Reports Indicate “Executed” North Korean Special Envoy Still Alive…Attending Musical?

(Tea Party 247) – Kim Hyok Chol, North Korea’s special envoy to the US and top nuclear negotiator who the media widely claimed was “executed,” may still be alive.

Chol, who was supposed to have been sent to a labor camp, was photographed attending a musical with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

A CNN reporter tweeted in early June:

CNN EXCLUSIVE: Sources: ‘Executed’ North Korean special envoy to the US, Kim Hyok Chol, is still alive and remains in custody and under investigation for his role in the failed Hanoi summit, several sources familiar with the situation tell me.

When asked about a South Korean newspaper report last week, citing a single anonymous source, claiming the top North Korean diplomat was executed in March on charges of “being recruited by U.S. imperialists and betraying the Supreme Leader,” one source said, “the news was wrong.”

Kim Hyok Chol could still face “heavy punishment” for his role in the collapse of talks with the Trump administration in Vietnam, the source added, but his fate has not yet been determined. Kim Hyok Chol has not been seen in public in nearly two months.

In May, we were told that Chol was executed as a result of the failed Hanoi summit, in which Trump famously left early because it was clear that no deal was going to be reached.

Here are the initial reports of his death, and then his later appearance in public with Kim Jong Un.

While it was widely reported he’d been killed, it does not appear to have been widely reported that he was pictured alive.

As podcast host Adam H. Johnson pointed out, this is not the first time that the media has widely reported an execution that appears to not have taken place (we’ll forgive him the dig on Breitbart for an otherwise good point):

Kim Hyok Chol joins a long line of resurrected North Korean officials US media reports dead based on a single source from South Korea’s version of Breitbart. Awesome we keep doing this every six months.


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