Terror Alert: Muslims Bomb Philippines Church Just Before Christmas

(Tea Party 247) – Christian persecution is surging all around the world. Americans really have no idea just how lucky we are to live in this great nation where we still have the right to religious freedom without the fear of persecution. Brave Christians all around the world risk their very lives just to be able to worship Jesus Christ. A Christmas Eve service in the Southern Philippines came to an abrupt end when a bomb went off, injuring 22 people.

Agenzia Fides reports:

Terrorist violence has bloodied the Southern Philippines on Christmas eve: yesterday, on the evening of December 22, during Sunday Mass, a bomb exploded outside Cotabato Cathedral, a city on the island of Mindanao in the south of the Philippines.

22 people were injured in the explosion. Among them there were 12 soldiers who were employed in the patrol of the church, one of the security measures adopted during the Christmas holidays.

A second bomb attack occurred a short distance away, injuring a passer-by.

“It is a cowardly act on the eve of the Christmas celebrations. The Church strongly condemns these attacks on people and churches”, reports Father Zaldy Robles, a Catholic priest serving in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Cotabato, to Agenzia Fides.

Father Robles tells Fides that the explosion occurred when Sunday mass was underway; people, in a panic, took refuge in the church. Despite the climate of tension and fear, church leaders urged the local population “not to be afraid to celebrate Christmas with joy and courage”.

In another province, Maguindanao, a bomb was detonated in the city of Upi, injuring two people. A bomb was then dropped at a local police station but did not explode. The army and police have stepped up their investigations to look for the perpetrators of these serial explosions. “Security measures have been strengthened”, said the mayor of Cotabato, Cynthia Guiani-Sayadi.

According to Major Arvin Encinas, spokesman for the Western Army Command in Mindanao, terrorist groups such as the “Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters” (BIFF) or linked to the self-styled “Islamic State” (Isis) may be behind the attacks….

All around the world, Islamic terrorists are diligently working to murder Christians every day. This should serve as a solemn reminder to every single American the reason it’s so important to resist and fight against any attempt to steal our religious liberty and freedom. We have no idea what it’s like to live in fear of being attacked by Islamic terrorists yet millions of Christians live like that every day in various parts of the world.

Christians are being martyred around the world and we continue to live our isolated, comfortable lives here in America with no appreciation for it. The left continues to protect and run defense for Islam, calling it the “religion of peace” while completely ignoring just how hateful and violent Muslims are.

We cannot just sit back and let the left open the floodgates and allow Muslims to pour into our country like Europe has done. Just look how that’s worked out for them. Europe will soon see terror attacks just like the one that happened in the Philippines on Christmas Eve. Islam is a violent infection on the world and it will continue to be until the West is willing to stand up and call it out for what it is.


  1. In responset to peed. You seem to hate everything about the USA. If you hate it so much why don’t you apply for citizenship in Canada. So if you do I hope they will take you.

  2. In response peed . The maximum social security is almost $1900.00 if you retire at 66 +. You must be referring to early retirement at 62 where you get $500.00 less in Social Security. So if you are healthy go to 66+

  3. Without fear of persecution? Where have you been these last 10 years or so? this week alone we had a shooting in a church and 2 Christians were killed and we had a party on Hannaka that was invaded by a knife weilding hypnotised nut case.And how many shooters and murders and rapes, not big enough to report on the socialist news channels. think these are just little problems? Wait til obama and soros let loose with the millions of refugee terrorists in hiding and sleeping with a comfortable place to call home on the 1. 35% more monthly stipend they get that obama wrote an XO so they would feel comfortable when our max social security is less than 1400 a month to pay for rent, medical ins., food, meds, transport, electrical, water heat, etc. By the time you pay all those you are in the poor house or homeless and they take your car cause you can’t pay the bank who is threatening you with taking your savings account and retirement cause they need the money to pay the bonuses of the CEO and President and the ones on their board the millions, then if they get enough they get to pay the salaries of the workers. But hell let’s increase the salaries of gov’t employees next, eh elections are coming up and he needs the votes. They forget that only citizens can vote unless the politicians turn the other way and give a few million the green light. No need to worry about violating the Constitution, the politicians won’t care anyway. Somehow they’ll screw the citizens and buy whomever they need to pass something. I get such a kick out of the greedy bastards that are all billionaires with hidden bank accounts in foreign lands and use our taxes for pet offshore projects and developing threats but always they have their hand out for more. Not one email, nor letter that has been in the mail in 4 years that hasn’t asked about donations every day, and we can’t afford to eat or pay the rent. When you ask what are they gonna do about education and trades training, they respond with DA? Or children’s homelessness? Or child meds.? or vets troubles? DA!!! How about social security that the gov’t stole and will not pay back and are letting it go bust? All the way back when Johnson was Pres and every Pres since has said, even Reagan, all said DA!!!!!. and by the way there are 65 million people on SS and there will be a lot more when the SS payments go offshore to pay for the outsourcing agreements Bush made with India to fight against terrorism and now the Indian gov’t has agreed with the muslims that persecution of Christians and murder of them is okay and the muslims will not be prosecuted. How about that and the U.S. is ready to accept them in senior positions of gov’t and they are still involved in the cas/class system where the highest class will not clean the toilet, that is reserved for the lowest class, but they don’t have toilets nor TP and no clean water either, but they have nuclear weapons. and they get billions in aid from the good ole USA

