Sweden Makes Way For Migrants By Displacing These Vulnerable Citizens

(Tea Party 247) – Sweden has a migration problem. This has been obvious for several years now by the increases in violent crimes such as grenade attacks and rape. Yet, their migration policies continue to stand unchanged. Not only does nothing seem to be changing in the way of policy but it appears migrants are receiving favor over actual residents of Sweden who have lived in the country their whole lives.

As if it isn’t bad enough that Swedish citizens are paying the price of this massive migration with their own safety, now Swedish officials are displacing senior citizens to make room for migrants.

Summit News reports:

Dozens of elderly residents were forced to leave their apartments in an area of Stockholm after the block was closed, only to be re-opened again for migrants to replace them.

Residents at Dianagården were told they would have to leave because the toilets in the facility were 5cm too small to comply with regulations.

However, soon after the 48 apartments were emptied, they were filled with newly arrived migrants.

“It was later revealed that politicians planned that immigrants would instead move into the premises,” reports Fria Tider.

In 2015, Sweden accepted more refugees per capita than any other country, and despite worsening problems with sexual assaults, grenade attacks and violent crime, the inflow shows no sign of being seriously restricted.

A recent opinion poll found that the anti-mass migration Sweden Democrats are now the most popular party in Sweden. The Sweden Democrats would get 24.2% of the votes if an election was held today, beating the ruling Social Democrats.

Back in October, Leif Östling, former CEO of trucking company Scania, warned that Sweden is heading towards civil war due to uncontrolled mass immigration.

“We’ve taken in far too many people from outside. And we have. Those who come from the Middle East and Africa live in a society that we left almost a hundred years ago,” he said.

What an absolute tragedy that the Swedish government has placed more value on migrants, many of whom are dangerous and completely unwilling to assimilate to Swedish culture, over their own senior citizens who have lived in and paid taxes to Sweden their whole lives.

How do these politicians sleep at night?

It’s always so baffling how elected officials are seemingly completely uninterested in the will of the very people whom they have been elected to serve. Since when did serving party lines become more pressing than serving the will of the people? Surely, this is the case in Sweden as well as most democracies around the western world.

Perhaps if the countries in the Middle East and Africa began to adopt more civilized ways to operate society they wouldn’t need to flock to other parts of the world. Notice how the countries who take on millions of these migrants don’t seem to be benefitting from them or coming out better off.

That is the reality of mass migration from the Middle East and Africa.

Also, important to point out that many of these migrants don’t actually “need” to flock to other parts of the world. There is a massive plot on behalf of Islam to infiltrate and dominate all corners of the Earth and we are seeing it being played out right before our eyes.

Apparently, the Crusades are too distant a memory for the leaders of Europe to learn from. Now they are welcoming in Muslims by the millions, with open arms. It will be to their own peril.


  1. The reason my father left Sweden after the First World War. The Government is not working with the citizens. Citizens come first vs strangers.

  2. Hey Dad, are you un-armed and dangerous to yourself…. and your family?
    Did your new neighbors trash their country and now come to trash yours?
    Are you so liberal and free-lovey that you expect that God will make everything come out OK in the end? Perhaps you will invite your neighbors to come into your home to live and mate (or whatever you call it) with your daughters. Maybe you call it Allah’s Will.

  3. Sweetens government has been bought off by the one world order billionaires, and this is why they want their weapons so they can destroy the country with these immigrants that they were stealing from the people there and that’s why they want their guns. The Swedish people need to hang your politicians everyone of them as the people of the country or first and foremost not a bunch of people who’ve been sent there to suck it dry like a bunch of vampires

  4. Sweden isn’t the only country going against their own citizens! I can’t speak for all states BUT Minnesota is doing the same! they just voted here whether to let more people in from other countries. Of course they voted 3 to 2 to go ahead. People can’t afford to help themselves let alone be responsible to take care about everyone else also! We have vets and homeless trying to get along. It would be cheaper to help them in their own country and they could live in their own countries and fix them up instead of running away to other countries that have worked and fixed this country. Minnesota already has one of the largest concentrations of people from other countries. Need to start using our brains instead of leaving our doors wide open!

