Swedish Man Insults Muslim Who Threatened To ‘Take Over Your F***ing Country;’ What Happens To Him Afterward Is Absolutely Absurd

(Tea Party 247) – We live in a world where justice has been flipped upside down, a period in time where the victim of a crime, particularly if he’s a minority or one of the left’s favorite demographics to pander to, can get away with a crime while those who might oppose those type of individuals are the ones getting tossed in prison.

Need a real world example?

A 53-year-old Swedish man who insulted a Muslim after he posted a video threatening to “take over your f***ing country,” was arrested and charged with a hate crime. Yes, that’s right, folks.

This man was imprisoned for exercising his right to freedom of speech. Some might think free speech is an American concept, but it’s not. It’s a God-given right that extends to all humanity, regardless of whether a specific government recognizes it or not.

This, folks, is the kind of thing that’s headed our way if we allow the Democrats to take charge of our government come 2020.

Here’s more from Summit News:

A 53-year-old Swede who insulted a Muslim man for posting a video threat to “take over your fucking country” was hit with hate crime charges.

This is Sweden. Of course he was.

“We Arabs are here to take over your fucking country so go down on your fucking knees and suck my cock your Swedish little whore,” said the Arab man in an angry rant posted to Facebook.

The 53-year-old Swedish man responded on a Facebook group called ‘Political Facts’ with some strong words of his own.

“Disgusting arab crabs disappear from here,” he wrote.

The man was reported to police and called in for an interrogation at Kristianstad where he was asked about his views on immigration.

He was subsequently sentenced by Kristianstad’s district court for hate speech against a protected group and forced to pay SEK 22,200 (roughly $2,300 US dollars).

The court argued that the man’s comments were aimed at Arabs and not just at the individual.

The man appealed the decision to the High Court, but it was upheld, although his fine was reduced to SEK 16,200 in addition to another SEK 800 he was asked to pay to the Crime Victims Fund.

As we have previously highlighted, despite worsening problems with sexual assaults, grenade attacks and violent crime in migrant areas, Swedes who complain about the situation have found themselves dragged before the courts.

Last year, a 70-year-old woman was interrogated by policeand later convicted for an anti-Muslim Facebook post in which she expressed fear that Islam was taking over the country.

Earlier that year, a 65-year-old woman who was previously the victim of a brutal beating by migrants was sentenced to prison for posting that “the IQ level in Sweden will fall as a result of immigration.”

In another case, a 32-year-old woman from Gothenburg was interrogated by police, had her DNA taken and was subsequently imprisoned for the “crime” of sharing a joke meme about Islam on Facebook.

In 2017, a 70-year-old Swedish woman was prosecuted for hate speech for saying she saw migrants setting fire to cars, something that happens all the time in Sweden.

The first two amendments to the Constitution are the most important rights we have, thus they must be defended with as much passion and vigor we can muster. If these two rights fall, they all fall.

Being able to speak your mind, regardless of how horrific your thoughts might be, is what makes it possible for debate to happen in this country. Through spirited debate, ideas are allowed onto the battlefield of ideas to see which ones are true, right, and good. Those that rise to the surface will be the ideas that shape the future progress of the entire world.

None of this can happen without complete freedom to speak your mind. Yes, that means folks have the right to spout off all kinds of things, whether we like them or agree with them or not.

True tolerance is learning to engage with people who have different points of view that need discussed. If the left is truly tolerant, they need to practice this truth.

Source: summit.news/2019/12/05/swedish-man-who-insulted-muslim-for-threat-to-take-over-your-fucking-country-charged-with-hate-crime/


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  3. The biggest problem lies with Sweden’s policy makers. It is not one bad apple but the whole barrel has gone bad. It all starts from the top. It is also up to the Swedish voters to keep far left politicians in a box when it comes to electing their leaders. It is a most unfortunate thing that those who set the pace for this kind of environment have not been victims of these lunatics. Bet they would have a change of mind who they let into their country.

    • It’s not just Sweden’s problem. This will occur everywhere the muslim slime are allowed to get a foothold. America screwed-up by letting those ignorant, rag-headed, hateful things into their country. Hell, they even elected muslims to “government positions” no less. Look what has been going on: Lies, Theft, Murder and worse; TREASON!!! There is only one place for these fools, a cemetery. To prevent the rotting corpses from polluting the soil bury them 36 feet deep!
      MAGA & KAG!
      TRUMP 2020!