  4. Score: “Religion of Peace” 2019 = 1735 terrorist attacks in 53 countries killed 10,280 injured 10,675
    2018 = 1985 terrorist attacks in 55 countries killed 11, 783 injured 11, 487

    • Steve: I would like to email these stats to friends. Can you please tell me your source for the figures, as they will ask me.Thank you……Edward

    • Put the Numbers
      in Perspective
      Islamic Terrorists…
      …killed twice as many people in one month (5000) in November, 2014) than were killed in 350 years of Inquisition (2000-3000).

      …murder more people every day than the KKK has in the last 70 years (26 since 1945).

      …killed more civilians in two hours on September 11th (2977) than in the 26 years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland (2236).

      …massacred more Iraqis on a single day in June, 2014 (1566) than the number of criminals executed by America in the last 40 years (1423).

      …killed more Americans on American soil than did the combined militaries of Japan and Nazi Germany in WWII.

      …slaughter almost twice as many people everyday than were killed during the entire Salem Witch Trials (20).

      In 2007, Islam and Judaism’s holiest
      holidays overlapped for 10 days.
      Muslims racked up 397 dead bodies
      in 94 terror attacks across 10 countries
      during this time… while Jews
      worked on their 159th Nobel Prize.

  5. We here in NH have a small group of concerned citizens trying to educate the lakes region citizens of the dangers of Islam. It’s an uphill fight but gaining attention. Urge Patriots around the nation to start forming your own concerned citizen groups to educate your friends and neighbors.

    • Steve and Lisa, this is why our Government needs to pull ALL our Troops from the Middle East and bring them home. We’re going to need them here in the USA for those reasons. I feel bad for the innocent people in other countries, but it’s time we bring them home to take care of our own!!!

  6. This is why we need Trump. If left to the democrats we will be following them too. Their goal is to take over the world. They’re planting people all over the world and not for peace. Please let America remain free with our freedom of religion which these people do not practice. I don’t understand how anyone can claim a religion is peaceful when they want to kill. What god would say go kill for me? They people are being brainwashed. This religion is like a cult. Sorry if people are racist against them but we need to protect ourselves and they have proven many times not to be trusted. Get rid of the four idiots in the house. They’re poison. Vote against them Michigan and NY

  7. Name me one time a Mosque was attacked or bombed by Christians during Ramadan or any other Muslim holiday…you can’t. Remember the Crusades? It was the Christian retaliation to the horrible Muslim massacres all over the region…it’s getting pretty close to that now.

  8. Read “The truth about Islam and Democracy” by Lin Pao and J.Smith (Amazon $9.95) if you want to understand the worldwide threat by Islam.

    • Better yet, Profit of Doom by Craig Winn. He spent over 10,000 hours interviewing terrorists. They all say the same thing, their religion of peace commands jihad. It is their highest honor. Wake up America.

  9. One possibility, arm a series of nuke missiles on an orbital platform, all targeted to islamic shrines, except for Jerusalem. Something capable of just the dome on the rock thing would do. Make it a point to take out 1 lesser, but important shrine, or city with the threat of, behave, be civilized, integrate into other countries, sharia law stops and forcing islam beliefs on others stops as well. Self police all your people to be sure they obey. If not, then your holy places begin to become large holes in the ground, with national level orders to all other people to protect themselves from any retaliation on the part if islamic people.

