Sex-Trafficking Exposed In Wisconsin – Their Identities Will Shock No One…

(Tea Party 247) – The left would have us believe that the world should just be one big liberal dystopia with no borders, where everyone just coexists peacefully. The only problem is that where we are born and the cultures we are raised in, dramatically and profoundly affect who we become. Some cultures are better than others. The left refuses to admit it, because, well, “equality,” but the fact remains that some cultures, like ours, are centered on freedom and personal liberties while other cultures, like those of the Middle East, are full of violence, oppression, and hate.

The left is pushing the fairytale that people who come here illegally are just oppressed people looking for a better life and while that may be true in some cases, there is a much more prominent theme. Drug and sex traffickers sneak in and set up shop with complete disregard for Americans.

The Green Lake County Sheriff’s Office in Wisconsin just arrested six illegal aliens from Guatemala on December 11th on charges related to, you guessed it, sex trafficking. I wonder if bleeding heart liberals would be enthusiastic about being their neighbors.

DC Clothesline reports:

Law enforcement officials said they received a 911 call on Thanksgiving Day around 11:00 p.m. from a juvenile on the run. According to police, she had escaped from a residence where she was being sex trafficked. Police said she was able to provide information that allowed police to start an investigation.

Police executed a search warrant on Nov. 29th at a home in Manchester, Wisconsin, where they seized multiple items of evidence believed to be connected to the assault of the juvenile. The warrant also led to the arrest of six people who all lived in the home.

The six men arrested for second-degree sexual assault were identified by sheriff’s officials as follows:

  • Esler Hugo Rivera, male, 33
  • Rolando Corado Gonzalez, male, 28
  • Avelino Sarceno-Sarceno, male, 40
  • Ember Rivera, male, 37
  • Noe Bautista-Martinez, male 28
  • Evis Amabilio Garcia-Rivera, male 31

Sheriff’s officials said Evis Amabilio Garcia-Rivera is suspected of trafficking the victim within the residence among the others.

All of the suspects are believed to be illegal aliens from Guatemala. Sheriff’s officials said they were being held at the Green Lake County Correctional Facility on cash bonds that vary from $20,000 to $50,000.

Sheriff’s officials say Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will be involved with the case.

This is far from an isolated incident. This is the reality of illegal immigration. The people who want to come here and live in the shadows are generally not well-intentioned. It should be pretty obvious that the kind of immigrants we want to adopt as citizens are the ones with enough integrity and determination to go through our legal immigration process no matter how cumbersome it may seem.

The left is obsessed with their own faux morality to the point of it costing the American people our own well-being and quality of life. We need better border security so that people like these 6 illegal immigrants never make it into our country to begin with.


  1. Welfare and other support services are effectively used to subsidize criminal activities. Compadres are promoted in government to do the paperwork for them, and cant even be disciplined because of protections. How can we back out of this situation before all is lost?

  2. The whole narrative or whatever the intended premise is fraught with miss information, xenophobic rhetoric. Some cultures are better than others? Wow, clear indication that the writer is either uneducated or just ethnocentric- stoking the fears of individuals not well informed with this swill. How can you take a few isolated incidences and brand an entire group of people? This is very dangerous stereotyping at it’s best.

  3. We don’t need no steenking liberal leftist progressive dimmercrat commie pinkos……..

    We don’t need no steenking nothing………

    You fools let us in here, now get the eff out of our way.

  4. I didn’t read all the comments pertaining to this, I did see some that came from the heart responses. The two that really went home were the two from Janina and Diane in regards to their Constitutional Rights. I am a Naturalized citizen and a retired U S Marine, and as millions of others before me know very well the constitution is built around the citizenship of this wonderful nation. Having only been a citizen for 50 short years I remember when everyone was proud to fly the Stars and Stripes and acknowledged their neighbors. What I am seeing now is a complete denial within our Government, the total disregard for the voice of the people. That is the people who love their country and want only GOOD for their country, not the freeloaders who have multiplied thanks to Government greed. Racism is a modern word used by cowards and the uneducated, we all bleed RED. That is not meant to refer politically. We cannot change history, we can change the future. Stop listening to the freeloaders and vote for saving the country and our jobs. God Bless America and may GOD BLESS you all.

  5. So what? We do not have to deal with this with any social understanding except for using our lawful means to eject them from this country.