  4. So the original video of the Muslim saying they were going to take over the country
    was NOT a hate crime? That showed a bitter hatred for the people of Sweden & their way of life.
    The police & politicians there should be removed from the positions in government.

  5. This is on it’s way to America. This course of action by the Democrats is well explained in the following two resources. If you really want to understand what is going on in our government (our Country), I urge (even beg) you to read Andrew Breibart’s book called “Righteous Indignation” or at least watch Glenn Beck’s recent video called “The Democrat Hydra” on YouTube. Glenn’s video provides factual documents and text messages obtained through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) and not conspiracy theory. If you agree Glenn’s information is correct, you can do your part like I am by spreading it around. Do as others have done, copy this entire comment and paste it in your social media networks. Yes, I keep posting this in hopes to reach new readers. We need to do something, not just talk about it. This is a well organized strategy by the Deep State and there is proof if you are willing to research it.

  6. With the remark, “It is not an amnesty but an exercise of discretion,” Janet Napolitano not only gave amnesty to 800,000 young illegal aliens – she also extended the new communist dictionary of American politics.
    In the United States, in a frenzy of executive orders the Obama administration declared that the War on Terror must be renamed “overseas contingency operations,” and the mass murder of our soldiers at Fort Hood by an enraged jihadist terrorist became an example of “workplace violence.” After 6 years since that gruesome execution of our unarmed soldiers by Major Hassan there is still no move by Obama to bring him to justice; that deadly product of “political correctness”, “multiculturalism”, “diversity”, and “inclusion” enjoys the comforts of first-class medical care and special Kuran-approved “cuisine”. By the same logic in the new political dictionary, the mass-murdering communist dictatorship of North Korea should be called the “People’s Democratic Republic”. Well – there is no need to change anything there; they already call themselves that. There was a special name for executive orders in communist regimes: they were called “diktats”. That those dead soldiers were unarmed was the result of another “diktat” issued by the impeached disbarred felon President Clinton in the 1990’s.
    Marc Jeric, Las Vegas, Nevada (published in The New American, August 6, 2012)

  7. This is what happens when you let scumbag politicians who are owned by the money take over your country and you do not do as our constitution of the United States says take them down for Tierney and government going against the people who live in pay taxes there in freedom of speech, then again the communist party thing freedom of speech is only for the communist leader ship and there are whores in government. Coming to a country near you

  8. Sweden has a hormone problem. They rolled over for the Nazis, rolled over for the Commies, and are now rolling over for the towelheads.

    • You don’t know what you’re talking about! In WWII Sweden was a neutral country, like Switzerland, Turkey and Spain. None of them were ” rolled over for Nazis “. Or for Commies. Alas, I have to agree with you, their political class is completely deranged, especially about immigration.

  9. All anyone has to do is observe what is happening and see that we as conservatives need to push back more against this flood of insane Liberal and Socialistic agenda.
    Christians and conservatives are under attack by the far left , the LGBTQ people , The Liberals like Bernie Sanders and Warren and we MUST reject all of this NONSENSE.

    • Stand up against political correctness or go down. They have a choice and are following the dictates of those who are promoting this to gain control over the entire planet.

  10. I am in full agreement with most folks posting here. I can tell you there are two books coming out early 2020. I recommend you buy them, read them, and you’ll know what you need to do in building a network for all patriots to come together and create the means to organize against the alt-Left and Islamization, both of which threaten our country. The books are: “World Beyond Reason: The Orwellian Factor” (contains a broad variety of information about the numerous factions trying to create a one-government world); and, “Neither Tolerant Nor Peaceful: 1400 Years of Genocide and Hypocrisy! The Truth About Islam.” Write down these titles, paste on your wall, and look for them both next year. You won’t regret these must-reads.

