Taliban Attributes Coronavirus To Allah While Using The Pandemic To Request Freedom For 5000 Terrorists

(Tea Party 247) – While life as we know it has been brought to a screeching halt thanks to the worldwide coronavirus outbreak, foreign leaders around the world are busy playing the blame game. While governments like China and Iran have wildly asserted that the virus was created by the United States and spread by our military, the terrorist group, the Taliban, is claiming the whole thing is a punishment being handed down by Allah in response to the sins of mankind.

While it’s better than blaming Trump, we can’t help but notice how hypocritical and shallow their assertion actually is, ya know, when you consider the fact that the Taliban is a terror organization. The kicker, they’re using the global health crisis as a means to get 5,000 Taliban prisoners released from prison.

Breitbart reports:

The Taliban, which considers itself the legitimate government of Afghanistan, released a statement on Wednesday urging Afghans to “recite effective prayers” against the Chinese coronavirus, calling it a “decree of Allah.”

The Taliban has also repeatedly lobbied the Afghan government to release its Taliban member inmates, citing the possibility that they are a high risk of contracting the virus in the closed quarters of a prison.

Voice of America, noting the impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on ongoing negotiations between the Taliban and the U.S. government, which mediates on behalf of Kabul, relayed part of a Taliban statement. The Taliban urged followers to pray for an end to the pandemic and lamented the virus as a “decree of Allah … because of the disobedience and sins of mankind or other reasons.”

Pakistan’s Daily Times translated a longer portion of the statement that showed the group appeared to posit the theory that the virus was a punishment as merely one potential explanation.

“Our Muslim nation must consider this disease a decree of Allah (SwT) and deal with it in accordance with the teachings of the Holy Prophet (PBUH),” the Daily Times translation read. “As per the directives of scholars – people should recite effective prayers and astaghfar (seeking forgiveness) frequently, increase the reading of the Holy Quran, give in alms and charity and turn to Allah (SwT) in repentance for their past sins.”

The Taliban has made clear that it fears for the health of its terrorists in the Afghan prison system; medical experts have encouraged world populations to attempt “social distancing” and avoided crowded areas to slow the spread of the virus. The terrorist organization issued a statement on Monday “expressing concerns regarding the lack of cleanliness and health facilities in prisons, warning that the spread of coronavirus spread in Afghan jails could result into a major humanitarian disaster,” according to Afghanistan’s Khaama Press.

“The statement further added that the Afghan government would be responsible in the event of disaster in Afghan jails,” Khaama noted. “This comes as Taliban group is awaiting the release of at least 5,000 prisoners from Afghan jails following the signing of a peace deal with the United States late last month.”

Kabul reportedly agreed to free the 5,000 prisoners in a deal reported in December, one that the Taliban initially denied had occurred at all. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani later confirmed that he had agreed to free the prisoners but in three separate groups beginning with a wave of 1,500 prisoners on March 14.

Apparently, the Taliban doesn’t fall in line with other jihadist groups who are blaming the United States or “Zionists” for creating the coronavirus. These claims come despite the fact that both the US and Israel are experiencing outbreaks of the potentially fatal virus.

Iran’s PressTV propaganda outlet even went as far as to accuse “Zionist elements” of having “developed a deadlier strain of the virus against Iran.” This just really goes to show how much these terror organizations hate America and the West. It is always on their mind and they are constantly looking for justification for it.

Sound familiar? It’s exactly how the liberals are with Trump. They are driven by hate and everything that happens they mold to fit their narrative that “orange man bad.” It’s completely insane that instead of coming together as a country to end the coronavirus outbreak here in America, liberals would rather point figures and continue perpetuating their round-the-clock hate of President Trump, all the while positioning themselves as victims.

Who knew terrorists and liberals had so much in common?

Is the coronavirus a punishment from God? None of us can ever possibly know that but we sure prefer that theory over the absurd notion that the United States started this historical worldwide pandemic.


  1. Why aren’t Christians blaming God for the coronavirus — didn’t He create everything? Oh I know, because they’d rather blame China!

  2. The Taliban can go piss up a rope. I said they would never keep their word about peace. They want the 5000 terrorists released so they can go on with more terrorist raids and killing

  3. The Taliban is no better than the Democrats. Both are terrorists. Face it Taliban, Allah had nothig
    to do with this virus. If the truth be known, the virus is the result of negligence in a Chinese Lab in
    Wuhan, China. The virus leaked from the lab and spread through China and then on into the rest
    of the world through migration. If the Chinese had said something when they first realized what was
    happening then travel could have been halted and the virus would not have spread as it did. The
    Chinese have a lot to answer for as well as the lies they keep spreading to cover their rears. But
    that does not excuse the Democrats in our government for using this pandemic as a tool to get back
    some of their power. They are behaving despicably and don’t care that their actions are going to cause
    hardship and pain to many Americans including those who put them in office. I would have thought the
    Democrats had more honor and decency but I guess that was too much to wish for. Their common decency does not seem to exist in the lowest form. The Democrats are nothing more than domestic terrorists. Face it folks, you voted these sewer rats into office. That is on you.

