Seattle Taxpayers Footing The Bill For Transgender Strippers’ Performance. No, Really.

(Tea Party 247) – How would you like it if your hard-earned money, that the government insists on taking to fund themselves, were used to host a transgender strip dance performance?

If this makes you infuriated to think about, just think of the residents of Seattle, for whom this scenario just became a reality.

In spite of constantly complaining about a lack of money, leaders in Washington’s King County still used taxpayer dollars to fund this…um…creative form of entertainment at a recent conference on homelessness.

Why on earth this had to take place at all at a conference, who knows.

“Beyonce Black St James” (oh dear Lord) was the performer in question, who was paid to twerk and strip in front of conference attendees, give lap dances and kisses, accept dollar bills, and strip right down to “her” breasts (Lord help us.)

The conference’s theme was “decolonizing our collective work” (because of course it was), just in case you had any doubt as to the SJW influence of such a preposterous occurrence.

“For years, Seattle has claimed that it ‘needs more resources’ to solve homelessness, but as the video shows, they find it totally appropriate to pay for a transgender stripper to grind on members of the region’s homelessness nonprofits and taxpayer-funded organizations,” noted Christopher F. Rufo, who posted a video of the performance.

The event was organized by the coordinating agency for homelessness in King County, All Home, which is led by one Kira Zylstra, whose income is approximately $123,000 a year. Seems like she could probably have footed the bill for this performance herself if she really felt that strongly about conference attendants seeing a confused man’s fake boobs.

Zylstra has been put on paid leave pending an investigation, because there is thankfully still the mere shreds of justice left in this world.

Summit News notes:

Seattle has huge problems with homelessness which will not be solved by transgender stripper performances.

As we highlighted earlier this year, a leftist council member recently tried to stop feces being cleaned off the streets of Seattle with a power washer, arguing that it was racist.

According to Larry Gossett, power washing “brought back images of the use of hoses against civil-rights activists.”

Seattle parks are also becoming no-go areas for the general public because of spiraling problems with aggressive homeless people and trash.



  2. But yet people born with congenital abnormalities can’t get it covered because it’s cosmetic. My daughter born with a breast defect can’t get it corrected but we’re supposed to pay for her who was born ok. This is cosmetic and therefore she should pay for it

  3. I am speechless, what we have been learning regarding how our ‘governing’ has been done since the “TDS” , Obama now living in a $17million dollar home, Pelosi and her family all incredibly rich? I would like to see every employee’s financial records be displayed as well as each and every FBI asap. Time to cut the tax payers apron strings. Perhaps give every person “WHO HAS WORKED and paid taxes” a tax free year in recognition of our benevolence towards these b……s for all these years

  4. Why is a government agency using tax payer money to pay for a stripper anyway? The people responsible for the hiring should be forced to reimburse the tax payers then loose their jobs for misappropriation of public funds. I watched the video, if it was meant to be a comic entertainment, it was. If it was serious then, it was bad taste and gross.

    • This kind behavior happens because lazy azz voters keep voting for the same sinful politicians and expecting them to change. A massive voter registration drive should be done by ALL organized groups including churches listing those elective official to be remove From office and why.

  5. I hope you people have had enough of this foolishness,and vote these politicians out of office. Washington is a beautiful state, the citizens deserve better!
    Vote Trump!

  6. I encourage you to take some time and watch Glenn Beck’s YouTube video called The Democrat Hydra. If the facts presented in the video don’t convince you about what all these minority groups are doing, then you will have used a small amount of time in your life viewing it. If they do, then maybe you’ll help spread it around like I am.

  7. This is a demonstration of government politicians/employees total lack of respect for taxpayer money. These are the people who are supposed to be working for the good of the taxpaying citizens. What a joke.

  8. This reminds me of meetings in the early 2000 (when the radicals of the 60’s and 70’s were in charge) would have a meeting and then a dance to the 70’s music provided by bands of their friends. One way of paying people who couldn’t get a gig in today’s market. Their way of getting tax payer money to friends.

