Shocking And Disturbing Video Highlights The Left’s Love And Enthusiasm For Baby Murder – Not For The Faint Of Heart

(Tea Party 247) – The Left is made up of demented, soulless individuals who are obsessed with death. It’s one thing to believe abortion should be an option in cases where there is some bizarre medical situation where the mother’s life is at risk, but to promote abortion and use it as some kind of casual birth control is deranged.

The left keeps getting more and more aggressive on the issue of abortion. When Roe v Wade was ruled on I think it was clear that this would become an extremely slippery slope but I doubt anyone could have imagined just how depraved and wicked abortion would become nor how volatile some people would get over it. Abortion zealots are intense, sometimes violent people and standing up to them can be intimidating. That is why we are now living in a country where some states permit baby murder up to birth and sometimes after.

It is hard to even wrap your brain around that.

A video has come out featuring the Left’s obsession with abortion. Truly believing that abortion is a women’s reproductive health issue would not require such enthusiastic support. It definitely would appear these people just truly enjoy the murdering of babies. Be warned, this video is hard to watch and will likely make you feel nauseated.

Watch at your own risk:

Within the first minute you can clearly see how deranged these people are. Celebrating abortion as if it some kind of accomplishment to murder an unborn baby inside a woman’s womb is completely evil. Michelle Wolf is in a category all to herself with her “Salute to Abortion” and her overall love and enthusiasm for baby murder. I have a hard time even calling her a woman.

Then you have a woman comparing an unborn baby to a tape worm. It doesn’t get much more ignorant and heartless than that. When asked if she was comparing an unborn baby with a tapeworm the woman sharply replied, “a fetus is a parasite, sweetie.” This woman is not alone in her thinking on that. We have an entire section of society who honestly believes an unborn human is nothing more than a parasite that needs to be removed, like a tapeworm.

The video goes on to show people fervently supporting abortion and mocking the scientific fact that babies begin development at conception. “A fertilized egg is a human being!” unhinged lunatic Michael Moore is seen sarcastically yelling. Well, at one point in time he too was a fertilized egg and now he is a living breathing human, how did that happen?

One colorful woman is seen yelling in a man’s face “no uterus, no right to talk about it.” Another flawed argument from the Left. Men have no right to talk about abortion because they don’t have a uterus? If it weren’t for men, women would never “need” to get an abortion in the first place. Women tell men they have no right to an opinion on abortion but when they don’t have an abortion they expect men to step up and be the dad. Which is it?

On and on the video goes until its highly disturbing final minute in which two “doctors” are shown playing with two lifeless, murdered third-term babies as if they are some kind of dolls. This is absolutely sickening to watch. These individuals are supposed to “do no harm” and here they have literally just murdered two completely viable babies in their mother’s wombs and are using them like puppets. It is psychotic. Pure evil.

Abortion is a divisive issue and for good reason. We are up against people who literally have no souls and who have taken humanity out of pregnancy. They have replaced the gift of life with senseless, selfish murder. There is no limit to what they will say and do to defend their evil stance. We have to stand firm on this issue. This is the fight of our lifetime.


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