Sick: Muslim Migrant Gets Absurdly Short Sentence For Raping Young Girl…You Won’t Believe This

(Tea Party 247) – Europe is completely collapsing.

It’s amazing to think this continent survived two world wars only to be taken down by their own misplaced cultural obsession with acceptance and tolerance.

They’re allowing mass numbers of people into their country who have no desire to conform to Western, Judeo-Christian ways.

As rape and crime numbers soar and the police refuse to even patrol certain areas, the culture crumbles from within as European natives are terrified to say anything in opposition to multiculturalism or face actual criminal charges for “hate speech.”

This is the death of the West, and we’ve got a front-row seat.

Hussein Abdikadir Abdukadir is being sentenced to a mere 75 hours community service for sex crimes committed against a 13-year-old girl. Or, in the words of the court, simply “taking advantage” of the child, who couldn’t sit down for two days after the sickening attack.

Where are the #MeToo zealots on this one, by the way? SMH.

“Sweden sentences 19 year old man to 75 hours community service for sex crime against 13 year old girl,” by Peter Imanuelsen, Times of Sweden, February 2, 2020, H/T Jihad Watch.

A 19 year old man has been convicted by the Swedish court of appeals for “sexually taking advantage” of a 13 year old girl. The prosecutor was looking to get him convicted of rape against a minor, but the Swedish court decided to only convict him of “taking advantage” of the young girl reports Swedish news site Samnytt.

The man, who is a citizen of Somalia, had been messaging the girl on Snapchat where he said he wanted to have intercourse with her, despite the girl telling him her age. He had asked to meet up with the girl, and after meeting at a shop they went home to his apartment where he locked the door and proceeded to have intercourse.

He had both anal and vaginal intercourse, and according to the girl, she was “biting her tongue” during this because of the pain. She “couldn’t sit down for two days” afterwards and she got anxiety and had trouble sleeping.

According to the court, the girl sustained injuries from the intercourse.

The age of consent in Sweden is 15. Despite this, the court did not convict 19 year old Hussein of rape against the 13 year old girl, but instead he was convicted of “sexually taking advantage” of her.

The man received residence permit in Sweden by the migration authorities on the 13th of April 2016. On the 9th of March 2019 he was arrested by police. On the 6th of May 2019 Mora District court sentenced the man to a suspended sentence, 75 hours community service and ordered to pay SEK 15 000 ($1 579) damages to the girl.

On the 6th of December 2019 Svea Appeals court upheld the sentence, but increased the damages to be paid to SEK 25 000 ($2 632)….


  1. this is what’s coming to America if we don’t wake up & stand our ground & protect our children! these people believe they are right in everything they do & say! have people forgotten why the Crusades were fought so many many years ago? are Crusades even taught to children anymore? girl shouldn’t have gone to his apartment but he was the adult he knew exactly what he was doing!

  2. Sounds like Sweden is going democrat , open borders , no discrimination , give them drivers licenses . I wonder if they have sanctuary cities there .


  4. Much has been said about the perpetrator and measures to curb animal behavior. What about those who let this piece of scum off so lightly. They should have their powers of judging and prosecuting taken away from them and add on decades in jail. These judges or judge have committed a crime of their own.

  5. Too damned bad we Americans wasted ALL that Marshall Plan money on those pissants in Europe.

    They have NO fortitude and NO common sense at all.

    But they’ve got PLENTY of ABUSING MUSLIMS.

    And if the General Muslim Population is so effing good, WHY DON’T THEY POLICE THEMSELVES???

    Effing terrorists, big and small.

  6. I’m wondering if Europe needs the revival of a strong leader. I’m thinking a fascist leader like Mussolini or even Adolf Hitler. Europe is just so out of control with regard to immigration and tolerance. The idea leader would create conditions whereby these Muslim and Third World immigrants would be running to the borders to flee the countries they have been infecting.

    • Sooner or later an Authorithorian Leader like the 2 Bastards yo mention will emerge because the decent Populations in the European Countries will say “ENOUGH’ and all the Lawless Muslims will be thrown out – Citizenship or non Citizenship Muslims , and the Liberal Judges and their Supporters will also feel ‘The Heat’ . You will live to see it . It won’t be long coming .