  6. Understand the background to immigrants. They were born into nations with very little infrastructure. No Social Services or public schools to speak of, primitive law enforcement, broken impoverished families, deprivations of every kind, a broken economy………Their job training is rudimentary. It is possible they came from homes where it was accepted. None of this excuses their actions. They come here, leaving their wives for a year or more. They live crowded in houses in groups as much as two dozen. They send their money back home to family that is often starving. None of this excuses or justifies them, but it explains why the Immigrant situation is so dramatically wrong. We don’t have the understanding. Resources or knowledge to deal with this.It s like admitting a kindergartner to high school and expecting him to graduate cum laude! We aren t cruel or callous. We just can’t set our lives aside and give our full attention to this one project!

  7. Wake up! The US is under a massive attack by an invisible enemy waging a secret war from within! After failing to defeat the US in two world wars, they went underground! It is World War III.

  8. My name is Franklin Delano Hunt! Named after the last sane Democrat president president. I left the Democrat party when they became the Socialist Party. I have been in three Socialist countries. Socialism has never worked and it never will! It is Just one step below Communism! Wake up America. Benjamin Franklin said: “We have given you a Republic, if you can keep it”! President Trump is our only hope for keeping it!

  9. Dems don’t care about the victims, and they really don’t care about the perps. What they care about is getting them the right and the ability to vote Dem from prison.

  10. If convicted we must show compassion. After all they likely just misunderstood our customs, borders, and laws thinking that they were helping their victim with her transition to adulthood. (If you buy that, lib-dem you must be.) Any way, if convicted we can demonstrate compassion by buying each of them a sort of new suit for their trip home. How much do body bags cost?

    • JOHN: You are either a “bleeding heart & through your brains Socialist liberal,” or just plain ignorant of what’s going on. I’m retired LAPD and I worked CRASH (street gangs, including investigating their associated Homicides for over 5 yrs. I retired as a Detective Supervisor in Narcotics. Gang members in L.A. are killers, rapists, thieves, basically the worst forms of life on the planet. None of us ever thought they were worth risking our own safety for. Do you understand that? What I’m implying?

  11. They should start prosecuting the city officials that allow sanctuary status every time for the same crime as the criminals since they are basically accomplices to those criminal actions. The same should apply to those who don’t allow ICE to do their job and remove criminal illegal immigrants. By interfering with authorities you become an accomplice to a crime. No different than the driver in the get away car. Lesser sentence but sentenced nonetheless.

  12. Immigration is not a bad thing if the immigrants can contribute to the wellbeing of our country. To come here and immediately go on the dole is weakening our economy, The downfall of our economy becomes exponential when the illiterates are on the dole and do nothing to contribute. The demos want them all for the purpose of getting votes. When Trump wins the next election because of the “silent majority”, the Democrats will start another 4 years of setting the stage for another failed impeachment endeavor.

    • illegals have no constitutional rights ! I am sick and tired of liberals saying everyone in the world has constitutional rights . the constitution is only for American citizens and I want others to stop getting constitutional rights ! the only time the constitutional rights should effect anyone is if they are a citizen period !

  13. They each need 500,000000 bail so they can’t just walk out let the ice group take them and do what they will with them basters!!!!!!

  14. Wake up America and stop the left and there communist agenda we need to close are borders and support President Trump and build the wall today . Rise up and stop the agenda that they have sold us out for years and sent our Jobs over sees as they have become rich as are congress men and women

  15. I thank God everyday for Trump….little does the “sheeple people” that follow mainstream media know the real truth! Trump is draining the swamp as he promised. 5 TOP RANKING Pentagon officials resigned in ONE WEEK! Unprecedented!! Hundreds of politicians, CEO’s, govt officials have resigned recently. They are being told,,,”get out” or face the consequences of your traitorous, perverted crimes against this country and humanity. TRUMPS GOT THE GOODS….thanks to the Wikileak dumps….BRACE YOURSELVES….SOMETHING BIG IS ABOUT TO BLOW!

  16. They are doing this to children …she was a juvenile. Thank God she escaped! It makes me sick! I live in Wisconsin and am shocked at how much things have changed. I used to feel safe, not anymore! You see illegals everywhere. It is not just the boarder states. They are here too. Some are ok, some are extremely dangerous and demented.

    Stop illegal crossings …only legal should now be permitted where people are vetted. Keep these monsters out of our country. We don’t want them!

