Sick: ESPN Host Attacks Former MLB Player For Teaching His Kids About Their Rights

(Tea Party 247) – Who even watches ESPN anymore? It’s not like there aren’t plenty of SJWs out there who would fawn over their constant stream of anti-American rhetoric, but I don’t think those SJWs like watching ESPN.

Why can’t they just say in their lane and talk about sports?

They’ve claimed they’re going to stick to sports and avoid politics, but they just can’t get the hang of it. Maybe they’ve already fired everyone who knew how to do that.

Last week, former MLB player Aubrey Huff posted on social media about how he had taught his kids to shoot.

In the post, he had commented that he was doing so in case that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) defeated President Donald Trump in next year’s political election (that’ll be the day) so they’d be prepared to fight for the rights that would most certainly be under assault in a Sanders presidency.

Here was his original tweet:

Ha! Love it.

Cue the leftist lynch mob.

This brought out ESPN anchor Kenny Mayne, who took the tongue-in-cheek political post and called it a “a threat of political violence,” also bending over backward to make it about race, somehow.

The leftist mob tried to call federal authorities on Huff, making comments that his children should be taken from him because he taught them what the Second Amendment really means.

What it means, by the way, is exactly what Huff said it is. It means that the populace must be armed so that the government can never exert too much power over them.

Period. It’s not a threat of violence to say you’ll defend yourself against someone legally trying to take your gun.

The drama raged on:

Huff seems to be even more steadfast in his views, though.


  1. For Kenny Mayne : If I remember right your network (ESPN) did fire Curt Schilling for a comment which is 100% true . Just a bunch of hypocrites . FYI : I support 100% Audrey Huff and every one that teach their kid to defend himself against any socialist and communist .

  2. I consider Aubrey Huff’s views to be perfectly normal, It’s the un american
    morons that seem to have a problem with the constitution.

    • The 2A saved the world during WWII. My father and many others went quickly through basic because they already knew how to shoot. Japan was fearful of a ground attack because civilians were armed. They chose Pearl Harbor instead. This is why our founders encourages us to own firearms. It’s our duty to teach our kids self defense.

  3. Kathy Griffin calls President Trump many filthy names. Sadly doesn’t stop to THINK that they apply to her & her ilk. These demented individuals are puppets for satan. We need pray on their behalf!

  4. Amen Brother. It’s great to see there really are professional athletes out there with more than just a brain stem that cashes checks. Right on Mr. Huff.

  5. Talk about SPORTS. Your opinions on ANYTHING else reveal your Stupidity. Actually, most of you don’t know sports either!

  6. Didn’t espn go to work for the has been want to be D lister kathy Griffin? I thought she ruined what drunken comedy gigs she could beg for. Like the clintons book sales, and groupon giving refunds for the clintons Broadway shows.

  7. You go huff. ALL the left can’t figure out just how good they have it until America looks like Venezuela. No jobs, no money, unless you want to pick it up off the street to use as toilet paper, ALL the jobs are owened by government, ( go figure, ) free medical but no Drs. And no medicine to cure you. Beg other countries for money. Hint hint SOCIALISM for the lefts idiots.

  8. I’m retired, both from the USMC and the LAPD. I’ve worked Homicide, Street Gangs, & Narcotics. I really don’t know how to stop Gang violence except to either deport every illegal alien or make sure none come in. Gang members in LA are “lowlife animals” and to stop the mass killings they all need to be either put in prison or deported. They’re either going to prison, get killed on the streets, or going to kill. Take your pick.

  9. Never heard of most of these people, only the Headless Griffin, never heard of her before that. Teaching ones kids responsible gun handling is good. I do not own a gun, but respect those who do for safety and protection. I come from England, few guns there, just use knives to kill and injure people, like Griffin wants to.

  10. Teaching one’s children how to safely handle a firearm is the responsible thing to do! If you choose to teach them how to fire a weapon. THAT is up to the parent, though. Don’t damn anyone who chooses this option. Damning Aubrey Huff for doing this is mindless. So, now, the way the libs are acting, we as parents have to listen to crying snow flakes voice their opinions when their opinion on this matter means nothing. To throw the “race card” in there was total BS.

  11. Thx Aubrey Huff I have you back. I have reduced my viewing of espn ever since they were purchased bye Disney. Hey espn people watch your network to view sports. Keep your political opinions outside of sports. I will continue to avoid viewing until you get your shit together.

  12. Great going Mr Huff my dad taught my older brother , and I when we both shorter than the rifles we would shoot targets with ! But he stressed safety first !