    • James, thank you for the book references. I’m reading 1984 now and the parallels to what we’re seeing today is chilling. My question is are these books just informational or include strategies to intervene? Info is vitally important but we need to know what to do individually and collectively.
      Thanks much

    • Thank you James for the info! We will definitely need a way to contact the SANE people in this country take our country back from this mindless fools!!! ~Sheli

  11. Does anyone ever wonder why their government let them migrate to other countries including the USA? It’s because they want to take over the countries and guess what they’re succeeding! The Democrats are falling right in their hands and are too stupid to realize it because they have their own agenda. They don’t want Trump because he won’t bend to them and allow it. This is going to be America. In fact it is. We don’t have any freedom of speech with ANY ethnic group. Equality for ALL not just a select few! Please USA don’t let this happen otherwise we don’t need any government. This is heading to war for the whole world. Those movies aren’t so far fetched are they? We have to learn from other countries or we’re screwed! We learned nothing from 911 then.

    • The plan to elect Hillary would have us in exactly the same position as other countries are in today. Trump stuck his finger in the dam and with his other hand turned the spigot on to drain the swamp. That is why they are so desperate to get him out of office. The cartels in So. Texas are already waging war on Americans. What we need to do is clean up our act, my fellow Americans….NO RECREATIONAL DRUGS. WOULD BE A MAJOR BLOW AGAINST THE CARTELS. But it is not easy to break the habit. But would benefit all of our people here in the States.

  12. ‘Muhammad’ Breaks Into Top 10 U.S. Baby Names for First Time Ever according to babycenter data per Breitbart.
    We are dead as a nation, these people haven’t been coming here that long but they reproduce like roaches. Sharia law soon to follow ilhan Omar will be the new president. Convert or die will be her motto.

  13. Sweden used to be a spotless, clean, beautiful place. Now it’s infested with Islama roaches which are the most vile of all roaches. They spread destruction and disease. Like most pests, once they’re embedded they’re almost impossible to get rid of.

  14. Do not be surprised when this happens in our country if voters continue to vote for those who do not support our Constitution, namely, Democrats.

  15. We must NEVER assume that any one conservative president such as Donald Trump can make our system good again in total due respect. All of us legal and voting citizens MUST vote and fight together to combat against the evilness. And the number one thing we must do is bring God into the head of our lives.
    God speed,
    Gary G. Cramer, Tmc

    • TRUMP is taking orders from same powerful oligarchs as Hillary. Americans, This is our fight for our kids, TRUMP is just one man, one really rich man, hes not beholden to us. If he were, there would be a WALL!

  16. People who think Europe has a history of free speech should think again. And now much of Europe is reverting to its pre-“democracy” roots to punish its own and reward its invaders.


  17. The puke politicians that are allowing this to exist & grow will learn the error of their ways, one way or another! Too bad for the Swedish people that their beautiful land has already been INFECTED with a scourge that is islam. World domination, remember…. No exceptions. notate that you puke politicians coz when they turn on you, you will not be exempt from their inbred style madness.

  18. Hey Sweden, what in the Hell has happened to you people?This Freeloaders are living off the fat of the land and your government is supporting that?! Time for you people to wake up and take your country back!
    We’ve read reports that your women are afraid to go out alone at night! Some riots, fires, etc. don’t you think that, that’s enough? You offered HELP, they did like they always do an took that as a sign of weakness, your history shows that you are a stronger race of people than what we are seeing! Time to end this secret occupation by people who don’t want anything from you except what they can take from you!

  19. The BIBLE told us this was coming. It isn’t any individual fault. It’s OUR fault!!!! pharobama spoke about it in the arab spring. I wondered at that time, what is he going to say when it comes to his neighborhood. As soon, as the politicians get their gun control laws in place, the U.S. will be the same as every other communist country. You may even have to move to Russia to gain some of your freedoms back!!!!

  20. good bye Sweden we will miss you. All Sweden citizens should emigrate to Poland or Hungary for your own safety. Let your government govern only Muslims as they seem to like them a lot. They will not govern long nor live long if they do not convert to Muslim themselves.

    • John , the Swedes should NOT abandon their country to these medieval savages ,,,,Quite to the contrary , They should vote the entire ratpack of left wing idiots out of office in favor of a leadership that defends the interests of the legitimate and highly civilized Swedish citizens , with a mandate to round up , arrest and deport this entire menacing horde of Islamic invaders

  21. The people as a whole need ti rise up against the game playing politicians. And their agents of the state. They can’t get us all.

  22. The Bible indicates the end times when Satan is ruling his power and his followers is getting away boosting their hatred. But only for a short period of time.

  23. Apparently, political correctness is well on its way to destroying a number of countries. This is the great gift that “open borders” leaves us with.

