The Animated Disney Classics Now Getting Slapped With Trigger Warnings

(Tea Party 247) – Disney just launched their new Disney+ streaming service, but not without giving a nod to the insufferable political correctness of our day by adding warnings in the descriptions of some of their classic animated films such as Dumbo, Swiss Family Robinson, Davy Crockett: King of the Wild Frontier, and the original Lady and the Tramp that the films may contain “outdated cultural depictions.”

What in the name of all that is holy.

These generic warnings appear on many of the film’s synopses that users will see before clicking a title to view it.

“This program is presented as originally created,” the warnings say. “It may contain outdated cultural depictions.”

Above image credit: Disney+

Above image credit: Disney+

The warnings seem to have been applied to films that depict indegenous people, African Americans, Asians, and other minorities in the slightest “stereotypical” ways.

In some cases, this means animals.

For example, the original animated Dumbo, first released in 1941, included black crows that spoke and behaved in a way that clearly resembled black Americans and thus are now instantly deemed as “racist.”

Also now considered racist are the depictions of Native Americans in Davy Crockett (1955) and Southeast Asians in Swiss Family Robinson (1960).

The original Lady and tthe Tramp, first released in 1955, also features the classic song “We Are Siamese,” sung by a pair of Siamese cats with Asian accents. Because, you know, they’re Siamese…cats.

Breitbart adds:

Disney+ has even slapped a trigger warning on the 1942 animated short film How to Fish, featuring Goofy. It remains unclear how the seven-minute film could be construed as offensive.

The new streaming service, which debuted Tuesday, is one of the multimedia giant’s most ambitious efforts to date. But technical problems have marred the service’s big unveil, with many subscribers saying on social media that they have had problems connecting to the platform.

Before it launched this week, some media outlets wondered if the streamer would include the controversial 1946 Disney movie Song of the South, which features a character named Uncle Remus and is set during Reconstruction.

A search of Disney+ on Tuesday couldn’t find Song of the South on the platform.


  1. Interesting. So the new Frozen 2 has no problem with one of the characters getting a girlfriend. So as to not offend the 10% population that make up the LGBT group, but has no problem offending the 90% who aren’t. PC, sadly, FORCES others to be onboard or else. Meaning, freedom is gone and we’re slaves to PC. Children are sexually abused and those who care are demeaned for having a heart and morales.

  2. WOW … some of you folks just love to call names and scream your lungs out over something as educational and sensitve as these “warnings.” If you want to watch the films, watch them … no one is stepping on your right to do so. What you choose to tell your kids or anyone else watching with you is up to you.

    You really seem to revel in self pity.

  3. There needs to be a law against left wing idiocy. They need to shut up and not watch movies or listen to music that offends them. Most of us grew up with those movies and we find nothing wrong with them.

  4. This is utterly ridiculous there is nothing wrong with the movies ,if a child watches the movie’s it’s just a movie,but if their parents tell them look those black crow are acting like black people,or the cats are depicting Chinese and so on every thing is getting so outrageous and taboo with hurting feeling ,it’s time to stop this craziness!!!

    • This absurdity is creation of problems where there are none, nor have been for nearly half century of clean healthful child entertainment…who are these idiotic people creating something from nothing – they seem to be individuals in deep need for attention…

  5. why does everyone and everything, have to stop and think many times before doing anything anymore…This racial and byass nonsense HAS to stop…I am 81 years of age and have never seen such nonsense…Why all the strife and stirring up of everything…It was as it was…It is as it is…Let sleeping dogs lie. I may add, if minorities are being so mistreated, why are so many in movies, sitcoms and sports….These also are the people who have pride and strive to perform and reap the monitary benefits, unlike sitting around with “woe is me” syndrome. It is so disheartening to see what is happening in this world and also, with the demeaning or our President. I don’t care what color he is, what party he is from…He represents the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!Please…people wake up and start to live harmoniously, before it is toooooo late…

  6. Put “Song of the South” on the platform. Let us decide
    if we want to see it. Censorship is extremely UNAMERICAN,
    but then again censorship is the daily food of the left.

