Operation Choke Point 2.0: Biden Admin Plans To Circumvent Second Amendment With Politicized Lending

(Tea Party 247) – It is no secret that the Democratic Party has long been looking to oust the American people’s Second Amendment rights and Joe is walking right in line with their agenda. What is their newest tactic? Under “Choke Point,” it would give banks and lenders the right to choose not to lend to “high-risk” businesses, including (but not limited to) pawn shops and gun stores.

During the Obama administration, Justice Department policy known as Operation Choke Point was instituted as a way to “adjust” the Second Amendment without actually changing it. It was a way to force lenders to adhere to costly legal risk assessments before banking with certain clients.

In other words, after doing a risk assessment on a potential client (again, mainly pawn shops and gun stores), the financial institution could ultimately choose not to lend to what would be considered “high-risk” businesses if it could cause financial harm.

In an attempt to reverse Operation Choke Point policies, President Trump, during his final days in office, issued a Fair Access rule.

“This rule will ensure large financial institutions that are supported by taxpayer-funded resources like insurances must provide fair and equal access to services based on their objective financial creditworthiness, and not based on ‘woke’ political considerations,” said Lawrence Keane, NSSF senior vice president and general counsel.

This rule was set to take effect on April 1, however late last month, the Biden administration put a moratorium on its publication. It will be suspended until his Comptroller of Currency has the opportunity to review it. This is being done under the guise of ensuring an “orderly transition.”

You may be wondering what this all means should the comptroller refuse its publication, as is the likely outcome. The enthusiasm of the left is at an all-time high and Dems now have the momentum needed to implement their anti-gun agenda, as noted by The Federalist:

“Signs of Operation Choke Point’s formal resurrection are symbolic of the larger attempt by government actors to choke politically disfavored industries and individuals from the mainstream. While cancel culture has led to a politicized economy, the federal government’s arbitrarily targeting of individuals, groups, and entire companies will increase the politicization of the country, where the only acceptable views are from those in power.”

“Operating in the dark corners of the federal bureaucracy, Operation Choke Point bypasses public input and the legislative process, leaving politically unpopular individuals and businesses to fend for themselves. If the Biden administration’s rule reversal is any sign, the next four years won’t be about unifying the country to ‘Build Back Better.’”

The writing is on the wall. So many systems and institutions have been given over to the government’s running and ruling and this just adds to it another layer of overreach and oversight on the American people. Continuing down this track will only lead to darker days for the United State and its citizens.

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  1. If the banking industry were under State control, which it should be, rather than federal control, then banking could not be weaponized for political purposes, at least, not on a national scale. The central (federal) control over banks was instituted during the Progressive FDR years during the Great Depression. It was the next giant step of federal overstep of the Constitution following the Woodrow Wilson Progressive years that saw the creation of the FED, a private international banking institution, the individual income tax and taking the selection process of Senators away from State legislatures and giving it to the voters. This is why the Dems insist our form of government is a democracy rather than a Constitutional Republic. There was a reason the Founders wanted the selection process to be different for representatives and senators so that’s why the process was written into the Constitution. Pure democracies have always failed, ( most times violently) throughout history.

  2. Pervert Joe Biden promised he was going to take the guns. He is coming after our 2nd A rights in fact all our rights. He is finishing what Obama started “transforming America. They need us disarmed so they can complete the transformation. Besides Biden is the puppet for the communist.

  3. Let’s SUE the Biden Administration for DISCRIMINATION. This GARBAGE has GOT to STOP. He is NOT PRESIDENT but a FELON and NEEDS to be EXPOSED for the FRAUD tat he is. One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020 – MAGA (W’RE NOT going away!).

  4. Look at the policies of Biden and the left. Stop the Keystone pipeline helping the Russians and making us dependent on them for our energy needs while making them richer and more powerful and at the same time endangering the environment. He is paying the Taliban to “Protect” a pipe line from Turkmenistan to India s that an excessively repressive regime can get richer and at the same time paying our enemy to help them and give them a new source of income to spread terror. Our citizens are suffering and he is letting im more and more people with criminal records, medical problems and looking to do cheep labor taking jobs away from our citizens. It seems that the Democrats are working very hard for everyone but the taxpaying citizens of this country. They are ignoring We the People.


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