  7. It’s time for her father, and friends to take care of business. If that doesn’t happen, we can only assume the father was ok with it.

  8. Gee, the Swedish people must be so proud of their government who just sold out a 13 year old child over a 19 year old Somali. Remember, now, laws in Sweden are not applied to a 19 year old Somali as they do for a 19 year old Swede. I must be old fashioned because I feel the government, in which you are governed by, should care about and for a citizen or his or her families. Laws should be applied equally no matter where you are from. Ignorance of the law is never a good excuse nor should it be. Ignorance of the government is inexcusable, as in this case.

  9. This is the way “Social Democracies” work. Don’t be naive, this is what is coming to the US. I’ve been in the US over 15 years and ended loving this country as my own, for its values, individual rights. , the American people and freedom. The US is the last bastion of freedom and these socialists are in their way to take over. The only way to prevent this is to fight back now and make them pay for the treason they are committing against our Republic.

  10. Seems sovereignty means nothing to the Swedes. These antics have put you on the road to destruction. Are you prepared to explain to your grandchildren why you’ve squandered their country? So sad.

  11. They are getting slaps on the hand here in the US too. If we don’t get loud and mean, we will be really sorry for this. We must demand severe punishment for ALL rapist, not just the home grown kind.

  12. The Swedes are such cowards that, as far as I can tell, their function in the 21st century is to provide rape victims to towelheads.

  13. This is more then disgusting ! Muslims believe that it is ok to rape women, and it does not matter their age. Mohammed, after all, was apparently a pedophile, who took a 9 YEAR OLD CHILD, as his wife ! This 13 year old child, may be ruined for the rest of her life, after his rough treatment of her, both anal, and vagina ! If Sweden does not put a stop to this, they are RUINED as a Country

  14. It’s very disgusting and sick to allow that Muslim to be allowed to go practically free from prosecution.They have no respect for anything, especially us Americans who are sick and tired of their evil ways. They are here to destroy our Country and Christianity in America. We must take action to remove them from the Country now. But to do something like this to a child is beyond the pale of humanity and a disgrace to the Country and Christianity in America

  15. When is enough, enough?
    The raping of a minor is one of the worst human crimes that be commuted.
    These rapist of a minor should be publicly hung.

  16. Sick! Sick! Sick! People are left devastated and suffering all in the name of political correctness and not offending people of other cultures. May God have mercy on us all, and may those living in fear of like things happening to them or their loved ones find strength, refuge and peace. People who offend and get a pass must know that it is only temporary. They may have gotten by, but they will never get away, because judgment and justice will track them down.

  17. This is NOT justice! There has to be more to the story then we’re being told… Was this immigrant from a wealthy family? Does this poor 13-year-old girl come from a family with little means?? Regardless, this is an atrocity!!! I can’t tell you how grateful I am to call myself an American Citizen…. don’t DARE try this on our home ground!!!!

    • The Swedish people are descendent from the Vikings that were feared by most of Europe. Now they have become castrated by politically correct ideas and cannot even give proper justice to their young girls.

    • In addition, today I looked at an article about the 20 worst fast food chains. One of them was Arby’s, rated at number 7. This is what was said: “The roast beef sandwich is the most popular item at Arby’s and, well, it’s far from great. Some customers have referred to it as overpriced garbage. Seriously, the food at Arby’s is ridiculously overpriced given the ingredients and preparation involved. And as if that isn’t bad enough, it gets a lot worse. Countless rumors have circled about the fast food chain, but the rumors might not even be as bad as reality. In 2012, a customer received a human finger in their order. You read that right, somehow the fast food chain is still in business, despite serving a human finger!” Another rater noted this human finger and also that a piece of human skin was found at Arby’s. Scary, huh? How rampant might this be? An accident? Or deliberate use of humans? Do your research with search terms. I’m not making this stuff up.

  18. Too bad it wasn’t our wonderful Greta Thunberg, because if it was this rapist would be in chains until the earth freezes over. Just saying liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • When a society is allowed to become morally bankrupt, there are those that stand up for righteousness, decency and truth and those that won’t. Our characters are built from our choices. Choices matter! ‘

  19. It’s gonna happen here in the USA if Americans keep on voting undesirable politicians to represent them in both houses of the congress. Also, Americans better start screening their immigrants very well. STOP ACCEPTING PEOPLE FROM LAWLESS NATIONS….. YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE…

  20. Ya, so what is your point?
    Kum ba yah

    Now, more importantly, what is your (A) solution?

