Sick: Children With Down Syndrome Coerced Into Performing In Drag Show

(Tea Party 247) – Sexual perversion is a slippery slope. Once you start accepting and normalizing some of it in society it’s only a matter of time before the flood gates are opened and all manner of sexual deviance must be accepted. The LGBTQP (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Pedophile) don’t exactly hide the fact that they prey on children and now it’s becoming clear they are targeting children with disabilities.

Children with Down syndrome and autism are particularly easy targets for the LGBTQP. They tend to be less aware of the dangers pedophiles pose to them. They are more generally trusting. LGBTQP adults are just swooping in and taking advantage of this fact for their own sexual pleasure and entertainment.

Alex Jones said in a recent episode of his show, The Alex Jones Show, “It’s a big fetish…to have sex with Down syndrome children because they can’t report you.”

Absolutely disgusting. The LGBTQP has now positioned themselves in society so that any criticism or opposition is immediately labeled as hate speech and discrimination. There seems to be no consequences for their sexual immorality and it’s only getting worse. The line keeps moving.

“Their favorite group is Down syndrome and other mentally disabled children – that’s who the pedophiles hit first,” Jones asserted.

“You look at these ghoulish photos of the Down syndrome folks in their ‘war paint,’ just absolutely being exploited, and CNN worshipping it, CNN praising it – again, this is all CNN,” Jones said of the mainstream media outlet.

The LGBTQP has always been focused on corrupting the youth of America. If they can just plant the seeds early on they will reap the harvest eventually. Not only that but pedophilia is on its way to becoming as accepted as transgenderism.

If any parents think that drag queen story times are just innocent events about promoting love and acceptance, you better think again. These are grooming events aimed at desensitizing and preparing your children to one day accept and participate in all manner of sexual deviance. Any parent who takes their children to these events is really being willfully ignorant to the truth and are putting their children in danger.

A child who doesn’t understand that adults should not be engaging in sexual behavior with them will not know to report it.

Jones points out the disturbing history of transgenderism and pedophilia, “Since Egypt, practitioners of sex cults with children… wore red, fluffy hair, and a red nose, and a red mouth.” He goes on to say, “So now, armies of humans dressed like interdimensional vampires like “It,” are being brought into public arenas to target our children and parents are just letting it happen. Not only are they letting it happen but they are being willing participants. Encouraging their kids to “love” and “accept” these perverts.

Everywhere we look it seems as though the LGBTQP is there. TV shows, movies, libraries, schools, anywhere children are they are finding ways to infiltrate. Where is the resistance?

If we are not actively fighting against this kind of sexual perversion and criminal activity we are being complicit. The time has long passed for us to do nothing. Children are being victimized at alarming rates and we can’t sit idly by any longer and allow it to continue. God forgive our apathy.


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