Swedish Theologian Dares To Tell The Brutal Truth About The Religion Of Islam

(Tea Party 247) – While the dumpster fire that is our own culture war here in the US rages on, across the pond on Europe, the entire continent seems to be proverbially burning (and literally, sometimes.)

Sweden has been one of the most heartbreaking examples of the destruction of Western culture, and yet if you bring it up to the mainstream American media they’ll scoff at you.

Meanwhile, women are buying pepper spray in record-highs as rape and sexual assault rates skyrocket, no-go zones are far from fictional, and grenade attacks are on the constant rise.


Grenade attacks.

Is this all due to widespread migration from the Middle East?

Yes. But that’s not the whole truth.

The whole truth is that the vast majority of the migrants Sweden accepts are from Muslim-majority countries and bring the culture of their destructive, anti-western faith with them.

A doctor in theology in Sweden is now speaking out:

“Evil,” wrote Hannah Arendt in “Responsibility and Judgement”, are things that make us think “this should not have happened”.

In the midst of Christmas preparations, evil is making itself known – first an act of terror at a Christmas market in Strasbourg. A man shoots irrationally straight into a group of people who drink Glühwein and buy Christmas gifts. Five people die and ten are injured. This should not have happened.

Barely a week after the massacre in Strasbourg, two young women, Norwegian Maren, 28, and Danish Louisa, 24, are bestially murdered in Morocco.

The two friends were going to spend their Christmas holidays hiking in the Atlas Mountains. What would be an adventure, a memory for life, ended with their death. Several men are arrested, suspected of killing the two women. This should not have happened.

The common denominator of the deeds is spelled Islamism. The perpetrators in Strasbourg, as well as the murderers in Morocco, are reported to be Islamist terrorists.

Blinded by religious fanaticism and hatred of the Western lifestyle which they regard as sinful, they attack innocent people. We are their enemies.

Today, Sweden is for ISIS terrorists what Argentina and Brazil were for the Nazis after World War II.

A sanctuary where they can lick their wounds and start a new life without taking the consequences of the assaults and crimes they committed.

Instead of being locked up, the terrorists are visited by a social secretary. It is high time we change our attitude, states Ann Heberlein.


  1. I also like what Canada did. Told the Muslims, no special treatment
    You live by our laws.
    Too bad the US can’t do that! Obama brought in a bunch of Muslims.
    Some have a large compound and I heard the stone any non-muslim,
    or a Muslim woman who does not wear something on her head.
    Now we have Muslims in Congress. Their plan is to take over every
    country by just having more children.

  2. Wake up people! Islam is not a religion! Is a make up story so Mohammed could make his crimes look inspired by God. But God wouldn’t back his stories, so he had to invent Allah. Allah is not God, is an invention! Maybe a Satan’s one. Go back to Abel and Cain story. That’s old enough to be written in the Bible, which was written when? Thousands of years before Christ?
    When Islam showed up? 6th century after Christ? Preaching restraining and coercion of women for being women AFTER the bandit and criminal Mohammed married a 13 years old girl? After making a sport to robb caravans lead by Greeks and Jews killing them all, declared in his new “religion” that anybody who kills a Christian, goes straight to Heaven! Where supposedly 79 feet tall virgins are waiting for them, the martirs…wonder how a 5’5” tall guy ( the average in Middle East, even shorter in other Muslim infested places) could reach the pelvis of a 79 feet tall virgin? Go figure… But I digress!
    What other major religion on this Planet made it mandatory in it’s holliest book that you have to kill a fellow to go to Heaven?!!!…
    Islam is a scourge and should be treated as such!

  3. Has consideration been given to the possibility that what is occurring in our world at present is due to massive REJECTION of GOD and his COMMANDMENTS???? This rejection opens a passage for Satan to enter and CORRUPT our world!!!! IT will only get worse unless we return to CHRISTIAN beliefs and practices!!!! By allowing the hordes of satan worshippers into our countries, we have placed ourselves in total jeopardy!!!! Returning to our GOD, employing his forgiveness, and begging for his protection from Satan and all his followers is our only salvation!!!!

    • The Ten Commandments God gave to Moses, Jesus, when God though Men were wise enough, reduced it to just one sentence: DON’T DO TO OTHERS WHAT YOU DON’T LIKE TO BE DONE TO YOURSELF!…
      What men did then? They crucified him!
      Six hundred years latter Islam showed up. Today infested one third of the Planner!…

  4. Mohmand was born about 600 hundred years after Christ. A good read for all is a English version and explaining of Islam check out google for Prophet of Doom by Craig Winn.

