Terror Alert: Five Islamic Terrorists Arrested In Moscow, Sinister Plans Revealed

(Tea Party 247) – It’s the same story, country after country, time and time again. Terror plot has been foiled, suspects arrested, suspects are Muslim. The left would have us believe associating Muslims with terrorism is racist and wrong and Islam is the “religion of peace,” but could it be, perhaps, that Islam is, in fact, a dangerous and violent ideology followed by zealots who literally want to murder “infidels?” It sure seems as though Muslim’s own behavior is proving the latter.

It should come as no surprise that yet another terrorist plot has been stopped and all five suspects are, in fact, Muslims and suspected ISIS members. This time the setting was a major shopping mall in Moscow.

The Daily Mail reports:

The suspects were held after a joint FSB security service and police operation in the crowded Evropeisky shopping centre, officials revealed.

The alleged cell had reportedly been plotting attacks on a school and a police station over the New Year holidays. 

The FSB said ‘communication devices with instructions from the ISIS international terrorist organisation’s emissaries’ were seized from the suspects during searches.

‘An arms cache was found, which contained a Kalashnikov rifle, a Makarov pistol, ammunition and an improvised explosive device,’ a statement added. 

It is unclear why the men were at the shopping mall or if this was a target.

Further searches are underway and the men were remanded in custody for two months.

The detained leader of the group was named as Idris Alibekov, 23, from the Russian region of Dagestan, who works as a security guard in a Moscow coffee shop. 

The family names of the other four suspects held in the operation were given as Shakhmedov, Azizov, Bakhodurov and Mamurov.

Two of the five were Russian citizens.

Ironic that the apparent leader of the group works as a security guard. Security guard by day, Islamic terrorist by night. What a combination.

It’s really time for the world to wake up and see the cancer that is Islam for what it is. For centuries Christians and free societies valiantly fought against the spread of Islam and now Western societies, who Muslims despise and want to destroy, are welcoming Muslims with open arms. Not only is the left practically begging them to come provide our bland societies with “diversity”, but they’re protecting Islam and all of its violent theology and putting Muslims on a pedestal.

It’s completely irresponsible and insane. Muslims are showing us who they are, time and time again. When are we going to believe them?

Instead we’re putting entire societies at risk by allowing them to migrate in mass numbers and literally endangering all non-Muslims everywhere. Muslims haven’t made a secret of their aspirations to overtake the entire world and force sharia law on every living soul on the planet. This is literally what their “religion” tells them to do. It’s the Islamic “great commission” so to speak.

Luckily, authorities were able to intervene and prevent this latest terror attack plot in Moscow but it’s only a matter of time before they execute a successful attack resulting in the unnecessary loss of innocent lives.

Featured image credit: FSB of Russia



  2. The TRUTH is that Islam is NOT the Religion of “Peace”, and NEVER has been ! The TRUTH is that the GOAL of Islam is to DOMINATE the World, eliminate EVERY other Religion, and make SHARIA LAW, the law everywhere. WHY the LEFT does not believe this, or understand this, is a mystery to me. We should NOT have ANY Muslims in our Congress, or Senate, as THEIR beliefs are OPPOSITE to our Constitution !

    • I think the left thinks they can get Muslim extremists to do most of the hard work for them, and also mistakenly believes they will control them. No one is greedier than they who want to dominate the world by fear.

  3. Islam is a religion of HATE!!! Ishmael, the son of Ruth was banished to wander the desert. In his HATRED of Abraham he formed the religion of Islam to assasinate his Father and all who would not follow him! It was never intended to be about God, it’s always been about revenge!!! I may be wrong but that would explain why Islam is all about killing the infidels.

