Survey Reveals Unprecedented Number Of Republicans Have No Faith In Election

(Tea Party 247) – It should be pretty obvious to most Americans by now that the 2020 presidential election was rigged and that Biden and the Democrats are attempting to steal it from the American people.

The fraud and corruption have been obvious yet millions of Americans actually believe the Democrats’ lies that everything was “safe” and “secure.” On the other hand, millions of Americans also believe that it was stolen.

Politico’s 2020 Voter Priorities Survey found that the vast majority of Trump voters believe the election was rigged and that illegal voting and fraud occurred. The survey revealed that 21 percent of voters believe the results are valid while a whooping 79 percent believe the election is corrupt.

Almost two thirds of Trump voters say they don’t accept the results of the election presenting an unprecedented level of distrust in American elections. When voters were asked if they accept Joe Biden as the winner of the election, 97 percent of Biden voters said they did while only 38 percent of Trump voters said the same.

When it comes to the corrupt mainstream media, 83 percent of Trump voters believe they are the enemy of the people while 72 percent of Biden voters trust the media and feel they play an important role in our democracy.

The survey also revealed that tensions between political parties are continuing to grow as 81 percent of Republicans say they have “less respect” for Democrats than they did four years ago while 77 percent of Democrats feel that way about Republicans.

Sixty-one percent of Republicans say we should keep the Electoral College while only 32 percent of Democrats said we should not and 59 percent of Dems said they want to end the Electoral College and just go on the popular vote.

The survey also found that Republicans view Trump and Pence (separately) as front runners for the 2024 GOP nomination while Independents are looking at candidates like Ted Cruz and Nikki Haley.

Breitbart reports that the survey polled 1,500 voters online from November 10 to November 19 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2.5 percent. The survey defines Republicans are those who self-report as “Strong Republican” or “Moderate Republican” and Independents are defined as those who self-report as “Independent”.

The poll surveyed 1,500 voters online from November 10 to November 19. The margin of error is plus or minus 2.5 percent.

The fact that so many people now distrust our election process in the US is most definitely troubling. How can we ever have fair elections again if the American people have no trust or faith in the process?

It should be a cause for concern among Democrats that their elections officials aren’t willing to even acknowledge Trump’s claims of fraud and corruption. Unfortunately, they have all been brainwashed by the lying mainstream media into accepting that there was no way any fraud could have been committed.

The mainstream media has caused so much division in this country and they truly are an enemy of the American people. They’ve abandoned all integrity to operate as the propaganda mouthpiece for the Democrats and the Deep State.

Until the media is held accountable and shut down for their blatant abuse of the public’s trust, America will continue to suffer and be divided.

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  1. Not only do the majority of conservatives put no faith in the reports by the MSM regarding the election results; but we also put no faith in the Republicans who are telling Pres. Trump to just go ahead and concede. These Republicans were either not up for re-election and aren’t presently worried about their positions being up for grabs or they won their re-election and now, they don’t mind throwing the man responsible for their win overboard. Trust me, the only reason some of these wimpy, spineless Republicans were re-elected is because we wanted Trump to have as much support in DC as possible. Believe me when I say, the establishment Republicans are every bit as corrupt as the progressive socialist Democrats. None of them are to be trusted.

  2. the DEEP STATE who allowed this VOTING FIASCO should be SENT to FEDERAL PRISON as per the U.S. Constitution for SEDITION and TREASON . . . PERMANENTLY, if not HANGED at the END of a ROPE as a TRAITOR. GITMO or LEAVENWORTH will do fine. One THOROUGHLY Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020.

    • Why isn’t the DOJ doing something besides drawing a paycheck? ALL of the people involved in this fraud should be arrested and put in prison. After all they now have plenty of space after the liberal governments released all the hard core criminals. This country is going quickly to socialism and communism and it seems the only way to combat is to revolt.

  3. The Communists have succeeded beyond their wildest, wettest dreams in stealing this election for President! Joe Biden is merely a prop, a tool, a figurehead if you will, in the entire farce! The Communist goal is to supplant Biden under the 25th Amendment, thus making an avowed Marxist named Kamala Harris POTUS by default and Constitutional “order of succession.” This election was SO CORRUPT that even a BLIND person could see through it! I would be remiss if I neglected to mention the role played by the mainstream media in the suppression and control of the free flow of information concerning the Trump Administration! Way to go, America! You’ve opened the door to the raging heathens of political purgatory! Live with it if you can!

    • Michael, due to friends and relatives watching fraud being committed with their very own eyes, you are exactly right. The question is: what are you and we going to do about it?!!

  4. Unless we get this FRAUD under control and elect the duly elected PRESIDENT which is POTUS TRUMP, our voting doesn’t matter any more. We would become a BANANA republic, and the SYSTEM elects who IT wants, NOT WE The People. That’s why I recommend a Convention Of States or a SUCCESSION to REIGN IN our Federal GOVERNMENT. The U.S. Federal Government has gone ROGUE, dropping our SOVEREIGNTY to the GLOBAL ELITES, ushering in GLOBAL SOCIALISM, Global Communism, then the New World Order. The results would NOT be very Pretty . . . AT ALL. One THOROUGHLY Enlightened Patriot Sounding The Alarm. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  5. This fiasco was not an election. It was a selection made by the vile media and anti-American democrats who despise our country and President Trump. Our Judicial system has failed us miserably and the mob rules. Biden is an ancient, frail, old man suffering from dementia!

  6. This election steal has been in the works since shortly after the 2016 election with the Trump win. It will most likely take several year (if ever) but I believe we will find that the virus was bought and paid for by high profile D-rats such as Obama’s, Clinton’s, Biden’s, Pelosi’s, Soros, New media outlets and the like types to disrupt this election. 3.5 years to get a virus created and surprisingly released right before an election year. We can go to a store to buy things but we couldn’t vote in person.
    Is there proof, no. But I do think that this scenario is more that possible.
    Will I ever trust election results again? Absolutely not

    • I think you are absolutely right Cathy. I agree completely with everything you said. I have thought this right along. They couldn’t get rid of Trump by any other means, and they tried constantly for 4 years, so Covid and election fraud was their last chance. It’s horrifying to realize the direction our beloved country will be going next.


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