The American University That Is Subjecting Their Faculty To Orwellian “Pronoun Training”

(Tea Party 247) – Right now, in the United States, people of faith–or just common sense–are facing daily threats to their ability not to express their personal beliefs, but to express a simple truth.

Calling a man a man or a woman a woman, if said person “identifies” as a member of the opposite sex can cost one their job, their livelihood, and their reputation.

All for being unwilling to compromise on a matter as simple as basic human biology.

Truth this basic under such severe attack–you’d better believe it’s taking place on America’s university campuses, and yes, they’re using tax dollars to do it.

Members of the staff and faculty at the University of Minnesota will soon be undergoing “pronoun training” to make the campus a more friendly place for the “transgender” and “non-binary” members of their community.

According to university first floated in the summer of 2018 and just recently finalized dictates that university employees “are expected to use the names, gender identities and pronouns specified to them by university members.”

A failure to adhere to this policy “could result in discipline,” according to the policy’s FAQ page.

The Minnesota Daily reports that training has already begun for the new policy, and that the training program involves instructing staff and faculty in the new gender pronoun rules.

Staff will then be “tasked with working to educate their colleagues, helping them work through questions and mistakes.”

Wow, sounds delightful.

From the report:

Noelle Noonan, director of student affairs and registrar in the Law School, applied for the spring cohort of the training program.

She emphasized the importance of living out the policy and modeling behavior for others.

“I think this is a good opportunity for individuals who are passionate and are interested and want to dedicate that time and energy to sort of be champions of that policy,” she said.

Facilitator Erin Keyes, who is also the assistant dean of students in the Law School, said in an email to the Minnesota Daily that a training session took place earlier [last] week for Law School employees.

“The Facilitator Training Program for Gender Equity Access allows the Law School to better recognize and honor gender diversity in our community, knowing that it is an essential piece of who we are,” she said in the email.


  1. The book “1984” was written as political satire. It was meant as a warning and not as a guide book. There are a lot of people in the democrat party these days busy rewriting the dictionary not only to control our speech but our thoughts as well. In this way they can shape our thinking and ideas. It will provide them with complete control over us.
    “Authority that does not exist for liberty is not authority but tyranny.” Lord Acton

  2. I never am called a pronoun. I only answer to O Hallowed Schnark of the Universe. I don’t guess I’d fit in there.
    O Hallowed Schnark of the Universe.

  3. A he may be a she, and a she may be a he and an other may be whatever – but an A hole is always an A hole, and that’s what these indoctrinators are!
    Languages were invented to communicate. Changes to languages are to make communication easier, not harder! This is a simple truth.

  4. These people need to get their heads out of each other ass and get back to real truth. They are lying to themselves and when that day happens it will be to late for them.

  5. We common sense folk REALLY NEED TO GO AFTER these contrarians and ass-backwards progressives.

    And I mean heavy handedly go after these insufferable losers.

    These basturds operate under the control the language to control the debate premise…….

    We need to bust their teeth in, so to speak, so not to speak!!!

  6. Eventually when the little snowflakes can’t get something free or get their ass kissed long enough hopefully they’ll take a match and burn down their little institutions of socialist learning then they’ll be looking for a new way it’s called Free Speech ,capitalism ,and the American dream, but the little turds got to learn first because they been indoctrinated by post Vietnam hippie scum let them learn the hard way when everyone else has things that they don’t they’ll wake up and realize that their precious little snowflake ass has to get off it and work for it

  7. Maybe address all of them as Dorks, That should satisify the requirement!

    “Yes Dork what is your question?”

    “Well Dork, the science shows …”

    Works fine for me.

  8. I am personally hoping that this training will eliminate the “him and me”, “her and I” and all the other difficult pronomial confucian that frustrates me. Go for it!

  9. Time for all the students to change schools and get away from that university’s communist rule. The students would be stupid to stay there!

  10. Stop federal funding to ( ALL ) entities promoting an agenda that goes against basic common sense and censor any authority who continues to promote these biased left leaning agendas. Americans should enjoy freedom of speech and a work place or school that has open honest discussions and not the political biases that affect basic constitutional rights that so many liberals promote

  11. Call it like it looks. He is he, she is she. There is no it or them. Just a lot of stupid.
    College is just turning out a bunch of stupid confused individuals that don’t even know who
    or what they are. They are all going to hell.

  12. No wonder the ratings of our college students in the subjects of science, mathematics, and other hard core learning is so poor!

    • LOL , I do not give a damn about the liberal idiots . I will call it as I see it . If you were born a male I will call you boy or man ,if you were born a female I will call you girl or woman .If they want too be identified as something else ,i will call you queer or faggot .enough said.

  13. Read the book 1984. What map out in the book is what they are trying to do today. I read it in 1969 when it was still possible and never believed it would happen.Yet here it is.The liberal agenda is about control. The people in charge want to control you from the time you are born until the time you die.The liberals are about destroying anything that will keep them from achieving that goal.Just look around, it is there for all to see.

  14. Just set up a separate place for those trannys that have completed their surgeries to hang out in while they figure out if THEY are in the 65% SUICIDE rate that these MENTALLY ILL folks find themselves in! SAD!!

    There are TWO, count em, TWO genders, everything ELSE is MENTAL ILLNESS that severely needs TREATMENT, PERIOD!

    • I agree with you. This whole thing is stupid !!!! Why should we give in to the LGBT?????? ITI IS “MAN” and “WOMAN”!!!!!

  15. I hope someone sues the university for violating his or her free speech rights. If the school has its way, then everyone will have the same pronoun: it. I don’t know about everyone else, but I am not an it.

