Switch-Up? Why Does The Alleged El Paso Shooter Look So Different Now?

(Tea Party 247) – Two separate pictures that claim to be of the alleged El Paso, Texas Walmart shooter, Patrick Crusius are raising questions as they look conspicuously different, hardly believable as the same person.

Saturday’s deadly shooting left 22 dead and 26 injured.

The New York Post published pictures of the detained alleged shooter, the first of which was on August 4th, the day of the shooting. It was sourced from Facebook.

Via the New York Post:

This man is very pale, has a narrow face and distinctive features.

All of the photos of this young man from before the shooting resemble this photo.

Somehow, during and after the shooting, he appears to be a completely different person.

Suddenly, his complexion is darker, his face wider, and his facial features dramatically different.

In fact, he looks to be an entirely different person.

Sure, people gain weight, get contacts, and get tan, but totally different facial features? And why are there no photos of him before the shooting appearing as he does after the shooting?

There are also eyewitnesses who claim to have been “ordered” to “delete everything” they recorded of the shooting:


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