  5. The results of a feminized country. A poisoned food supply which has chemically castrated the male population. In the name of profits for the globalist corporate overlords. Whom have manipulated our political class with their promise of campaign contributions. So they can desperately hold on to the power they have usurped from we the people. Incrementally stealing our liberties. which with the programming of the political correctness lunacy. Has successfully pacified our nation and lulled us to sleep. As they have enriched themselves to millionaire status. When they make less then 175 thousand a year. Because the constitution is no longer followed. The United States of America became a great nation because it was a nation of laws, not men and women. But with the corruption of the political representatives. This country is now evolving into something unrecognizable to anyone over fifty years of age. As history has taught. When a nation falls into turmoil. Weather that be from financial mismanagement. Or a mass migration from the collapse of other countries governments. Or from acts of Mother Nature which has caused famine. One of the quickest ways to lift that country out of its peril. Is to create an enemy to distract the populace. Give them a common goal to take out their fears and insecurities on. Which has had both ends of the spectrum represented. Bringing chaos and destruction and death to millions.causing cultures to collapse and be extinguished from the earth. As happened to the aboriginal Populations in the Americas and Australia. Their is no debate about these histories. The only way the republic of the United States can be destroyed. Is from within. Which we have sat idly by as members of Congress have betrayed their oaths of office for fifty years now. As they have become to consumed by their quests for more power. That they have demonized their political adversaries. This is one of the oldest republics known to mankind. Only the first reicht, also known as the Roman republic lasted longer. immigrants are no longer forced to assimilate. Because this country has catered to the minority for decades. Which you can not legislate fairness. The people whom built this country through the centuries would have never asked as JFK reminded us. “To not ask what your country can do for you. But what can you do for your country. When a nation looses its morality and no longer acts in a righteous way. When it acts only in its best interest in an unethical manner. Which has been our foreign policy since World War II. We invite other countries to become our enemies. As the United States has long funded its enemies. Fifty years of buying oil from the Middle East countries and the socialist dictators in South America. Enriching them with petrodollars by the trillions. We only invite this type of chaos and destruction to our own shores. Thank God that the founding fathers recognized that a well armed populace. That could create militias legally. Are what has prevented foreign country from invading our country. Until recently prevented our own government from having tyrannical government officials from usurping our own freedoms and liberty. So in my opinion I think we would be much better served with holding our political officials accountable. Which president Trump has been brilliant in exposing the people whom should be removed from office. As they are on the verge of treasonous actions. With their false allegations. Also without a fair and balanced media. The country will be doomed! Which can be traced back to a ruling by the ninnies in the Supreme Courts ruling in the 1980’s. Which allowed media conglomerates to own more then one outlet in any given market. So now the media and press are controlled by a handful of people. Whom are more interested in creating divisions. So they can keep on profiting. As a former freelance journalist. Whom has long been retired. This is one of the greatest problems facing this nation. As an uninformed populace can not hold corrupt politicians accountable. As they are far to busy being a slave to the almighty dollar. Which a private Bank of England. Also referred to as the Federal Reserve. Has created modern day slavery. Which most do not even recognize they have been captivated by this system. Which banks or lending institutions crest 20% in pure profits for every dollar they lend. Then the have the audacity to amortize your loan payments over 20 or 30 years. So you end up paying three to five times or more then the original amount you borrowed. The banksters fleeced this country by problems they created. Which because of the simpleton President Bush the younger. Went to the very people whom nearl brought down the economy causing a hyper inflation for help. Yet no one has been prosecuted for the many crimes that were committed. Elections have consequences. So if we are not informed about the true characters of the people whom run for office. We risk everything. For a hyperinflation will cause World War III in my opinion. If we are already not engaged in the battles of that religious world war. Which first shots were fired when the first World Trade Center which took place in the early 1990’s. Our country faces real and truly dangerously perilous times ahead. As we now have an irrational and ignorant populous which is manipulated and tricked by the media.. multicultural countries have never survived. So until we control our borders and enforce the laws on the books and follow the constitution. This nation will eventually be doomed. As no nation can retain its integrity. When people from as President Trump phrased it. “shit hole countries”. If they bring their cultures with them and are unwilling and not forced to assimilate. Then we have no one else to blame. For this is why we receive a free education. Our forefathers k ew that if you do not know history. You are guaranteed to repeat it! As this is what brought the collapse of the Roman Empire as well. So we know exactly what the ramifications of multiculturalism will be.

