Sprite Ad Celebrates Parents Helping Gender-Confused Children Bind Breasts, Wear Makeup

(Tea Party 247) – Last week, Sprite released an ad that appeared on Argentina’s social media platforms which depicted mothers helping their children to dress up in drag, wear makeup, or bind their breasts as they presumably got ready for “Buenos Aires Pride” which begins this month.

Elizabeth Johnston, the Activist Mommy, discussed the ad on her blog:

Because the only way to be “loving” is to support sin? 😑

Posted by The Activist Mommy – Elizabeth Johnston on Monday, November 11, 2019

Sprite, which is owned by Coca-Cola, shows a series of interactions between mothers, fathers, and grandparents and their homosexual or gender-confused children of varying ages.

Johnson notes that the ad weirdly “starts out showing a mother and son in a creepy, dimly lit room.”

In that first scene, a mother is seen helping her son wear makeup and dress in feminine atire at what is clearly meant to be a bonding, heartwarming moment.

In another scene, a mother is seen helping her daughter bind her breasts, a very harmful practice which females who wish to appear as males engage in so that their figures look less feminine.

In this instance, though, it’s just depicted as a touching, bonding moment between mother and daughter…sorry, “son.”

In another scene, a grandmother helps her grandson dress in drag and then dances around with him playfully.

Johnston notes that the background song chosen for the video, “You’ll Never Walk Alone” from the musical Carousel, is clearly being used to “tug on heartstrings” and emphasize the narrative that transgender children are victims.

In another scene, children prepare an LGBT for the Pride event while hugging their LGBT family members.

The ad concludes with the tag line “Orgullo: Lo que sentís cuando alguien que querés elige ser feliz,” which translates to “Pride: what you feel when someone you love chooses to be happy,” and “No estás solx,” or “You’re not alone.”

“Sprite is essentially saying, ‘If you aren’t like these people in the video you aren’t loving,’ which is a completely false narrative,” Johnston says. “Most people who oppose LGBT lifestyles aren’t hateful at all and are loving, kind, compassionate people who simply have different beliefs. Sprite would have you believe the opposite.”


  1. They should show parents being contacted by policeman, telling them their child was murdered for being a pervert–and it’s their fault for being bad parents.

  2. “DO NOT be fooled: The unrighteous will NOT inherit the Kingdom of God. Neither the immoral, nor the idolaters, nor the adulterers, nor the effeminates, nor the homosexuals, nor the thieves, nor the misers, nor the drunks, nor the slanderers, nor the scammers will inherit the kingdom of God… But the cowards, unbelievers, abominable, murderers, immoral will have their inheritance in the lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death (eternity in hell)… Outside will be the dogs, the sorcerers, the murderers and everyone who loves and practices the lie” 1Corinthians 6-9,10 / Revelations 21-8 y 22-15

  3. Argentina is already a sold out country, Im in the USA and same thing is happening here. Do you think the media and government really care about lgbtq+ people? This is clearly an agenda with a purpose. Have you read any books about the dystopian future where homosexuality is promoted for population control? Where they tell us right is wrong and wrong is right? Think about it, this is happening in all countries all over the world. If they can confuse enough children to take hormone blockers and get “gender affirming” surgery aka sterilization, even an increase of 10 to 15 percent more trans and gay people would mean a reduction of reproducing population in the multi millions. It’s all part of a bigger agenda that is more evil and sinister than you could even think possible. It is truly scary.

  4. well it’s time to boycott coca cola. i blame parents for this kind of abuse. their kids need to be taken away from them. they are destroying these kids lives instead of getting them the help that they need.

  5. How much “education” is required to get to the point where you cannot tell the difference between a man and a woman?
    Kicking prayer and God out of schools opened the gate to these tragic, senseless results.
    Standing up for God is the only solution to the leftist, Godless, secular thought that dominates our education system.

  6. Coke, Sprite, Pepsi…all have come out in support of the gay agenda. Soda is really bad for us anyway. Maybe time to switch to iced tea.

  7. Disgusting!, Sick!, Perverted!, Deadly to Children and Society at large!, Utterly UnGodly! If this Depravity isn’t stopped not only the Depraved but their Victims, Hell All of Western Civilization be Destroyed! With Utmost Sincerity, Robert walling.Seattle, Washington. Oh and by the way, I’m Gay and Utterly Appaled by this Evil, Crazy SHIT!

    • Robert, and in the “end times” all these things shall take place…start reading the Book of Revelations…we are there!

  8. Regarding the Article about family dressing their kids in drag…The Devil and the Anti Christ is here..taking over the world..sickening!!

  9. I say “Boycot Coca Cola”, God says: No Homosexual will enter into the Kingdom of Heaven! Look at what happened to Sodom & Gommorah & 3 other cities in the region because of their sexual immorality! Only 3 people were saved from destruction, and Millions died. It is a sign of the times the way people are living. Romans chapter 1 describes it.

  10. So disappointing that a company such a this would jump on the LGBTQ band wagon in confusing our children even more. Our Godless society is only going to get worse with the media and companies dictating to us how to rear our children without Godly values. Whether you are a believer or not in God’s word (Bible), we’re messing with the brain and that will only cause many more problems. Why do you think there is so much unrest now days? We’ve taken God’s word out of schools and let a few dictate to us what we can say and not say (our freedom of speech). Clearly we can see the path of destruction that we’re on. America is fast becoming a third world nation. Time will tell.

  11. I’ll tell you what is wrong. They are not natural & never were. In the past, like before 1950, no one practiced any LGBTQ. Nor did anyone even THINK of doing something along that line. God did not intend us to do it. We were born to be what we SHOULD be. Abuse in any form is NOT right.

