Shocking: Teenage Girl Kidnapped In Paris, Forced To Have Sex Over 200 Times

(Tea Party 247) – Violent sex crimes against women have been occurring at alarmingly high rates all around Europe in the last several years. This just so happens to coincide with the number of migrants from Africa and the Middle East increasing exponentially. Violent crime syndicates have moved into major European cities and successfully set-up shop.

In one particularly disturbing incident, a 16-year-old girl was kidnapped by five men in Paris, France and forced to have sex over 200 times in just five days. This is sick and completely depraved.

Le Parisien reports that the suspects are between the ages of 17 and 22 and were arrested in the Paris suburb of Chaperon-Vert Gentilly on Saturday. The arrests came after law enforcement raided an apartment the group had turned into a brothel.

Voice of Europe further reports:

After being rescued by police, the teenage victim explained that she had been a runaway from Loiret who began prostituting herself, of her own volition at the time, in Seine-Saint-Denis – one of Paris’s most notorious no-go suburbs.

The girl then told police she moved to an apartment in Chaperon-Vert where customers who had found her on a dating website could come over for sex. At some point, she said a few of the men involved in the operation wouldn’t allow her to leave the apartment and only allowed her sleep two to three hours each night.

Eventually, the teenage girl was able to find out the address of the apartment from a customer and contacted her mother who then called the police.

Upon entering the tenth-floor apartment, police are said to have found a garbage bag overflowing with condoms, a nearly rotten mattress, an accounting book, and a sum of money.

What an absolutely horrifying story. This poor young girl will have to live with this trauma for the rest of her life.

Le Parisian also reported that since 2017, the “city’s pimping business has multiplied.” Could that be because of the increase in violent gangs who have formed thanks to liberal immigration policies that allowed them to come into the country to begin with? Most likely, and now French citizens are paying the price.

Voice of Europe says, “The act of criminal gangs forcing women into prostitution isn’t only taking place in France. In October, Voice of Europe reported on the Nigerian crime syndicate Black Ax which forces women into prostitution as a way to finance their criminal operations. The gang has embedded itself in Sweden’s largest cities and is known to operate throughout Italy.”

This problem is affecting a large number of major European cities and the women and children who fall victim are treated as nothing more than dispensable objects.

Why aren’t lawmakers outraged by these staggering rates of sex crimes? Because being politically correct is more important than ensuring society is safe for the most vulnerable.

Liberal policies are an infectious disease upon any community on which they are imposed. It has been evident anywhere liberals have come into power for any length of time. Crime rates soar, homelessness rates sky-rocket, violent crimes surge, and drug use increases exponentially.

This is the liberal dystopia we’re supposed to embrace with open arms.


  1. What is wrong with some of you and the way you think? Do you honestly believe it’s alright to kidnap and rape someone? How can you possibly reason that? It doesn’t matter one bit if she was a prostitute or not. It follows the same principle as a woman wearing certain clothes on a hot day that may be a bit revealing…does that mean she should be attacked? I have a master’s degree in psychology and although I don’t know and haven’t analyzed any of you if those who stated these things believe what they wrote you should seek out a mental health professional. There is no possible way that you can justify raping someone, and as far as the immigrants that are flooding into many countries…there are numerous reports of these individuals committing heinous crimes and many get away with them because they use their religion as a crutch.

  2. “Poor girl”?!!… By her own words, she started prostituting herself, by her own will. Looks like when pimps came knocking she got more than she could swallow. No actual sorry for her. Many people are degenerates, like her pimps, but are not stupid, and know what self preservation is. Why a well educated girl is never kidnapped and forced in prostitution?


  4. Here is irony for you. Putin says Liberals are the problem and have long served their purpose. Putin even spoke out against mass migration of Muslins. Russia has been dealing with muslin population for years in their own country. Like him or not, he does have the experience of fighting with them and knows the problems associated with mass migration. Putin in his own way decided to put Russia and Russia culture first. This is something the European countries and the United States are felling to do. Side note; Putin is a dictator and I don’t support dictatorships in any shape or form but in this he is right.