  6. Islamic terror is being used as the battering ram to break down the walls of western strength so that the communist globalist, many if not most of whom belong to the 30 pieces of silver club that nailed a man to a tree a long time ago, can take it over as part of the communist international – which they also founded.

    General Flynn, in an interview before President Trump was elected, let it be known that in intelligence circles Is lam is not regarded as a religion, but as a destructive ideology that is hell bent on destruction. If it were to take over the world it adherents would then turn on each other in fratricidal civil war because. due to it’s ‘teachings’, they are utterly incapable of living in peace with other human beings.

    When the 30 pieces of silver club leadership in international bankster circles heard this interview, they reacted immediately to attack General Flynn and his son, acting through their agents and their club members in the deep state. They could not have a man with such clear understanding being the President’s security adviser and having his ear.

    Sweden is learning a hard and painful lesson. The good thing for them is that these animals like to huddle together to form ghettoes. Surround the ghetto with portable walls, military forces with guns and attack dogs, turn off the power and heat inside the ghetto in the middle of winter, let no one and nothing go in, and wait for them to turn themselves in one by one as the cold does it’s work.

    Ship them back to where they came from and never be so stupid again as to have a feminist government using feminized brains to make national decisions.

  7. This will be us in 10 years. Remember, the United Nations has proclaimed we must take in 600 million immigrants within the next 10 years, and you can bet many will be of Islamic origin.

    • SCTEW the United Nations.

      Get the US out of the UN.

      Get the UN out of the US.


      QUIT bankrolling and housing our adversaries.

    • Wow! 600 million? Do you realize that’s almost 10% of World population?!… And by the way, who is UN to dictate us what to do with our county? Looks like they badly miss our funding. And I hope they’ll missing forever from now on!

  8. Where are the brave and strong today. History is dotted with heroes and leaders who defeated evil, now when that evil is visited on us all where are our heroes. One of the reasons for crimes such as posted on the article at the beginning of this page is that we are today governed by cowards who are afraid of criticism.

    • The “brave” are watching their families, friends, and relatives who are threatened with death if they dare to speak out against the Muslims.

  9. Sweden Needs to get all of the non Swedish people out of their Government , the assemble a military forse that can gather up the Islam Muslims up and deport them

  10. As one considered an infidel by those of the Islamic faith, I cannot trust anyone claiming to be Muslim because of abrogation and taqiyya.

    That said, after reflection about the United States and Western values being named “the Great Satan” by Muslim deserves some thought. In my view our values and culture have become not only toxic, but hostile to stable families, communities, and even the planet. In many ways I consider this conclusion to be not unreasonable. May we all be humble about our own life styles.

  11. As an infidel of the Islamic mind set I am not able to actually trust those who claim to be Muslim because of abrogation and taqiyya.

    That said, as a Christian I have reflected and concluded that our culture in the United States has become not only toxic but genuinely hostile to values which promote stable family and society. I have decided that when a Muslim refers to Western culture, especially the USofA as “the Great Satan” it is not an irrational conclusion.

    May we be humble about our own morality.

  12. Might be great with ‘your comment is awaiting moderation”, which, let’s face it, is never going to actually happen, as with Disqus boards , there is not going to be any actual attention from a human moderator, your post is just going to be left stranded and unpublished……..to at least give a hint as to which word had been red-flagged?
    Because more than once now, I cannot see any bad words in my post. So,with nothing apparent to me wrong with it, how do I know what to avoid rectify TOS next time?

  13. John, Heavy Duty Christian 1/1/20
    Look in your Bible! When God dispersed the 12 Tribes of Israel, the ones that ended up in Persia, became muslims. For whatever reason, although I think this plays into His End Times senario, He gave them ”Enmity”
    in their hearts for the Jews, and ultimately Christians as well.
    Enmity is a never ending Hatred!, for a people, a place, a sect, a land, a culture, et.al.! The only way it ends is when they die! It’s terminal, never ending, but through death! they can never be trusted!
    Islam is NOT a religion, it is a form of gov’t and the koran is their constitution. They are in their big,last caliphate, to convert the world! Convert or die! They can never be trusted, ever! obama is one, he had 5 in the WH. Brennan and loretta lynch converted. Dearborne, MI is their stronghold, google it! If you notice, they never try to assimulate, they’come to take over. They’ve penetrated Congress! If you live in upper midwest, omar and talib have R’s running against them….get out and vote! islam is NOT a religion of peace, it is the work of satin, it is evil!