  13. The Dems are always trying to silence anyone with an opposing viewpoint. They believe that they know better about what we need than we do. That’s because they view us as their subjects rather than the one who pays their salary. Forcible suppression of the opposite viewpoint is fascism at it’s worst. George Orwell didn’t realize just how accurate he was when he talked about the “thought police” in his book 1984. The thought police are alive and well in the Democratic party and CNN, MSNBC and other television news programs pushing Globalist Socialism as the only acceptable point of view. May God help us to wake up in America!!

    • Mikel: spot on, the word police (democrats) r trying to regain control by controlling and monitoring our speech. Witness mostly conservative college presentations being cancelled because of yelling, cow bells, and not letting the presenter speak! So SAD!

  14. We all have to educate out children to protect ourselves and our country against socialism. He is absolutely right, protect your family and your rights!

    • My dad fought in WWII, He and many others went quickly through basic because they already knew how to shoot. The 2A saved the world back then. Also Japan was fearful of a ground attack because civilians were armed. They chose Pearl Harbor instead. It’s our duty to teach our kids self defense.

  15. Mr Huff. Keep always teaching tour kids the way you are
    Yo are a nice father and a truly American. God Bless You
    and Your Family for Ever

  16. Sadly what they did is what has happened to a lot of patriotic non socialist men and women thanks Aubrey huff for standing for your rights

  17. Great. My kids. Grandkids know how to shoot and practice gun safety. Screw the liberal pos. My right to own a gun. Their all idiot s they think everyone with a gun is crazy. WRONG

  18. See what going on in today’s Communist China, they are supporting President Trump and America, because they know USA is against any type of Communist take over if not ask your self why does Bernie Sanders throughout his life never work in anything else accept within the Government not with the Government to implement Communist believes they are really trying to implement it into America, which it was Mulsim BHO agenda’s was and still is. Wake up USA, if not think off all the Soldiers whom die just to stop the spreed off Communist within USA and other Nation’s.


    • Orwell’s book wasn’t exactly fiction . It was a composite of what was actually happening. TheGermans and Japanese did have thought police. Whispering could get you targeted as an anti govt conspirator. They had deaf folks reading the lips of folks in restaurants who appeared to be
      e talking quietly or whispering.
      A fascist is a socialist/collectivist. A Nazi
      is a socialist. The lefties are admittedly what they claim they are against. They know what’s best for you and I. I saw this in college in Massachusetts over 40 years ago. They are for freedom of ideas,providing you think like them.

  20. Teaching someone to safety handle firearms is fundamental. The lack of knowledge (ESPN, Democrats, all anti-gunners) is what leads to violence.
    You can teach the ignorant, but you can’t fix stupid!
    Vote Trump. Join the NRA. Make ESPN Mad!

  21. Thank You Aubrey Huff, spending quality time with your boys, educating them on the safety of guns! You are an Amazing dad!

  22. I support huff 100%! Who even watches espn any more? After the remarks they have said about President Trump, snd now this, i will never watch it again. Let them stick to sports, and shut the hell up! Maybe they may get some market share back.

  23. To USA, being ready before a Civilian War withing USA against Communist, is the best thing you can ever teacher your Son’s or Daughters, I wish more people would worry about it because if is not Sanders or Warren today it will be someone else tomorrow and one off the first things that Communist try to do is disarm you, it always has happen before any Nation becoming Communist, wake up USA and if you want to stop it withing the Senator and Congress Vote with Trump in 2020 get him to keep the Senator and retain Congress so we as a Nation can take out the Communist withing today in the Senator and Congress.

  24. Behind you all the way Huff! The craziness of these hypocrites gets worse by the minute! Keep up being the great role model you are to your kids and remember that the majority of Americans stand with you!

  25. The truth above will set us all free as the American people!!!!! They will be coming for your guns if they are elected period, for their “socialist/Russian/communist styled government will fail in America”!!!! We will become a “American /Venezuela then, unable to defend ourselves after the failure”!!!!!

  26. Aubrey Huff played here with the Tampa Bay Rays. Solid player and a good ole’ boy. I commend him for what he did and said!! Not too many have the courage. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a man or woman teaching their kids gun safety and to shoot.

    Liberals – Get off your idiot stumps. Knowing how to shoot does not make you a worse person in ANY way whatsoever. One day, it may even save their life….

    Thanks Aubrey Huff

  27. They just cant help themselves! They literally need to be able to tell others how to live and think, probably because their own lives are so fuc*ed up! So sad. (Sick).


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