Saudi National Attending University Of New Mexico Caught Illegally Possessing A Firearm

(Tea Party 247) – Let’s say it together: Muslims are not our friends. Any appearance of friendliness is only a tool to gain access to us when we are most vulnerable.

A Saudi Arabian national attending the University of New Mexico has been charged with illegally possessing a firearm, court documents reveal. Considering the fact that a Saudi national just opened fire on a naval base in Florida murdering three Americans in the name of Islam, we shouldn’t be too shocked to see yet another Saudi involved with criminal activity.

Hassan Alqahtani, 28, was charged with illegal possession of a firearm by a person admitted to the U.S. under a non-immigrant visa, according to federal prosecutors.

DC Clothesline reports:

The FBI said in an affidavit that a search of his home Thursday turned up a .380-caliber Cobra handgun.

The affidavit says the FBI began investigating Alqahtani after a person who said he knows the student called an agency tip line on Aug. 8, claiming Alqahtani was “creating a list of people who he wants to kill before he leaves the U.S.” which included the tipster and University of New Mexico professors.

The affidavit does not include any details about the alleged list and does not mention any threats to kill people.

A spokesman for the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of New Mexico said in a statement that “Alqahtani is not currently charged with anything other than possession of a firearm. I cannot confirm or deny an ongoing investigation of any other conduct.”

Alqahtani turned himself into authorities Friday afternoon and appeared before a judge who ordered him held through the weekend, the Albuquerque Journal reported. He is scheduled for a detention hearing Monday.

Assistant U.S. Attorney George Kraehe argued that Alqahtani should remain in custody because the alleged list included professors, and the school’s graduation is Saturday, the newspaper reported.

Naturally, Alqahtani’s defense attorney, Joel Meyers is alleging the gun did not belong to Alqahtani and expressed disappointment over the fact that he was arrested just prior to his graduation.

“If he was such a concern,” Meyers said, according to the AP, “why the delay until right before his graduation?”

Is there ever a bad time to get terrorists off the streets? If Alqahtani possessed a firearm and had a kill list, which law enforcement admits was more of a mental list and there was no physical list, it’s still worth investigating and being safe instead of sorry.

Alqahtani’s claim that the gun is not his but rather his wife’s is an interesting story. The Daily Mail reports that a criminal complaint says a “confidential source told investigators Alqahtani approached him in November expressing interest in buying a rifle and that Alqahtani later said he was interested instead in acquiring a smaller gun for protection.”

The court documents record that Alqahtani was aware of the fact that he was not allowed to possess a firearm and that he planned on just having his “girlfriend” claim the gun belonged to her should the weapon ever be found.

Meyers is alleging that the gun does belong to his wife (who was described as his girlfriend in the criminal complaint) despite the fact that she told law enforcement she was not aware of any guns being in the home but later went on to claim the gun as her own.

The Daily Mail reports:

During testimony on Monday, Labuhn suggested the woman was afraid of Alqahtani and that she had a black eye and bruising on her side when she was interviewed by authorities.

She said the injuries were from a bike accident, but Labuhn said the bicycle she claimed to have been using had flat tires and was covered with cobwebs.

Alqahtani’s wife and her attorney were among those in the courtroom Monday.

Alqahtani sounds like he could be threat to the safety of others and law enforcement was right to get him into custody and the court system. We can’t take these kinds of situations lightly. Not in 21st century America. We’ve opened our borders to Muslims, who hate us and literally want to see us dead, and now we’re reaping the consequences of that.

Muslims are not our friends.


  1. Yes, deport him, jail him… but I don’t wish for his misinformed brainwashed 23?year old American wife to follow him back to Saudi where she will always remain a hostage!

  2. Muslims believe in mohamad who was a murder and a pedophile. Also islam is not just a religion. It is an idilology . A way of life. And a political party. Where all their followers are rooted still in the 7th century. And we need to understand that, in order to combat it. Name any country that was a majority christian country at one time and let muslims in. All they got was war and turmoil. And eventually they became a muslim country. This is what is going on now in europe. Do we want this here? Wake up america.