  4. When the left lets the Islam punks live in Their HOOD, and in their homes, maybe they will see WHO they really are.!!! Why are their mosques built on main roads, and right next to a dedicated RAIL ROAD LINE.!!! That’s how it is here in Saginaw Mi. and down state too.! I know, it’s easy to throw off AK’s, ammo, RPG’s, and fellow scum bags.! Look @ France when they raided their “Houses’ Of Worship’. They found AKs,RPGs Ammo, and crew service weapons.!!! Do we keep these types of weapons in our churches,? I don’t think So.! Hommy don’t play that.!!! Buy more Ammo, and maybe some midnight gardening maybe needed.!!! The threat IS real folks.!!! SEMPER FI…!

  5. (Mike December 23, 2019 At 7:53 pm “Islam is a military strategy disguised as a religion”) When I was in school, they referred to this type of government/rule as a “DICTATORSHIP” Have you noticed how the demli-CONs and atheist have fit when a Christian group wants to use the school, or go talk with the children!!! But the educational system will invite muslims in to guide the children in their belief practices. And here we thought that muslim practices were a religious thing!!!! —For those that don’t understand sarcasm, read this again.— Oh Yeah! don’t forget the homomies, trannies, and/or any other immoral group the educational system can find to corrupt the minds of children. Especially if it goes against the teachings found in the “10 COMMANDMENTS” My opinion doesn’t matter, I’m old and far from perfect. But the Lord Jesus has walked along with me through life, and helped me up when I faltered or fell in a ditch. Pray for OUR country….. I see a wide ditch up ahead… remember folks, It’s “YOUR CHILDREN”, that are going to reap what “YOU SOW” GRANDPARENTS!!!!!! “WE” are the ones that have allowed these times to come to pass !!!! WE too, will answer for our lack of stewardship!!!!

  6. Them Muslims sure made a mistake. You mess with the Russians you end up with an all expense paid trip to Siberia. Of course your life expectancy kinda takes a dipper but you have many fellow guests willing to help you keep warm.

  7. It is about time that the Americans and the Democrat voters wake up to reality.This is the cancer that has invaded every Western Country to destroy it and continue their “global caliphate”.How Americans can vote for Democrats is beyond me as they are the party of destruction of America,violent mobs,Muslims,thieves and BLACK racists

    • While Muslims propagate their religion and Islamic caliphate globally upon the world, we see it as a threat to our way of life and beliefs. Yet the Democrats have openly welcomed it into the nation and it was magnified greatly while Obama was President. But nobody argued against Obama and his administration bringing millions of Muslims into the nation. If we would pause and think about what we have been doing in essence for hundreds of years, we could see that likewise, Muslims view us as having invaded their lands, beliefs, and religion with Christianity which is being spread worldwide as the universal religion of the world. In reality we should stop trying to force our way of life and religion on other nations and just possibly they may cease their attacks on European nations and other governments. It must be realized that Islam, Judaism, and eastern Buddhism have been present for several thousands of years. We must also account for the fact that Christianity didn’t evolve until the advent of Jesús Christ in Israel. During his earthly life and work,, we must also be aware that while he is Jewish, he dwelt in Galilee which during his time was the land of Palestine. Thusly he was also a Palestinian. So a new religion evolved called Christianity. But we all must be aware of others religions and customs and laws of their countries and respect them as they are. By doing this perhaps we might lessen or end the current violence and situations existing worldwide. Then just maybe global domination of one religion or belief might end.

    • To The Grid:
      You have your facts totally mixed up.
      At the time of Jesus, the area was not Palestine, it was referred to mostly by region. Maps at the time referred to regions of Judea, Samaria, and Galilaea. Jesus was not a Palestinian, he was an Israelite, under Roman rule, but usually revered to as a Galilean.
      Mohamed wasn’t even born until 575 AD. Well AFTER Jesus. Islam has NOT been around for centuries!
      Also the Muslims would not just leave others alone. They have been predatory for centuries. They are taught in their Koran that if someone does not convert to Islam they should be killed. They want to take over the world with their religion, by force if necessary. They will NOT leave Europe or anywhere else alone until they control the whole world with sharia law and the Koran.

