Sick: The Violent And Sick Way This Times Square Billboard Depicts Trump Shows Everything Wrong With The American Left

(Tea Party 247) – It’s amazing that left-wing politicians so frequently accuse Trump of “spreading division” in our country with a straight face as their own acolytes perpetuate so much hatred and violence towards their ideological opponents.

Violence has become so much more widely accepted in the age of Trump, all justified by the left’s extreme derangement that seems to exponentially increase the longer POTUS 45 remains in office.

A new ad campaign for the athletic company DHVANI bodly displays this tone-deaf derangement, glorifying a female Marine who has President Donald Trump hog-tied on the lawn of the White House…for some reason.

“There is nothing more American than Freedom of Choice & Freedom of Speech,” the company wrote on their Facebook page.

The image is called “Lady Liberty” and the model is a veteran of the US Marine Corps.

Other photos in the campaign depict Trump being bound and gagged by butch women, at least we’re assuming they’re women, because by the looks of the model and the theme of the campaign one would only imagine these are the types who would be quite ruffled to have their gender assumed, so to be fair they could identify as pineapples for all we know.

The campaign was not taken lightly.

“Sick,” wrote Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk. “The president receives daily death threats, Secret Service had to arrest an armed man outside his rally. And this is what is plastered in Times Square – a literal depiction of violence against him.”

Yeah, isn’t it Trump they’re always accusing of “inciting violence” when he calls out “the Squad” for their lack of logic or his supporters chant “lock her up” about Hillary Clinton?

DHVANI, no surprise here, said that they stand against the president and in favor of women’s rights. You know, all those women from whom Trump is stripping the right to vote and the right to own property? Those women? No, no, those women don’t exist. The only “rights” these women are upset about are, you guessed it, the right to murder their unborn children in the womb.

“A woman’s right to bodily autonomy is the law of the land,” the athletic company declared.

The law of the land isn’t that the federal government pay for it, ya morons, and all Trump has done is to make sure we’re not footing the bill and express support for states who, by the free, legislative process our republic protects, enact the will of American voters in restricting access to abortion services.

“The Trump administration has imposed a Title X gag rule that leaves people of color, people with low incomes, and those living in remote or rural areas with nowhere to go for reproductive healthcare,” DHVANI rambled on. “This is a targeted blow to the over 4 million patients who obtain birth control, cancer screenings and other essential care through Title X. We simply cannot stand for this.”

Um, fact check: dismembering an unborn child in the womb isn’t “health care.”

“We’re not afraid to make bold statements & exercise our first amendment rights,” they declared.

Yeah, real brave in a world where virtually the entire mainstream media stands behind you and the only people whose first amendment rights are being threatened are Christians and conservatives.


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