  7. Sure it’s outdated culture but the quality and the messages they depict are still valid. AS for example the black crows in Dumbo, they turn out to be “good guys”, counter to messages of the time of slow, lazy, bad ect. Ask me Walt Disney was ahead of his time. Political correctness will come back as all extremes do to bite us all in the butt and should be fought strongly against.

  8. Totally ridiculous!!! Who is stirring up all the controversy? Liberal Disney and the rest of the looney left. These films have been classics forever. Never once, while viewing these classics with my 4 boys did I feel OH! the boys shouldn’t be watching this. Never felt condescending to any race or gender. Enough already!! Let’s take a look at many of the Disney films for children with all the sexual undertones. Get over it!

  9. Mr. Disney would be rolling in his grave the way Disney has been portrayed these decades. This is saying that Mr. Disney was a bad person and that is totally wrong. I was brought up on Disney and would watch only Disney movies but not anymore. The people that are running the company are ruining it.

  10. Leftist idiots being *SUPER* idiotic!!! We all now, mores change over time. Why does the human population put up with such nonsense. It’s not like we can not think for ourselves, with out some busybody trying to shove their mores down our throats… BITE ME!!!

  11. Meanwhile, Walt Disney is spinning in his grave. These idiots can’t create anything new with the potential to endure, so they botch the release of wonderful classics that have endured by bending to the will of the deranged.

  12. What is next? Everyone is so “sensitive”. If you don’t like the title or the movie then don’t watch it. Everything does not have to be so “PC”. Think of the generations that survived watching these classics!

  13. I can tell everyone we are heading right into a civil war, and in my mind these ignorant liberal and Democrats are going to get what they really are asking for no matter who wins the elections!!!! I think the true citizens and patriots of are country have had enough of the attacks on are countries history, freedom of speech, traditions, and the the attacks on are Religions are Constitution and are laws!!! The citizens have also had enough of the violence that these radicals are imposing on us!!! These radicals truly have awakened the patriots of are country and I can see this civil war is about to happen sooner than these radicals may think!!! For Americans can only turn the other cheek for so long and then the push back explodes!!! The only good thing about it is that we will put and end to the Democratic party and the liberal radicals forever!!! The bad news is a great many will die and we may not ever recover from this war!!! But at least we will win back are freedoms and all are rights and will have gotten back are rule of law and upheld are Constitution as it was written!!! And you can bet we will put term limits on all politicians so that we never will have to go through this crap again!!!

  14. What that “bull-o-nay” is, is another effort by the “benjamins”-they own and control the media and tell everyone “what to think and what to think of it” into believing the devilish lie that “we all be da same”, when we most truthfully and definitely are not. There is a top of the racial spectrum and there is a botton. The differences between each race are irreconciliable. The Disney portrail of various characters was accurate. Back then, the progress toward a miscegenized/mongrelized society was not at the point it is today. We are close to the arrival of the one world government and a globalist, homogenized-mongrelized society with open borders everywhere. Pray for God’s rescue.

  15. Can anyone write, say something or do something without it being judged offensive. Come on people get a life. There is not a race of people that hasn’t done anything that can’t be considered offensive by someone. It is time to put an end to this ridiculousness.and move on to important issues that are meaningful.

  16. Since Obamas beginning the queers have heavily infiltrated the add industry, Hollywood, social media, ect. all in the name of making themselves look normal.. The sad thing is they are corrupting young minds with their p.c. but they can’t change the norm of nature..

  17. They are cartoons, Lady and the Tramp is the cutest movie I have ever seen. Just look at whats on TV today an some not even in cartoon form. What is on TV today is sickening, what is wrong with todays culture, and cable companies wonder why people are dropping them like flies.