    • Trisha,
      I believe that you’re right on the mark! Forget about deporting, get rid of the threat already entrenched in America! These anti-American Muslims are seated in Congress…and taking the oath on the Koran! A book that calls for the murder of Christians and Jews for not converting to Islam!How in the Hell has that happened? Beyond stupidity!

    • Trisha: “Beyond stupidity!” Excellent comment. We should be at war with these people and their religion, but that would be against “community standards” according to Facebook.

  8. As a woman there is nothing more that I fear and hate as Sharia Law. I was born free and I intend my life to be free until the last hour. It is a shame that women like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaid and others like them are allowed to uphold Sharia in a free society and whats worse think the rest of us should become part of it. If those in a free society had one shred of intelligence and I mean raw intelligence these zombies should be told where they belong and will feel at home – in the middle east.

    • WE GOTTA
      YOU ARE 100% CORRECT, GOD BLESS AMERICA 👍🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸❤️👍

  9. Are things so bad over there…..presumably in a Russian Muslim neighborhood……. that they need guards in coffee shops?

    Thank God for America and Ask God not to let the Dimmercrats ruin her.

    • YEP!! With a couple of VOLUNTEER soldiers standing behind each with a a REAL Pelosi ASSAULT WEAPON with 30 round Clip intended for each Terrorist!!

  10. Islam is NOT a religion, Islam IS a cult. After living in the Middle East for nearly 10 years it is clear we, Western Culture is under assault by the Islamic Cult. They are unwilling to assimilate, they are unwilling to cooperate they are willing to do what ever it takes to to conquer the Western world. It’s is written in the Koran; they may not lie to a believer. They may lie to a nonbeliever to accomplish anything they desire. Be concerned, be afraid.

  11. Ship them all back to the Middle East. If it’s not fair let those who are peaceful fight theirselves in their own country. Tired of putting innocent American lives at risk. They have proven who they are as a collective group. VIOLENT PEOPLE. They use the term religion as an excuse to kill because no god would approve of killing anyone else. Send them back and drop the bomb!

  12. It’s time for the world to wake up , and see that the Muslim world is out to wipe out everyone that doesn’t believe in sharia law . The most stupid ad law in this planet , I believe that all Christian countries should come together and fight this plague that’s poisoning this western world and any other country’ in the world . Let’s end this garbage and burn it like trash of what it is …

  13. I believe the problem is that modern man from Europe has failed to remember what had happened in the year 667 AD. When Islam invaded Europe. Islam did what they wanted to do and that push continued until 1478 when the Pope declaration of the Spanish Inquisition. Now we see they want to again conquer the entire world.

  14. Unlike Americans the Russians will make this scum pay for it and most likely be tortured to death. That’s the only way to treat this scum

  15. Religion of Peace my A$$. World wide Islamic terrorists killed 11,783 people in 2018 another 11,600+/- injured and are working on like numbers this year. Left narrative of a “tiny minority” is ridiculous as these numbers prove. There are a couple dozen terror camps right here in U.S. training jihadist as we speak. Keep your guns and ammo close at hand.

  16. PEOPLE TAKE HEED–GO STUDY THE ARMENIAN GENOCEDE the Turkish MUSLIMS killed 1.5 million or more christain Armenians ran them into the desert with no food or water and butchered them the ones who wouldn’t come out of their houses they burned alive **if you won’t convert to their religion the Muslim Quran tells them to kill you*** ITS THEIR WAY OR NO WAY. They butcher their own woman and little children and abuse them BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE

  17. Wake up America and smell the terrorist. They are here,j with more coming Courtesy,
    of the Democrats and RINOS. Election 2020 is the time to correct this failure of the American Voter!

    • KEEP voting TRUMP for 2020 and surround him to defend his back from Anti – American Dems and Rhinos tp KEEp america great!!

  18. It’s a death cult that has no place in Western society.. F them, let them stay and whatever miserable Third World cesspool they live. They are here for one reason only as evidenced by the two congresswoman Omar and Talib.Death and destruction followss them everywhere

  19. I would be willing to bet the Russians DO NOT allow MUSLIMS to infiltrate THEIR GOVERNMENT like we in the US do! NO F—ing SHARIA LAW!!!!!