    • Sandra, I couldn’t agree with u more , u hit nail on the head , every thing u said can be proven, I believe,!

  4. These fanatic islamists should be executed for war crimes, they are not worth the room and board to keep them in prison !

  5. The a-rabs need only contact the AM-COM party (formerly known as the democrat party) and they’ll get whatever they want.

    • These prisoners are fanatic islamists and think all unbelievers of the koran and sharia law etc. should be killed and they have done that over and over, slitting throats,videotaping it and bragging about there rotten deeds, they should be executed for war crimes and are not worth the board and room to imprison them!

  6. The virus started in China. How did it come to be in so many other countries? China became rich with American money, so rich that their ruling class could afford to play tourist in any country of their choice. — thereby spreading the infection. The idiots in Europe and our own far-left open borders advocates allowed Chinese tourists to go where their whims took them, hoping to make a profit off them.

    You reap what you sow.

  7. As a spiritual aethiest…I am at a loss for words to describe the happenings today or what they mean. If you can hear me God please help me!

  8. Ridiculous! Kill the 5000 terrorists, drop a few MOAB’s on their poppy fields. Then ask if there’s another gripe they would like us to address. If we didn’t have such weak leaders we could have solved these problems. It’s leadership like this that has made us beholding to China.

    • No, Rodney, it’s just pure greed. Our corporations only look for which entity can produce their goods the cheapest. And China, with its slave labor rates and inhumane working conditions, was more than willing to close American factories making us dependent on them for our doodads. We brought this on ourselves, and continue to do so every time we buy something that says “Made In China”. It’s time We The People instituted our own ban on Chinese goods. If it says “Made In China”, leave it on the shelves. Retailers will soon enough get the message.

  9. I figure their capture was Allah’s will. If they get the virus while in captivity, that is Allah’s will too! I hope Allah is really good and blesses them all with it so they can go to H… 🙂

  10. I agree, CatFish. I wonder what will be the next plague(s) necessary to finally awaken people to realize that the Word of the loving one and only TRUE God (told of in the Holy Bible) is our guide to follow for our benefit in every way for this life, and to receive blessed Salvation in the next at His return.

  11. These POS should have been executed already but since they are still alive use them as guinea pigs for vaccines and then kill them.

  12. If the 5000 Taliban prisoners should all catch COVID-19 and ultimately die from the condition, just pile their corpses somewhere out in the middle of the Afghan desert and leave them unburied! If the Taliban want them bad enough, they can come and retrieve them! Otherwise, like Clint Eastwood said in “The Outlaw Jose Wales”, “the hell with them fellers; buzzards gotta eat, too, same as worms!


  14. From a Biblical point of view, this ‘pandemic’ is more likely a warning from the Living GOD. From Luke 21 (titled in some translations “Signs of the End Times”), verse 11: “…There will be great earthquakes, famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events and great signs from heaven…”
    GOD did not create disease. All of Creation was beneficial for mankind (Genesis 1:12; “…And God saw that it was good…”). When man (Adam) introduced evil into Creation by rebelling against GOD’s instruction, and so releasing death upon the world; it affected all of Creation down to the smallest detail (Romans 8:22; “…We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time…”) causing numerous creatures to become malevolent to mankind. This ‘Chinese Coronavirus’ is only the most recent example, and it’s sudden, global, ferocious impact should give every person alive today reason to pause and consider their own spiritual condition…
    No; I’m not saying the end of the world is imminent…but the “End of the Age” just MAY be. Non-believers are already laughing at this thought (just like Noah’s neighbors laughed at him…until it started raining); but if you are a Believer, or even a ‘Searcher’, please consider…would it not be better to take the step you’ve been putting off for so long and accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, even if this proves NOT to be the End of the Age? The alternative is to be caught in the Apocalypse not prepared, which is more frightening than words can express (see Matthew 25, “The Parable of Ten Virgins”).

    • WOW well said Catfish!!! I had goosebumps the whole time reading your words that the Bible has spoken. I still have goosebumps writing this. Take a look at Africa, locusts are eating their fields of food. Am I correct on the country? I don’t want to be left behind. I am trying to follow the right path.

  15. Ragheads, are like many people in this country. No matter what you give them they will never be happy or satisfied. There is no cure for a low IQ. Some animals are naturalally vicious.

  16. Keep the filthy slugs locked up! With any luck, they’ll all catch it, then go to that big Allah’s Snackbar in the sky!


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