  18. Concerning Disney: Our evil government and special interest groups combines with our people (sheeple) have allowed all the political correctness to grow where it is at present. Shame, shame, shame! PS Once we loose our freedom & liberty, there’s no turning back. John Adams, founding father. God speed, Gary G. Cramer, Tmc

  19. this legal language is clear to me “This program is presented as originally created,” “It may contain outdated cultural depictions.”,

    It does not call them “politically incorrect cultural depictions” or “Ethically/Morally wrong cultural depictions”, It merely calls them “outdated” as in, this is Disney acknowledging that some of their “timeless” movies are now clearly apart from modern life and thus “Dated” showing what things and ways were normal in such a time in the past.

    If anything the disclaimer acknowledges that such depictions were once characteristic and normal of the American culture.

    Much the same as you wont see Pinocchio whipping out a cellphone to call Geppetto, you wont see african american personality themed characters acting as depicted in a manner they may have behaved back during the great depression unless the piece is specifically set in such a time, Simply due to the fact that the conditions that engineered such personality themes no longer exist in the modern day, or at least not to a comparable level.

    If anything it’s Disney’s way of discrediting the leftist “racism is ripe in america” narrative. by claiming it’s outdated.

    They are not virtue signalling. Also the text is in the description (something most people don’t read anyways), it’s not presented in some red bold print tag “(This content may be offensive to some people)” and is not given in a full screen warning before being allowed to view the film. also they did not change the rating from G or PG to PG13 or R. That would have been virtue signalling.

    All this is, is Disney covering their butts from potential virtue signalling law suits. In other words this legal text is not meant to offend either side of the argument and is Disney’s way of saying “We want no part of this argument, leave us out of these arguments”.

    I think this is a good approach, I think more companies should refuse to get caught up in it. companies are a place for business, private matters and feelings have no place in business. Much the same; virtue signalling about adult topics has no place in children’s /Anything/. In fact I think children should be protected from exposure to this virtue signalling especially of the adult variety, especially concerning topics like gender and adult sexuality as by law and by all psychological research children are not capable of making decisions on these topics for themselves, and by law should not be forced to, where forcing them to do so is pedophile grooming, punishable by up to 20+? years in prison.

  20. This is obnoxious! The liberal BS! If people can figure this out then they don’t have the brainpower to comprehend what they are watching.

  21. Disney is run by perverts. These classics have morals and values. Anything coming from Disney now is sick gay crap . I will keep my classics. Will never buy anything new from child abusers. Disney ? Do you enjoy being the Looney tunes in the world?

  22. Has this world gone nuts. People that consider this offensive should use it as a springboard to want to show they are better than the rest and strive to achieve. Anyone in the USA can achieve greatness if they try.

  23. “Song of the South” IS my favorite Disney movie of all times. NAACP can share the blame for getting it banned. James Baskette, an African-American negro, born in Indianapolis, Indiana, abandoned his study of pharmacology to pursue an acting career. In 1945, James auditioned for a bit part in “Song of the South”. Walt Disney was so impressed that he gave him the lead part of “Uncle Remus”. In recognition of his warm portrayal of the famous black storyteller he was given an Honorary Academy Award, making him the first black male performer to receive an Oscar. James Baskette’s accomplishments are lost to history. Shame on Disney!!!!

  24. Disney is alienating many of their previous fans. I can’t believe Walt would be pleased although he was an atheist. He always endorsed real family values, never perversion.

  25. I’m so tired of everyone thinking that this stuff was offensive when it wasn’t ever even thought of being that way! It was just fun entertainment not making fun of anyone or trying to slander anyone.

  26. If Disney is doing this when are they going to go after Mickey Mouse nothing more than a BLACK AND WHITE RAT. Color racist of course.


  27. Unbelievable. You know what offends me? Politically correctness forcing their views on my life. These classics were made in a time before present day political correctness existed and I believe no offense was intended at the time they were produced and I’m sure no offense is intended now. If you can’t watch a classic for the entertainment value without forcing your views on others then don’t watch it. It’s your loss.

    • DrAnalog,
      I’ve been bucking the PC culture for as long as it has been in existence. I don’t even change my clocks for daylight stupid time. Either I am a born anarchist, or PC=BS. Personally, I think it is the latter.


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