  14. It is past time for all Americans to wake up and read the Koran and learn that is says if you are a Christian or a Jew you have two choices, convert or die ! What part of that do we not understand ?If we do not study history,we shall repeat it ! We need to round up every Muslim and ship them back where they ir their family came from. Leave none here! Protect America now before it is to late!

    • Well, no, there are often three choices, not two.

      2.Submit-be their b**ch slave, defer and kowtow , 2nd class rights, pay discriminitory taxes etc.. aka being ‘dhimmi”..
      3. Die.

      the more shrewd among them prefer you to –#2–because then they can usurp and sponge off you, as they always have done with non-muslims.

  15. These events are wake up calls to America. As Islam gets more of a foothold here we will suffer the same evil intents. B. O. shipped all these Muslims into America to dilute our Judeo/Christian culture. If we don’t send them back to where they came from it will be cowboy and Muslims in the near future. An example are the Muslim we have in our government today.

    • That makes TRUMP correct then about making then be MORE vetted when entering this countrya nd tracking them when setteled. THe southern border will be subjected to the same thing

    • Trump was criticized when he suggested that you deport the terrorist and their family. Now it looks like he might have been right.

  16. Islam is a cult not a religion. Any faith who says it’s ok to kill and encourages it is not real. They don’t mix with the Western society or elsewhere. They need to go back to the desert to kill each other. Vote Trump who wants to import them back. America always falls for the bleeding heart stories. Guess what it was illegal immigrants from Africa who brought AIDS with them. Muslims who want to self police can do so in their own country and not expect us to kiss their asses.

    • The entire West always falls for the bleeding heart stories.
      Sweden the ‘humanitarian superpower” here is about as intense an example as that gets.Clean law-biding Scandinavians full of starry-eyed liberal Pollyanna platitudes, so naive as to believe that if you take in supposedly desperate beleaguered people, treat them with absolute generosity and hospitality, that they will show gratitude and do the right thing back by you.No, in this case, they just really despise mock exploit and attack you in your own country.
      Merkel waving in 1 million arrogant brown rug-kissing savages in a year is another pretty good one.
      Only the East Europeans of the Europeans, Poles Hungarians etc, seem to be onto this locust plague, from way back.
      They had longer, more recent and more direct exposure to the Ottoman Empire, is maybe the reason.

  17. It’s the old tale of the old woman bringing the frozen snake into her home to save it, then it bites and kills her. Our great nation has never been perfect, but it definitely has been the greatest ! We have always been known a s a beacon of hope and freedom . Why in the world would people be constantly working to get here??? Because across the world they have suffered under socialism communism Islam etc etc So those of you out there that want to be nothing more than pawns of dictatorial governments , mainly because you are envious of those who have worked hard and have taken advantage of our ability and freedom to succeed when you put forth the effort, go ahead and do your best to tear this nation apart. Just don’t be surprised when the people who promised you all the free stuff call in they’re markers. Then, you’ll really have something to get “offended by”!

    • I get a RUSH when I think about JESUS returning and putting PELOSI persons in retention facilities. The FATHER GOD already has made his decision and no need for a trial

  18. Too late! Our children have been “educated” in our government schools and clamor for “income redistribution”. Our “millenials” are already on board with the something-for-nothing” mantra of the democrat party. Soon, the elites will be vacationing in Venezuela, a country soon to be more attractive than ours. There may not BE any grandchildren or great-grandchildren! Cry for our country!

  19. Islam takes advantage of the misguided openness of Western cultures UNTIL they have amassed a sufficient number of “believers” inside the overly trusting Western cultures. Then, it becomes a matter of converting to Islam or dying for the unfortunates born into “Western” cultures.

  20. The reason the Islamic people are being spread out and created this network so they can kill, disrupt, the Christian way of life. They have more numbers than a few cells penetrating all countries to take over the world.
    Every once in awhile someone decides to do this no matter the cost and when they do it is a plan and in this case a plan to kill western way of life they do detest. The everyday person that practices the Islam religion and way of life are a peaceful people. The radical Islamists are a war monger group of savages. They kill, cut people’s heads off and fire aimlessly into crowds or throw grenades into a group of unsuspecting innocent people! We as a nation and maybe a group of nations need to go on a offensive to put these people back into the countries they claim as their home. Have you ever noticed especially middle eastern people they will never be true Americans because even if they are to become citizens they will never claim America as their home! They damn sure won’t defend it! I served in our military and with some Islamic people and you would be hard pressed to call them true blue Americans! Just not a road we can go down! Ship them all out, of all countries back to the Middle East!

