Shameful: Joe Biden Refuses To Acknowledge Death Of Legendary Rush Limbaugh

(Tea Party 247) – The Joe Biden White House has yet to issue a statement on the death of radio legend Rush Limbaugh, a move which is unprecedented for a figure of Rush’s magnitude.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki gave a borderline sarcastic reply when asked by the press if such a statement could be expected from President Joe Biden.

Typically, when any major public figure dies, the President of the United States issues a statement offering condolences and commenting on the individual’s mark on our country.

President Donald Trump was always quick to offer respectful and heartfelt condolences, even when some of his top political opponents passed away, such as Georgia Congressman John Lewis and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Limbaugh, Big League Politics notes, is the most-listened to radio host in the United States. He’s a hall of famer and a record-breaker.

Certainly, President Biden will have disagreed with Limbaugh, as President Trump disagreed with Lewis.

But only the most bitter and low-class of leaders would refuse to issue a statement when such a well-loved, pioneering, great, and patriot American loses his battle with advanced cancer.


Video: Trump reacts to Rush Limbaugh’s death on Fox News: ‘He is a legend’

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  1. While Hide’n Biden probably did get 80 million votes, those votes were NOT cast by 80 million LIVING, LEGAL Citizens of the US. The entire world knows it now. The rest of the countries view the democrats as just another corrupt political party that would do anything for power. The proof is the run up over the last 8 months to the election where they argued all about “mail in voting”, now coming up to the midterms, these same democrats want to do “vote by internet”. I guess they are pushing for over 100 million votes this time.
    Soon they can claim they got more votes than we have people inside the borders of the US – Oooopps, dang
    Just remembered the Dems don’t believe in borders, but they will build a fence around government buildings to protect themselves from the voters they screw.

  2. Joe Biden does not know where he is most of the time let alone remember Rush Limbaugh! Biden’s dementia shows more every day and follows orders via his :hidden: earpiece that he always adjusting.
    We are in grave danger.

  3. What did you EXPECT from “Beijing Joe” Biden who is a FELON so called “president” (?!?)? . . . HONOR?!? Thou Doth EXPECTETH MUCH (too much!), don’t you think?!? One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump And His Allies 2020 – MAGA (WE’RE NOT going away!).

  4. My personal opinion of Joe Biden has been seriously down-graded from LOW CLASS to NO CLASS AT ALL, and I will NEVER acknowledge him or any potential Democrat successors to him as my President, not in this lifetime nor in any other lifetime! Neither he nor any other card-carrying Democrats possess the political attributes or ideological requirements necessary to qualify for, much less be elected to, the highest office in the land!

  5. To call Biden low class is actually paying him a compliment! He is far worse than low class, and the fools who voted for him will figure that out eventually. Rush was a class guy, who you could always count on hearing the truth from, instead of the BS that our communist media feeds us!

  6. Sleepy Joe is a disgrace to this country. I do not use the adjective “President” and “Biden” in the same breath. He is not our legitimate president; Donald Trump is. Trump won the election and the Left knows it. The only way they could get into power is to cheat and steal their way. The US would be in a better position economically, politically, security, militarily with Donald Trump in office. He is the best President this country has had the privilege to have in office. God Bless No. 45! We miss you!


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