Sweden Makes The Right Call: Decides Against Dropping This Important School Subject

(Tea Party 247) – From the country who brought us the delightfully hysterical Greta Thunberg, comes a shocking display of rational thinking. Sweden has decided to reverse course on their attempts to do away with teaching history. That’s a relief for Swedish children although if Thunberg is any indication of the education system in Sweden, it’s going to need a lot more than just keeping history as part of the curriculum to give those kids a proper chance.

Summit News reports:

Skolverket initially announced a plan to abolish teaching of history prior to 1700, including ancient Greece, the Swedish Great Power era in the 17th century, Rome, and the dark ages.

The classes were set to be replaced by a greater focus on “postmodernism” and the post war 20th century era.

However, the board was forced to back down after acknowledging there was “a lack of support for our suggestion.”

The original proposal was widely denounced, including by Professor of History Dick Harrison, who labeled the idea “intellectual suicide and f**king sick.”

One wonders what kind of state a country is in that it would try to abolish teaching of its own history.

Back in 2017, “cultural journalist” Kristina Lindquist said that Sweden is so xenophobic, it doesn’t even deserve to celebrate its own national day and that “nationalism should be wiped out.”

The next year, Sweden appointed a Pakistani Muslim migrant as the head of its national heritage board, with the individual admitting that he had not “read anything about cultural heritage.”

The very suggestion that any school should stop teaching history is completely insane. Having a well-rounded knowledge of our world is crucial to having a proper education and developing a healthy world outlook. Of course we don’t live in ancient times anymore but the contributions made to the advancement of society have come in all periods of history and should be recognized, acknowledged, and understood.

The one group of people who would like to do away with history is the left. History rarely supports leftist talking points and their lives would be much easier if they didn’t have to contend with historical facts. One such example would be slavery in America. The left has changed history to such an extent that the majority of black Americans are actually Democrats and support the left. Let that sink in.

Muslims living in Sweden are another group who would likely support the doing away with teaching ancient history. It’s better for them if the people of Sweden don’t really know much about the Middle East and Islam’s dark and sordid past. Sweden has been overtaken by Muslims in recent years thanks to droves of “refugees” from Syria and other countries.

These Muslims really don’t even pretend their goal is not to spread Islam. Doing away with history classes would certainly benefit the Islamic global endgame. Entire generations could grow up being completely ignorant about Islam and what the true intentions of this religious cult really are leading to mass conversions.

Good thing Swedish officials had a change of heart and decided to take the path of sanity and rationality. We aren’t sure where they are going wrong with the turning out of children like Thunberg but at least for now we can count this as a victory.


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