Still Not Convinced Of Clinton’s Epstein Connection? Take A Look At These Photos…

(Tea Party 247) – New photos have emerged, obtained exclusively by The Sun, showing former President Bill Clinton’s connection with Jeffery Epstein and company. In one picture Clinton is seen posing with Epstein’s personal masseuse, Chauntae Davies, and in another with Epstein’s longtime companion and “pimp” Ghislaine Maxwell.

The pictures were apparently taken during a “humanitarian” trip to Africa and actors Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker were also in attendance on Epstein’s infamous private jet the “Lolita Express.”

The Sun reports:

Now, for the first time, Chauntae Davies has revealed the extraordinary details of Clinton’s long distance flight to Africa with Maxwell and a number of other celebrities.

The star-studded group – which included actors Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker – visited Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Mozambique, Johannesburg and Cape Town in a five-day humanitarian trip.

There is no suggestion Clinton, Spacey, 60, or Tucker, 48, did anything wrong during the tour, or knew of Maxwell’s alleged activities on Epstein’s behalf, or the abuse Chauntae suffered at his hands.

However, it will further raise concerns about how some of the world’s most famous and powerful people were drawn into Epstein’s circle at a time when he was committing horrific sex crimes.

Chauntae, now 40, told The Sun: “It’s clear that Epstein was using this private jet and his wealth to get close to rich and powerful people.

“Looking back at these images now it raises a lot of questions about why Bill Clinton was using the plane and what perhaps Jeffrey may have been trying to accomplish by having him around.”

Sex trafficker Epstein – who killed himself in his jail cell in August – was accused of using the aircraft to transport underage girls to his various luxury homes around the world.

Victims of the monster say he organised orgies on board the three-engine commercial jet.

American dignitaries and rich and powerful figures – including under-fire royal Prince Andrew – also regularly travelled on the plane.

No evidence has emerged to prove that Andrew or Bill Clinton took part in sexual activity on the Lolita Express.

First, Epstein most certainly did not kill himself. If we can obtain images of a dead Iranian general from halfway around the world within minutes of it happening, surely there would be some footage of Jeffery Epstein hanging himself in a high-security prison. Yet, there is not. Simply because, Epstein didn’t kill himself. I digress.

These new photos really bring to question yet again, just what was Clinton’s connection with Epstein and how comfortable was he on the Lolita Express. He seemed awfully laid back judging from the pictures and considering the level of involvement Epstein had with sex trafficking it’s pretty hard to believe Clinton was just blissfully unaware of who his host really was and the services Epstein had to offer.

Given Clinton’s own past with women it seems highly unlikely Clinton was simply just along for the ride on the Lolita Express. Epstein’s masseuse Chauntae Davies claims Clinton was a “complete gentleman” on this particular trip to Africa, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t other times when Clinton partook in illicit sexual behavior on board the private jet or on Epstein’s private island.

If these wealthy, powerful elitists like Clinton are so innocent of any connection and wrong-doing with Epstein, why was Epstein suicided? When are these elites going to be called out for their connection with Epstein and his sex-ring?


  1. The Christian Church in USA had Great Impact Worldwide, for sending Missionaries, for Help and Assistance to all Nations of the Earth and for Supporting Israel.
    In the last Decades allowed gag to be imposed, for the sake of love. but NOT confronting the sins committed by ruler’s and even by the Church itself, handless their Authority and Influence, to the media, thus allowing Truth and Justice to be perverted by fake news, paid by corrupts like Soros… causing confusion in the World population, while the fundamentals of the Individuals, Family and Government collapse.

  2. Hey So What We r democrats . We can do anything . We have a dumbed down voters ,(followers ) So nothing will happen to us We have already collected a big fortune by receiving bribe from Every body in the world .

  3. I say…..go after those two guards that first got rid of the cameras, and then murdered Epstein and made it look like he hung himself, they did it for the big money, find out where the money is? if one of them will brake, and before someone can kill him and gain a big money account, he will tell all.

    • Don’t just go after the guards. Remember, the Medical Examiner had to write “suicide” as a cause of death. He should be looked at as well. How many zeroes did his bank account jump to say that?

    • nothing will ever happen to all those involved with this “suicide”..nothing will ever happen to those involved with the people in the last admin that are guilty of everything antiAmerican they done..Obumma, Lynch,Rice, Hilliary, Comey, and all the others will be prosecuted…theres too much corruption in “our” government and its been that way probably ever since time began…We The People are pawns of the establishment..Their punishment will come when they die…..

  4. This is Clearly what is wrong With Hillary Clinton , She Needs to get LAID , and Bill is NOT doing it PERIOD , I can’t Blame Him though , Hillary is EVIL to the Core, YUCK disgusting woman if there ever was one !

