Super Woke John Jay College Prof Posts This Helpful, Instructional Pro-Tip To Twitter For Leftist Anarchists

(Tea Party 247) – Since America is apparently a wicked society characterized by racism and hate, it’s only natural that the totally sane and reasonable radical left would want to destroy our heritage, erase our history, and completely revolutionize our culture.

No matter the fact that America’s heritage is, in fact, one of equality and love. In a time when slavery existed all over the world, it was Americans that decided to take a stand for the lives of slaves and declare that all men were created equal. It was America that fought a civil war that cost the lives of over 600,000 Americans to abolish slavery and set the world stage for other countries to do the same. Because of this slavery has not existed in America for over 150 years.

Nonetheless, leftists have determined it is our heritage that needs to be destroyed and they’ve set out to do it one statue and monument at a time. While they have managed to destroy countless statues of various historical figures (many having fought for the Union and the end of slavery), one enlightened and super-woke college professor has pointed out that they could be moving at a much faster rate and cleansing our culture way more efficiently. How helpful.

John Jay College Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Erin Thompson, who teaches “art crime,” took to Twitter to issue her pro-tip on how to best topple statues and monuments so that they’ll “go [down] faster.”

“I’m a professor who studies the deliberate destruction of cultural heritage and I just have to say… use chain instead of rope and it’ll go faster,” said professor Erin Thompson on the social media platform.

The tweet was in response to a video of “protestors” destroying a statue of Christopher Columbus at the Minnesota State Capitol earlier in June. According to Breitbart, the tweet has received over 382,000 likes and more than 93,000 retweets as of Friday.

“As America’s only full-time professor of art crime, I study the damage done to humanity’s shared heritage through looting, theft, and the deliberate destruction of art,” reads the professor’s biography on the school’s website. If she literally studies the “damage” done by looting, theft, and the “deliberate destruction of art” (which statues are), it’s quite remarkable how supportive she is of the current efforts to do such in America.

“Currently, I am researching the ways in which terrorist groups both sell and destroy art to support their genocidal campaigns, as well as the legalities and ethics of digital reproductions of cultural heritage,” Thompson’s biography amusingly adds.

According to Breitbart News, the professor pointed them to her recent interview with the New York Times, in which she argued that the destruction of historical monuments is completely normal.

“Destruction is the norm and preservation is the rare exception,” said Thompson in her interview. So, apparently, because throughout history preservation has been more challenging, we should just throw our hands up and let the vandals do their thing?

“I think a lot of people assume that since I’m an art historian that I would want everything preserved but I know that preservation is expensive,” added Thompson, who went on to cite how expensive it was for the University of North Carolina to maintain their statue of “Silent Sam” in response to protesters continuously attacking it.

“I look at these statues as money sinks,” the professor argues, you know, since leftist anarchists can’t seem to stop vandalizing them. What kind of logic is this? Since people can’t control themselves and not destroy statues we should just let them be toppled to save money? What?

Thompson also claimed that when a historical statue is desecrated, such as ancient Roman statues that get their eyes gouged out or their ears cut off, “it’s a very satisfying way of attacking an idea — not just by rejecting but humiliating it.”

“These attacks show how deeply white supremacy is rooted in our national structure — that we need to question everything about the way we understand the world, even the past, in order to get to a better future,” she added. Apparently, tearing down statues proves and validates the argument that white supremacy is at the core of America (the country that abolished slavery).

If all of that wasn’t bad enough, she then said that what American radicals and anarchists are doing is completely different than what ISIS does since “ISIS was destroying monuments of a tolerant past in order to achieve a future of violence and hate.”

“These protesters are attacking symbols of a hateful past as part of fighting for a peaceful future,” added Thompson of “protesters” in the United States. “So I think they’re exactly opposite actions.” A hateful past? For someone who claims to actually study history she sure is ignorant of it.

This is the left, folks. Ever learning and unable to attain the truth. Professing themselves to be wise only to be fools. Thompson is, unquestionably, a fool.


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  2. I thank God that people like Erin Thompson and institutions like John Jay College are finally exposing their hypocrisy. Finally, the American people will realize that we are being scammed by the educational system in the United States. They are deliberately devaluing our history through lies and deceit. In the end, Truth will be triumphant.

  3. You got a problem with people destroying stuff or tearing it down. Eliminate the problem and those that instigate it. With force if necessary. End of problem

  4. This is why this generation is so screwed up! Because of screwed up professors like this!
    I would not want my children being taught by such a screwball like this. When the schools open up again
    and they have a layoff, professors like this should be the first to go!

  5. These are the deranged people teaching our vulnerable youths, they need to be reigned in, the Universities, colleges, and schools of higher learning are asleep at the switch, they rake in the money and cannot hear or see the harm being done to the country and future leaders. The only thing they respect is money, and that is where we need to hit them… in the wallet. We need to pass a law, under the EEOC, to criminalize educational malfeasance, called….”Hostile Learning Environment”, this is no different than a …”Hostile work Environment “. It is illegal for a workplace superior to use their power and position to coerce subordinates, so too it should be illegal for a professor to coerce a student to acquiesce to their non course work ideas and demands. This legislation would allow the students to sue the college and professors, for their unprofessional conduct, discrimination and intimidation. When institutions have to pay large legal settlements, they would clamp down on out of control professors, and force them to keep to the course study materials students pay to be taught. No student should be forced to be indoctrinated in a captive setting, while being battered with threats, humiliating comments and defaming rhetoric’s. Professors have tenure, which gives them wide latitudes so they can teach freely, but it does not give them the power to be tyrants, holding students in servitude to their radical philosophies and indoctrinating political ideologies.