    • The Muslim hoard are taking over the UK and the USA too. It’s not just Sweden! The new world order is at hand. People like Hakeem Jeffries, Rashida Talib,Ilhan Omar,and many others are trying an overthrow of our government from the inside! And meanwhile our military service members are being slaughtered by Muslim Saudi nationals on our AMERICAN BASES! WTF!!!!

  5. Those who would displace their older citizens for those who shouldn’t be there in the first place are already finished! Say good bye to your culture…

  6. I thought refugees were supposed to return to the country of origin once the war was over. Pack the whole lot of them into buses, trains, planes and send them back to their own countries.

    • Maggie if you wait for the war to be over in those countries then the answer will be never. All those people have been at war since the beginning of time and nothing has ever changed there.

  7. My dad emigrated from Sweden to America and loved this country so much he would cry every time we said the Pledge of Allegiance. That being said, I warned the next generation of Swedes what they were in for. They had the look of a deer in the headlights. They absolutely couldn’t see it. We will see if the Viking in them overruns the politically correct politicians but we will have to wait a little longer it seems. Study history and you will get all your clues. An awful lot of our citizens are lazy and stupid and looking for a handout. All democraps look like my cousins when you explain this stuff-deers in the headlights!

    • Hate to tell you this Llantar but think it is all ready too late for your people and they along with all of Europe will be overrun and since most are on your generous welfare system will bankrupt Europe.

  8. This is playing by the New World Order which used a liberal ideological talking points f****** p*** implementing planned One World Government

  9. Where did the Swedish people who lived in those 48 apartments go? Maybe nicer places? I mean after all, those toilets were way too small! lol My family lives in Sweden and they see nothing!

  10. Just who do these politicians think they’re representing . . . Have they totally forgotten WHO voted them into office . . .?
    When did sound common sense become non existent.
    They are a bunch of self serving morons.
    They have no idea, how angry we are with all of them ?

  11. Islam is a scourge of the earth!
    The Social Idiocy of the progressive left is complicit in the “peaceful “ conquering of Europe which is in the koran/ie conquer the infidels by “peaceful means or by the sword! The islamic believers just
    have to “walk” across the border! Watch out USA the same thing is going to happen if the progressives and liberal democrats have their way!

  12. What we are seeing with immigrants fleeing their native countries is due to shortages in their home nations. From shortages in food, housing, and corrupt governments, violence, to the many other major problems they face is all due to OVERPOPULATION!

    Overpopulation is the greatest problem facing humanity. It will eventually cause its demise. That’s why WE MUST control our borders or we will become inundated with millions of immigrants fleeing unlivable conditions in other nations.

    That’s why the liberal and Socialist/Democratic belief in “Open Borders” must be stopped or we will be screwed big time.

  13. I lived and worked in a Muslim country for 2 years in 1986-1987. I was there as an advisor instructor to the Royal Saudi Air Force. I flew throughout the Middle East and Eastern Europe and Western Asia. This was 40 years ago and it was obvious to me that it was the goal of Islam especially Shite Muslims to dominate and take over the world. This is occurring more every day by migration than invasion. Wake up world

  14. If you don’t vote them out everybody gets what only you deserve. Muslims have a plan to take over the world. As far as I can see, Trump is the only head of state that can see that. Wake up fools !!!!!!

  15. Isn’t this what the dems are doing right now in our country? TRUMP and the Republican party(if they stand beside him) are the hope of ALL the people of this great country right now. According to the dems our Constitution is only what they say it is and only protects who they say it protects.

  16. So Sweden is stupid and disregards their own people, disgusting. But by the same token, the US has sanctuary counties, states and cities that protect illegal alien criminals while placing their residents in harms way.