  16. The fact is if you want to have a job you have to have a college degree. The socialist know that. Our country has been infiltrated by radical leftists for 60 years or so. They know that in order to defeat America they need to radicalize it from the inside out. What better way that our schools and colleges. You have to have higher education in order to do anything other than flip hamburgers and to get a college degree you must be indoctrinated to their way of thinking. Only in America can you be ostracized for calling a man a man and a woman a woman. The fact is that physically a man can’t be a woman. And vise versa. A woman cannot produce testosterone and a man cannot produce estrogen. A woman cannot get a man pregnant or a woman pregnant and a man cannot produce eggs. Even if you think you are the other gender!

    • I don’t agree with you, with all respect regarding college in required. We don’t have to have a college degree to get a good job. We need employers who have not been brainwashed into believing in that vomit. We have to look at how our country came into being, how everyday folks with exceptional brain power built us. This exceptional power is still out there, it has just been “shamed” into believing it is not good enough in today’s world. I for one, am constantly encouraged by the “smarter than me” folks who are being mentored outside of the college indoctrination and will be the future. I for one see “atlas shrugged” in our future first though I do in fact, agree with you completely on the gender issue. Blessings

  17. “INSANITY”!!! This is what they must have done in the cities of Sodom & Gomorrah, which gave GOD the reason to destroy them.

    By the way, scientist have found the cities of Sodom & Gomorrah, if anyone is interested, and the information can be found, of what those scientists learned, on the internet.

    The location of where Moses led the Hebrews in crossing the Red Sea has also been located, along with the skeletons of the Egyptians, their horses, and all the different type of chariots they had and used.

    They have also found the “Ark of the Covenant”, with the blood of Jesus on it, and when they tried to move it, those who touched it died instantly.

    They’ve also found the location of the remains of the “ARK”, and the house where Noah and his wife lived after the flood, as well as Noah’s wife’s grave and skeletal remains.

    All this is now available on the internet with all the research that has proven it to be true, and anyone who is interested can find all these things and the information of how it was all found.

    It seems that our scientists of today have found the proof that shows what happened in the Bible to be real and true, but then that will scare many people, who will not want to believe any of it, and who then refuses to even read the information and research of what proves it all to be real and true.

    Apparently what is happening at our universities is what GOD saw happening on the Earth in it’s past, and sent the “Great Flood” to clean the Earth and all mankind of it’s deviant acts of abomination. which is what all this happening today is leading up to again, but this time GOD said he would resolve it by “FIRE”, not water again.

  18. C’mon Moderator. I am not calling for violence here, just perspective. The alt-Left has already begun the violence. I am only talking degrees of self-defense, as appropriate to the situations that arise.

  19. This is where President Trump should step in and federally de-fund any university who rams a minority narrative down the throats of the majority of people in the country. Brainwashing is taking place right under societies nose through a very leftist agenda in the education system. It needs to be stopped.

  20. My wife graduated from there when they new the difference between a man and a woman. Teaching things are demanding things that aren’t true is not what schools are for. People with common sense better stand up are this nonsense will wash you away.

  21. Start with asking the person to show you their birth certificate.
    I never had an issue with anyone claiming whatever they wanted to claim about themselves. To each their own but I at least had the freedom to make that decision.

  22. We are being governed by 1% of the population who want us to change to their views and life style. They have all the rights and the majority is slowly losing their rights.

  23. Colleges are subsidized by tax payers. Tuitions are through the roof and pinko professor are teaching this garbage. SICK FREAKS.

  24. Clearly our ‘university’ system has become nothing more than a group of indoctrination camps for forcing leftist delusions upon our youth. Much like Hitler and Goebbels cast aside all physical reality in forcing ‘Master Race’ philosophy down the throats of the German people, intense propagandizing of non-truths about the natural order of life may have extremely negative results. It is not the domain of education to defeat natural reality, nor to punish those who would use the English language correctly.

  25. If the world had been created by Lewis Carroll –

    “Alice laughed: “There’s no use trying,” she said; “one can’t believe impossible things.”
    “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”
    Alice in Wonderland.

    Were he alive today, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson would feel right at home.

  26. If people can’t see the forces of evil at work in America now, their heads are in the sand! We live in a satanic laced society with University Professors as the most dangerous “instructors” of hate America, hate Christianity. This identity crisis is the work of satan, but championed be the supposed elite in our country. Many being our elected officials, those bent on removing phrases like, So “Help Me God”, when swearing in a witness. It’s going to get worse, much worse, because many elected officials are of the “new age”, I am the boss now, you do as I say. Notably Cortez of New York, a George Soros plant. The “deep State” is equally dangerous, comprised of the super rich bankers, multi-billionaires using their money to what they please for taking away our freedoms. The deep state by laws allow elections to appease the people. So folks, if we don’t return to the Lord, our country if doomed. Radical Muslims are on the war path.

  27. This condescending policy of trying to change reality is juvenile. There are 2 genders, male and female and all the twisted logic in the world cannot change that fact.

    • But Frances…the Shriveled Brain Society that is making all these fantasies come true, has done away with God; they don’t think they need Him since they each have themselves, and as long as they can take their warped and wrinkled nuggets out of their heads and play with them several times a day, they don’t need us either…they just need our money. Some might figure out their mistake after we’re gone, but…

  28. Any disciple of this sort COULD result in a HEFTY LAWSUIT against the school. ” Go ahead, I Need the money” is a CATCHY slogan. Team Trump and his allies 2020.


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