  3. Why can’t we as americans see that muslims hate us,our religions, our freedoms and our way of life. And that we should act accordingly.

  4. I beg to disagree with Musa Alkatiri that ” all religion is faith to the same God just different leaders that’s all.” It is a false assumption. The Holy Scriptures explicitly states that Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life. No man can go to the Father but by Him. (John 14:6) No man can be saved by religion. If you are muslim and your way is Mohamed, you cannot go to heaven. If you are a Buddhist and your way is Buddha, you cannot go to heaven . If you are a religious person and your way is religion, you cannot go to heaven. Because it is specifically laid out in the Bible: Jesus said: “I am the only way, the truth and the Life. No one can go to the Father except by Me.” (John 14:6) “There is no other name under heaven by which men can be saved except the NAME of JESUS.” (Acts 4:12)

  5. I thought we cannot discrimination about religion, and I thought religion is freedom ,you just created hatred inside society in USA ,and let me tell you something, a lot of Muslim mans or woman’s they love America as much as you do ,and the bottom line is all religion is faith to the same of God just different leaders that’s all .

    • Musa……. You are wrong!!!! Your god and my God are NOT the same. The God I serve is Yahweh and there is no other God equal to Him. Yahweh tells us to love our neighbors and you serve Muhammed who tells you to kill your neighbors who do not worship him. Jesus – the Christ – the Son of Yahweh is the only way to the true God and He loves even you.

    • Obviously we do not discriminate against any religion; that is why, despite all the terrorist acts by Muslims, we still allow them in. But this country is being plushed to the limits of its patience. Good, America-loving Muslims need to speak out and condemn the bad ones.
      Meanwhile, gun dealers who sell to people without proper documents need to be shut down. We do not need more laws, the prresent ones are simply being ignored.

    • You are very wrong. Christians didn’t take down
      The World Trade Center. You obviously know
      nothing about the Koran or Islam. Christian
      men don’t treat women with absolute disrespect.
      Terrriorist attacks around the world haven’t been
      committed by ab anyone but Muslims.

  6. I believe that since he was not supposed to have a firearm and he did then he needs to be sent home immediately. Plain and simple.
    Why should another American die because law enforcement authorizes failed to stop another shooting before it happened. He is said to already have a kill list.
    Export him yesterday.

  7. TO BE SAFE:
    This individual should be Deported as soon as he finishes his prison sentence!

  8. Hmmm. That makes him eligible for free healthcare,and a driver’s license doesn’t it? If he were to vote democrat,he would qualify for the key to the city!

  9. terrorist – don’t worry – wrist slap at worst – DIPPY-lo-MATIC immunity be my guess =- at least send him home – permanent USA Ban

  10. Hey Roger you are so right ,these radical Islamist people 1st Jihad 2nd Jihad and now no.3 is in effect and they really want to bring the whole North America under Islamic Rule !!! Pay attention people !!!! It’s happening

  11. If he doesn’t get sent home never to come into the USA again then I would say we have a Constitutional problem and it’s endangering all people of our country. This is why we have all these killings by Muslims in our country and obviously they can’t be vetted like we were assured by the Obama administration. Unfortunately we still have Obama holdovers in our justice departments and they are causing all kinds of problems for what we need to do to protect our own citizens. I encourage A.G. Barr to do something about this. For the first time in a long time we have someone in that position who has common sense.

  12. What the hell? ALL Saudi’s should be kicked out, now. During WWI and WWII you sure as would not Germans and Japanese in a single college classroom! Of course colleges scream because they want the money!

  13. And the beat goes on with the Muslims. There are Muslims that want to do us harm, but also there are Latinos-MS-13 gang members, that want to do us harm. Pelosi pushing the narrative that they’re God’s children and not animals. We have many immigrants and illegals coming in that are not going to conform to our way of life. Tough call.