  17. The person who wrote this article about Sweden’s immigration problems says pretty much all the truth and then some. I agree that Sweden IS headed for a civil war and it’s obvious and I think at this point, there’s nothing that can stop it, simply because they’ve allowed open boarders for too long. PS In my opinion, this is a case of Swedish government common sense.
    God speed,
    Gary G. Cramer, Tmc

    • Maybe your government should recall Greta and have her work for Sweden.; A 16 year old should have all the answers to the immigration problem.
      John Atkinson, USA

  18. That it will! What a mess! Like America the migrants won’t assimilate so they’ll go back to a 3rd world country. Destruction coming!!!

  19. This is tragic,the problem is the government can’t see the wood for the tree’s. One day they will be very sorry,when the country will be ruled by Sharia law.

  20. They are committing national suicide. Their language and culture will die eventually. Their sense of self-loathing must be tremendous to not only allow this to happen, but to actually encourage it, by allowing unlimited immigration into their country. How sad for them. All cultures are NOT the same , and all groups do NOT have the same set of values. Governments ignore this truth at their own peril. They are not importing people alone. They are importing problems for their society.

    • That’s also why the dems are constantly pushing “gun control” legislation. Once they reach total confiscation of all guns, then you’ll see the real democratic party in action. They’ll have no reason to be “nice” about any legislation anymore. Already starting in Virginia where on Jan 1, 2020, a whole slew of gun legislation will be introduced. You’d think they had a mandate instead of barely squeaking in. That hopefully will change in 2 years, but I doubt it. Once they have the guns, we’re all screwed.

  21. These are not “migrants” but invaders! I wish articles would stop calling them “migrants” as if they have some right to enter the host country? They are, an advance army sent to repopulate the “host” country, like a cancer, eventually killing off the “host” or assimilating it to itself. What happens when an invading army conquers a country? They change the country’s, laws, religion, language and possibly race (over time). Western countries have been hoodwinked to feel guilty, and accept these foreigners whose purpose is to take. Besides, why do western countries HAVE to open their doors to people?? Why do the western countries, belong to anyone who wants to come or who is aggressive enough to push their way there? It’s all a matter of time, although it already starts when the white or European people are persecuted, abused, enslaved, and conquered. Its blatant state sanctioned racism and genocide.

  22. Stupid is all I can say. It’s a fast way to finish up the Caliphate the muslims want. Why would a country want to destroy itself? History is being changed and destroyed in our schools and that is one of the reasons this is happening. If you don’t know you’re past you’re doomed to repeat it.
    Read about the history of Islam and you will see this is the plan and has been for hundreds of years. Just like the impeachment has been planned for 4 years. No surprise here.
    We are headed that way too, thank God for Trump stopping the influx of the Muslims that want to take over our country.

  23. It’s not our agenda…the people’s agenda…it’s the mandated agenda of the elites.Our societies in the West are undergoing change and that includes the morals of our nation states.It’s both a frightening and sad time.May God intervene for those who are losing their homes in Sweden through no fault of their own.

  24. The immigrants can field an army bigger all the middle eastern countries combined. Kick them out and send them home to clean up their own mess

  25. Liberalism is a mental disorder! The direction that Sweden is heading will spell doom for that once great society. America will end the same if we allow the democrats power, only next time they will not do it (make their changes) slowly instead they will speed up their vial plans to destroy everything we have come to love about America. Wake up and vote these bastards out.

    • Steve, you are 100% RIGHT ! It makes me sick to read that this liberal government, places SO much value on Migrants , that they would throw their OWN people to the “Wolves”. These migrants do NOT assimilate into their Swedish culture, just like the Migrants that have come to America, and EVERY other NON-Muslim Country. ALL they do is bring crimes, like RAPE, suicide bombs, and God knows what other crimes !
      Sweden was once a wonderful Country. STOP letting in these MIGRANTS !

  26. PS let me add this. When a nation can not reproduce itself, it will die. What will happen if nothing else happens earlier, sometime in the decade of 2060? It is called demographics. What with Sweden’s birth rate is around 1.29- 1.4? Muslims by adding to their birth rate of over 3.