    • I believe the Russians kicked out the nazi-commies (socialists) as far as possible & put muslims under controls before that Berlin Wall (where the Confederate flag flew) came down. That was the beginning of the ejected commies spreading out into Eirope & N. America. So we have Red Flags flying all over N. America & Western Europe.

  20. It is very sad how this country has taken then in an even put them in Congress!!! They hate us and we need to stand up and stop the flow.

    • TRUMP2020 MAGA KAG.
      Mass migration is an act of war.
      Stop the invasion! 
      Remember 9/11.
      Here’s the patrirchy:
      USA has been a marxist Matriarchal fagotty feminist Jabberwocky Nanny state since at least the women’s vote, the FRB, WW1. The nazi-commie (Right-Left politics) socialist elite crony-capitalist-monopoly establishment here has created the disastrous welfare state, ruined our money supply, crippled our economy, destroyed our medicine, our military & our education system.
      The terrorism game is just the latest in the ongoing leftist insanity, promoted by Obama & Hillary Clinton.
      YouTube vids: The Red Elephants Vincent James. 
      We Build The Wall (YouTube channel) is building the wall! Title: Foreman Mike Wants You To Know YOU Stopped It! ..and is doing it FAR faster, cheaper & better than government or military can do.
      Global warming is a lie:
      Debunking Every Climate Change Argument With Geologist Tony Heller. -The Red Elephants Vincent James.
      Feminism is a lie:
      The Birth of Feminism at Seneca Falls New York 1848. -StudioBrule.
      RESISTANCE IS FUTILE: How the Trump Hating Left Lost its Collective Mind, by Ann Coulter.
      INVASION! and OPEN BORDERS INC by Michelle Malkin.
      Stop the starvation & poisoning:
      Stop radical Islam by learning the truth about it on YouTube:
      Acts17Apologetics. And
      Apostate Prophet .
      “There can be no peace on earth until the Koran is eliminated from the world.” Winston Churchill 1942.

  21. 26 February 1993 proved the true nature of Islam.That was the day of the World Trade Center bombing in NYC.It was an eye opener for me.US GOVERNMENT continues to train Saudi pilots.Wow.

    • Exactly and later killers from Saudi Arabia and Yemen brought us 9-11 and they are not done yet. They despise the Western world and Christianity and Judaism.

  22. I’ve felt the same way for years. I read the Koran English version years ago, and reached the same conclusion that Islam is NOT a religion of peace, but instead is totalitarianism masquerading as a religion of peace. If one isn’t Muslim, then you’re an infidel who merits death. Wake up, people of the West before it’s too late. Islam is NOT an ideology to embrace. It is counter in all pints to Christianity!

  23. Over the centuries, every country that has allowed muslims to stay in and live there, has become a muslim nation. That’s 100 %, not 50% or 60% but 100% !!! The only reason Spain did not become muslim, was because they drove them out.

    • In the current day the Indian Prime Minister is not allowing Muslims a path to Indian citizenship.Good.May he successfully keep Muslims at bay in his country.

  24. If a German immigrant who was granted US citizenship in the 1950’s was found out to SS prison guard who lied about was stripped of his citizenship and sent back to Poland was removed by the Reagan administration so it can happen again to that muslim terrorists supporter from Somalia who is now a US Congress person.So I hope she is defeated in 2020 so she be removed from the United States and sent back to that hell hole called her homeland

  25. Yeah, this is 3 years old!!! Why are you presenting it as though it is just now, planning attacks this new years??? What are you doing and what is your intent here?

    • I have looked all over and found nothing to support the event is 3-something years old. Where is your proof? Most importantly, if you are supporting Islam migration and their agenda, then you are a traitor to this country and all Americans. So what is it?