  12. So you think what the Mother is doing to her son is OK, huh? Do you have any kids that are still living? I doubt it. The kids will NOT leave the decision to their adulthood, the will make it in their childhood & suffer in their adulthood. Most loving parents try to talk them OUT of changing, but the mother above is an unloving exception and as you say she is committing child abuse & mental abuse at the same time. She should be doing something about his desires to change sex, not encourage them!

  13. It really seems that you couldn’t care less about these poor kids & there parents who don’t know how to raise them lovingly. I pity your kids, if they are still living. You obviously do NOT know how to raise properly. Glad you were not MY mother.

  14. growing up, a boy was a boy and a girl was a girl. We didn’t have a lot of nut jobs TRYING to confuse us. And somewhere down the line(usually in our mid to late teens) some decided to swing one way or the other. The problem today is idiots who feel their calling in life IS to confuse children and they need to be slapped back into reality.

    • AMEN! They aren’t fit to be parents. Parents shouldn’t encourage their sons/daughters to want to be the other sex, they should encourage them to want to be the sex they ARE. “That is the sex God made you and that is exactly what I wanted. I love you as you are. Don’t make me unhappy and change. Can’t you do stay the same for me? Come here, let me give you a hug.” Then she can set up an appointment with either a minister or a psychologist for the son/daughter. Transsexuals themselves say they are unhappy they made the change, so it would be a BAD decision if he/she did it and the mother would be sorry she let him/her.

  15. Wow. I think I need to avoid Sprite in the future. It’s so sad that Coke thinks it can increase their revenue by encouraging confused teenagers.

  16. In grade school there were girls who wanted to do the things boys did and they found inconvenient to be a girl. We called them tomboys. They were a lot more fun to hang with. Even now they are because they would out and do things and don’t mind getting a little dirty. My wife of 47 years was one of them. Just because a young girl enjoys rough sports and maybe fishing or boxing doesn’t mean they gender confused. Like my daughter who loved getting into a mash pit, served in the military and boxed. At the same time she is all girl and a mother of 4.The thought of being gender confused is most often implanted by some outside person who doesn’t really understand the child reasoning. Let the kids be kids and let them grow up to be what they are going to be without inputting those in their minds.

  17. Forcing people to accept what science has proven to be a mental disorder (gender dysphoria) as “normal” is not normal. If NATURE intended for homosexuals to survive as a gender/species, it would give homosexuals the ability to procreate, mate and have children. All people should have equal protection under the law and simply be accepted for who they are but hey Sprite… where is the commercial of the HETEROSEXUALS preparing for the “I’m a man who likes having sex with a (genetic) woman’ event? Forcing social acceptance down everyone’s throat… I’m sorry, that inspires me to instead drink water.

  18. I once loved that song. No more. These people don’t know how they are damaging these individuals they purport to “love”.
    I just gave up drinking Sprite on occasion.

  19. Totally agree. The add is totally offensive. I dread it showing in America. The ones of trans asking for period assistance are so obviously disturbing. Thank you for your post. I am not against there choosing, I just don’t want it thrown in my face as a frequent add on TV.

  20. There is no such thing as being BORN GAY?, as is there is NO NATURES LAW THAT TELLS HUMANS THAT YOUR DIFFERENT FROM OTHERS reference SEXUALITY!, YOUR BORN WiTH THE (PLUMBING), that nature gave you, BLAME YOUR FATHER, since the MALE SPECIES decides your SEX!. Grow up to be what NATURE gave you!.

  21. Argentina should be made aware that this group has totally destroyed America’s Boy Scouts of America and has a WAR on women by insisting on taking away women’s rights to privacy, security, safety and modesty in all biologically designated female facilities as well as taking trophies, awards and scholarships from real women by competing in sports. In addition they promote using dangerous puberty blockers, hormones and operations on healthy children as young as 8 years old.

  22. I have no words for this commercial except DISCUSTING. How about my feelings. Doesn’t this count? This ad actually makes me feel ill. Not because these people may or may not be gay but that people who do not believe in transgender think we must celebrate their way of life. It’s completely out of control. Let children be children. Don’t take away their childhood. This is not what God’s teaching taught. Love one another, YES! Teach a child that the sex God gave them is wrong, NO!

  23. Sprite , ( IE Coca-Cola) needs to get our if the Medical Communities area of EXPERTISE!, the Medical Community needs to attempt to EDUCATE THOSE LBGT what to be’s that there is a life after your MENTAL ILLNESS PASSES!, & to most it WILL pass. GOD MADE HUMANS in his IMAGE, so why has the ATHEIST & NON-RELIGION groups decided to CHANGE the REAL WORLD?, into their FANTASY world?. Makes NO SENSE. GOD BLESS ALL.

  24. I think a lot of young people get confused when things don’t go their way and want to be someone else thinking it might be easier, but in actuality it gets even worse for them in dealing with life issues. Changing sexes might seem better but learning how to cope and getting help is simpler.

  25. There is more than one reason to stop using all products from so called Soft Drink companies. We do not need these drinks, or their
    companies telling us how to accept Evil and destructive life styles.

  26. Dayum, I just bought a 12 pack of Sprite yesterday. Do you think I can return it to the store for a refund ?? These people are sick !!!!! I guess that goes without saying.

  27. INSANITY…what is wrong with these “things”? They are children so leave them be children. My Lord they have gone off the deep end. I honestly in my heart call this aiding in child abuse. Leave the kids alone and when they become adults they will make their own decision not the selfish decision the parents impose on them. This is so mentally abusive let alone physically as well.


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