So Creepy: Greta Thunberg Being Taught As Religion In Swedish Schools?

(Tea Party 247) – Swedish schoolchildren are being taught to defend the climate alarmist arguments of Greta Thunberg in a course about “religious knowledge,” according to news outet Samhällsnytt and being reported on by Summit News.

Kids are also apparently being asked to mock her opponents.

Samhällsnytt reported that the teen climate activist is being included as part of the school curriculum and is being portrayed in a very glowing and sympathetic light.

She is described by the course as an “alarm clock” that “allows us to discuss, talk, and reflect on what is happening to our world.”

One student noted that “Greta is practically painted as a saint.”

Students are tasked with making memes about Great that mock her opponents and debunk arguments made against the high-profile teen’s positions on climate change.

“In one task, they are asked to find a picture to illustrate the sentence ‘One simply doesn’t mess with Greta,’ a nod to an outdated Boromir meme from ‘Lord of the Rings,’ reports Sputnik.

Education publisher Liber asserts that it is “important to constantly offer materials and teaching materials that reflect the contemporary.”

The young Greta has been hailed as a saint and a hero by the left, although if a creepy mural of her scowling face in San Francisco is any indication, she’s more like a cult leader.

In Sweden, churches have rung bells in her honor, and last year, the Church of Sweden declared she is “Jesus’s Successor.”

In Edmonton, Alberta, another mural of Thunberg was vandalized by someone rightly telling the young activist not to tell us how to live our lives.


  1. Wait until she gets older. Undereducated, still throwing tantrums, our little Greta. I did not know the anti-Christ was to be a female. Who would have thunk it…

  2. OK, so here’s what I cannot tolerate. Ignorance… Who cares about Global Warming or it’s validity? That’s just an excuse to avoid conversation about the FACTS. Among these are 800 million tonnes of trash dumped into the oceans every year killing entire ecosystems and species. The Ozone layer is 80% gone. The Amazon rain forest “lungs of the world” is being destroyed at a record pace. The largest ice shield in Antarctica, as confirmed by scientist last week; has completely broken loose from its mainland connections. All of these things are irreparable. For those too ignorant to study such things… the ice melt calving into oceans from Antarctica annually controls the current streams of the oceans. See we argue about stupid things like rather oceans will rise ten feet in 100 years and refuse to accept that someday oceans will be dead and stagnate without their current streams. Global Warming is not necessary to destroy the ecology of planet earth. Mankind has already seen to that in irreparable degree. As far as Greta she should be in school.

    • Actually NASA came out last week and said the ozone hole is smallest it’s ever been. Do some research before spouting off troll

    • And tell Russia and China to turn of there thermal accelerator’s they are using to melt a northern shipping passage. More research for you

  3. C’mon..this brat was selected by George Soros comrades to go out into the world and preach his BS to help screw the world governments and economies . She is a fool. The ocean levels have not increased more than a smidgeon in the last several decades. The global climate warming hoax is a sham and should be ignored as there is no truth to their claims. Altering weather facts and history does not equate to an issue or problem for the world to dump trillions of dollars into to make some persons horrifically rich! As for Greta..take her home and find something happy for her to do!

  4. In Sweden they have largely rejected the “Only true GOD and JESUS CHRIST whom He has sent”, (John 17:3) so they may as well worship this little twerp as a god.

  5. I do not know her age, but her facial expressions suggest that a few rounds in the bed would pep her up. Let us hope someone male will volunteer. She needs awakening!

  6. Let’s not attack her. She has been deceived and used by these climate pushers to bolster their narrative on climate change. When you are 16 and have no life experiences and no solid ground of the truth, It’s easy to manipulate and program you to believe something you have no knowledge or understanding about. Pray for her that God will lead her to the truth and open her eyes.

    • Thank you for saying this. I have no animosity toward this child, but the contempt I feel for the adults who are exploiting her is immeasurable.

    • This site is so full of fake propaganda trying to stir up conservatives. I am a moderate and I see the BS from both sides and this is conservative BS.

    • While what you say is true. She does not need to be pandered to because of it. That only bolsters her belief she is right. She needs input from the other side of science that debunks global warming and humans as the cause. If she doesn’t get this info she has the rest of her life for us to have to listen to her. Shame on the schools of this country for not educating her or the other kids properly.

  7. Well, it finally happened. Sweden had such an OPEN MIND,THEIR BRAIN FELL OUT! Greta reminds me of Putin in that picture. Where are this child’s parents? Do they know she is a political pawn(a bad one),or are they complicit? Using a dumb kid like that is sick.

    • Her parents are all in with the Extinction Revolution movement and have home-schooled this young Asbergers child, instilling their own radical views upon her and sending her out to make their case, because how can a young girl be wrong?

  8. the Democrat party is a religion group just like the scientist , college nut, climate global warming change people all belong to the Democrats church and they use our tax dollars to fund them.

  9. Perhaps young ” greta” should consult the various oceanographic surveys published by several countries throughout the world and she would miraculously discover that the average sea level rise on the planet is 3MM /year ( approx. 1/8 INCH) essentially 30MM every TEN YEARS…..That is approx. 1.25 INCH every 10 Years !.. That rate is actually on the decline because both the Arctic and Antarctic polar ice caps are Growing( considerably ) The variations in the energy emitted by the SUN is the greatest contributor ! ( Consult NASA Satellite images )! Since 1900 the Ocean levels have risen 8 INCHES !! greta please obtain a proper education before you dictate international policy that affects billions of people….essentially… GET A LIFE !