    But the important matric is the Muslims are in their spiritual-courage cycle while native Sweden is in their dependance-apathy and decant cycle of civilization. The commie took over the Tsar of Russia with just about 900,000 engaged Bolsheviks .

  27. It’s one thing to allow im(migrants) to settle and totally another thing to kick out the native elder seniors to house the migrants. This is outrageous! If I was in Sweden I’d torch the Parliament over this. Sweden’s People need to eject its political class, deport them or try them for sedition.

  28. The nation deserves what will shortly come to pass as to the time table of history: Bondage. Sweden is in the apathy-decant cycle of civilization.

  29. Not much different here…Why do you think we have such a Big Homeless Problem?!!! The illegals get more, much more government perks than American Citizens trying to pay their rent!!!

  30. Gutless cowardly populace. Are allowing this to happen all over the world.Violence of the migrants & the politicians is the only final solution

  31. The Swedish folks need to bend over and get the KY Jelly as their government is fixing to stick to them. They have the morons running their country as the Dumbocrats are here. Obama is getting his hope and change globally. It is really f**k the citizens.

  32. These politicians need to be LOCKED UP in PRISON, and sent to HARD LABOR working with the IMPRISONED (guilty) immigrants before they are DEPORTED. Sweden has just become THE embarrassment of THE WORLD.

  33. it is time to arrest and imprison those traitorous leaders at throw all the migrants out of your country on a ship to the country from where they came and those who do not agree with you can go with them… Where is your Viking heritage Sweden they’re great Norsemen.

  34. These “migrants” remind me of a plague of locusts; consuming everything and everyone in their path. This will eventually end badly for countries like Sweden and Germany who mindlessly accept these middle ages barbarians.

  35. The West will be forced with no other choice but to regain their homelands through violence. At least the former East-Bloc of Europe knows better.

  36. Its simple mathematics. If you can replace a voting block of people that would guarantee unlimited power regardless if it is right, no matter how many will suffer and if you are a socialist, well, how naive of me to think that is exactly what they will do for power even if it causes their own destruction, of which it will at some point.

  37. The democrats here are doing the same thing the illegals are taken care of before citizens that lived here all their lives and the men and women that died for our freedom God help us 😢

  38. You must conform to their ways or face harsh, over the top cruel, punishment. It is your country Sweden, your children’s blood paid for it many times over. You must revolt (voting, demonstrations, or whatever the Swedish way is) over this and take back your freedoms….while you still can. Otherwise you will become immigrants somewhere. Do not lose your identity, you are a mighty people

  39. You politicians are despicable. Do you think for a minute that the migrants give a damn about you or your country? You owe your own citizens, not a bunch of Muslim invaders. You are a bunch of brainless twits!

  40. Crooked Hillary and Obama wanted to invite hundreds of thousands of immigrants into the US. Trump cut that off quickly. Swedes need to rise up against these politicians and do the same. The violent muslims want to take over and the politicians are letting them.

  41. It is time for Legal Citizens of all Countries World Wide, empty the Gov offices of the lyers and deceivers. It is time to Drain all the Swamps. Freedom and God Fearing people should not allow others to control how they live, and who shall live among them!

  42. The Swedes (and other Euro-trash) will soon be the slaves of the invaders. I hope they wake up before we have to save them. Again.

  43. Our country is basically doing the same thing to us with south of the border gutter rats, it’s all part of the master plan set up by the UN/EU, the cover for the NWO !!

  44. Sweden, ENGLAND, and pretty soon the US,,,,it’s a holy war migration. Where are the Crusaders when we need them? Ask any Swedish woman raped or family destroyed by an animal immigrant. AMERICA must fight this here …..BUILD THE WALL. We must go back to WWII restrictions to keep America free. Stupid Swedes …they were the weakest bunch in WWII we had to save their behinds! Stand up and rid your country of these animals.

  45. How does that saying go; Insanity is doing the same over again and expecting different results!? Thought the Swedes were smarter than that.

  46. Americans and Jews, look at the shit hole, garbage holes, piss holes, and Europe isis a land continent of dis-informanty.


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