“Sickening And Disgusting” The 4Chan Prank Causing Scottish Members Of Parliament To Melt Down

(Tea Party 247) – Progressives in Scotland are horrified at the apparition of “It’s okay to be white” signs in their fair nation, with one member of Parliament calling them “atrocious.”

Let that sink in.

A sign that says it’s OK to be caucasian, in a caucasian majority country, are worthy of being called “atrocious” by a prominent member of government.

I’m sorry, is it not OK to be white to these people? Did anyone say that it wasn’t OK to be any other ethnicity? Do these people realize not one person on this planet chooses the color of their skin? Or that the whole thing was started by 4Chan to troll the left?

Gosh, what a time to be alive.

Summit News reports:

Police are investigating fliers that appeared in a Scottish city that read “It’s okay to be white,” with one member of Parliament calling them “atrocious.”

The posters appeared in Perth city center and were plastered all over lampposts and drainpipes throughout the city over the weekend.

Perth Against Racism said it was alerted to the posters by locals who said they made them feel “unsafe.”

“It’s sickening and disgusting to know that people think like this,” one person told the group, adding that she was now worried for her non-white daughters.

John Swinney, MSP for Perthshire North, branded the signs “atrocious,” adding, “We must stand together to resist this unacceptable material.”

“Although no complaint has been made to police regarding these posters, they have been brought to our attention and officers are currently looking into the matter,” a Police Scotland spokeswoman told the BBC.

As we find ourselves explaining yet again, the “It’s okay to be white” campaign began in the annals of 4Chan, the anonymous forum site where many of today’s meme-makers and trolls convene to laugh at the silly, gullable people they manage to find creative new ways to trigger.

Sure worked in this case.

The left fell for it hook, line, and sinker, and expose themselves wherever a troll decides to post the signs as the backwards, racists that they are.

As Summit News puts it:

Every time the posters appear in any city, the media and locals behave as if the Third Reich is about to return.

Many have commented that the stunt is particularly cunning because it forces the left to adopt the ideologically bigoted view that it isn’t ‘okay’ to be white, thus revealing them to be the actual racists.

But according to some, it’s “sickening and disgusting” to think it’s ‘okay to be white’.

Really makes you think!



  1. Exactly.

    Racism is a natural AND healthy instinct present in ALL humans regardless of colour or population size. It CANNOT be stamped out in one race only. Those that try to do that by using legislation to enforce compliance, ARE themselves, actually guilty of hate crime. Racism is not hate crime, by the way.

  2. Exactly.

    Racism is a natural AND healthy instinct present in ALL humans regardless of colour or population size. It CANNOT be stamped out in one race only. Those that try to do that by using legislation to enforce compliance, ARE themselves, actually guilty of hate crime. Racism is not hate crime, by the way.

  3. Hmmm… I guess its okay to be “white”…but to be honest I’ve only ever met someone that was classified as an “albino” once. But even then they had many issues to deal with that seemed hard for them.

    Me? I’m kind of multi colored. My cheeks are reddish and my skin is mostly tannish (although I have a few areas that are much darker than others) and as I get older I’m getting these little red spots here and there that remind me of strawberries.

    I also have freckles in a few places, some scars from surgeries, and some bluish coloring where my veins show through.

    But as for that very small minority of people who are “white”…I DO think its okay to be white!

  4. No one wants to hear that crap anymore that’s an old old song people are tired of hearing. If people are not proud of their color than what they are to do is go die their skin or something but no one wants to hear about any more I frankly don’t wanna hear about it anymore!

  5. now in these days i don’t think its okay to be human and did this poster appear in a school and the student had gotten expelled for it so i guess you can say eather this kid has back up or this story is fake I Don’t Know “But It’s Okay I Guess”

    • Would people have been happy if it said “It’s bad to be white” or “It’s OK to be black”? Why are we even still talking about skin color? It’s almost 2020, not 1920.

  6. Well, in my book, it IS ok to be white.

    Would hate to have to hate myself just to make some idiot liberal happy.

    It’s also ok, in my book, to place little signs saying same. Most particularly when they make the idiot liberals have tantrums of self righteous indignation.

  7. I for one don’t think it’s OK to be white. IT’S GREAT TO BE WHITE. I love my whiteness. I reflect heat and I provide great contrast for tattoos. I could go on but I’m just so happy thinking about it that I’ve decided to just sit back and meditate on the sheer excellence of my whiteness…. Well darn. After just a moment I realized that I am actually MORE than just white and have been blessed with Native American traits as well. So not only do I have cool white skin with great contrast, but I have visually appealing high cheeks bones as well as no back hair. *BIG SMILE* but all in all I’ve come to the conclusion that it really is OK to be white.