    Can the parents bring criminal charges against 1. The puke that committed the violent crime and 2. against the Govern-Ment for negligence and compliance?

  21. I remember after WW2 one of the higher-ups in the Nazi Organization who was being hanged for war crimes made this statement: “The day will come when you erect a statue of Adolph Hitler” Everybody thought that this was hilarious at the time. Now I’m not so sure in light of what’s been happening in Europe which involves people from some of those countries south of the Mediterranean.

  22. People need to stop giving their kids privacy with computers, and tell their girls that freedom means being smart and strong. Teach the boys to respect themselves enough so they will protect, not victimize girls. Obviously, those politicians and populace have lost their way. Liberalism is great if it means self-determination, but not becoming weak-willed, when it pertains to tolerating the victimization of others.

    • Corrected!!! People need Stop Giving their kids Privacy with Computers, Laptops or Phones and Teaching them the correct ways of Morality, Smart, Stronger, healthier Mentally and Physically!

  23. If the girl had been the judges daughter he would have thrown the book at the guy. This action tells you this man has no right to be a judge.
    Absolutely disgusting.

  24. Roger stone gets 9 years for lying. He gets community service.

    Where is the justice system. sell or passion of drugs, no sentence, no bail.

  25. Pedophilia isn’t uncommon in the Muslim world, and Europe knowingly let in millions of Muslim refugees and knowing Muslims don’t assimilate into European society. How many real war refugees are among those just looking for ‘economic’ refugee status instead? Too many young single men with no jobs and their benefits fully paid for by their host countries are roaming around Europe with little ambition and are going to be a problem one day and when Islamic terrorism once again raises its ugly specter.

  26. Hanged, drawn and quartered
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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    Seems fitting:

    The execution of Hugh Despenser the Younger, as depicted in the Froissart of Louis of Gruuthuse
    To be hanged, drawn and quartered was, from 1352, a statutory penalty in England for men convicted of high treason, although the ritual was first recorded during the reign of King Henry III (1216–1272). The convicted traitor was fastened to a hurdle or wooden panel, and drawn by horse to the place of execution, where he was then hanged (almost to the point of death), emasculated, disemboweled, beheaded, and quartered (chopped into four pieces). His remains would then often be displayed in prominent places across the country, such as London Bridge, to serve as a warning of the fate of traitors. For reasons of public decency, women convicted of high treason were instead burned at the stake.

    Edward Stafford, 3rd Duke of Buckingham was executed on 17 May 1521 for the crime of treason. The wording of his sentence has survived and indicates the precision with which the method of execution was described; he was to be “laid on a hurdle and so drawn to the place of execution, and there to be hanged, cut down alive, your members to be cut off and cast in the fire, your bowels burnt before you, your head smitten off, and your body quartered and divided at the King’s will, and God have mercy on your soul.”[26]

  27. That sick sob should be hung in the street for the rest of his kind to see what happens instead of slap on the hand . There needs to be some old west justice for people that do this kind of stuff and the hell with hurting peoples feelings and tolerance .

  28. Well, as horrible as this is, it’s not just the government/courts fault because the people (in general) are the biggest idiots who keep voting for these dolts. Then, the elected officials feel pressure to “allow immigrants into their countries” but they are under some sort of hallucinogenic delusional state of mind that they actually believe these immigrants (in general) are going to “conform” to our beliefs, and ways of life. So, when something like this happens (which should shock no one) people become outraged but it’s mostly their own damn fault(s). The immigrant(s) just sit back in the courtroom and tell the judge, it’s not my way, and it’s against my religion…blah, blah, blah. However, when someone who is a natural citizen from the country (in this case, Sweden) commits the same crime, watch the courts toss him in prison for years.

    • You were showing exactly the points of views living different cultures of people in Europe and immigrants! The governments and the law makers need to change some how compliance with the regulations in their own country in Europe NOT compliance with immigrants foreign (Specially was Muslims religious!!!) Finally, if the immigrants who committed the crimes they NEED to be treating as someone who is natural citizens from theirs countries!!!