  10. What will it take for people to see Muslims for what they are. Terrorist plain and simple Perhaps for every church or temple they attack ten mosques should be blown up Turning the other cheek never works. It is obvious that Muslims showing up all over the world was bono accident they were sent everywhere to take over. Send them all back to the dessert and let them stay there

  11. The PC elites tell people the muslims are peaceful and just like us.
    This is not true, they are not like us and do not share our values. They think diferently as commanded by the Hadeeth. This is their rule book and it controls every aspect of their lives. Their mosques have eight or 13 equal rules to follow. Only one is to worship, another is banking, and the rest are devoted to traching the Koran, training for jihad, raising noney for jihad, storing weapons for jihad, studying to make jihad, etc. Some peiple talk about the peaceful Koran They doi not understand that the subsequent chapters of the Koran command muslims to kill non muslims. This is ignored while muslims believe each subsequent chapter takes priority because Mohammed was believed to be more enlightened.
    Another misconception is that muslims appear to be integrated into other cultures. Not so, as muslim men are commamded by the Hadeeth to pay money annually for jihadd. Many fail to do this and it is considered mandatory if they want ro reach paradice.
    The answer is to be killed and achieve paradice with 72 virgins by jihad killing non muslims promoting islam.
    The arrogance and ignorance of the self proclaimef elites has put all non muslims in danger for their lives, their cultural values and their country’s sovereignty.

    • You are absolutely right. Similar information can be found in the book, “Unveiling Islam”. What these people fail to understand is their own history for Mohammad, or whatever it’s name was. He was a pedophile, pure and simple, considering his first wife was a 9 y/o. Treachery, and violence went with him everywhere. He had a habit of attacking caravans, traders he knew from his previous life endeavors. Little wonder they are so much like their inglorious prophet was like. They understand violence, and use of force. Negotiations to them is a farce and shows weakness, which they hate. They’ll never respect “negotiations”, they will respect use of force. We need to use the bigger stick, or be beaten down by their’s.

  12. Unfortunately it seems Democrats invite Muslim
    Infection into this great nation. It’s a sad situation
    How they sell their soul for a dollar

  13. …and to think there are over a hundred mentally-defective barbarians running for political office this coming year…ohbummer did a great job for the slamic savages and is living in splendor as a reward…

  14. Muslims, in my opinion, are just that, bullies and cowards. They don’t openly attack when their victims could defend themselves, they sneak around to do it. Maybe an answer to this is to wait for a full mosque, and do the same to them.

  15. Typical of these sharia law loving pieces of 💩! Yet the inclusive & diversity lunatics in this country don’t want to hear anything about any of this!

  16. ‘Peace’ to Islam, imo, means permanently silencing through death non Islamist. Perhaps first using some of them for entertainment through forcing them to be tortured servants for a time, until this becomes boring to the Islamists and so they lop off the non-Islamists’ heads (video taped of course so as to always have them to watch the non-Islamists’ glorious slaughter, murders over and over again.)

    • islamophobia, I guess I am one. Others, get and read the book, Unveiling Islam for a good look at this cult. Book is written by two Pakistani brothers, born into islam, became Christians, and now live in America. I think what they have to say should be read, and fully understood to be a dire warning to all Americans.

    • How can one be a good muslim if they do not follow the tenants of the religion? How can one be a good Christian if they don’t follow the scriptures? If you don’t accept jihad you are a bad muslim but might be a good human being but then you are not a muslim. You are not a Christian if you do not believe in Christ. You are not a muslim if you don’t believe in jihad. Plain and simple Joseph.

  17. Either the Muslims adopt to your way of life ,your laws and traditions or get out now before you ( Muslims )are forced to leave or better yet STAY IN YOUR HOME LAND AND THE PROBLEMS THERE

  18. After the Barbary Pirates incidents, Thomas Jefferson warned against allowing Muslims to immigrate to the USA because he was worried they wouldn’t assimilate and try to create an Islamic state here.
    Sure looks like he was right.

  19. Well we can thank barry soetoro for the influx of muslims into America! They are anti_America and should all be executed for treason, including soetoro!

  20. When are stupid government flunkies going to wake up and realize that you CAN’T allow moslems out of their sand dunes until something positive happens to them and they become almost normal, as in “civilized”?

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