    • There really is a movement among radicals in the Democratic party that whites are racist automatically regardless of how you feel about others. AOC said she didn’t like cauliflower because it was white and whites are racist. Let that sink in for a moment.

    • Mikel Esque:
      AOC also said that cauliflower represents colonialism and that people who live in NYC should be growing yucca on their apartment balcony gardens instead of cauliflower.😂
      I guess it hasn’t occurred to her, since she is devoid of thinking, that yucca is grown where it is due to climate! Not because of colonialism.

  8. I believe that Jehova God created all races, all colors. I’m am happy to say that I personally love and have friends from a number of those races. A few actually call me “Mom!” This attitude can bring joy and peace.

  9. White? Yellow? Black? Brown? Does it really mater? As long as you have a brain functioning? Politicians don’t have one…
    Beyond those posters being a prank, where this World would be without whites? Bronze Age? Stone Age? …The natural curiosity and ingenuity of whites brought us on today era. Electricity was discovered by ancient Greeks, whites of course, and brought to a light bulb by Edinson, which wasn’t black, brown or yellow. Airplane wasn’t invented in China, Africa, or Amazon forest. But all of us enjoy using them, regardless of color of the skin…
    And ah! By the way! So far only whites set foot on the Moon , while browns, blacks and yellows were gazing or howling at it!

  10. Too Funny! Of course it is okay to be any skin color, including white. What a clever way to call out the far leftists and have them identify themselves! This world is so far off center. It is time for the common sense people to stand up and start asserting common sense even if it means starting off with something as basic as this. Kudos to those who are standing up for common sense in the UK! It is time for All countries to do so. Also, there is nothing wrong with Nationalism for each country and to enforce its’ own laws on its’ citizens and those wanting to become citizens. Each country has a right to protect its’ citizens and its’ sovereignty. Straighten your backbone, its’ become bent over because of the whining of the far leftists. No More. The world is fed up with the far left.

  11. The way I view these posters is, they are saying that it’s okay to be white given all of the anti-white rhetoric the media is blasting blaming white people for everything. I have even seen white people quoted as “being embarrassed to be white”. The way these people and others are reacting to these posters it seems it’s NOT okay to be white. Wow! What has this world come to?

  12. You cannot fix stupid. My wife was Cherokee, My first grandkids were 1/2 Black Foot. I have part Latino and black nieces and nephews as well as great grandkids. They are all God’s blessings to me.

  13. Perhaps this was in response to “black lives matter” and other non-white remarks. All lives matter, and yes the color of one’s skin be it white, black, brown, yellow and etc. should not be grounds for racist remarks. So calling someone “whitey” or a “cracker” is as racist as calling a person of Asian decent a “chink.”

    So let ALL sides refrain from racist remarks regardless of color. No race has a monopoly on being treated badly because of their race, color or religion. All races, religions, and ethnic backgrounds have suffered.

  14. Migration the world over makes this happen. Terrorism makes this happen. Cultural differences like hijabs and turbans make this happen. Before we all become one we will destroy ourselves.

  15. I’m WHITE and I LIKE it . . . and, hopefully, you LIKE being YOU! God does – He made you that way. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  16. My nasty suspicious mind suggests to me that ‘locals’ mentioned may be a small band of students or activists whose postcode qualifies them to be thus described, while the vast majority of the citizenry are either placidly indifferent or wholly in approval. One hopes the local constabulary are logging all the hours of man (and woman) power being exerted on this non-‘incident’, while crimes against citizens and their property go without due attention.

    • Yeah, their house & property probably looks like it was runover by a wind storm & ALWAYS looks that way. THEY think that’s OK, JUST FINE, but we whiteies, so they like to call us, think one should keep his/her place of residence looking decent. AWWWW, for them who like living in a pig sty. However, if they like it, they may stay living in THEIR neighborhood with all the other pigpen homes. We aren’t doing anything; THEY are.

  17. And I’ll say it again……and again and again. Political correctness is a social disease! Like any sickness, it needs to be eradicated.

  18. Oh sure , when they post ” black lives matter” then that’s accepted as freedom of speech! In other words, only whites are racist? That’s atrocious!

  19. The statement, “do these people realize not one person on this planet chose their skin color?” Actually one person had, Michael Jackson.


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