  10. HOLD ON A MINUTE. Isn’t this the same group, you teaparty people, that jumped on the Kanye West bandwagon as soon as he used the word Jesus? So one insane crazy person acknowledges Jesus and all sins are forgiven, you love him now. But another crazy person is held in high regard by others, who then exaggerate and call that high regard some sort of worship, and you guys then hate the high regard recipient and call her all the names that you can think of. Then, after judging and hating on this child really, you go and preach about how Christian you are. Interesting. I remember that bible verse about Jesus, calling a little girl names, hateful names, and then linking her to a whole political party. Jesus was a true patriot.

  11. How far do we let this go before the educated say enough is enough,start teaching the real truth,tired of left telling me how I should live. Using kids to scare people isn’t going to work.

  12. Sad that this exploited child is being used to talk to dumb down UN reps and the poorly informed liberals, media and political leaders alike.


    • She is a 16 year old child who is autistic. Her views are not her own, but those of her publicity seeking handlers. Sadly, some of her handlers are her parents. She is being exploited for the furtherance of a political agenda that has nothing to do with human impact on climate, but with promoting a global agenda that they don’t even understand. They are stupid enough that they fail to recognize they are tools, too, and have lent their child to this maniacal mission….at the expense of her health and any hope of happiness in her future.

  14. It is obvious she WELL PROGRAMMED and BRAIN WASHED, indoctrinated. And for being so young she looks like 40 years old, truly CREEPY.

  15. He should teach that ugly duckling the real facts and not propaganda so when she does speak she won’t sound so stupid. She was in a propaganda meltdown which proved her ignorance of the facts. She will really have a meltdown when she learns she was being used and lied to which destroyed her image for life.

  16. Greta is Jesus’s Successor? She talks about climate change- Jesus talked about “people change”!
    People change includes climate change and actually produces positive, measurable results.
    Climate change produces negative, miserable results.
    Trust in God, the hour of the Lord is already here and those who endure to the end will see a wonderful, ideal world right here on earth!

  17. Liberalism practices a proven old tactic, used by the communist and Nazis. Tell a lie enough times and it will become truth. I did a study 2 years ago on climate change. I used studies from scientist of several different fields. An example would be volcanoes. I read the studies on causes of volcanoes and how they affect every thing around them. I did the same for all the other fields of science. Not one of them supported the theory being put forth by the climate alarmist. Even history, that shows from the being of time there was and is climate change, supports the alarmist theory of climate change. So why is it being taught as fact when it is not supported by real science. The liberals are or have all but destroyed Sweden and they trying to do here under the clock of LIES.

  18. She is a troubled girl with a disability who is being used as a liberal pawn! She is obviously enjoying all the attention she is getting now and doesn’t realize that she is being used ROYALLY. This child should be in counselling not traipsing all over the place screaming at people about things she really doesn’t understand.

  19. A ‘cult leader’, now that’s a nice way of putting it. In 10-12 years before the mass extinctions begin just remember to stay away from any Kool-aid.

  20. But climate change IS a serious threat. We should be grateful for Greta’s bravery
    to put herself out there as a reminder.

    • study your history, climate change has been going on since the being of time. After all what do you think happen at the end of the first ice age.The Renascence happened during a period of global warming.

    • She didn’t put herself out there, she WAS PUT OUT THERE. ANY KID, ANY KID, who’s parents are very pro green espouses the same things. Add that to constant pro green teachers and you have a automaton. I never viewed precociousness as a Saintly virtue. Not looking at it as a which group of scientists is correct thing. I do tend to think, no, that’s incorrect. I KNOWDAniel that the media is liberal, worldwide, and it has been so clearly demonstrated in this country with the suppression and fabrication of “evidence” in regard to anything that the world is not getting incomplete data in regard to the global warming phenomenon. BTW, I was a robot but inside I didn’t feel like a robot. I had an entire rewiring procedure and have adopted and am the proud mom of two slinkies.

    • There would still be in a ice age if it wasn’t for global warming. Aka climate change. So really I’ll laugh again in ten years when nothing on the planet has changed . Just like al gore said everything would be underwater by 2014 right again LMAO

  21. This doesn’t surprise me as Switzerland is another European country grasping at new age junk. They chase after anything that might make them relevant in the world without considering if it’s right or wrong.

    • She’s from Sweden, by the way, where muslims are trying to create a new caliphate… That’s a bigger problem for Sweden than climate change hoax.

  22. This is S T U P I D I T Y on STEROIDS! . . . These people are SUFFERING from a SEVERE case of the TERMINAL STUPIDS which is PERMANENT. How can ANYONE who believes in JUNK SCIENCE like “climate change crisis” be effective at remedying the world’s problems by listening to someone like Greta Thunberg who hasn’t even been to college yet, and DOESN’T have a grasp on REALITY? this is insanity on the highest level. “climate change crisis” is a LIE and a HOAX, meant to usher in Socialism/Communism, then GLOBALISM, a GODLESS ineffective and CRUEL system. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  23. What happens to and when the “cult of Greta” find out that their all to new messiah has all to human clay feet? Such has been the case with numerous false messiahs. They rise up, are found out for what they really are and fall into humiliation and obscurity. Time will prove this out to be a truth

    • Sweden is now the rape capital of the world due to the muslim invasion that the country has allowed and also welcomed them as refugees. Women are being warned not to go out alone, etc. etc. Women are no more than objects for muslim men to be raped at will.
      She would be a prime target for them to get her and the publicity that would go with it.

  24. Patriots, Patriots like myself will NOT allow these one world globalist hacks destroy our economies or our lives to implement there totalitarian scheme to enslave us under there iron fist. If those bastards want a fight, they are coming to the right group of people, American Patriots. We will give them the fight of there miserable lives.

  25. Children of the damned all she needs to do is come out of the corn field!She’s scary and an angry person run by the radical left poor thing!

  26. Education publisher Liber asserts that it is “important to constantly offer materials and teaching materials that reflect the contemporary.”

    Isn’t education supposed to be about teaching the truth?


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