    • there are no radicals or moderates. That is another comfort cushion platitude that WE have invented and sold to ourselves.
      There are only devout or lapsed muslims, and the mobilised or non-mobilised .
      Every muslim mobilised terrorists or “peaceful law-biding” wave hello to their neighbours in the morning, shares the same incendiary corrosive bedrock values and warped paranoid self-righteous ‘Islamic world view”.
      It is not handed down from a mosque pulpit by some Hitlerian-ranting BO-ridden frocked beard and turban mullah, not in the first instance.
      It is instilled in the home from the cradle.
      And it guarantees, mandates, automatic friction conflict and war between Islam and everything and everyone else.

  21. Talk! Talk! Talk! Stupid Americans. It’s always “the other guy”! DO SOMETHING! I cry for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. You need to cry for yours.

  22. Forest Gump, stated it correctly, ” Stupid is as Stupid does”, Ignorance of the true evilness of the Islam and Muslim religions describes the same Stupidity of Europe. It will bring the Death of Western Civilization, The Democrats and progressives of America will bring about the same results. It is Comical ,yet not amusing to watch this being played out by the Ignorant! The reason being, we are all involved even when we don’t want any part of it!

  23. So sad about Sweden. I used to work there as a maid at age 16 in a couple of different Hotels. My girlfriend and I could walk through the Forest at night and were never afraid. I just cannpot believe that the Swedish Government are so blinded. The Invaders should all be throuwn out of Europe.

  24. You should make it so bad for the Muslims that , they want to go back from where they came. Get them the hell out of your country. Arm yourselves. With GUNS. Not pepper spray.

  25. As long as msm refuses to cover what is happening in these countries the truth will not be reported until it’s at our doorsteps.

    • It is already at our doorsteps. So many have their heads in the sand or in complete denial they cannot see this country is being invaded by the Muslim faith that don’t want anything to do with this country other than to kill and take over. I can’t say it enough but people wake up and get ready we are going to be in a war at our doorstep soon.

  26. Absolutely true. I studied the Koran, Mohammad the Prophet and all forms of Islam (including the barbaric fundamentalism birthed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Part of the problem is because of the practice of
    intermarriage. Centuries of incest has produced mentally unstable people, mentally or criminally insane.
    The Prophet approved of and encouraged his followers to marry within their families: first cousins, brothers and sisters. This has lowered their IQ as well. Yes, there are some wonderful, gifted Muslims, not all are terrorists or extremists politically. Saudi Arabia for years has funded terrorism abroad as well as exported their deathly version of Islam everywhere. Their goal is to conquer the world via their religion (sharia law) and to have a Caliphate form of government (run by extremists religious leaders). SA has the worst human rights record in the world (UN records attest to this).. Even Mohammad predicted the demise of Islam. He said it would one day crawl into the snake hole it emerged from and begone. That day is coming. The new regime in Saudia Arabia is removing old religious sites, bulldozing the past for a futuristic country that will encourage non Muslims to be tourists, visitors and even residents in their land, previously closed to non-believers.

    • Hey Folks, wake up!! Where do you think the Sicilian mafia comes from?

      Sicily was ruled by the Muslims for a couple of centuries during the early Middle Ages until Roger the Great re-conquered the island. BUT, did he throw all the Muslims out of Sicily? No, he didn’t and that is where you get you Islamic roots of the Sicilian mafia cabal.

      All the mafia’s rules, spoken and unspoken, ethics and culture emanate from that invasion of Sicily.

      Please do you own research on it!!

  27. Hopefully efforts like Ann has made will expand. I’m not suggesting there are not Muslims that are fine with sharing this world and let everyone live their life as they wish. It’s the radical followers of Islam that are the problem just as the radicals in any belief can be dangerous. It requires standing up to them. They are still heavily outnumbered. (A good lesson from the animation movie “A Bug’s Life”) I suggest you watch YouTube: “Muammar Gaddafi 2006 – Islam Will Conquer Europe Without Firing a Shot”

    • Garrett there are indeed no ” Muslims that are fine with sharing this world and let everyone live their life as they wish.” Those are MINOs (muslims in name only). All true muslims believe in the caliphate and sharia. Hang in there, Matt

    • This is not about Islamic fringe radicals. These are mainstream adherents to the Quran and Sharia. The fringe population are the so-called moderate Muslims. And I don’t trust them either. To win hearts and minds of Americans requires “moderates” who moderate the narrative of Islam being a religion of peace and tolerance, to make you believe the terrorists are radicals and thereby keep you distracted and believing the moderate’s narrative while infiltrating our schools, government, agencies, media, businesses and corporations and, especially POLITICS.