  9. This is totally effed up. TG is a mental disorder and needs to be treated not enabled or encouraged. I said something about a similar incident 2 days ago and ended up in FB jail for 24 hours. Yes sick & Evil have become good and accepted. This is definitely the end time.

  10. Here’s the problem I have… Notice in the picture that there are no ‘People of Color’ as attendees? How RACIST is that? I’m sure there are plenty of black males who would have enjoyed a ‘lap dance’ from a black ‘woman’. Or, would the blacks be axing – “Hey Yo, where da White Wimmin at?” Yeah, I think that would be more to the point.

  11. This is just too much. Do the citizens of Seattle know about this atrocity, at their expense? If they don’t, they should… and then take serious action to prevent it from happening again. However, on the brighter side, I recently heard that Trump has disallowed any government funds be used for lavish vacations for the Obama family. Apparently, the Obamas were planning to take several trips abroad, claiming to be of a political nature, and it would have cost the taxpayers over $1.5 billion if they’d succeeded. And he’ll get NO more vacations on our dime, and will have to repay all the money he spent on his previous ones. I don’t know if any, or all, of these news stories is hearsay, but for whatever it’s worth, it’s still a ray of light at the end of the tunnel for us. Maybe we CAN put an end to the Democrat corruption and outrageous spending.

  12. It is time to wake up and smell the gunpowder, taste the blood and feel the hatred. We are already in a Civil War, racial, cultural, ideologically, gender and religious. The United States is so BROKEN AND DYSFUNCTIONAL, we are far beyond any easy or even possible fix. The only recourse is an open, violent and deadly fight to the finish among these separatist tribes. Don’t send them home – THEY WILL ONLY COME BACK – they either leave on their “own dime” or we feed their black deranged souls to the sharks. People who have tried to be tolerant, understanding and patient for positive evolutionary and cultural change for the betterment of our country, ARE DONE WAITING FOR A DIVINE MIRACLE. Civil War and the putrid smell of death are already in the air. We old geezers and Baby Boomers have, for the most part, lived long, happy and prosperous lives. Most of us have already fought in one or more wars and are much closer to the end, than to the beginning of our lives. I for one, would happily fight our domestic enemies to my last breath (and theirs); so that my progeny may continue to enjoy their lives, prosper and value free choice and free will, as I have. I am ready, willing and most able to eliminate the threats I see stalking and slithering among us; and creeping over the mountain. ‘Rule of Law’ in the United States is but a fond and DISTANT memory. Since most of our elected and appointed government “leaders” are corrupt and lawless to the core; and our law enforcement top officers are socialist, treasonous, Democrat pawns and robots; our statuary freedoms and moral laws are but ancient history. Since our elected officials and appointed bureaucrats, especially down the west coast and northeast, have joined the radical left and follow their own Marxist agenda and our laws are violated and ignored; NOW is the time for all patriotic and law abiding Americans to rebel, repel and PERMANENTLY REMOVE these domestic terrorists, following our rights, liberties and responsibilities under the 2nd amendment. “Ours is not to whine and cry and wonder why; OURS IS BUT TO DO OR DIE!”

    • Liberal Democrats that I know simply refuse to even look at what is really going on. I tried to explain to some of them what the Democrats are attempting to do, but they are so obsessed with Trump hatred that they simply refuse to admit the many successes under President Trump. TDS is a terrible disease.

  13. God help us. No, I mean that literally. This MUST be the end times. People have lost all morality, common sense and dignity. As in the days of Sodom and Gemorrah. Since they have chosen not to follow God’s precepts, He has given them over to (collective) reprobate minds. This is sickness, and the whole head (government) is sick.

    • Yes it has I live here . It used to be just the west side of state . The have infected the whole state unfortunately. Spokane used to be conservative not any more. Whole state has been taken so sad!!!!

  14. Confusion and silliness reigns on the left. A trans stripper paid for with taxpayer money and no cleaning of feces because it is racist? Forget confusion and silliness, the word is stupidity.

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