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  7. What school is dumb enough to have a position for a whack job like her. And what is her degree in? Are schools just making up degrees so they can take students money?

  8. A fool is too forgiving a term for this professor. She is at best a mental case, deranged, and destructive. Glad there is only one of her type career (well, according to her at least). Stupid requires the possibility of sense. She is not stupid nor ignorant. She is evil incarnate. All she can do is destroy and lie about why she is doing it.

  9. How about the people who hired her? How is it they saw her as qualified and having insights students needed to know?

  10. Expensive to save culture??? What is the expense of NOT saving culture?? Ask Venequala, or China, NOKO,or Cuba. Pror (not sure if it is he or she) is correct, though, that heritage is expensive to save and rarely is – examples of expense are the Civil war, revolutionary war, WW1, WW!!, the list of costs is extensive but the benefits are even longer. How much of our tax payer money is supporting a university that pays someone to teach how to destroy our heritage???

  11. The term “white supremacy” has nothing to do with skin color or even people in general. It is code meaning western civilization. They must destroy the history of western civilization in order to create and implement a totalitarian (or communist) state. This is what we are facing. You can bet that nearly all, if not all, of these “protestors” are going to vote for Biden. We can’t let them prevail. You can be certain of one thing, however, when Donald Trump wins reelection. The left will double down on its attempts to destroy the country and the next four years will not be pretty.

    • It’s unbelievable to me that she’s a paid teacher; perfect example of what’s (been) happening to our kids in school, indoctrination..SMH

    • These terrorists want to turn the USA into a garden spot like Africa. South African farmers were removed from their farms and many murdered. Then the blacks didn’t farm the land and SA has become a $hith0le just as President Trump has said of other nations in Africa. Now SA has food shortages.

      Let’s all keep in mind blacks are approx. 13% of USA population. Therefore they should have about that amount of representation in things. They are currently significantly OVER REPRESENTED in most things. Additionally, affirmative action programs have spent billions over 6 decades to attempt to bring them up to where they claim they want to be yet they make decisions that prevent that from happening.

      It’s time to cut them loose. Sink or swim. Bad choices usually result in bad outcomes. You choose to breed with multiple women who allow you to spread their legs and then not be a father to the spawn, then you are the direct cause of that hardship. Let’s call a spade a spade and stop this nonsense.

  12. If I made a comment like that on twitter about tearing down a statue to some leftist I would be banned for hate speech. If the left did not have double standards they would have no standards

  13. I would suggest tearing down her bio and removing her from her teaching position. She’s a clear and present danger to society. She has nothing to do in a classroom. What is she teaching, hate?

  14. Poor Lisa, bless her heart. She’s a convenient Idiot for the Left. Trying to put a financial spin on the destruction of statues is a stretch without logic. Lisa, you can’t erase history; that’s why it’s called history (something that has happened). Then again; “Progressivism is the Absence of Logic”. Lisa, you need to get your tuition refunded, the education system has let you down.

  15. Now they are considered federal felons for doing this and the last 4 have been so charged with a federal felony, this idiot can be considered an accessory after the fact in the commission of a federal felony which carries with it a 250,000 fine per statue as well as a possible 20 year prison sentence per statue. Wonder how she will like losing her job and having to make sure bubbette does not want to get romantic for the next 20 years

  16. This b*tchf*ck needs to be dealt with in the only way she and her anarchist kind understand! I feel absolutely no compassion for her person and no sympathy for her cause!

  17. What she’s not factoring in is when push back comes and all out anarchy starts. Doesn’t sound like a more peaceful future to me. Violence begets violence. Peace comes after everything is destroyed.

  18. Wow! What a display of lunacy. Using chains is better, huh? Did you ever hear the expression “widowmaker” being used in referring to chains? One link breaks and it’s like a .12 gauge shotgun going off. I doubt a so called “professor of art crime” would have heard this expression. lol It’s good to know that gouging out eyes on a statue is satisfying? You are wrong, though, about BLM being different from ISIS. ISIS destroyed to destroy. BLM destroyed without regard to their own heritage! They destroyed anything that was historic and now they want to go after things of Christian value(s). No, there is no difference there whatsoever. These are plays right out of the Communist play book and supported by the Democratic party. Should America become a Socialist or Communist country, I would love to see the expressions on rioters faces when they loot and riot out of displeasure then! The government won’t be counting those arrested. They will be taking body counts right there in the streets. You won’t have the protection of our Constitution because you will have given that up. You will have a Communist government saying, “Come on, Junior, let’s do this again!” Art crime is your study, huh? It sounds more like tutoring a terrorist group in efficiency is your main topic of concern.

  19. Does suggesting how to destroy statues so she can study it give her job security? Colleges have been invaded by leftist inciting riots. How sad our once prestigious universities are now bastions of liberalism and hate being taught to our kids and the parents pay for this!

  20. So “chain instead of rope”… I’ll remember that when I have their throats clenched in my fist.

    • If I get a degree in this what are the job prospects? How much does BLM pay for people to destroy art.

    • Art crime. Silly me. I thought she studied the counterfeitting of Van Gohs, Rembrandts. Sorta like Inspector Clouseau. I’m laughing about as raucously AT HER as I did at Peter Sellers’ comedy!

  21. This professor’s logic suggests that people are evil and will continue to show it by action, so drop all laws and let people be anarchists, as that will be so much cheaper!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  23. Wacko liberal in position to argue against preservation of historical artifacts indicates white supremacy is the rational behind the movement. Take a look at the crowd in videos of the destroyers and you will be many white faces in the crowd. Are they confused about their activity or what?


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