    • No one in the West likes the word “Holocaust” because of its horrific implications. But Holocaust is what Muslims have in mind if they win their world domination agenda. I have a feeling that when the war comes the West may realize that an Islamic Holocaust is no longer a choice. Satan’s religion and its followers will be no more. I am not advocating but there will be a reckoning for our suffering and grief.

  28. I don’t trust them, I don’t want to be around them, they seem very illogical to me and they are a big problem BUT, they are like fly’s, mosquitoes, termites, ants ETC. They are here and we’re stuck with them. Please , GOD HELP US !!!!!

  29. And in New York if u r black , a Muslim and female morons will vote u into office, or appoint u to government positions so u can preach your hateful propaganda and steal what ever they can get their hands on.

  30. It’s astounding that no one is willing to tell the truth about the Muslim faith and the Muslim radicals in the countries where they are creating the most crimes and evil. It’s thought to be a anti Muslim reaction to tell the truth about what’s going on. It’s happening in every country where they migrated to and either chose or were forced to accept them. This is evil incarnate and will destroy your country and your people. This truth is so hard to accept for liberals and it only shows the stupidity of their ability to reason. They will allow their country and their people to go down with the ship. Vote Republican in 2020 or lose your freedom and your country.

    • It’s not a spiritual religion like the rest!

      It’s all about Earthly power and antics…..a criminal cabal that is!!

    • One thing nobody wants to talk about is when the radicals move to take over they will intimidate the the other muslims to join them or die

  31. And now the Swedish Government will brand him as a racist and the media will compare him to Hitler. They will probably arrest him for making inflammatory remarks and for insulting the poor downtrodden muslims. (I know, they want muslims capitalized but I refuse to do so just as I refuse do capitalize democrat.)

  32. The political part of Islam wants to use Sharia law to convert the infidels to their culture. When they get to be 3-5 percent of the population they will use terror and intimidation to subvert the existing culture which has already been weakened by decades of political correctness that demonizes their own culture.

    • You must be talking about OMAR, She wants to be inline when the bastards try to take over but we will still have our guns to stop that…..THATS RIGHT………STILL HAVE OUR GUNS That kept the Russians out fearing the people of America and our guns we have to repell invaders reguardless of poloticians

  33. The goal: New World Order, globalization, disorder, diluting the European Christian ancestry i.e. “white people”. And you are a racist if you resist this.

  34. The Muslims don’t want to become Americans, they want America to become Islam or like their Muslim country. They want Sharia to be the law of the land.

  35. The Swedes are to blame for their own demise. So are the Germans. No use blaming predatory Muslims – why should they respect a culture whose own people have no respect for it? Germany is much the same. Why should we or anyone care about German culture if the Germans don’t? If these people are all cowed into be ashamed of themselves and their history and culture, who are the Muslims to jump in and care? All they want is to spread their Caliphate until it rules the entire world. That is their stated aim. Ask any of them. Their rule would be the erasing of all other cultures. They can abide no other cultures, no other religions, no other states. I am so sick of stating and hearing repeated the obvious that I can hardly take it any more. Fortunately for me, I have never care in the least for Sweden, for Swedes, for their language, their religion, their unfortunate accent when they speak English, their looks, their films or their landscape. I don’t want to ever go there or to meet on. I am sorry that the rest of Europe has to go under. There are some things in Europe I would like to have seen – like Notre Dame. Every day there is less left of Europe. The last to care seem to be the Europeans. So be it. The sooner Sweden crumbles to dust the better. Maybe better countries will wake up.

  36. Time is well past to have the ARMY go into dearborns no-go zones and REMOVE ALL MUSLIMES and DEPORT their sorry asses back to their all too familiar SH*THOLES!!!

  37. Yes, I am an islamophobe because I have EYES and have seen what these ragheads are all about, read just a smidgen of their so-called holy book, and you will see that they think they are going to KILL all infidels and live miserably ever after. LOOK at Europe and SEE what’s in store for America unless we TOTALLY DECIMATE islam, the religion of EVIL, PERIOD!
    Can you say TROJAN HORSE???
    Can you say CAMELS NOSE???

