Teacher Supports Drag Queen Visiting School; Check Out Horrific Thing He Said About Parents Having A Say In Raising Their Own Children

(Tea Party 247) – When a person has a child, they are given a responsibility before God to care for that blessing by providing for his or her basic needs like food, clothing, shelter, and love. But the role of a parent is so much more than that.

God also requires parents to be in charge of their children’s education, instilling in them values that line up with His word and that make them productive members of society. He also says parents need to protect their kids from the wolves in the world who want to destroy them and do them harm. This means parents stand in the gap between the monsters looking to devour the young and their kids.

However, leftists don’t agree with God’s vision for how things are supposed to be done. In fact, they think the state should be god, the ultimate authority in a person’s life, especially when it comes to children. All of the liberal movements efforts regarding education and family life are geared toward taking the nuclear family and undermining it and changing it so that the state becomes a child’s family, it’s loyal parent who provides his or her care.

Don’t think that’s how progressives think? A teacher who recently supported a drag queen coming and talking to young students also stated that parents shouldn’t have the final say in how their children are raised.

Here’s more from Summit News:

A teacher at a school in Texas said parents shouldn’t have the “final say” in raising their own kids after some of them complained about a drag queen visiting the school to give a talk to the children.

Willis High School was paid a visit by an adult drag performer by the stage name “Lynn Adonis” who spent the day with children and exchanged social media contacts with some of them.

School Principal Stephanie Hodgins defended the decision to invite Adonis after parents complained, but English teacher Anthony Lane went further, suggesting that parents should submit to the will of the “community” when it comes to raising their own kids.

“I believe that raising a child is the responsibility of the community and that parents should not have the final say,” said Lane in response to the controversy. “Let’s be honest, some of you don’t know what is best for your kids.”

Apparently, according to Lane, what’s best for the kids is to be given advice by a man who dresses as a woman and dances provocatively while people wave dollar bills like they’re in a strip club, if the video above is anything to go by.

When Lane faced a backlash from some of the parents, he doubled down, accusing them of bigotry for not wanting their children to spend personal time with a drag queen.

“Parents believe they should be able to storm the school in the name of political and religious beliefs if something happens in the school that they are morally opposed to. They forget that we make a promise to prepare their children to live in a diverse world. We are not required to protect the misguided, bigoted views of their parents,” he wrote on Facebook, before deleting the post.

Parents are now calling for Lane to be fired. It’s unclear whether “Lynn Adonis” will make a return to the school.

Should this teacher really be fired? Absolutely. The reason why?

The worldview she’s teaching and advocating for, not to mention the exposure to sexual deviants, is a danger to the mental wellbeing of her students and possibly the physical wellbeing too.

Parents around the country need to stand up, prepared to fight tooth and nail to protect their children from being exposed to this hideous sexual degeneracy before it corrupts them inside and out.

Source: summit.news/2019/11/28/teacher-who-supported-drag-queen-visiting-school-says-parents-shouldnt-have-final-say-in-raising-their-children/


  1. Reading, Writing and Arithmetic NOT Freak show 101.
    Its abhorent that this freak had support from anyone in administration. If kids grow up to seek the underbelly of society its because of schools like this. Not ok …teach what you learned to teach…most didn’t learn psych 101. Id sue for sure. Above and beyond teaching the fundamentals. Call me a bigot but dont call me an idiot.

  2. Just when you think you have seen and heard it all, along comes liberals with their insane ideas. This teacher is not teaching my kids that this is what the “real”world looks like! Their world is not going to be invaded by weirdos no matter what she thinks. My kids will be taught to stay away from such craziness. This school and School Board needs to be sued by parents in a class action suit. When it hits the press, the phones of this school will be so inundated with angry people’s comments that it will have to close until further notice. No school, no salaries.

  3. FIRE THIS TEACHER!!!!…Parents are the ones who are responsible for how their children are raised; not the schools, not any teacher and that includes having a say/a right to know who is teaching their students and what they are teaching them…All drag queen story telling/visits/influence should be removed and prohibited from the schools for the spiritual/mental protection of ou children..This nation is founded on Christian values and If teachers or anyone is not happy with that then they are free to go someone else!!!

    • Most parent these days are too busy to raise their kids so they expect the school’s to do it. Maybe the parents will pay more attention to what goes on in public schools.


  5. What happened to bringing in a respected professions to speak to the children? I remember first responders (firemen and policemen back in the day) coming to our school. We have graduated to inviting trensvestites to speak to these young people? WOW! The entire school board, principal and teacher should be relieved of their duties. This type of behavior will lend to parents keeping their children out of school. The left has totally lost it.

