Shots Fired: Guess Who This Iranian Cleric Blames For Coronavirus’ Spread In His Country?

(Tea Party 247) – As the coronavirus continues its deadly and erratic journey around the globe, the enemies of the United States are taking the opportunity to baselessly and erroneously place blame for its spread on our feet.

Nevermind that the virus originated in Wuhan, China, where the corrupt and evil Chinese regime keeps their bio lab and the outbreak has every sign of a biological weapon gone array.

A top cleric in Iran is blaming President Donald Trump for the outbreak of the virus in his country.

The prayer imam in the holy city of Qom made his comments on the outbreak during Friday prayers.

Holy cleric Hojjat ol-Eslam Seyyed Mohammad Saeedi declared that it is the fault of our president–somehow–that the virus has struck Iran.

According to some reports, up to 50 people have died in the nation from the notorious and deadly virus.

The main Shia seminary is in Qom.

Radio Farda reported:

The Friday Prayer Imam of the religious city of Qom, the epicenter of coronavirus outbreak in Iran, told his congregation Saturday that U.S. President Donald Trump targeted the city with coronavirus “to damage its culture and honor”.

Most of the coronavirus cases in Iran include people living in Qom and those who have visited the religious city recently. These cases have no clear epidemiological link to the outbreak in China.

Qom is the religious capital of Iran, home to many seminaries and the Shrine of Masoumeh and a bastion for hardliners. The city’s economy revolves around the Shrine which thousands of pilgrims from Iran and other countries visit every day.


  1. If this guy is blaming Trump. he does not need to be anything more than a broom pusher. In my opinion, his mental aptitude, for this job, is in question and makes Iran sound even less credible. A holy cleric should use better judgement in what he says. The entire world is at risk from this virus! This is where all counties need to work together and find a solution and end this virus no matter of religious differences, political affiliations, size of a country and so on. Work together and find a way to end this threat. Insanity can be described by playing a “blame game” on why a virus entered his country while people all over the world are dying from this virus. If holy cleric Hojjat ol-Eslam Seyyed Mohammad Saeedi actually said this, he could not be further from the truth but he cannot see this because of his hatred for America. The blame should be aimed at the country of origin.

  2. If President Trump discovered the cure for cancer, his enemies would excoriate him, insisting that cancer cells (but not babies) have a right to life.

  3. Thank you, Mellie !
    “Their” is the possessive pronoun, such as in “That was their last chance !”
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  4. Can we send All of our Democrats to Iran real Quick, I will help pay for some One Way Tickets. that is how we can prove that the Democrat and socialist virus is more Deadly than the Coronavirus. Vote Trump 2020 and Republican forever

  5. I remember seeing a clip on FOX of the Iranian health? minister out in public hearing. He was coughing without covering his mouth and he supposedly had the corona virus. This is all supposedly. How do we really know anyone in Iran has this?

  6. No question – the Chinese are to blame for the leak of this virus, blaming Trump is ridiculous. How it got to Iran only God knows, but it did, why? I am just guessing maybe God? maybe Iran China cooperation? Maybe pure chance?

  7. yes i knew long time ago that poor donald trump was going to be blame for coronavirus. this is soooo stupid .but what can you expect from those dirty iranians and arabs?

  8. Thanks to American Slanderous Liberals, blaming President Donald J. Trump for everything has become so fashionable that whatever happens globally is now blamed on Trump, Tell me. Is Trump also to blame for everyone’s hangnails and hemorrhoids?

  9. Sounds to me like Iran, Pelosi, Schumer, and the MSM all basically have the same talking points. Hey Dems, when you are spewing the same propaganda that Iran basically does, I guess you DO hate President Trump more than you like America. The voters see this. November 3rd will be your Waterloo.


      The Pelosi clan is more concerned about themselves. Ronald Reagan, warned America, and I quote; ” Lest we are not a nation, under God, we will become a nation, GONE UNDER!” Thanks to the Democrats, they made this come true.

  10. Alaha is not to blame, but God Almighty is bringing His wrath upon the Earth, and it is time that ALL humanity pay attention!

  11. Of course it’s our presidents fault, he delibertly sent them the virus,right? Anyone who believes the garbage this Muslim moron is spewing is dumber than a snowflake liberal. Maybe he shouldn’t have accepted all those ships from China.

