Satanist Church Wants To Introduce “Children’s Ministry” To Tennessee Schools

(Tea Party 247) – America has not benefited from society at large deciding schools are better off without Biblical instruction and Godly principles being taught. School shootings have been on the rise, the very moral fabric of society is being shredded via the perverse LGBT agenda, generations of children are coming out with lots of useless knowledge and zero character.

The public education system in America is a mess.

Some school districts across the country are aiming to bring back good ole fashioned Bible learning for the benefit of their students and their communities. In Knoxville, TN, the Knox County school board is one such district. The school board is planning to vote on the implementation of a Bible Release Time program to allow for their students to be excused from class for “an hour-long Christianity course at a local church,” according to the DailyMail.

The program would be completely voluntary but, of course, is being met with opposition from none other than a Satanist “children’s ministry” in the state. The Daily Mail reports they plan “to teach their beliefs to students who don’t want to study the Bible.”

More from the DailyMail:

But the group of Satanists have responded to the proposal by launching the Satanic Children’s Ministry of Knoxville, because they believe public schools should not promote religion, and if they do, all religions should be represented.

If Bible Release Time is approved, SCMK plans to implement its own Satanism Release Program for students who don’t want to attend the bible study. 

A spokesperson for the group said in a written statement the organization was legitimate and that between five to 10 children were initially expected to take part if the plan went ahead, but there ‘may be more people interested’ than initially thought. 

The group, who says five people are on its board, refuses to identify itself ‘due to threats of violence’. 

The Knox County School Board will vote on the Bible Release Time program in December. The program would fall under a Tennessee statute that excuses students to attend an hour-long released time course in religious moral instruction if authorized by the local school district.

A spokesperson for the SCMK told, “We would prefer that the school board vote down any policy written for religious release programs but if they do not, we are prepared to roll out a program.” Further claiming, “We have the financial backing and volunteers needed to make it happen.”

SCMK said in a statement announcing their response to the Bible Release Program, “The Elgin Foundation and The Church at Sterchi Hills will broadcast that their program is “opt-in” and children do not have to attend. They do not announce that their goals are to promote proselytization in our public classrooms by teaching children to do this for them.” 

“They will send the kids back with toys, candy, and propaganda to help them achieve these goals. This creates problems in the classroom not just for us as Satanists but also any Muslim, Jewish, Hindu or atheist child in the classroom as the children involved in the Bible Release Time are taught to challenge the beliefs of their classmates and promote that their god is the one true god.” 

“We do not send our children to schools to be converted by outside religious organizations. We send them to get a state-approved education.”

Does the SCMK also oppose the teachings of the “church” of the LGBT? We haven’t heard any opposition from the SCMK about the state-approved indoctrinating of children in all things related to sexual deviance and perversion.

The LGBT indoctrination in our schools is a form of religious teaching as it teaches children to blatantly disregard the Bible and morality. The Satanist church is likely very supportive of the LGBT agenda as it promotes “free-thinking,” something the Satanist church has always asserted as a tenet of their “religion.”

It’s seems awfully hypocritical to call out the Christian church for offering a completely voluntary program in which children can learn about the Bible but be totally fine with the forced teaching of the LGBT agenda in public schools. The Bible Release Time programs do not even use school property to teach their lessons but rather children are transported to a local church, with parental consent.

If the Satanist church wants to be up in arms about unfair indoctrination, they’re barking up the wrong tree.


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