  24. How are Muslims considered a protected group in Sweden? Are they endangered of being extinct? This is what happens when you allow people of this religion to take over and say whatever they want without any retaliation. Well to the Swede charged with a hate crime keep speaking out. And to the Swedish government, you just took the first step of having Muslim law take over your democracy. Enjoy life under sharia.

  25. The sickness of Muslim religion is spreading worldwide, first they integrate into a country, get elected into local offices and then show their true hating colors.

  26. The Swedes are complete idiots for letting the Muslims flood in then passing these nonsense “hate crime” laws. They are almost as stupid as the left is in this country. The best thing that could happen to Sweden right now is for the Muslims to go on a rampage, killing, raping and burning Sweden”s landmarks until Sweden’a alt right movement can gain power and chase the Muslims out of their country.

    • Sweden is messed up. This man had every right to say what he did. The politicians will find out to late.

  27. Concerning the 53 yr. old Swedish man: is the protected group Muslims, Arabs or both? There’s an intersection between the two, but also a great divergence. In any event, why should one group get favorable treatment under law when an unprotected group is subjected by the protected group to threats of phycical violence, including a takeover of national sovereignty?

  28. Nice aircraft, Lousy cars, and now no guts. These are not the Swedes that I know. Wait for it. It will start in one corner and sweep down and out. Europe will rescue itself.

    “Some might think free speech is an American concept, but it’s not. It’s a God-given right that extends to all humanity, regardless of whether a specific government recognizes it or not.

    This, folks, is the kind of thing that’s headed our way if we allow the Democrats to take charge of our government come 2020.

  30. What the hell is going on in Europe. The men better wake up and fight for your families and take back your countries from these evil muslim pigs

  31. It’s been said that not all Muslims are terrorists but that most terrorists are Muslim. I wonder if you would be charged with hate speech if you repeated that in Sweden. More than likely.

    • i tend to look at the old adage… One bad apple spoils the bunch. Sorry about the luck of any that may be OK, it’s not enough. Besides, if so ok, why do they not stand up against the others? Why? because they do not disagree that’s why.


    • Abraham was the father of two nations, Arabic and Jewish. His maid gave birth to the boy, his wife to the other one. The Arabic nation is a bastard nation and so hates the other. We Christian are grafted into the Jewish nation (Romans 11) so we too are hated by the Arabic nation.

    • Islam IS a religion, it’s just an evil religion, just like Satanism. Christians and Jews are the only 2 that worship the ONE TRUE GOD. Anyone who does not worship the one true God, worships Satan, and NO allah is NOT the same as our God. Islam MUST be defeated and the only way to do that is to focus on Almighty God and fervently pray. I also think there will be a “civil war” in America. It will be Christian against muslims, and yes I see gun fights in the cities and towns in America. Demonrats are playing right into the hands of the muslims and they will be shot just the same as the muslims.

  33. Yes, I can understand the activity in Sweden is becoming a bit difficult, but hey, it is happening in north America as well as in Canada sharia law is taking a foot hold and in Sweden the same. The politicians in Sweden are somehow becoming corrupted to allow what they called it, “a protected group, sort of like animals that are becoming extinct, is it? Therefore we should not talk badly about them or oil from the middle east will be cut off. The people of the middle east that are called refugees, I guess are being sent in droves to European countries to eventually convert the country into an Islam state of Sunni muslims allied to Saudi Arabia and locally under the authority of the Sunni Islam Imams, teachers and Islam priests. They teach the Koran and explain to the muslims that they are the true leaders of the world and will eventually overthrow the local infidels and the country, it is the will of the Sunni Islam leaders and their masters the king of Saudi Arabia. Of course in europe it was our former President Obama that convinced all of Europe to accept these refugees as a practice of humanity and these refugees would fit right in to the local way of life and don’t worry about their acts of terror, it is just a small way of them getting use to Sweden’s culture. Obama did the same with the refugees coming to the U.S. and the citizens of the U.S. that they didn’t need to be vetted or checked out as it would be a political embarrassment to accuse any of them to be checked out like criminals and eventually the refugees and the Americans would be like brothers and we should bow to the possible way of new life. And when the refugees started raping our sisters and mothers it was their way of saying that the Americans were not as moral as the refugees and we should change our ways and accept sharia laws, like canada was doing and accepting. When the FBI made a statement that a lot of the refugees were terrorists and members of isis and were being moved around to every state, Obama poo-pooed the idea and said preposterous and went about his business and brought more muslims into the WH to assist the manner in which to deal with the refugees and the middle east, it became just the next step. but in europe and sweden, and other countries that are now turning socialists. The idea of this is to prepare the societies to accept and turn the countries into socialists, whereas the refugees should be returned to their countries of birth, to rebuild their homes and hospitals and schools and mosques and businesses with financial assistance from the countries that caused all this. We have to realize that the visitors will never for generations to come to adapt to ways of the visited country. The citizens of the visited country will not accept the visitors and they shouldn’t have to. that would be enslavement., and be subject to revolt. From the article today about soros legal company moving into Ukraine, already the focal point of disruption when the prosecuter reviewing the gas company that the bidens were involved with and he was forced to resign by soros legal corp.

