SnapChat Under Fire After ‘Love Has No…Age’ Pedophilia Promoting Filter To Celebrate Pride Month

(Tea Party 247) – SnapChat has crossed a line this past weekend. June is now Pride Month. A month of unwelcome indoctrination and forced “acceptance” on the masses. Businesses and social media platforms take the opportunity to shove the hijacked rainbow down our throats, shaming us for our alleged ‘intolerance.’ While most Americans are, in reality, happy to ‘coexist’ with members of the LGBT community there is a particular sexual deviance that no one should ever accept: pedophilia.

SnapChat released a filter this past weekend as part of their “Love Has No Labels” campaign. The filter reads “love has no…” with the options of “disability,” “religion,” and “age.” Yes, you read that right. One of the options was “age.”

As of June 3, the filter appears to have been removed but the point was still made.

Just to be clear, love does in fact have an age and that age is 16 in the United States of America. Was this SnapChat filter justifying pedophilia? It sure seems that way!

There has been a massive concerted effort on the part of pedophiles to be accepted by society like most of the LGBT community is. We are seeing more and more exposure to this perversion in the media like children dressed as drag queens being exploited and television shows featuring inappropriate relationships between adults and children.

The term pedophilia is being replaced with terms like “age-gap love” and “minor attracted persons” in the attempt to get it recognized as a sexual orientation instead of a criminal act.

Schools across the country are rolling out sexual education programs for students as early as kindergarten and libraries are featuring “drag queen story times” which are often put on by men dressed as women who are pedophiles themselves. Young boys are being encouraged to dress in drag and then hang around with grown men, in some cases posing with naked men for pictures.

The targeting of children in these ways is outright grooming. It is the act of desensitizing children to the idea of adults “loving” them. It is literally preparing them to accept being molested. The LGBT community should be pushing back against this inclusion of child abuse yet it seems as though they are content turning a blind eye.

SnapChat is geared towards teenagers and is designed to make it easy for young people to share content that is inappropriate. Its feature that makes message disappear make it a perfect place to share illicit pictures and videos.

According to a report by Fortune in 2017, child pornographers are using SnapChat to easily exploit their victims and 41% of underage victims were first targeted through SnapChat in the year 2016. That is highly disturbing.

Clearly social media platforms like SnapChat are magnets for perverts looking to prey on vulnerable, naïve children. Instead of taking a tough stance on this kind of deviant behavior SnapChat decides to come out with a filter promoting it. The fact that they removed the filter is irrelevant at this point. They have caused this topic to circulate in the news cycle and have brought attention to pedophilia.

We as a society cannot accept pedophilia as just another sexual preference. This kind of perversion needs to be met with fervent backlash. Is society up for the challenge or have we been overtaken with complacency?


  1. Disgusting and disturbing. Question, when did the legal age for sex get reduced to 16? We have to stand up and fight back and never stop fighting.


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