  5. In 1928, my 14 yr. old mother married my 24 yr. old father, and lived happily together until his death in 1958. Did I mention that she was Christian and he was a Jew? With this kind of a background, I take a different view of Epstein, his friends, and their foolishness. I suspect that some, if not all of those young girls may have been runaways, and already seen some adult life before they ever met Epstein. Were those girls treated badly by Epstein & company? Maybe, but I have not read or heard any reports of that. If Epstein & company not “recruited” the girls, what would have happened to them? I don’t know, but maybe things worse then Epstein’s offerings. No doubt, Epstein broke our law, and some of our published traditions. And, had he lived, he would have been punished. But, let the punishment fit the crime. This is not meant to be a white-wash of Epstein’s activities, but some insight from a different prospective.

    • So, your father was guilty of statutory rape, I don’t condemn him because I was also married to a girl that lied about her age, saying she was almost 18 when I was 21, I condemn her mother for the lie, that allowed the marriage. I was married a whole year to a 13 year old girl. she went to visit her mother and never came back, I had the marriage annulled after I found out the truth about her age.

    • The Clintons will always be looked at as Criminals who got away with it. Unless my prayers are answerrd. HELLERY cannot remain true for any long period of time. She is going to Ireland as an Ambassador of some college. Probably Harry Potter’s court. We. all know what she is! PEOPLE NO LONGER REVERE HER, SHE IS TOO SCARY TO THINK SHE TOOK A TURNAROUND. CHELSAE IS ALSO JUST AS CRIMINALLY GUILTY OF ALL SORTS OF INTRIGUE. SHE HAS A FORTUNE OF MANY MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN HER BANK ACCOUNT. LIKE Mother , like daughter! CROOKED FROM THE TOES UP.

  6. Bill Clinton’s activities still live on even though he is very much gone from the political scene. Due to his crimes being so monstrous.

  7. This is peanuts, look into Flight 800. Bill Clinton was president and found a way with help from both CIA and FBI to cover up the entire thing. Plane was shot down and hundreds of eyewitnesses and yet they were told that they didn’t see what they did see. Doc. is also out please look it up Flight 800 or read the book of facts. Let’s reopen that!!!!

    • I totally agree about Flight 800. Hundreds of people saw what they saw. Yet the FBI claimed they didn’t! I will NEVER forget it!!!!

  8. More and more of these horrific and hidden persons, who generally are extremely wealthy, powerful people, who participate and practice and raise up their own children to take part in and continue these satanic behaviors and events will be brought to light. It is going to be a gut wrenching revelation when all the abhorrent and deviant events and the players are placed openly before our eyes and No One can deny or explain it away (like Prince Andrew tried to do).
    God help us.
    There is a woman here who experienced ritual satanic abuse. I could not have ever really imagined what I see and hear from her.

  9. Wish the Clintons would leave our country or stfu! Hillary lost the coveted job cuz she was useless as sec of state and has always stood by her perv husband! I believe the women he assaulted and glad Monica kept the famous blue dress !that was a very expensive blow job to him and his pathetic family!! Wonder how Hillary and her family will explain that whole disgraceful incident to grandkids… cuz the kids will be bullied and they will ask!!
    Wait for it…. Monica got the last laugh!

    • Being a Christian of the rebirth type, the kind that was found by Christ at the bottom of the barrel, and knowing that all my sin is forgiven, I would still like to watch when Jesus takes His seat on the Great White Throne of Judgment and ole Bill and Hillary have to be forced onto their knees and hear the words OF Jesus to them, all who reach that time, and become standing before Him will be case into hell and hear the Words of; ” I knew you not, depart from me” and be case into outer darkness. It is so sad that they have not repented of their evil sin and have to go that route.

  10. i’m not surprised that clinton has a connection. & i wouldn’t b surprised if he did participate. AND i’m not surprised that this article fails to mention trump’s association & how most xtians look the other way from his wrongdoings cuz he’s the “chosen one”. as trump said, he could shoot & kill someone on the street & conservatives would still vote 4 him. hmmmmmmm.

    • Epstein was ordered out of Mara Lago, and told to never return, because he was caught messing with young girls at the pool, there. Yep, you’re a liberal who sees nothing wrong with anything a liberal does, but conveniently leave out details like I just provided.

  11. So? DemocRATs only care in hating Conservatives, they can not careless what corruption or evil their favorite president did. Actually, the #metoo movement gave him an award for “best gentleman” of the year.

  12. Though Clinton’s morals are enough to have disqualified him for any position as a representative his stated belief that “The purpose of the government is to rein in the rights of the people” and his actions in support of it make him guilty of Treason. I pray for the day when he and a lot of others sharing that guilt are held accountable.

  13. You can read a pedigree, Steve. Chelsea is the spawn of Webster Hubble. Clinton was making piggies with Barbara Streisand that night.

  14. And now Chelsie Clinton is their puppet and must tow the same line. Funny that she isn’t even Bill’s child which is just another Clinton cover-up!!!

  15. At least President Trump paid Stormy Daniels lavishly. Clinton maybe gave Monica a used copy of “Leaves of Grass” with Paula Jones fingerprints all over it . . . not. But then, Clinton grew to boyhood in the village of Skunk’s Cloaca AK.