  6. This is sick shit and these nitwits need to be removed. The parents need to stage a walk out and take control of their kids. Stand up and fight for your children. Take control people.

  7. this is like religion, I have my choice, you have yours, don’t expect me to convert to yours because you say so and I will not ask you to do the same for mine. Community should stay out of this, its a personal choice but not for innocent children. Its their decision to make when they are mature and capable of making the choice. outside influences like this will bring gangs, politicians, con artists, etc. openly into our schools and corrupt the system more so that it is now. When do we say ENOUGH?

    • If you can’t take the kids to the freak show, bring the freaks to the school. Makes sense to me. You can’t fire the freak because he is a democrat union member.

  8. Remember,we pay the taxes and our children should be the best educated in the world. But, since we taken God out of everything and have allowed the leftest and indiviuals with no values to bring and control and brainwash the young minds,with their way of thinking all it has done it has demoralized our great country..
    She should lose her job and all teachers should be given test by people of good character and with common sense to see if they are truly qualified to teach and remove all tenure.

  9. Donald! It expose a spirit of the devil to get them while their young. That’s why according the holy bible God’s word teaches parents to teach their children to obey God and their parents &their lives will be long on earth! The devil plan is steal,kill and destroy! He don’t care how. Be bless!

  10. Fire the “teacher” as that is a title for respectable people, not some deviant. If my kid was in that class, the deviants and whoever authorized this stupidity would still be getting an ass whuppin’.

  11. The Principal & Teacher should both be fired. Why- send a message to the community! Then, challenge the members of the school board on their philosophical position of this matter. I send my kids to grade school to learn how to read and write…period! Women are offended when pro-life & big government attempt to tell them what to do with their bodies – SAME argument – (Big government/public schools) have NO damn right in grade school (without my permission!) to teach my kids anything except to “read & write”! My kids learn their values at home at the dinner table. People need to take care of their own back yard and not worry about their neighbor’s.. Exception- College – different environment where young adults are exposed to a multitude of different philosophical points of view – that’s the beauty of a college education. However, NOT/NEVER in grade school should strangers insert themselves into my family and attempt to teach my kids values that may be repugnant to the values taught in my home at the dinner table! The audacity of ANY stranger inserting themselves into my family uninvited who takes it upon themselves to think they know better what’s best for my kids over my wife and I . (Ain’t going to happen!) …We’re talking about the difference between indoctrination vs teaching! In grade school I want my kids educated in reading & arithmetic, not indoctrinated on social values!

  12. Any stupid teachers who don’t think parents have rights need a check up from the neck up ! And we want them fired and never teach again , and we will sue them for violations of our children’s rights !

  13. I think that both the principal and teacher should be disciplined-an adult male (because that is what he is) trading social media information with under age children?? Sounds like pedophelia (sp) to me–they are NOT looking our for the best interests of the children. And if they wanted to call me bigoted, go right ahead-I would not want them anywhere near my children-the teacher and principal, as well as the transvestite-that kind of stuff belongs in an adult venue, not a school.

  14. If our wonderful school districts won’t uphold the psychiatric community’s judgement that trangenders are mentally ill, then they should be sued for bringing such a danger to our children. Not to mention, the danger to the mentally ill person from parents and society wanting to remove them, permanently.

  15. Even the foul United Nations recognizes pqarental rights as TRUMPING governments and public schools. This corrupt teacher should be stripped of his credentials and sent to some radical country that strips its citizens of their established rights.

    • This is my district and my community and these articles are not a true or fair representation of our schools or community. This is a very conservative, Christian based population, and I love that our school still openly prays and leads with old fashioned values. This one teacher is not representing all of us and the drag queen incident is unusual but honestly was just there to teach makeup application.im proud to f our schools and disappointed in the negative publicity.

    • Shacie, no one on here blamed the town or the school district. It is the Principal and the teacher who need to be fired and stripped of the ability to teach again in Texas. I am sure the town is a great town but if you do not stand up and get them out of there it will not be long until that is the norm. Remember how to boil a frog? put it in cold water and slowly turn up the heat.

  16. If we’re supposed to submit to the community in raising our kids like these crazy liberals then let’s do that and stop this crazy talk by the left and that’s what our community wants stay out ‘they are the confused people our kids know who they are female or male that’s for DAMN sure!