  26. Are we to simply wait until another Sept. 11 happens, again, and our so-called security agencies tell us they had no clue? Someone is definitely asleep at the wheel of our nation’s security program. How many more must die before someone with a brain can figure out that closing our borders and stopping immigration is a national priority emergency? Who is going to be held responsible for allowing, or even welcoming, the hordes of murderous criminals pouring into our nation?
    These are simple questions that no one seems to know the real answers to. We are going to hell in a handbasket, and nobody seems to care. Welcome to America.

  27. Liberals will disagree with conservatives on every point. If we say light, they want dark. If we want high, they want low. If we say good, they say bad. If we say the economy is great, they say it sucks. And on and on. They will cut their noses off just to spite their own face. Democrats are stupid that way. They know their articles of impeachment are dumb, but this is all they got. DJT calls MS-13 animals, Pelosi calls them children of God. Say What??

  28. These Muslim people are not here because they love America. They are here to bring us to believe in the radical ways they believe. Get them out of our country. If you fools that believe different go back to their country with them and see how long it takes for them to remove your head from your body.

  29. God help us Christians and we must wake up and defend ourselves from this Muslim cult it is not a religion. All religions accept each others right to worship peacefully. Not the Muslims. Muslims hate Christians and Jews and want to destroy us. WAKE UP and get them out of America and anyone who wants them here can be sent with them

  30. I’m really curious to see what kind of punishment and prison time, if any, the Russian government will hand out in this case. I don’t think these perpetrators will receive a slap on the wrist like in other countries.

    • The Rothschild Bank of London has been behind the weaponization of Islam ever since involving MI-6, the British intelligence organization that works directly for them, in the establishment of the Wahhabi state of Saudi Arabia over 100 years ago.

      Everythiong that goes on in the U.S., Israel, the Middle East in general involving these goes can be traced back to the Rothschilds IN suupport of their corporate globalist world governance agenda!!

      Don’t believe me? Do the research yourself.

      My big question to all you naive doubters out there, has there ever been a Rothschild interest or asset out there anywhere on the planet that has ever been attacked by ISIS, Al Qeada, Al Nusra, the Muslim Brotherhood, etc.?

      The sickest thing of it all is that most of these weaponized jihadis don’t even realize that they are being used by the Rothschild Bank of London in the pursuit of their corporate globalist world governance agenda.

  31. We need to stop them at the border of every country and send back to Middle East in a pine box to stop their Terrorists action in our Christians country now and show no mercy for they show no mercy in attacking our free country now

  32. Putin should execute these scumbags in The plaza of Red Square and have it broadcast globally and say to the world of terrorism “Bring It!”

    • Great Idea!!! And give them Abernathy, Ocasio, Waters, Schumer, Ilman and the other Somalian pig in Congress!!! TRAITORS who should be put to death! But no, not in the USA! Too many candy-asses in our government!! And too many stupid people who believe in their evil “Democrat” philosophy.

    • Wake up my friend. Don’t be so naive!

      It’s all fabricated to push for the corporat globalist agenda of world governance…..nothing more than that!!

  33. Thugs whose leaders from ISAS want an Islamic State under Sharia laws that were created 1400 years ago aka The laws of Omer – Jews Christians are at risk World Wide. Wake up World they want what we have

  34. There is nothing peaceful about Islam.
    The meaning of Islam is “Submit “.
    Muslims do not want to assimilate in Western countries… only convert them, violently if necessary. Islam is an absolute Danger and must watched and policed vigilantly.

  35. When will the world know how to stop ISIS and ALL MUSLIM ACTIVISTS WHO WANT To CONTINUE JIHAD THROUGHOUT THE WORLD?? Stop illegal immigrations…be diligent in foreign groups who stay with their own, such as meetings, churches, etc
    Is it time to resurrect the “Crusades”???
    We must fight them on their game …with defend and conquer the bastards, not protect them!

  36. left would have us believe associating Muslims with terrorism is racist and wrong and Islam is the “religion of peace,” THAT BECAUE THE HOUSE IN CONGRESS IS RAN BY MUSLIMS TERRORIST.


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