    • You are right on the nose. We are in trouble and we are sleeping while the Islamic trojan horse slowly invades us. If we don’t send them back to where BO found them it will be cowboys and Muslims in the near future. We have already let them into our government. I say, AMEN, to your post.

  38. If you would castrate a Muslim rapist and make that a law you would end that sin. If they did that to my loved one I would blow it off .

  39. I believe that Islam is setting the stage for the Ant-Christ. We already see the penchant for the beheading of people. Unfortunately, Islam and the evil will spread and eventually anyone who does not convert to Islam will be beheaded during the reign of the Anti-Christ.

    • The Book of Revelations was written originally in Greek. Of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the word used in Greek for ‘pale’, as in the Pale Rider was chloros. Many Greek words are root words in science. Chlorophyll- the green pigment in plants- and chlorine- a pale green elemental gas- are examples. Why is this relevant? Because the color green is important to islam. Besides being muhammad’s favored color, the inhabitants of Paradise are dressed in green. Revelations 6:8 frighteningly describes islam.

  40. The fact that around a Million million humans have been murdered by Moslem’s.
    The closest to that carnage is the Socialist/Communist’s which have murdered around 200 Million!
    Do we really want either of those Ideologies any where near us ??

  41. All the Abrahamic religions denigrate each other. American anti-Semitism cannot exist without the dominance of christianity, in fact you cannot be in the Klan if not christian.

    • JimBob – you are wrong about that. the klan was started by the democrats. Real Christians would never kill others. Just because the klan contains those who consider themselves ‘christian’ doesn’t mean they act that way. Look at Pelosi who says she is ‘Catholic.’ She doesn’t ACT that way and that is the BIG difference.

      As a matter of fact, we had the Crusades because the Muslims invaded what was once known as the “Christian Empire’. It is a good thing that they were stopped at France. The New Testament of the Holy Bible doesn’t say to kill others who are of different religions. If you leave Islam, their policy is to kill you. It’s not like that for Christianity. Jesus asked His followers to Love one another. Not so in Islam!!!

  42. Islam is a FAKE religion with a FAKE god, FAKE ideology which DOESN’T work and a FAKE prophet who is probably burning in a LAKE of Fire with ALLAH, the fake god, which is a moon god. Check your histories and your FACTS.

  43. Unspeakable evil happens when you kick God out of your life and your country. A void is created and it cannot long exist, it will be filled by evil, it is happening here and all of the world and it will continue until the religion of Satan is eliminated or beat down. God help us all

  44. They need to be sent back where they came from or better yet executed for their crimes. It’s high time the west acts! We’re being overrun and liberal idiots think it’s wonderful!!! Sick, sick, sick!!! We’re watching the destruction of western civilization right before our eyes and doing nothing about it. What the hell is wrong with people today?!

  45. The penchant for the bloodlust culture goes back 1300+ years. Anger and devout hatred festers thru hundreds of years of inbreeding.
    Islam is a totalitarian governing ideology. Its been necessary to control their masses mentality. Thus the severity of Sharia Law. Sweden is still naive and ignorant to truth, facts and reality. All stubborn things for them. Their culture is gone. They don’t realize it yet. They voted for that government. Enjoy the consequences of a childlike mentality.

  46. Send these ragheaded camel jockeys home to their native lands.

    They do not behave civilly and should be banned from civilization.

  47. Time to attack as the radicals attack. Use the Bible an eye for an eye. A death will mean a retaliate death. Those TERRORISTS only know violence. We need to educate them.

    We can and have to face fire with fire. They want us to keep backing down. Keep giving them room. No more you fit in or we kick out with extreme measures. Possibly tie AOC, Omar and Talib to these terrorists. All three support helping criminals avoid lawful police actions. The Squad supports domestic terrorists ANTIFA. Such actions are treasonous. They were elected to protect the USA. They all put illegal aliens above True Americans. True Americans everyone that is here legally and pursuing legal citizenship.

    • Omar and Talaib also support the Hamas, a terrorist organization and by rights should be on the list of those who support same. Omar is here illegally as her real name is not Omar and thus committed fraud in the immigration process. She is a dual citizen and should be impeached and deported! Tailaib is an American citizen but she also needs to be removed from Congress because of her association with terrorists.

    • Albert, Tailaib used campaign funds to support her children… A No No in the political world, the squad is disgraceful!

