Sidney Powell Releases Powerful Statement About Her Battle For Trump Election Legal Efforts; Says “It Will Be Epic”

(Tea Party 247) – Attorney Sidney Powell, who is currently representing Gen. Michael Flynn, who was set up by the deep state to try and take down President Trump toward the beginning of his first term in office, released a statement concerning her status with the Trump campaign’s legal efforts on Monday morning.

According to Gateway Pundit, it was titled, “Statement by Sidney Powell to ‘We the People,'” and the message was posted up on the Operation Freedom email site and then tweeted out by Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn at around 2 a.m.

In her statement, Powell made it clear that she was never officially retained by the folks at the Trump campaign, nor did she ever bill anyone at the campaign for her services. The attorney stated that she’s going to continue working on what she started and has plans to file a lawsuit this week, stating “it will be epic.”

The reason for the statement comes from the fact that on Sunday, President Donald Trump’s legal team released comments saying that Powell was not part of the official legal team and was working on her own, noting she was not a lawyer for Trump in any capacity.

Powell was actually locked out of her Twitter account on Sunday after she dared to post an article from GNews about Dominion Voting, which just didn’t sit well with the powers that be on the site, who are desperately attempting to silence any voice that might suggest some form of fraud could be playing a role in this election.

Here’s a few snippets from Powell’s full statement:

I agree with the campaign’s statement that I am not part of the campaign’s legal team. I never signed a retainer agreement or sent the President or the campaign a bill for my expenses or fees.

My intent has always been to expose all the fraud I could find and let the chips fall where they may–whether it be upon Republicans or Democrats.

The evidence I’m compiling is overwhelming that this software tool was used to shift millions of votes from President Trump and other Republican candidates to Biden and other Democrat candidates. We are proceeding to prepare our lawsuit and plan to file it this week. It will be epic.

It’s critical that people like Sidney Powell and those officially on the president’s legal team continue to work toward investigating any and all instances of voter fraud. The future of our republic hangs in the balance.

Not only in the fact that we desperately need Trump to have a second term. We do, by the way. But also because we must protect the integrity of our voting system. Without our voices being heard through our votes, our republic is dead.

We will be a “democracy,” that is run by mob rule, the mob in question being located in big cities. Those of us in flyover country will watch our freedom be whisked away.

This should not be cause for doubt. The battle is still going and there’s always hope.

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  1. The claims on the Left that there is no evidence of fraud continue. It so happens that the tampering of voting was carried out so as not to leave evidence of it. When you think of it would someone commit wrong if they would be found out. We have also found our that America’s two major security organisations were behind the switching of votes. With their fingers in the pie it would be impossible to find such evidence. It is downright shameful that it has come to this.

    • When corruption occurs at the ballot box , the bullet box must be considered. I’m afraid that the tree of liberty is getting thirsty for blood of tyrants. Right now the jury box is our last chance
      To prevent a possible civil war. The corruption of the left is just crazy. If the court’s side with corruption of the left,the bullet box may be our only hope to save tha Republic.

  2. Thanks Miss Powell for your courage to ho after these who have been attacking our core values and the greatest capitalist society in the history of the world . These billionaires that meet in Davos Switzerland to tell millionaires how they should live there lives are. Is on the verge with the help of nearly every institutions heiarchy to overthrow our elections . These huge corporations are not happy with making sickening profits there now engaged in US politics with the chief communist Soros . It’s ironic how Joe Biden and the Former Obama addministration clings to issues like climate change along with the same Billionaire corporations . While there peeling flawed data on global warming there all doing mega busyness with the number one POLLUTERS in the WORLD CHINA all this deception for the ultimate profit or return on investment . These fools must be stopped before they destroy us all .

  3. Find ALL the DEEP STATE and LOCK them up in FEDERAL PRISON . . . Permanently. GITMO or LEAVENWORTH will do FINE. One Thoroughly Enlightened And Hopeful Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020.

  4. City dwellers would lose most of their power very quickly if we in rural America refused to send them the food and natural resources they need.

  5. Success is secession. Get the red out of the blue and the blue out of the red, if we don’t get out of what was once the USA, we will become the new USSA.

    Fight if we have to. They can’t keep us, it will be cheaper to let us go.

    • Camus….I have thought that for quite some time as well… just let ’em go. But I heard recently how dangerous that would be to our security. Neither would be strong enuf militarily to ward off attacks from other countries. We could easily be taken over by a Russian or China attack….bc much of our security comes from the fact that we are geographically blessed, we can’t risk losing any states. Somehow, this country has GOT to unite &I propose 3 steps: 1. DEPORT Soros, Cuomo, Neusome, Whitless, Some Hollywood morons. 2. Keep the southern wall locked & loaded. 3. American citizens be armed and ready AT ALL TIMES. That’s a good start. 😊


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