  16. Does anyone believe Clinton to be a moral honest man? I believe there are a lot of useful idiots out there but It scares me to think there might be someone that dumb.Clinton is not the only one to deny any relationship with Epstein and it would be interesting to see the entire list. Then we could set up a real life who done it game.

  17. Take a look at how flush Clinton is. Could be alcohol but more likely a side effect of a ED drug as we have seen countless pictures of him at parties and he was not flush. I truly believe that the elites are involved in all sorts of illegal activities and if you believe Epstein did himself in you are just blind.

  18. Damn straight.. she’s as bad as obummer ..we will never forget Bengazi. .. . Haiti ..and too many others ….a liar a thief…an ego maniac…she’s just rotten to the core .

  19. He didn’t kill himself. God knows and as the final judge, not looking to good for Clinton. Both of them. Sad. Sad. Sad.

  20. When (if ever ?) will the world witness the pictures recently discovered in Epstein’s belongings, of Bill
    (clinton)’s dress up debauchery and his perverted lifestyle? It is seemingly rampant in today’s DEMO cratic party, and continues on today… God Help them, and God help us, until they are eliminated from power.

  21. The powers that be are going to make Epstein out to be the big bad culprit in all of this while limiting the damage against his fellow sicko pedophiles! It will be a real shame if we allow them to shift the blame as if Epstein was the primary pig involved. I’m wondering who stepped in and took over for Epstein?? You don’t really think this ultra lucrative business has ended do you??

  22. We already knew what a PIG slick willy is, that’s never even been in question …. we are now seeing that he is also a pedo slime. I could care less what or who he does as an adult but once he crossed that line into CHILDREN, he is a straight up criminal against the most innocent of victims.

  23. YES!!! Why make laws and not enforce them??? Even when America was born, we had laws to send back immigrants who were diseased. Fill out the papers, obey our immigrant laws, and we welcome you in. Countries who want to protect their citizens put up walls or deterrents for admission into them. And why did a mass entrance happen during a critical election time from out of the blue. Coincidence? HA HA ! And why did the Democrats, who in the past were pro walls at our borders, suddenly change their minds? They want the votes to entitle them to their socialistic ideology of robbing one thing that has made America Great: Hard-working people. So the government gets total power to redo our constitution, taking away our freedoms, to line their pockets and egos, and the undeserving get everything free on our taxes. America’s money will soon run out and we will fall, just like other socialistic-minded countries.

    • Well said. This is why AIDS came in America. It came from Africa. If we were stringent on their medical history and exam it could have save thousands who did of this disease and now suffer from HIV because of it. But they don’t care. I pray that Nancy and company are voted out. Ca seems to be more corrupt than the other states. People who vote these radicals in their state are morons. I hope Mn and Ny comes to their senses. They have show multiple times that they are anti-American. For Omar to laugh on television when discussing the death of our Americans, to me that is treasonist and she should automatically be kicked out. It’s really a shame that these democrats are more upset about this terrorist who has killed hundred of thousand. He killed his own people with an uncle of compassion. He just killed 1500 of his own for protesting. He attacked our embassy but the democrats were upset about his death. This is unacceptable that they would do and say anything because of their hatred of the POTHUS. It’s a disgrace that they are making our country look like fools. They use any excuse to impeach the president. Now they want to change our constitution and have the president answer to them? If they. Change our constitution them that is a start of a civil war. With all this dissent and racism being thrown around for anything is a disgrace. This seems to be for the blacks only. They can say and insult whites and it’s not racist, but a white tries to make a point it’s racist and is prosecuted. The government has allowed this double standard and now racism is at it’s highest in the country because o double standards. They want to take awY your rights to bear arms, our 2nd amendment. This was put in so the government doesn’t have control over the people. Sure there’s a lot of nuts now, but this is due to media sensation which is out of control. They also omit news clips which doesn’t show the entire scene. It’s due to the increase of mental health. Insurance companies only give 30 days or Medicaid cuts you off at 21. Are you supposed to be cured in this time frame? Sure there should be stricter laws to be able to get one and machine guns should not be available. Most of these guns used in crimes are gotten through illegal means. Congress says president isn’t above the law but apparently illegals are. These foreigners entering the country get more benefits than us but that ok? Please America vote these demented democrats out and take back our rights. Nancy is just a plain treason individual. I can’t stand when she says she prays. Don’t use God for your political gain.

  24. Epstein has had a lot more than his allotted 15 minutes of fame and whose actions and memory should be relegated to being the mere historical footnote that they are. If he should still be alive by any remote chance, he will never be free to practice his perversions again, much less move around freely! If he is in fact dead, the truth will eventually surface as to the nature of his demise – whether it was suicide or murder.

  25. The Clinton’s and others think we the people are not very smart….this will haunt them to there graves…and rightfully so..what a bunch of creeps!!

    • The Clintons have never been the sharpest knives in the drawer, although they might tend to believe otherwise. They have always fancied themselves as being pretty smart and above the law, but their day in court is coming! I wouldn’t want to be in their post when the SHTF!


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