Socialist Paradise Venezuela’s Hyperinflation Wages Are Absurdly Low…This Is What AOC Wants For The US

(Tea Party 247) – Ignorance is bliss, they say. Apparently “they” have never lived in a socialist nightmare run by communists. Ignorant millennials here in America think socialism and “equality” are the answers but that’s because they’ve never been to Venezuela. It’s not realistic to send every American who supports socialism to Venezuela for a wake-up call so the best thing we can do is listen to the experience of people who have lived in the socialist hell.

Prison Planet published one such testimony. J.G. Martinez D. wrote of his experience in Venezuela and his ideas on what is going on with the country. One of the most difficult hurdles for Venezuelans to overcome is the fact that average wages are about $3 USD a month right now. Martinez says, “The hyperinflation in Venezuela made wage a complete joke. We’re talking about the equivalent of $3 USD per month. The inability of the government (by far the largest employer in Venezuela) to provide raises as this hyperinflation destroyed the remaining acquisitive power people once had and condemned millions of people to misery, hunger, and deprivation.”

This is what happens when the government is too big. This is what happens when people want the government to make everything “equal” and “fair.” Politicians in Venezuela are corrupt and have no desire to actually help the millions of suffering Venezuelans; they are too busy padding their own pockets and living in luxury. Martinez says there are demonstrations happening all across the country but they are “entirely useless, as the country is not a democracy nor there are any high-level functionaries that are going to do something. They’re too busy trying to evade the sanctioning of other countries while looting whatever is left of the national treasure.”

When Americans decide they want to swap democracy for socialism we will forever forfeit our freedom and will be at the mercy of wealthy, powerful elites. Just look at how rich and powerful politicians are nowadays. Congress is full of millionaires who claim to care about working-class America. They are only concerned with maintaining their power and wealth and if the left gets their way they will form a corrupt elitist reigning class just like Venezuela has.

The Venezuelan ruling class pretends to care about the people by using propaganda to trick them into thinking that. This is why it’s vitally important for people to be informed and educated. As Martinez says, “a highly educated population will never be subject to such a level of manipulation.”

In the US, our education system has been completely hijacked by the left. Children are being taught lies and false versions of history while colleges have become liberal echo-chambers with the sole purpose of indoctrinating entire generations into thinking capitalism and democracy are inherently racist and that America is evil.

Average Venezuelans are suffering in desperate conditions without even a living wage to survive on. Martinez believes the only way to fix Venezuela is to completely destroy it and start back at square one.

“Coming back to Venezuela, the economy is so distorted because of the elimination of 95% of the country´s income, the oil production. The only way to reactivate it, is to reset it. A full halt, and to make mandatory the use of a foreign currency already solid and established.”

This should be a grave warning to any Americans who think socialism will result in some perfect utopia of equality and harmony. It will only lead to destruction, devastation, and poverty.


  1. The democrats want an open boarder for votes, but little do they know illegal immigrants are fleeing from places like Socialist Mexico, & Socialist Venezuela. Mexico is a Socialist Country, if Socialism is so great why does the people hate it and want to leave it. Little do the democrats know, the Illegal immigrants will not vote socialist. Why would they flee a Socialist country like Mexico or Venezuela to come here and vote to make their new home a communist hell hole? I am not against immigrants coming to America Legally, no matter what country their from.

    If all Businesses owners are taxed 70% income tax, How much will a gallon of milk cost? or a gallon of gasoline cost? How much would a hamburger and fries cost if the business owner was taxed 70% income tax? I’m just saying, lets say McDonald’s was taxed 70% income tax or the Gasoline companies were taxed 70% income tax, how much would hamburgers & gasoline be?

    How can the Russians hack PHYSICAL paper ballots that was put into the PHYSICAL ballot machines? Democrats refused a recount of the physical ballots that was in the physical machines because they wanted to keep the lie alive, they hacked us. They think they can impeach him with no proof.

    Just like Al gore when he lost to George Bush Jr. He said well the chads must have fell out of the ballots. When Al gore Lost fair and square.

    If 70,000 Americans die per year to Opiates, how many years would it take for all Americans to perish? and the only ones that would be left is the Foreigners in power. I guarantee you, the ones that deal the drugs do not use them. Because they know its toxic drugs.

    Socialists want to destroy America, they don’t want to help America. Socialists are a threat to national security.

    You know the definition of the word U.S.S.R.? It means: United Socialist Soviet Republic. look it up for yourself, & the democrats blame trump for being a Soviet operative? I think the democrats are working with Socialist Russia, & that’s it. Russia is a Socialist Country.

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