  34. Sweden, the mus-slimes have taken over. The Sweds are a bunch of ass wipes. America, be on guard the mus-slimes are trying the same thing here, and they all need to be put down.

    • How does this website discriminate against the truth? Please enlighten us. Since high school in a class where we studied religions, I have questioned ‘islam’ as such. It is NOT true religion. It is a culture of discrimination, hate and killing. All other religions MUST denounce the tolerance of islam.

    • If you were in a fox hole during combat in the Middle East, who would you rather share it with? An atheist or a Muslim! I would opt for the atheist.

  35. 12 hours to purge Sweden of the socialist Arab Scum.Bring back the crusades & exterminate these parasites as a final solution.. Yes, only if Sweden has the courage to do it. they can save their nation

    • The majority have been brainwashed into believing they deserve to be suicided as a civilization because they have been too privileged!!

      It may not be too comforting to hear…but it’s the God awful truth!!

  36. Please stop that fear mongering. I am an independent and an Arab who did vote for trump. So good people and bad people are from both sides and the same with trump who has a good side of him and bad side of him. As an Arab I have paid taxes run for mayor office and paid lots of taxes. I am a proud American and strongly believe in what JFK said” don’t look to what your country dose for you but rather what you do for your country and that why I voted for Trump so that to save our nations from the swamp. For your info America is a melting pot that we forcefully took from the American Indians.

    • That is not fear mongering, it is telling the truth, if as you say you are an Arab and believe in America, I applaud you, but don’t try to protect those idiots whom do no believe in allegiance to the country which took them in, but seek to destroy it, or worse turn it into a country they escaped from..I agree Trump 2020, and save this country.

    • You don’t believe in philosophical connection, only ethnic connection!

      The American Contitution and individual freedom belong to Americans of ALL ethnicities/races and I will go to the mat with anyone who doesn’t think so!!!

      Once we allow bullies from the third world to migrate to the West and try and extinguish that Constitution/individual freedom Americans of ALL ethnicities/races will suffer!!

    • Mightymaidl – thank you & wecome – but you sound mixed up on American history. You are repeating the marxist US lies taught in our schools since Wilson-WW1. You are a believer in the white guilt lie.

    • Ah yes, the old “we took the land away from the Indians” rationalization”. Thanks for being intelligent enough to be a Trump supporter. But you need to understand that the reason the “Indians” lost their land to the Europeans is because they were too weak and disorganized to do anything about it. This “mistake” is exactly what we want to avoid with radical Islam. They are not going to be allowed to do to us what they have done to Sweden, Germany and others. If you are an American and make its defense your primary objective, you have to reject the enemies of our culture regardless of their ethnicity. It really has nothing to do with the notion that there are “good guys” and “bad guys” on both sides of the ethnic makeup.

    • This is true… good and bad in all….The majority of the Arabs are Evil. Allah said it is okay to deceive those who do not worship him….

  37. Held hostage in your own country. These through backs societies are replacing the modern world because of the do gooders who support then. Lincoln said “you will get the government you deserve”.

  38. What about the anti-Swedish words meant to insult Swedish men and women?! THAT is your Hate Crime, right there and this moslem spoke first so the rebuttal was justified. Seems the globalists will side to kowtowing to any and all moslems while actual citizens are shunned as the predictive programming behavior that the Echelon is intent on shoving down the throats of white-western citizens is continued like clockwork. They have only until 2030 to achieve their would be one-world government goals. Don’t worry, folks. This will get worse BUT there are other factions coming to put a stop to all of this garbage. The Echelon fears it but its coming.