  17. If they are illegal. That is sad, but the fact is they are men abusing women. It has been going on for centuries. Wake up it is wrong period and has nothing to do with the parties. It has been going under both parties. Those that commit crimes should face the consequences rather they be illegal or not. NO man or woman is above the law. Dixie Lee, do you know what a Dreamer is ? They are kid that came prior to a certain age and are going to college and working paying taxes, working for a better life. Know your facts. Stop putting immigrants down.

    • If you are here illegal you are breaking the law! All illegal aliens need sent back! If some dreamers are looked into and found to be an accet to the US then make a provision so they can stay.


    • God is Mighty and he is great and he will hold all responsible when he comes back to Earth to take down all of the ungodly beings as you find out in Revelation and I am not sure that it hasn’t already began. God Bless Trump, I believe was given to us from God to show just how bad things are.

  19. Commend Well written Journalism, Truth Article; telling it like it really is, hard Hitting, In Your Face. PC Public Culpability; Willful Complicity, Sheer Socialist Society Sheeple Asleep At The Wheel. Who brought these Criminals to USA? Who rented them the house? Come on fess up To Aiding, Abetting, Harboring Criminals. What if the victim’s are your daughters? Think About It! Bleeding Hearts; Blood On Your Hands. Trojan horse is here Destroying Country from within; so Liberal Wisconsin! You get what you let in; allow to bring Diseases and Pestilence, Voting Demonrats!

    • A country without borders is no country at all, when one of theses criminals hurt you or your family maybe you will get it! But Looney Leftist would probably make some excuse.

    • The Israelis know why borders are critical to hold. They are much more free, given the circumstances, than any Muslim-dominant country. I hope no one goes down your Nazi rathole. If you hadn’t notice, there have never been any “Death to America” demonstrations in Israel. They’re not perfect, but they’re certainly not my enemy.

  20. AND You Mean to Tell Me Their Still In Custody ??? You Would Think They Be Let Free, To Go On Their Merry Way, Just So They Can Pick Up Where They Had left Off !!!

    There Should Had Been NO Bail…Bcuz They’ll Make Bail and Bail ( no pun intended ) And NEVER Show Up For Their Hearing…

  21. And this is surprising to who exactly? We have politicians committing in your face unaccountable treason in Congress and we are surprised or shocked of lawlessness by illegal alien criminals in the streets? Please! It’s only the tip of the iceberg of what’s already happening and what is coming.

  22. I pray there is no sanctuary statue that will keep justice from coming to these 6 sick individuals,
    Thanks Obama for your uncaring , and sick thinking
    Where is the hope you you spoke of for this young victim

  23. Liberals will never understand this until something happens to someone they love. Then it will be someone else’s problem.

  24. No one wants to admit it but this BS gets closer and closer to all of us every day. Its going to get worse before it gets better. Its time to send all of these illegal idiot’s out of here. If you have children and grandchildren they will never get to grow up in this country the way it should be. We need to seriously consider what we want for our children now !!!

    • James, you may be right about the Clintons but I believe the one that is bring most all illegals here is George Soros and his foundations he hides behind.
      He has been responsible for most of the unrest in this country for past ten or more years again through his foundations. Get rid of him and most of the hateful attitude will subside.

  25. Wonder if it happened to an elected official’s family it would change things. Seems to have to hit close to home for change to happen, for the most part which is sad.

  26. It all sounds great to help people like the churches and we’ll meaning people, but if this affects their daughters, wives and mothers the would think twice. However, it’s always The other person and as long as it isn’t my family who cares.


  28. Hold on everyone. Remember what the Democrats said about all those trying to sneak across the border. There all poor families seeking asylum and a better life in the US. We don’t have anything to worry about or fear from them. Yeah, right. Who else buys that bag of garbage.


  29. Too bad its not Pelousy’s grand kids. She and the rest of her Leftist criminal enablers deserve every bit and more of what they are so bent on dumping on the rest of us!

    • I have come to the conclusion that the liberal left (read that as the socialist communist movement) care nothing for their children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren, as long as they hold temporary power. Even animals have more morals than they possess. Would you harbor a rabid skunk? Electing these people to congress year after year is the same principle.

    • Not “Dreamers”. I do not believe that these men were brought in by their parents as children and have gone on to pursue more education. Do not use these to besmirch the “Dreamers”.

  30. Wake up America… unless you want to donate your body parts to this!!!
    I wish I could say something positive but their response to even a Smile is unacceptable!
    God is Love. Practice this!


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