    • Kurt, you couldn’t be more correct. I remember video’s in the EU, several countries, of the population cheering and applauding the trains and walking hordes as they arrived in their country. They welcomed them with open arms. They got what they deserved. I also remember articles from Sweden about crime and virtual riots because the Muslim immigrants weren’t getting what they thought was their fair share of daily chocolate, free. They also wanted more welfare money, because the free housing they were getting wasn’t up to what they thought they should get. They were housed as multi-family in mansions taken from wealthy individuals. Also in France especially, but throughout the EU, sections of cities, and entire outlying towns are “No Go Zones”. Police and citizens of the country are not permitted to go there. They are Muslim strongholds where Sharia is the law of that land. We’re well on out way to that point ourselves. Look at the districts where Omar and Tlaib are from. That’s how they got elected. Obama brought “refugees” here and “fast tracked” them to citizenship, without the usual waiting period. Now they vote for Muslims in congress. WAKE UP AMERICA. We need to stop this. Vote RED/Republican and for those wo will back Trump on every immigration restriction. MAGA. KAG. Trump 2020.

  29. The US has great models that SHOULD wake up even those far left. Ca is a sthle of homelessness, drug abuse, crime, high taxes, ridiculous regulation and yet many including pres candidate bloomberg, think Ca is the model for the rest of the US. EU has huge increases in crime including rape, by immigrants yet the left in th eUS wants open borders. Venezuela was the richest country in SA but now, thanks to “socialism” it has no food, medicine, safety, jobs,etc. Yet, the leader of the dem pres candidates OPENLY touts socialism as the best thing possible. How does this happen??

  30. The Government should have taken this subhuman and sterilized him on the spot.What is wrong with the Swedish Government? The barbaric nature of these uncivilized immigrants is in direct conflict of any civilized nation. These subhumans need to be sent back to their uncivilized nations immmediately.

  31. Liberalism is the decease that running unchecked through out the western world and it is very contagious. If not brought under control it will destroy the western world as it is already showing. The only cure is for the conservative people to rise, vote out the liberals and take back control of their own countries.

  32. Actually, the ones that have to be sentenced are the judges. Judges act like kings in courts. Time make them go to jail for bad decisions!

  33. What the hell happened to this country. It seems like we have tolerance for criminals and not the victims.
    How in the hell dis this happen!

  34. What philosopher was it that said ” a democracy will not be conquered from without but will collapse from within”. Europe is doomed. Do we follow???

  35. What ever happened to rape being a Capital Crime? Europe has been getting darker for years. It will soon be in its death throes.

  36. Sweeden seems like a place you would not want to live , especially if you had daughters! Their justice system sucks! Somalia seems to breed some really sick people, no wonder Omar is so screwed up.

  37. This is sick!! Périple, it is time To fight black! If the court isnt any good, take11 revenge yourself. Time him up and cut it off!! Let rapists know this is what happens!!

  38. Hey America, have you opened your eyes yet??? Pay ATTENTION to europe very closely and you will SEE what’s in store for US if we allow the demoTards to have their way!

  39. and the same thing is happening right here in the United S of America!. These animals should ALL be deported back to the slime holes they came from. [ O R ] Build a big “Noah’s arc”, populate it with all of the slime from all of the MUDSLIME countries and let it set sail (no sail of course and no oars either) until the food runs out (which by the way they are “entitled to” FREE). Maybe they will find out the Earth is flat, Mohamud is non existent, and after they fall off the end of the FLAT earth, they won’t be able to find all of the Waiting Virgins !

    • This POS judge in Sweden, should be disbarred and killed! And if they don’t want to leave the states, assassinate them!

    Dies she have any REAL MALE relatives????/
    I know in my country he would be taken to task by the family
    of the 13 year old!

  41. Why would she agree to meet him and go to his apartment? She has responsibility in this also. I do not condone his actions in the least and the courts should have least deported him. A severe sentence is in order but I am sure they don’t have one. I believe 15 is to young for consent, especially when kids want to “grow up” so early they put themselves in danger


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