    • What goes around comes around. The corporate globalists who have been weaponizing all these third worlders will soon have to contened with the whirlwind themselves. And it will be totally devastating for these people that are trying to destroy the sovereignty of all Western Christian countries and drag them into the global governance vortex of hell, worse than anything the communists or bolsheviks ever brough to bear on any civilized country!!

  39. The only way to get your Country and your God given Rights back is to chase the shit balls back to what ever 3rd or 4th World shit hole they clImbed out of. While the Swedes are at it georgie soreass is running amuck over there. Looks like another World War.

  40. All governments need to stop apologizing to the immigrants that come to our countries and make them assimilate or be escorted out and not be invited back ever again. The Muslim Islamic world has placed themselves all over the world and developed No Go Zones. They do hideous evil things. STOP NOW !!! GOD SAVE THE WORLD🙏🏻❤️

  41. This is disgusting!!
    If the liberal democrat socialists try this in America, (after they eliminate the Electoral College, the Second Amendment, free speech and elections altogether) Americans, the conservative half, will pak the courts with these comments.

    • When they try to eliminate our protections and rights, the socialists will find that they have a slight problem, a few hundreds of millions of angry armed Americans who do not want to lose America. We will fight, and we will not lose.

  42. I must have missed the part about the filthy, vicious, depraved, demon being arrested on hate crime charges, and being incarcerated pending deportation.

  43. But the Arab dot head gets to threaten a whole country. And that’s not considered a hate crime? Swedish law is about as whacked as ours I guess when it comes to this BS? Absolutely disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. This is exactly the kind of thing that shows you what WE are up against. As for this man in Sweden, I feel bad for him but there is nothing we can do about what happens in another country once they let the liberals take over. It’ happening here in America already and if one of the liberal/democrats EVER get into the White House again WE will lose everything. VOTE TRUMP/PENCE in 2020.

  45. If you support Trump, you’re not welcome here anyway. Go back to Germany. Make Hitler proud! We don’t need your kind anyway.

    • TRUMP 2020. KAG. MAGA.
      Al Sharpton jr. You are tha one making Hitler proud. We don’t need your kind here. Go to hell where you came from.

    • Mr Sharpton, I guess you’re not smart enough to realize that Hitler is dead. If he isn’t dead, he’d be about 122 years old. I guess you also don’t realize one of our freedoms is to vote for any candidate we choose. So much for the supposed ‘tolerance’ of the left. The hate from the Democrats is incredible.

    • What’s your problem Al? Is someone cutting into your racist gravy train?? Just pay your back taxes and enjoy the freedom of America.

    • Hey Jr do you know what the he’ll your talking about? So your saying that everyone who voted for Trump is racist should go back to Germany? Well just listen to what your dumb ass father has said in the past. And just so you know dumb ass I’m Irish so go f___yourself.

    • you are an example of a crooked lying democrat who wants higher taxes for everyone but does not pay his share.

    • You mean we won’t be welcomed here, if you corrupt Commies ever get back into WHITE HOUSE and stink it up again!! Why don’t you move to Iran? Your buddy Obumma…LOVES them!!!

    • I would be willing to bet that you wouldn’t have this opinion if it had been you, or a family member, or friend that was replying the same way and got arrested and/or had to pay a fine. As far as if someone is for or against Trump isn’t the issue here. Talk about haters…TDS!!

    • No, we’re welcome here. We’re just not welcome in your delusion. All the hate is coming from you and your ilk. We will overcome, but I think you will never be able to handle Democracy and real freedom. You have become the fascist nazi’s that you claim others to be. If you ever decide to leave your delusion, you are welcome to live in our country, but you must learn to coexist.

    • Funny thing and you are too stupid or ignorant, maybe both, to realize it, but YOU with that statement are more like Hitler and Nazis than Trump or his supporters ever will be. We disagree vehemently with your views but still respect the fact that you have a right to them, unlike you hateful so called “open minded” and “accepting” liberals.

