big Tech numerous times but now out of the almost 700 people involved in his volunteer advisory group, 8 of them work for either Facebook, Apple, Google, or Amazon.

“Many technology giants and their executives have not only abused their power but misled the American people, damaged our democracy and evaded any form of responsibility,” a Biden spokesperson told the New York Times at the time. “Anyone who thinks that campaign volunteers or advisers will change Joe Biden’s fundamental commitment to stopping the abuse of power and stepping up for the middle class doesn’t know Joe Biden.”

Oh, we know Joe Biden alright and that’s exactly why his hiring of Big Tech professionals is frightening.

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  1. Birds of a feather will flock together! Put another way, the Big Monkey will LIE, and the little monkeys will ALL SWEAR to it without exception! Oh, well, if you want to see the USA 🇺🇸 turn into a socialist, third-world sh*thole over the next few years, vote Democrat in November!

  2. It is not a coincidence that Twitter, Google, Youtube, Silicon Valley lefties, Holleywood elites, used car salesman Bill Gates, etc are all supporting Joe Biden and the Democrats.


  4. Lock up ALL CEOs from TWITTER, GOOGLE and FACEBOOK and SHUT down their organizations . . . NO exceptions. We don’t need these COMMUNIST backed ORGANIZATIONS. They should be banned as per the U.S. Constitution. One Wary Patriot Sounding THE Alarm. Team Trump and his allies 2020.


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