  5. Just scanning this article reminded me of DOZENS of 1970’s movies, which I saw re-runs of, in the late 1980’s.

    At that time, such content was considered “B” movie material, and would have been shown on such humor shows as Billy Bob’s (stupid) movie round up.

    In fact, the host, of such shows, would have spent the intermissions, making jokes about how bad lighting, direction, acting, and so on, were.

    That is a main problem, even with todays programming. So often, performers, is REAL shows, have segments, which look exactly like this. Even video games are becoming so complex that I cannot tell the difference between cartoons, and videos.

    This is why I suggest that, before anyone condemn either Islam, The Koran, or any other group, you should, FIRST, verify if this story is just propaganda, or the real things.

    Remember: Today, “evidence” is as easy to MANUFACTURE as PlayDough, Lincoln Logs, or Lego’s.

    Make sure that what you are being shown is “real”, and not just a rehash, of a 1970’s movie.

  6. Liberals should be banned they’re just another form of Communism and he should be kicked out of America and not allowed to spread their infectious diseases like they’re thinking and corruption and harming of innocent women and children, we need to kick all liberals and illegal aliens out of America it’s the only way we can save our country if not a civil war will definitely be the only answer to save America

  7. Poor girl? Don’t think so. She was already hooking. Sooner or later, she met her Waterloo.

    Amazing how everyone on this post, uses this prostitute story, to push their own narrative. Stick to the subject matter.

  8. Wake up America, this is what the liberals on the lefts agenda is. Ask California and Chicago how the liberal left is doing in their areas??

  9. As horrific as this is, the writing of this piece isn’t very good.
    It’s writing of the worst “sensationalist” type!

    If the 16-year-old girl in question deliberately ran away from home
    and decided to prostitute herself, whose fault is that? The savage
    gangs and crime syndicates prey on women/children like her BUT:
    who made the initial decision to flee her home?

    I’m glad she was rescued —- but it was her mother who rescued her,
    c’nest pas?


    • Well Lisa, suppose you walk down a street and someone attacks you shall we smugly and self-righteously comment that it was your fault because of what you were wearing, perhaps your poor decision to be out late, or insert whatever sanctimonious reasoning you prefer HERE. Also, the comment on the type of writing is quite a lot less than helpful, one wonders what your agenda is, are you taking the side of the criminals? Perhaps you like savage predators, i dunno, but if you are truly glad she was rescued why spend so much time criticizing the young woman, c’nest pas? No?

    • I am amazed at your comments because you sound as bad as the men themselves. Oh let’s just take and use her because she is trash and already a whore? So you only had one partner? You never made a mistake or got mad at your parents? You are up for Saint hood! It is a big difference between doing what you have to just to live then being raped over 200 times to make money for gangs and monsters. What you have said is she asked for it and that is way out of line. I pray to God not one of them gets anyone in your family because someone will be saying your words to you, she sound have not asked for it? Walking to school and grabbed and raped guess she was walking like a whore and they decided to use her for years. Your statement is so uncalled for and hope it doesn’t come back on your family. It sounds like you approve of their actions.

  10. A new scourge has invaded the West. Women are not safe. Children are not safe. New laws should be put in place to meet this new wave of terror that haunts the streets and public places. If this is the way things are going to stay then an action group should evolve who specifically deals with this menace.

    • talk to the demli-CONs over at the DNC!!!!! Their the ones that are for open borders…. it’s sort of like a circus…. “come one come all, we need the votes…

    • Now that is the liberally created problem to a T. Criminals of all types are given a free
      hand to do whatever they want since the public has no way to protect/defend itself. Criminals have no deterrent whatsoever when law abiding citizens are kept vulnerable by politicians. People, especially women need to own and know how to use “an equalizer” where ever this UN mandated immigration has been put in practice.

  11. Seems the people should rise up and force the government to change policies that allow these degenerates to prosper. CASTRATE THE ANIMALS

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