  46. Muslims can do whatever they want and are exempt come on in we are a country of love we know and we will take you country

  47. Let’s not kid ourselves: Muslim domination is creeping up on us, and we are just sleeping our way through it happening, The Muslims are bent on conquering the world for Islam, and we must stop them by sending them all back to where they came from. If we don’t it will be cowboys and Muslims in the near future. They are recruiting in our prisons, breeding like rabbits, and infiltrating our government.

  48. All Swedes that desire true freedoms and opportunities to pursue liberty and happiness apply for immigration to the US. It means giving up Swedish citizenship, but that appears to be worth less and less.

    • No, we do not want them here. Let them fight for their freedom in Sweden. If they
      are not willing to fight for it there they sure as hell won’t fight to keep America free!

    • Even worse in America we have ragheads in our congress. That repeatedly break laws and spew anti Semitic vulgarity and aren’t being removed from congress. Infact they should be deported back to raghead land .

  49. Based upon the story, it seems that “immigrant Islamists” may very well have ALREADY TAKEN OVER the country! Somehow, it is evident that such government policies show that they “Cannot see the forest, because of the TREES!” (I suppose they also cannot see the desert because of the sand!)

  50. This is how far down the Muslim rabbit hole my old country has fallen.Can’t even stomach to go visit relatives any more.Muslim Savages has taken over

  51. Don’t visit the countries that cater to these worthless bastards!!Bet they wished they’d never let any of them come in the country!

  52. No big fan of the Muslims, but this article makes me wonder if the writer didn’t exaggerate or make some of this stuff up.

    • Al Sharpton jr is not too sharp. Did he just come out from under a rock or is he justcanothe ignorant nazi-commie leftist sh!t. Or both.

    • You obviously are young and raised in an environment that has compromised your education on such matters Open your eyes and stopped being controlled and the truth will set you free. Otherwise you will succumb to your own devices The youth of today are following evil right off a cliff. It is sad but not forewarned

    • Nope, not made up. Citizens in the UK are being prosecuted for the same BS. Journalists have been incarcerated for reporting on it, even for merely reporting statistics on immigration and refugees, and anything that contradicts the government’s “official” report. The USA today takes its freedom of speech and free press for granted. Cherish and praise your Constitution and Bill of Rights every day, you lucky bastards. Keep liberals out of your government; the only thing they will be liberal with are endless new rules that will dictate how you will live every aspect of your life, overwhelming regulation that will cripple your businesses and economy, and spending your hard earned tax money. “Liberalism” has become synonymous with “intolerant fascists”.


    In this country, two Islamist(Omar and Talib) and a Latino radical socialist AOC mouth most heinous racist tropes, antisemitism and the demorats 2nd highest official Steny Hoyer House majority Whip barks those tropes are not antisemitic! Nancy Peolosi number 1 Demorat refused a call to condemn this antisemitism in a resolution the republicans did pass such a resolution.
    Watch: EXPOSE every Monday & Wednesday 10 AM & 6 PM New York time go to

  54. Hey Sweden, are you paying attention to what is ACTUALLY being said? This muslim guy just threatened your entire country, and you put a gentleman who fought back on the internet, in prison? And charged him money? I am sorry, but your government and the people in Sweden appear to have lost your minds! You may want to wake up, really quickly, before you need to start praying 5 times a day as your muslim leaders tell you, also, forget sleeping in ever again. I here the muslim call to prayer is quite loud and it happens, 5 times a day as well. Have fun, hope you wake up and save your country, before it is gone!

    • Wayne: That’s the point @ which Sweden, & these other countries with idiotic leaders (exactly like our dimocrats), will then want Uncle Sam to bail their asses out again. Remember, those that don’t learn from history, will soon repeat it. Well, it’s been 80 years since the Nazi invasions, & it seems like the same countries are being invaded again. Except, this time it’s by their own stupidity, with help from the Agenda 21’ers.


    • This isn’t a liberal left problem – It’s a Negro / Muslim problem. However, in that context not all Democrats are fans of what this jackass Arab is doing.

    • This reminds me of the so-called winter war between Finland an Russia in which Finland lost mainly because Sweden refused to allow help to be reach Finland.

    • This is a worldwide leftist-liberal-socialist created horror. It is THE HORROR. Muslims by the Koran, hate & enslave blacks & few blacks know of this. Muslims call blacks ‘raisen heads’ based on their Satanic book Koran. You have all been lied to by your commie government schools & mass lying media.
      “There will be no peace on earth until the Koan is eliminated from the earth.” Winston Churchill, 1942.