  14. USA used these Islamic criminals especially from KSA and gulf monarchies to destroy USSR in 1979 . USA avoided nuclear confrontation , but paid instead , in 11 September . Today USA is again using these devils against Myanmar and RPC. The evil root of Islam was first implanted in KSA. Tell your leaderships to :-
    (Iraqi citizen )

  15. Sounds like it’s time for someone to call “Racism”. After all, if he was a law abiding white male you wouldn’t have arrested him… oh yea, there would be no reason to. Ok, well it’s still racism because….let me think… oh yea, because if it wasn’t I wouldn’t have anything else to whine about. Oh.. now I remember.. Terrorists are people too. Just like you don’t want guys that think they are girls using the Women’s Bathroom, you don’t want someone wearing a “Suicide Vest” in your colleges just because they are from the Middle East. And after you send all the asylum seekers to Guam you probably won’t even send rescue ships when it capsizes.

  16. Thank you President Bush, President Obama and President Trump for making Saudis feel welcome to the US after we know the Saudi Royal Family and many Saudi elites were the financiers of 9/11! Saudis should lose their special visa status; US aid monies; any ability to purchase Defense articles and lastly we don’t need Saudi military in military schools or civilian Saudis in civilian universities! How many Americans need to die due to terrorism until the US Government realizes Saudi Arabia is not our friend!!!

  17. That Saudi student sounds very potentially dangerous. Glad they confiscated the weapon. So should we be selling weapons and military technology to Saudi Arabia? I’m confused.


  19. Free paper on Shariah law. In 2018 I researched and wrote a 57-page paper on this topic and why Islam is incompatible with the U.S. Constitution and the freedoms established in it. I am offering this paper free to anyone requesting it. Please send me an email and I will forward it to you at no cost. Please educate yourself and others.

  20. …and a 28 year old foreigner is attending one of OUR universities why?

    On a side not, still want to see Obama’s college transcripts – was HE enrolled as a foreign student at Occidental? Why is HE covering it up?

  21. Muslims were never our friends and will do anything to see our downfall. Too many idiots in this country have bought into this inclusive & diversity garbage. All mosques should be torn down and all Muslims should be kicked out of this country.

    • I agree 100%. They are like a plague of venomous snakes, and the most agitated will strike at any given time, but they are ALL born enemies of Americans, period. NEVER make friends with Muslims. They will lie, and smile in your face… then kill you

    • Answer why are Muslims living here trying to Kill us! These thugs came from Countries who preach beware of the Jew & Christians or others who are not Muslims. Our Law informemente must root these who are radicales & deport them. They are a threat to all Americans

  22. Hi, I posted this in Facebook, “US needs to remove ALL ISLAMIC people. There was a 1952 US law not to allow Islamics in. In the early 1990s it was dropped, sad! Need to get all the US military back to the US and load up ALL the 3.5 million Islam/Muslims back where they came from !!!! ” I So saw another story there is 9 million in 2008. So there might be 15-20 million now. Oh, they started in 622AD and in 632AD they were attacking people. And they have been doing it every since !

  23. Muslims should be loaded up and kicked out of our country they are vile murderers who believe in death and mayhem. Don’t let that no good animal out of jail. He will beat his wife to death and kill as many Americans as he can.

  24. How is it that there are so many men (Notice, no women) from that part of the world attending schools in this country while many American youths are denied admittance to college?

  25. Why is he still in the U.S.? Not kidding. Who cares if he doesn’t graduate? Who cares if he doesn’t appear before a judge (who could be a bleeding heart liberal and release him with little to no bail)? He is here on a non-immigrant visa. That means he is expected to leave sometime. Make it now and not later.

  26. First no doubt he’s getting a free education taking advantage of our system lieing and why does he need a gun Libtarts that’s ok with you because he’s Muslim 😤

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