Sidney Powell Puts The ‘Kraken’ In Its Grave Only 24 Hours Before Biden’s Inauguration?

(Tea Party 247) – High profile attorney Sidney Powell, who has been promising for several months to “release the Kraken” in a lawsuit that was supposedly going to prove there was widespread fraud in Georgia that resulted in Joe Biden winning the presidential election, has officially dropped her lawsuit with just 24 hours to go before the inauguration.

According to WND, a motion was filed with the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in which Powell and other lawyers agreed with Gov. Brian Kemp and Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to have the case dismissed.

“I feel very optimistic the truth will get out,” Powell said back in November. “Of course, everybody on the face of the earth now is trying to suppress it, including people in our own government.

“But I won’t quit until it’s out and (we) release the Kraken,” she said, referring to a line from the fantasy film, “Clash of the Titans.”

The attorney then went on to appear as a guest on numerous television and radio programs, making allegations that Dominion Voting Systems, the company that supplied voting machines for Georgia and several other states, was rigging the whole election so that Biden would take home the victory.

One of her lawsuits was tossed out by judges back in December. According to Powell, the judges had not reviewed all of the facts before making this decision.

“For them to dismiss our cases on any basis is absolutely ridiculous. We have just an extraordinary volume of evidence that you wouldn’t even put in the complaint stage of a normal case,” Powell said.

The Trump legal team distanced themselves from Powell’s efforts, making it clear she was not officially a member of their team in a tweet sent out by Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal attorney.

At this point, we all know that there was a lot of voter fraud that happened and that’s why we are seeing Biden be inaugurated today. That much is pretty much guaranteed. It’s terrible that Powell wasn’t able to move more quickly and allow the evidence to speak for itself.

Then again, judges made it clear early on they weren’t going to be reasonable about the whole thing. Guess we shouldn’t be surprised by this outcome at all. Hopefully, even after Biden is in office, there will be investigations into voter fraud so that we can protect the integrity of our election system for future elections down the road.

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  1. Well unless Dominion dropped their 1.3 billion dollar law suit against her and admit they are corrupt by doing that! This is not the end! Either way nobody is going to trust those six or eight states again for a long time! Most have forgot this was not the Democrats first time cheating and getting caught! Last time it was with the DIEBOLT vote machines! That Dominion bought! What a surprise!


  3. This elections remember the one in BOLIVIA country in 2019, they stopped the voting count at the end of the day and for 2 days, then the votes were change in favor of the same dictator. like here inUSA, but the difference was , that the people went out the streets to protest and the army support them, after several days and EVO MORALES the comunnist dictator had to resign. The people didnt need EVIDENCE, like democrats ask here, it was obvious that fraud was done and in that country no lawyers were needed.It is obvious that bolivians were more intelligent that us.

  4. There was so much proof, not just by President Trump’s team, but also anyone who looked into it. But it is really scary that courts, legislatures and the like wouldn’t even listen. We need to find a way to fight back before 2022 or our Country as we have known it will be dead.

  5. We all know how criminal he and his family is based on what has already been repealed and is public information. Why and how Biden has been allowed to become the president (not my president) is based on how crooked and rotten the deep state is.
    They just couldn’t allow Trump to regain the presidency for another term during which I’m sure he would have been able to find out where there they are operating in our government and taken steps to remove them from their positions and clean up the Washington Swamp.

  6. Did she even ask the 74 million American citizens who got robbed of their Country by this fiasco? We do not give you permission to shelve anything, or you are no better than the Supreme Court who decided they couldn’t review any evidence till After the illegal inaugaration. You can’t hold an inaugaration for anything till all the votes and cases have been decided. What kind of lawyer are you?

  7. So what happens they just get away with it? We have to get it out. I read their was definitely foreign interference. That is a CRIME. Do we just forget this?

  8. There will be no further investigations into voter fraud in the future to protect the integrity of our elections. That was obvious when all of the cases of fraud was brought before the courts and were denied. Here’s the obvious, if just one of the cases was looked into and was proven to be false all of the democrats and republican never Trumpers could have made Donald Trump and all the people who voted for him look like fools to even suggest that the election was stolen and a fraud but NO they wouldn’t look at one case or one batch of ballots that were being questioned, if that doesn’t tell you the election was a fraud I don’t know what does. What were they afraid of, my guess THE TRUTH.

  9. So! Is the dominion law suit over as well? 1.3 billion? It would be extremely funny if they after all their hype dropped the suit! That makes them look guilty as hell! Cause if it was still going at least we could see what they were doing . So we could have a chance next time

  10. The death of America is upon us. All those troops surrounding the inauguration wasn’t about security and fears of right wing attacks. Not at all. It was the left’s display of power. The message was: ‘We are in complete control. The military is ours and resistance is futile’. The purge has begun and people like Ms Powell are running for cover. They see the writing on the wall and it says: We’re coming for you with all we have and if you supported President Trump you are an enemy of the “State”. It’s come down to self preservation for all the Patriots who backed President Trump. After they’re done with the legal teams, politicians and prominent Trump backers, they will turn their sights on the average citizens who voted for and supported President Trump. Biden claimed he was going to unite America. But he didn’t mention which Americans would be invited to the party.

    • Don’t be so quick to roll over. You’re either a patriot, or you’re not. Ask yourself, why are there thousands of military personnel still in DC? Ask yourself, why aren’t they leaving? Ask yourself, why were 4,300 of them deputized with federal arrest power?

  11. The truth has no longer any place in our country! It is inconvenient and the repercussions are much too disconcerting to allow them to take up time and space on our news information centers.

  12. Why is our government so afraid to bring one of these cases to court ?? Are they really that afraid of being burned out or their families being killed ?? That’s what body guards are for. I wish someone would grow some balls. Some giant ones.

  13. Americans KNOW what happened in the election. Forget the mountains of fraudulent evidence, the very late voting results as reported were statistically impossible. Every “election” forever will be rigged now. We’re losing freedoms fast. Starting with speech. And that’s happening now. RIGHT NOW!!! And WE must fight back. America as we’ve known it, will be lost.

  14. As usual when it comes down to the short strokes Republicans roll over and play DEAD!!
    Attorneys for the Republican administration of Georgia Governor Brian Kemp have argued that protecting the trade secrets of Dominion voting software is more important than getting to the bottom of severe electoral irregularities related to the controversial systems.
    The National Pulse found key text in a court order preventing the deletion of key records in Cherokee, Gwinnett and Cobb counties. Kemp was listed as a defendant along with Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger in the civil action file that was approved by the courts to preserve potential evidence of fraud.
    “Defendants’ counsel also argued that allowing such forensic inspections would pose substantial security and proprietary/trade secret risks to Defendants,” the order reads.

  15. We knew there was going to be a lot of voter fraud when the democrats pushed for mail in voting. It made in easier for dead people to vote. Several Dominion voting machines were taken to the AT&T data center in Nashville TN. They were there to be checked out. Before it could be done the building was blown up. It should have come to no surprise after a summer of peaceful protests.

  16. I’m sick of the powers that be always telling us that it will be fixed “down the road.” They think that lets them off.; that’s how they absolve themselves from doing their jobs NOW. It should be done RIGHT THIS MINUTE, not in some foggy “future” that never comes!


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