  48. Islam was founded on violence. Mohamed, their so-called prophet and founder of the religion, felt that the only way for people to accept the religion was to force it upon the world by the sword. If you didn’t convert to Islam you were killed or forced into slavery just as Isis has done in the Middle East in places like Syria and Iraq. It’s history is long and violent and when anyone calls it a peaceful religion doesn’t know Islam’s history.

    • Maybe the world will understand how difficult it has been for Israel to try to
      “negotiate” with these people and their fanatic mentality.

  49. How long it it going to take for people to wake up? The message has always been clear. They are evil and the fastest growing religion. All should close their borders to them and deport them.

  50. Since these muslim fanatics will NEVER change they ALL, every last one need to be ended once and for all. In addition, the Europeans who were so vocal in their acceptance of these “things” need to take a hard look in a mirror as they are all responsible for what is happening in their countries. That inclusive and diversity crap is really working out well for Europe.

  51. Two things baffle me. 1, how can ordinary decent people born in this age of universal knowledge of each other via all sorts of means, radio, television and especially now the internet, believe in the teaching of the Koran and carry out the instructions contained in it and 2, how do they expect blowing people and their homes and places of worship up will draw people TO their religion, the exact opposite is THE result. And now we learn an abridged sanitised version of the Koran is being published in Europe, Norway I think is the starting point.

    • That’s hilarious, most can’t read or write. You think they watch tv and media sources. They do what their religion commands. Join or die, there is no coexist. Thats a bumper sticker for ignoramuses.

    • That’s an easy one, Lon. They want to conquer the entire world and make EVERYONE a Muslim. It’s easier to do that by going to other countries, setting up their little communities, electing their people to Congress, and raising hell in those countries.

  52. Muslims can be considered along with Democrats, Communists, Antifa, and other such splinters in the collective ass of humankind, as all having one common trait: the only GOOD one is a DEAD one!

    • You cannot believe all Democrats are evil. If you do then you are as foolish as one can be. I would say there are just Demonrats afraid to do what is right by Americans. In the upcoming election Republicans need to run on that argument that Demonrats do NOT want to do what is in the best interests of Americans.

      We have to call all democrats as equal to the Spice Girls 2.0. Why because they will not call the Squad out.
      Omar wants a section of MN made into a county ruled by Shari law. That is a treasonous act.
      That observation of Omar is my own conclusion since she applauds parts of Europe for settlements like that.

      This word imports a betraying, treachery, or breach of allegiance.
      The Constitution of the United States, Art. III, defines treason against the United States to consist only in levying war against them, OR IN ADHERING TO THEIR ENEMIES, giving them aid or comfort. This offence is punished with death. By the same article of the Constitution, no person shall be convicted of treason, unless on the testimony of two witnesses to the same overt act, or on confession in open court.

  53. ISLAM
    A barbaric, fascist political ideology propagated by violence, cloaked in religious language and
    Enforced by Sharia Law

  54. The problem is you must stand up to your one world government in your EUROPE leadership are crazy as hell and kick them out now or you all die from your stupid leadership lying bastards behind their gate walls and you have none . They are Traitors and lying bastards

  55. Sweden and other EUROPEAN countries are the fault of being led by the EURO dictatorship. These countries are run like pawns and puppets to the dictatorship. The EURO needs to be destroyed like NEED IT did.

  56. I think when I saw what was happening in Denmark & Sweden years
    ago I have been watching the dramatic changes & understand the
    Islamic desire is to take over, not to join. It is happening quickly &
    needs to be confronted immediately.a

    • World War 3 is coming. However it will be the world against those Islamist Terrorists. The middle Eastern countries could be a wasteland.

  57. I expect Hanna wrote this just as she was leaving the country – for good and to go underground for about 15 years!

    • You are right on, Kathleen. It is not a religion, but a totalitarian cult. If we were actually adhering to our constitution as we should be, they would NEVER be allowed to immigrate here.
      To obtain U.S. citizenship, applicants must prove adherence to the U.S. Constitution and commitment to orderly change. Muslims believe that Shariah law trumps all others, thereby eliminating them from the possibility of immigration.
      The Immigration and Nationality Act (I.N.A.) §1424. Prohibition upon the naturalization of persons opposed to government or law, or who favor totalitarian forms of government. Look this up.
      This would include anyone who believes their form of government (shariah law) should replace ours.
      Ask any dedicated Muslim and they will always say shariah is what they want and are willing to kill, mame or overthrow our government by any means.

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