Take Note, Walmart: Another Good Guy With A Gun Saves The Day

(Tea Party 247) – Liberals will be happy to know that an elusive, some say mythical, defensive gun use was officially documented on Saturday in Coshocton County Ohio.

The Coshocton County Sheriff Facebook page said of the incident.

On August 31st. 2019, at approximately 11:15 A.M. the Coshocton County Sheriff’s Office received a 911 call in reference to a man with a knife at our local McDonalds restaurant. Upon arrival of deputies it was determined that a male suspect, Nicholas L. Hayes, 22 years old and from the Coshocton area, had a knife inside the store and began to threaten people with it.

A patron of the store, James H. Bartlett, a 70 year old man from Kentucky, noticed the male suspect with the knife and confronted him in an attempt to protect customers and employees. Mr. Bartlett, who has a concealed carry permit, drew his weapon out and began to order Mr. Hayes to drop the knife. Mr. Hayes refused to comply and began to leave the store.

Mr. Bartlett pursued the suspect outside where Mr. Bartlett was able to convince Mr. Hayes to drop the knife. Due to the heroic actions of Mr. James H. Bartlett, deputies were able to take the suspect into custody without any injury or loss of life.

So rather than an everyday London stabbing, an elderly man was able to protect an entire restaurant full of people at lunch time, and nobody got hurt.

How do you think this incident would have gone if Democrats had their way? This suspect could have killed and injured as many as a dozen, eventually stopping only due to running out of victims that were not fit enough to effectively flee before law enforcement arrived and stopped the threat.

If Democrats get their way they won’t stop at “back ground checks”, they will come and take your guns. They may start with “red flag” laws, or “buy backs”, but that won’t satisfy them, and it won’t make any of us any safer.

Leftists will argue, without data, that we will be safer without “guns in our communities”, but in which communities is the gun violence in this country taking place?

To illustrate, while Mr. Barlette was saving the good folks of Coshcton County, 25 people were getting shot in Chicago, 7 fatally. That was just the first half of the weekend.

Even liberal propaganda outlet NPR reported that a low end estimate of defensive gun uses in America is 100,000 annually.

To put that in perspective, Mr. Barlette saved more lives than his own this weekend, so we could easily take the 100,000 uses annually and extrapolate that if on average even two people were protected then 200,000 lives are saved annually by guns according to people who hate the fact that guns safe people.

And those are just the people who were saved through reaction, not a deterrent. Many more lives were saved by criminals not feeling comfortable enough to attempt to victimize more people for fear of their own lives.

But even if the left had a list of every life saved by defensive gun use in this country they would still be unlikely to care, after all, they won’t lose votes either way since the dead vote Democrat.


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