    • This could be a start by the major organizations that claim the world is over populated ! Regarding the Muslims , do a search on Imam Yasir Hadhi , a college professor in Tennessee who says it’s OK to rob and kill people if they don’t convert to Islam .

    • Marty, under the laws of Islam an Islam citizen can do what they want to non-Islam citizens. And under the laws of Islam, which is a theocracy not a religion, the victim is responsible for what happens to them. That is why women who are raped are killed in Islam controlled countries and societies. It is one reason pedophilia is prevalent in Islam controlled countries.

  12. Some one needs to tell Holy cleric Hojjat ol-Eslam Seyyed Mohammad Shitforbrains that even his dull-witted followers will have a hard time believing that one.

  13. Holy Cleric Aojjat ol-Eslam Seyyad Mohammad Saeedi is as crazy as a junkyard dog.
    He has diarrhea of the mouth and the brain. What is wrong with these people? He has
    allowed his hatred for the US to infect his common sense. If the Iranian people believe
    this lunatic then they really need some education.

  14. How many ships docked in an Iranian harbor to unload goods in the past three years under Trump, well basically none. How many ships from the People’s Republic Of China docked in Iranian ports selling them good sanctioned by the UN and buying their oil as a trade off probably thousands, ate the Iranians as dumb as worshipping Obama democrats, do they believe what their government says? I believe they the Iranian people are not that stupid no matter how much radical religious crap their government feeds them. Look here after only 12 years we know the magazines being the worst pushers of propaganda, followed by key newspapers, 95% of tv media news, radio hosts, so called comedy and other entertainment outlets. They feed us lies and bull shit 24/7 but we know their lying and ignore what they say, this is frustrating for Maoist and Stalinist style news practice by nearly all outlets of information. The only way the Democratic people workers party can win in nominating Bloomberg, or cheating as their preparing to do by register8ng illegals to vote through driver licenses and after election ballot harvesting ballots suddenly found and blamed upon the conservative. You thought only in communist dictatorships they do this, we we are headed that way comrades. Obama fixed America, his plan was to total self destruct the republic with open borders in order to join the new world order. He criminalized federal agencies that today fix outcomes of investigations by their fellow rats, feed false information to leftest news, hire people to make sure political enemies who could send them to jail commit suicide. Obama fixed America to self destroy.

  15. The Radical Islamic Extremists always think upside down and backwards. Nothing is ever their fault, it is always the fault of someone else and who best to blame but the United States. I guess they don’t know that there are Coronavirus cases in America.

  16. I guess he could have blamed the tooth fairy, but since he has already used him he had to select something other than the truth. This is usually a sign of a dictator.

  17. They hate america. One of the things that really separate Iran and the US is religious freedom. The blame for what ever happens in Iran will be blamed on the Boogie man ( United States ). The fanatic Muslim hates us because for years we were the Big Dog on the block and in order to win a world wide jihad they have to take the big dog down.One of the ways is through propaganda in which they are good at.

    • They hate “America ” for good reason. The pre Trump deep state ran government has attacked them and their people for 18-20years for zero reason.
      Everyone knows now that Saudi’s were in 911 planes, and officials knew back then, it was not Iraq. Considering 1/2 the officials in gov then, were involved in the attack on 911.

    • No, they hate us because we are not muslim. To them we are infidels and their koran and their prophet tell them to kill infidels.

  18. And the Prophet hath claimed the cleric Hojjat ol-Eslam Seyyed Mohammad Saeedi an idiot for such foolish lies that any follower of truth knoweth to be false.


  20. What no mention of the Ivy league Professor of Science and Biology that was just arrested for dealing with chinese agents that were from Wuhan? One chinese agent was arrested with 21 vials of Biologicals. Just another example of Liberal’s corruption!

  21. This is what happens when you put morons leadership in front of the uneducated. And the news media circus is stupider the morons that made that statement. Maybe you should go to Iran and start a news agency o forgot there’s no freedom of the press.

  22. These people hate America. It would not matter who our President was! They are complete religious fanatics who HATE anyone or anything that is contrary to their beliefs. They will accept no blame for anything. It is terrible that this virus is spreading through the world but to blame Donald Trump is outrageous!!! One would think that Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi is writing their talking point for them!!!

  23. It’s not “gone array”: it’s “gone awry”! Those are two different words having two different meanings. Please, hire a proofreader!


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