  55. This makes me so sad, AND so mad! I’m 3rd generation Swede, have been proud if it! But Now?? Sad, Embarrassed, Ashamed, Angry, Frustrated at the situation there & govt that seems to have a “kiss up” attitude to Everyone foreign, but Def Not to their own, native Swedes! Disasterous for their future! Simply UNACCEPTABLE!
    How can barbaric behavior rule in this current age?!

    • Here’s how:
      Mostly single socialist women with the vote feel sorry for tall-dark % handsome young male muslim “refugees” and like to be drugged, enslaved, raped, pimped & murdered by them & have them jail & murder their hated boyfriends or even husbands. Think I exaggerate? Look at what is happening. It is already over for you Europe. You are finished. Your countries are run by your women & their muslim pimps.

    • Priscilla R. Glover- Ignorant SUCKERS allow it. That is how it is how it happens. Women, especially single horrific women, voting.

  56. These people go to countries not their own and expect to force their disgusting attitudes and ideas on others but they believe they are above the law……that Arab guy should have been locked up. They shouldn’t even allow him to stay in their beautiful country. What’s wrong with Sweden? What are they so afraid of?

  57. well they are coming to america by thousands every month! If we don’t do anything, I can see us just the same. They are taking over! They are leech that will do anything to comer to USA live from the government, lie, and destroy the country. Will I be punished for defending this extraordinary country?…

    • Well it IS happening in the US also! Muslims like Hakeem Jeffries,Ilhan Omar,Rashida Talib,and others are plotting to replace our laws with this SHARIA BULLSHIT! We ALREADY have laws here in the USA, we don’t need heathen immigrants coming here to undermine and overthrow the ONLY God-fearing (not allah) nation left on Earth!!! Decent people are SICK of this crap! I would LOVE to live in a world where nobody hates anyone else,but, WE DONT LIVE IN THAT WORLD!!!!

    • Michael Wynne – by the Koran, the only way a muslim can be certain of their 72 Virgins in their Paradise is to be killed while killing as many others (non-believers, infidels) as possible at once.
      Women are not considered worthy of Paradise unless young (age 6 9) and virgin when the die.
      Muslims are right about women. They are traitors to their men & to their country because of their extreme weakness of mind & body .

  58. To me, that Man threatened all of Swedish citizens of their own country and that man and anybody else that pulls this type of threat needs to be expelled from that country!!!!!

  59. The Swiss and other EU countries who allowed all the illegal arab aliens to invade their countries are now suffering the consequences. America will suffer the same if we DON’T do Immigration reform and build the wall!!

  60. That’s what you can expect from a SOCIALIST COUNTRY!! No law and order to protect its people!? SWEDES, you need to organize a strong militia.
    Swedish fighters in WWII were useless and we had to save their butts. This is all about Muslim take over and wipe out Christianity !!!!!

    • Socialism is an economic factor that doesn’t have anything to do with this jackass Arab’s racial impudence.

    • Al Sharpton jr. – socialism is the key to understanding national socialism (nazi, fascist) and international socialism (COMMIEISM) – that is the key to the significance of the term NAZI-COMMIE!

  61. I believe when ever a Muslim Terrorist is Killed after killing and American ,
    the Muslim Man killed be Buried with a dead Pig beside him in his grave.

  62. Likewise glock19fan but NO WAY would I want to go there now either. In addition, they’re now virtually cashless which means that every time a foreign visitor buys something (inevitably on a card), you’re paying an extra fee!

  63. Whwt is the matter with the Swedish government? What a bunch of pansies! Do their schools indoctrinate the children with something like “The Fine Art Of Surrender?? My wife and I would have liked to visit there at one time but no longer.

    • That is also the reason why I don’t go back to my homeland Germany. All them so called refugees 90% of which are terrorists are trying to take over the country and get more rights than a German. I had thought I might want to spend my retirement years there, but no more I am staying in the USA. Been here for 43 years and Trump is the best President ever so I am sticking with it. Merkel needs to go she’s the one who allowed them all in with her “wir schaffen das schon”. It’s a shame what’s happening in Europe. Hopefully they wake up soon.


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