Teachers Encouraged To Use ‘Gender Snowperson’ In Sex Education Classes

(Tea Party 247) – The bizarre and immoral quest to confuse every last western schoolchild about what it means to be a boy or girl (or fantastical alternative genders) rages on.

Now, teachers are being encouraged to use a “gender snowperson” drawing during sex education classes for, I don’t know, a seasonal flair to today’s trend of gender insanity.


Teacher2Teacher, a teacher’s resource community which creates lesson plans, tools, and support for teachers, tweeted out the image of the “gender snowperson” along with the caption, “Using this “gender snowperson,” learn about identity and language!”

They credited “diversity” officer for Lexington Public Schools Johnny Cole as the source of the image, according to Summit News.

The “snowperson” is, of course, quite appropriately politically incorrect gender neutral, and comes along with post-it notes illustrating a variety of flowery messages about “gender identity,” such as “Gender Identity – Girl, Boy, Both or Neither – who you are and how you feel as a person.”

As you can imagine, the image wasn’t entirely well-received on Twitter.

“Can we stop pushing the idea of sexuality at all until kids are older?” asked Brett Fenderson. “Or are teachers just a bunch of sex-craved pervs these days? I’m a preschool teacher and I am blessed to never have to come across this issue with 3-5 year olds. I would protect them from people like you.”

Amen to that.

“Whatever teacher decided this was a good idea for what I would assume would be elementary school kids needs to be fired immediately,” commented another user. “And any parent who wants their child to be normal and healthy mentally should pull their child out of this school ASAP.”


It can’t be overstated that all this gender insanity is highly dangerous for children. Gender dysphoria is incredibly rare, but it’s becoming more common as children are blatantly indoctrinated with the idea of “gender identity.”

Gender dysphoria is a psychological illness, and now schools are encouraging children to be mentally ill, plain and simple.


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