  17. It is amazing how many screwballs are out there. I would make sure my children were not around any of them. Most of them are truly twisted

  18. Sounds like the principal and the Teacher need removed from their jobs. They also need removed from all children’s lives that includes any they may have for their lives as well.

  19. This is BS. STOP pushing this lifestyle on our young kids. What the hell is the matter with you.. You want to live that life style fine but stop pushing on people and children. I would yank my kid out of that school in a second. Teacher should be fired !!!!!

  20. If you really want to understand about our schools, recognize that there is a ‘silent’ fourth branch of government that makes its own laws, rules, regulations, administrative law courts and judges who are basically answerable to none of the other three. We ‘fondly’ call it the bureaucracy or the House of Bureaucrats. It the Administrative branch. This is how the school curricula gets warped and how the pro-socialists get control. It is where licenses, permits, fines, and all that stuff to get your money comes from.

  21. What a lot of crap. I the community raises the children is true and not the parents, then we are not a Republic anymore bur getting to Pure Socialism.

  22. These people are sick and need to be treated as such. The LGBT community needs to decide if they are going to support these wackos or if they are going to denounce them.

  23. Those same parents pay you. You are Employed by these same parents. What they want for teachers and schools are subject to their ideals and goals for their children. Teachers are not governed by other teachers or their clicks but by your employers the taxpayers.

  24. If you really want to understand what is going on in our government, I urge (even beg) you to read Andrew Breibart’s book called “Righteous Indignation” or at least watch Glenn Beck’s recent video called “The Democrat Hydra” on YouTube. Glenn’s video provides factual documents and text messages obtained through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) and not conspiracy theory. If you agree this information is correct, you can do your part like I am by spreading it around.

  25. FIRE the teacher!!! REFUSE to have the ‘pervert’ make a return visit to the school!!! Absolutely ridiculous choice on the part of the school!!! Parents have the ABSOLUTE FINAL WORD in education of their children!!!

  26. I’m sick and tired of faggots yes I said faggots allowed in schools and libraries talking and reading to our children and teachers that allow this sort of nonsense should be FIRED immediately.

    • But Str8 people keep giving birth to FAGGOTS you douche bag. Maybe God is telling you sick Str8 people to stop having kids you don’t know how to raise???? Find me In real life and this FAGGOT, yes I said FAGGOT will kick your ass

  27. This is soooo unbelievable. We have really sick people teaching our kids. Where is the school board, the principle, the other teachers who are of sound mind, the education minister in Texas? How did this freaky thing get past them????
    I would not allow MY child to attend such a thing and would sue the school board if they did it without my permission.
    Come on, parents. get down to that school and bang your fist on that principles desk.

  28. The state can not love a child

    Only the child’s parents can love their child, and yes school teacher, parents do have the final word on their children, and you, teacher, do not have any right to do so.

  29. Well, let me tell you what. I gave birth to my child, I supported my child. I fed, clothed, protected and loved him/her and I know my child better than the community so I will make all decisions for my minor child thank you very much. I really don’t think people who think it’s okay to kill an unborn baby, that it’s okay to let a possible child molester to be around my child so it will be Christian school, private school or homeschool for my children.

  30. School teachers, administrators and board members better get their focus back on educating students in the basics of math, science, civics, speech, writing and thinking skills; leave the morals and values training to Parents and their Clergy. That is challenging enough without adding in every fringe agenda that exists in this stranger by the minute world we have today.

  31. Ask your representative to author a bill supporting school vouchers, that way parents can afford to put their kids in a private, Christian school or charter school that doesn’t bring in deviants to speak at their schools. Only Parents must have the say in how their kids are raised.

  32. We can set here and say all kinds of things, but it’s up to the parents to put a stop to this. Either stop it are pull your babies out .

  33. This so called teacher should not only be fired but taken to a public square where people with values and scruples can stone them for shoving their demented and twisted notions that this is safe for our children! The good people of this country will not allow these kinds of people to sway our youth into a lifetime of pain and abuse that they themselves have derived from! If you want to be recruiting young people into that lifestyle go after someone who is of legal age and use your 2nd amendment rights but stay the hell away from our children!

  34. Children are a parent’s responsibility. The school they attend should value the input of the parents. I would say the school board needs to be recalled and replaced with moral and decent members. The principal needs to be reprimanded and the teacher fired and not allowed to teach again.

  35. Fire the stupid teacher instead of putting articles up, she’s in charge of our kids in school that’s who they hire, whoever hired her should be fired.

  36. This teacher that supports drag queens in Scholl and saying that parents don’t have the final word on how the children are raised is a STUPID SOB


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